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FIRST ON 3: Earthquake in Virginia rattles Cape Fear

READ MORE: FIRST ON 3: Earthquake in Virginia rattles Cape Fear

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Waterspouts. Tornadoes. A hurricane. And now an earthquake that rattled the Cape Fear.

Though the earthquake was centered in Virginia, folks all over our area reported feeling a tremor all the way down here.

"It's scary," said Carrie McIntyre, who felt the quake in Wilmington. "It's really scary, because when it's happening, what do you do? Really, you can't do very much, maybe try to protect yourself."

The US Geological Survey says the earthquake was a magnitude 5.8 and located 87 miles southwest of Washington, DC, at 1:51 p.m.

It was around 2 p.m. when folks in our area say they felt the ground shake beneath them.

"I looked out the window, and you could see the fence shaking along with the bushes so everything was shaking at once," Ruben Maldonado of Rocky Point said.

All US Capitol complex buildings were evacuated after the earthquake.

People as far away as Rhode Island and Illinois also reported feeling the quake.

WWAY received reports from people in Wilmington, Leland, Rocky Point, Burgaw, White Lake, Tabor City and other areas.

"I was at my desk doing some paperwork and my chair moved, and I thought it was the animals," said Melinda Cheshire of Wilmington. "I turned around to fuss at them, and then my desk started shaking, and then I looked outside and it looked like the house was moving."

Despite the shaking along the Cape Fear coast, there have not been any reports of damage or injuries in our area. There have been reports of some damage and injuries in and around Washington, DC.

Safety systems automatically took two nuclear reactors at a power plant near the epicenter off line.

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Relax ladies, the shaking was....

as usual, just me making the Earth move.

Earthquake-Carolina Beach

Felt Earthquake on North End of Carolina Beach.
Just got up from my beach cahair and the ground started
shaking. I thought it was the wind blowing at first.
My wife felt it sitting in her beach chair too.
Lasted about 10 seconds.


I was sitting at Pediatrics office and felt a rocking motion. I thought I was woozy from no lunch..funny stuff. Hope everyone who was seriously affected are ok


Enough of mother nature! Waterspout last week while vacationing in Carolina Beach, now back home in VA and felt the earthquake, now the hurricane next. Think I would take the waterspout over all of them.


When the earth shook, I was sure Burtha Butt had tripped and fallen onto Eric Cantor and John Boehner.

Told ya

Told ya the Myans were right about 2012... But Nooooo... No one ever listens...

Swaying in Castle Hayne

Earth moved in Castle Hayne - felt the house moving, thought I was on a cruise ship about to be seassick!

244 Quakes in the Past week, globally speaking

In the past week there has been 244 earthquakes reported! That is as of 2pm today, Tuesday August 23rd. There is a very detailed map of the quakes here
The Earth is such an amazing place.

Here is Ogden

in the Middle Sound area we felt nothing! Zip, zero, nada.

I was laying down and my bed

I was laying down and my bed was shaking.

I live off Middle Sound Loop

I live off Middle Sound Loop rd past Ogden Elementary and was sitting at my computer desk. My whole house shook, and my laptop and computer desk were moving from side to side. It was hard to focus. At first I thought it was the washing machine about to go, but soon realized it wasn't!


My family and I experienced a slight movement of our house, back and forth for about 5-10 seconds. This just makes you more aware of the powers of nature and of our good Earth.....


I live in pine valley and my room started shaking but it was not a violent shake still a very weird feeling


It was sitting in my heavy Lazyboy recliner when suddenly I started
shaking from side to side. I noticed the floor lamp beside my chair shaking also. It was a strange experience.



Uhm, what does Obama's liberal agenda have to do with G-dang earthquake? I hope the question served more as a tasteless joke than a rational and somewhat intelligent thought. But hey, if you want to redeem yourself and sound somewhat smart, why don't you explain exactly how the earthquake was caused by Obama. Don't beat yourself up too much for it. We'll understand if you can't Have a nice day. :-)

Are you serious. They are

Are you serious. They are called trolls. its the internet, get a clue.

The same way Bush caused

The same way Bush caused Katrina. Obama doesn't care about white people!

Just like California!

Except, pulled pork, sweet tea and hushpuppies.

Felt the earthquake while

Felt the earthquake while eating lunch at Osterio Cichetti. It felt like we were sitting in a boat - just a gentle sway that seemed to last about 20 seconds.

I live off of Market St on

I live off of Market St on Gordon Rd. I felt the apt building shake and the pantry doors were swaying so that you could see it. 15 seconds or so was all.

walking the dogs as usual

walking the dogs as usual and ground shook in downtown wilmington. disconnected server to PSN. crazy stuff.


It sounded like a freight train. I thought me and Bertha were going to lose our single wide! Durn lost our teeth at the waffle house last Sunday after church!

Was sitting at my desk in

Was sitting at my desk in Carolina Beach when the ground and walls started moving...waited a bit to make sure I wasn't imagining things...they moved again and I shouted to the girls in the front office "are you feeling this" They responded YES


We felt the aftershock of this quake in whiteville for about 20 seconds. It was amazing.


I actually felt this quake. The house I am in is sitting on a concrete slab. I thought I was imagining things. I was in just the right spot at the right time. I happen to be quietly reading.

It occured at 1:53 PM


What next locust!!!!


I was thinking more along the lines of a volcano


We're all gonna die !!! That was a TRIP !! All my mirrors and pics on the wall were swaying back and forth and my couch with me on it. Lasted about 10-15 seconds.


I blame Obama and his liberal agenda for the quake. He really is trying to destroy america.

"Blame Obama"

If you honestly feel you can blame President Obama for this earthquake then you are already shook up. Well your brain is anyway. How can you be so hateful to a man you have probably never met? You have no proof he wants to destroy this nation. Maybe you listen to much to others and do not research for yourself. You may find it time well spent.