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FAYETTEVILLE, NC (AP) — A North Carolina man has died after
struggling with Fayetteville police officers who tried to arrest
him after witnesses said he was running into traffic.

The Fayetteville Observer reported Thursday
the man appeared to be in his 60s, but his
name was withheld until relatives were notified.

Police spokesman Gavin MacRoberts says an officer saw the man
trying to jump onto passing vehicles and tried to take him into
custody Wednesday afternoon. Police say the man resisted the
officer and two others before the suspect blacked out.

He was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Police refused to say whether the officers used their firearms
or stun guns, saying that information is part of a State Bureau of
Investigation probe.

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1 Comment on "NC man dies after Fayetteville police try arrest"

Donald Lee
2015 years 8 months ago

Some of these Fayetteville cops are totally out of control and constantly misuse and abuse the authority granted them. I have personally witnessed and experienced some of their heavy-handed abusive tactics and actions. Some of these cops continually racially profile illegally stop search and arrest people without probable cause as well as harrass and intimidate people. There seems to be a mentality in Fayetteville to just let the police have carteblanche to do whatever they want to. In my opinion this apathetic attitude on the part of the Fayetteville citizentry is the main reason some of these cops get away with these kinds of abuses. Unless and until ALL Fayetteville residents stand up and DEMAND that our city leaders rein in these out of control cops these kinds of incidents will continue to take place.


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