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TABOR CITY, NC (WWAY) — Just when you thought the story of Allen “Frog” Strickland couldn’t get any stranger, well, move over Hurricane Irene.

Tabor City Police say Strickland went to the Vasco convenient store on Fair Bluff Road in Tabor City tonight, took out a knife and cut off his GPS monitor. He is required to wear the device as a condition of his bond.

Just last week a judge set Strickland’s bond at $1 million with a requirement that he wear the GPS tracking device until a trial on September 23 for charges of vandalism at the home of former state Sen. R.C. Soles.

Tabor City Police and Columbus County Sheriff’s deputies are now searching for Strickland, who is considered a fugitive. Charges for removing the tracking device will be filed.

Strickland is due in court tomorrow on unrelated charges.

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  • Obituaries

    R.I.P. R.C Soles was found dead yesterday morning.. cause of death was choking to death. Police say they found a FROG in his throat! hahahahaha

  • guesty

    He seems to enjoy hanging out with older males.

  • Concerned_Citizen

    Someone has created a wheres frog facebook page.


  • Guesty1234

    About R.C. Soles and Allen “Frog” Strickland I can only quote someone far more eloquent than me.

    “Don’t you find that love is a torment?”


    “Keeping Up Appearances”

  • GuestLee

    Bad boy, bad boy…wha’cha gonna do? Wha’cha gonna do when they come for you?

  • Guest1234567


  • I shine

    He is laid up with Teen Mom!!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    Let’s send him to live with Casey Anthony. Throw in the Octomom and Snooki. What a world.

  • R C

    Frog just needs to be held!!!! We love you froggy!!!!!!

  • tabortim

    TCPD will be Frog gigging tonight!!!!

  • Wowza

    Really, it must be simply magical. I don’t know who provides the magic, RC or Frog or both, but it must be one of the friendships of the ages.

  • anne

    I hope:

    that whomever put up the bond money is sweating it out now and crying over their loss;
    that the bounty hunters find him, but don’t shoot him;
    that he is brought back and put in jail and LEFT THERE!

    He has no respect for authority and made the justice system of Columbus County look like idiots! Time to do something people!

  • Guest Apu

    Run – you don’t want to get pounded with a pipe!

  • Guest 555

    All the police need to do is look under Soles’s bed.

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