UPDATE: Body Recovered in Cape Fear River

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Submitted: Sat, 08/27/2011 - 7:42pm
Updated: Mon, 08/29/2011 - 7:54pm


(NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC )The body of Melton Robinson Jr. was located today in the Northeast Cape Fear River. A unified command consisting of NC Wildlife, New Hanover County Fire, and the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office located the body shortly before 4 this afternoon. The case is still under investigation and further information will be released as it becomes available.

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Hurricane Irene may have claimed a life in southeastern North Carolina. Crews have continued their search for 27-year-old Melton Robinson in the Northeast Cape Fear River near Castle Hayne. Earlier Saturday morning the search had to be postponed because of the poor conditions caused by Hurricane Irene.

The New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office says three men were hanging out at the Wildlife boat ramp when one of the men fell or jumped into the river.

Search and rescue crews responded to the scene after a call came in at 12:25 a.m. Saturday. Rescue crews took a boat out to try and search for the man, but the wind and rain as Hurricane Irene passed off the coast made it too dangerous. At around 3 p.m. weather conditions calmed and the search for Robinson continued.

Emergency workers have set up a command post at the scene along the New Hanover-Pender County line. They will continue their search with deputies searching along the banks, boats with sonar in the water, and divers if necessary.

“Well of course the storm conditions are going to make it elaborated,” New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Sgt. Jerry Brewer said. “The best thing we can do is search for him. Right now he’s a missing persons, and that’s how we’ll treat this case.”


  • DLP says:

    Mel was a close personal friend of mine for years. We got into good things and bad things together. But we were kids (teens). I ran into him here and there over the years and never expected this would happen. I planned to catch up with him and re-connect. But it never was to be. Miss you greatly Mel.

  • Das Weibstück says:

    There is a reason the authorities tell us to stay home during storms.

  • Brittney Speidell says:

    While it may have been niave’ to go out during a hurricane.. you should still show your respect for him. Prayers going out to all the friends and family searching for Milton. I myself knew him and will be praying for his safe return. Show some respect please.

  • Guest says:

    Stupidity did.

  • LL says:

    We don’t know if he fell or jumped. Stupid action or not… He was a human being. He has family and friends who will miss him.

  • Guest says:

    have some compassion, or is it that you have never made a mistake? RIP Melton

  • Amy Clemmons says:

    A family has lost a loved one. A community has lost a friend and a person has lost their life. No matter what happened on that dock Friday night the rest of us should be respectful and not pass judgment whatsoever. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends, and all the rescue workers that took their time looking and unfortunately had to find this man. A human deserves better treatment than some of the comments I have seen on here.

  • Guest says:

    Such a sad and unfortunate accident, such a respectful young man, prayers to the family for their loss, RIP Melton we’ll miss seeing you around the neighborhood.

  • Guest says:

    well i knew him, and that was a stupid thing todo, RIP MELTON, he was a good friend of mine, but still at the same time, its hard, to go on with out him, i pay my respect to his family, and friends,rest in peace u are gone but not forgotten.

  • lil nigga says:

    I did not no mel for that long but i will miss him . he was a good person and he will be missed ………………………….

  • Guest says:

    Well everyone should know that mel was a good guy and would do anything to help anyone! There is NO reason for anyone to talk bad about someone that just lost there life. Mel bro we all love you and miss you. you will NEVER be forgotten! Hayne boyz, Voss, and many more will always remember you!

  • Guest says:

    First life lost on mainland to Irene was a surfer in the Virginia Beach area…

  • DisGuested says:

    Keeping score?

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