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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — In this week’s TROUBLESHOOTERS report, an update on a sticky situation regarding mail-order vinyl and on a woman who wanted to return a bed she bought.

Earlier this month, Oak Island resident Rick Pasour told WWAY about his problem with Camo4U, an online company that sells permanent and removable vinyl kits. Pasour wanted to wrap his amphibious all terrain vehicle with permanent vinyl, but he claimed the company sent him removable vinyl instead.

Camo4U said its permanent vinyl is pressure sensitive meaning it wouldn’t seem sticky at first. The adhesive is activated as it’s applied. So Pasour applied it to his ATV, but now it isn’t holding up.

“All across the vehicle has let go in the back, all the way around, on the side,” Pasour said. “Just a simple drive on the woods ripped off a part of it. It’s let go just about the whole vehicle.

The company stands by its product.

“It was either not installed properly, or it was maybe there was a bad section of the material that maybe got exposed to elements whenever it was shipped to him,” Camo4U’s Jim Clinton said. “It may have been damaged in some fashion. We will certainly stand by our product. If it’s something that needs to be corrected and fixed we will certainly take care of it.”

Pasour says he’s not interested in more vinyl. He is going to paint his amphibious ATV instead.

Now, another TROUBLESHOOTERS update, but this one has a happy ending.

Delores Oldham contacted us in July about her problem with Contour Adjustable Beds. She wanted to return a bed the day after she received it, but she claimed the company was giving her the runaround.

At the time, the company told us they would pick up the bed and refund her money. We can now report that her charge card has been credited for the amount she spent, and Contour has since picked up the bed.

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