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COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — It’s seems commissioners in our area are having a hard time keeping out of trouble. The Columbus County Commission Chairman was arrested Friday in South Carolina and charged with stalking.

Chairman Giles Byrd was arrested and charged with stalking down in Horry County. According to Horry County’s J. Reuben Long Detention Center, Byrd was booked around 3 p.m. and was let go less than two hours later on a $1,500 bond. Folks who live in Columbus County were not too pleased to hear the news.

“I realize that we’re all human beings and we all make mistakes, but when you’re in a position like that, you need to conduct yourself accordingly,” said Traci Lookadoo, a Columbus County resident.

Byrd is the latest in a string of county commissioners recently arrested.

“So it’s o.k. for them sitting up in their chairs to do bad things, but for other people it’s not?” said Justin Graham, a Columbus County resident. “Maybe that’s the second standard in it.”

Kure Beach Commissioner Barry Nelder was arrested earlier this month for possession of marijuana. Pender County Commissioner, David Williams, heads back to court in Mecklenburg County for his DWI charge, and Brian Berger of New Hanover County was arrested in June for an assault charge that was later dropped.

“They just like to do what they want to do,” said Graham. “When they get up there in those positions, they think they can do whatever they want to do, basically.”

According to Byrd’s son, the woman who accused the chairman of stalking her is now being investigated for forging checks from Byrd’s bank account.

Byrd did not want to comment on the charge and says his attorney advised him not to speak about the case. Fellow county commissioners also declined to speak with WWAY about the stalking charge.

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  • Guest 1212

    In South Carolina they don’t play. I don’t think this will go away. They up hold the law there. BIG TIME.

  • Guest245678

    What ever happen to the Town Manager of Chadbourn Stevie Cox? He was impersonating a police officer? I guess he got away with it just like bird will in the end. Crooked crap going on in Columbus County with everyone getting away with whatever they choose to do. I guess they really are above the law no one has showed anyone any different at that courthouse.

  • Sammie

    Byrd must have been tired of RC and Frog getting all the attention!!!! What is going on in that county? Can we please make it part of South Carolina!!

  • Guest

    Please do! We would be paying a lower tax rate, have more job opportunities and better schools.

  • SurfCityTom

    been tested?

    Stalking Commissioner.

    Shoot Out at the Hospital

    ONgoing Saga of former Senator Soles & his band of young delinquents.

    Perhaps Columbus County was a site for H-Bomb testing in the 40s or a dump site for nuclear waste in the 50s.

  • Guest


  • Guest

    You ask a legitimate question! My home has been in columbus county for over fifty years. I’ve had to work out of the county, and state, in order to earn a living. Unless you work for a government agency, or a private business dependent on tax $$, you will fall well below the poverty level and be at the mercy of the likes of byrd and soles. This leads to the water question. The county has tried at least three times on the county ballot to create a county water system that began in the eighties. It failed on the ballot all three times so the commissioners used the divide and conquer strategy to steal the water rights of the citizens of the county by slowly creating five separate water districts. The methods used should be investigated by the federal authorities. The government is after control of the water rights is what I was told by a chief engineer that helped design one of the water districts. They’ve got to fill the void of tax revenue that has been created by the loss of manufacturing and jobs to keep enough voters on the payroll of the taxpayers.
    Check out byrd’s criminal history and you may see that soles may not be the only predator in columbus county.
    Columbus county is one of the many failed “Laboratories of Democracy” that exist in our nation. The administration of government in every geo-political area is a reflection of the will of the “involved” majority!

  • columbus county resident

    Just a quick line to let you know it takes ONE to know ONE

  • Guest

    The esteemed Chair of the Columbus County Commissioners is nothing but a “good ol boy” with lots of money who believes he will intimadate and threaten and pay whomever in order to get what he wants! He has done a lot to a lof of people. This is going to bring it all out I hope for the good of the community.

  • 3293

    Do most politicians think they are above the law or are they just that DUMB? Is STUPIDITY a qualification to being elected to an office these days? You people should realize you are elected by the people and should represent the people in a law abiding matter…what is so difficult about that? But, there again, you just can’t fix STUPID, can you?

  • Guest


  • SurfCityTom

    takes what to know what? Can’nt you even be precise or maybe your water source needs testing.

  • Guest5515

    Giles Byrd really should be feeling like a total idiot by now. Serves him right for his criminal behavior. Now watch him cover it all up.

  • B j

    Where was frog????

  • Guest 808

    Soles and Frog and Byrd should be heros i Columbus County. Every night it gives the county residents some thing to look forward too. Seeing Columbus County on the news. I mean what else is there to do there? You cant even cruise Whiteville any more. Its illegal. Someday they will make a statue of those guys and it will say “Columbus Counbys Finest”

  • PAUL

    You guys don’t pay your taxes, want work, and drop out of school!!! It don’t matter if it is NC or SC!!

  • Guest1973

    What a disgrace. We’re the laughting stock of NC…what is amazing is that the residents puts up with it…Keep re-electing and reappointing these crooks – and the county gets what they deserve. Just keep letting the good ole boys run the show! They all belong in jail! Maybe someone should have a chat with the Attorney General, or the FBI. And a good news paper doesn’t hide the truth, they uncover it.


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