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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — With the twisters, earthquakes and hurricanes over the past week, one might be tempted to ask, “what’s next, locusts?”

Well, the closest thing we could find is a small influx of crickets in Hot Springs, SD, comfortably far away from the Cape Fear Coast.

The Hot Springs Star reports a considerable number of crickets have descended – literally overnight – in areas of Hot Springs.

Jon Kieckhefer, the Agronomy Educator for the SD Cooperative Extension Service in Brookings County, said that the phenomenon is nothing new. The large influx of crickets is easily explained, Kieckhefer says.

They’re just… lonely.

“It’s happened before,” Kieckhefer said Tuesday. “We had it happen big time last year East River. Just before you called, I was on the phone with the mayor in Pierre.”

“They are ground crickets, and they are adult, believe it or not,” he said of the half-inch long insects. “They differ from the field cricket we are accustomed to. They are looking to mate and complete their life cycle.”

Read more: http://rapidcityjournal.com/hotspringsstar/crickets-appear-in-hot-springs/article_a177c830-cdca-11e0-b9de-001cc4c03286.html#ixzz1VxUq3EaF

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  • You forgot about the run-in with the shark at Kure Beach.

  • Wade griffis

    You wrote that to be funny- but they were here a few years ago. Other than generators to keep peoples ice made, there is nothing more annoying than a herd of locusts.

    My ex=wife might be the exception. She has long since married someone else and is annoying him.

  • Guestasdfbrbra

    Keep your whining to yourself loser. You couldn’t satisfy your wife so you decide to cry about her anonymously on WWAY.com? Absolutely pathetic.

  • stm

    I was attacked by a very large cricket/creature last night on my porch…just saying.

  • Really

    Actually, I believe he submitted that under his real name. Not really sure how that would be crying about her anonymously….just saying if you’re going to bust someone…..


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