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ASHEVILLE, NC (AP) — A rally to protest a recent topless event in Asheville included two women baring their breasts.

One of the women was arrested Sunday when she stripped naked.

About 50 people who were upset about an Aug. 21 rally in Asheville in support of the right for women to go topless staged their own event Sunday.

But two women bared their breasts and 21-year-old Molly Sarah Rosch of Asheville was arrested when she stripped completely. Rosch said she was exercising her religious rights and her legal rights shortly before she stripped.

She was charged with indecent exposure.

One of the organizers of Sunday’s event, Carl Mumpower, says city leaders should be held accountable for allowing the earlier topless rally. Mumpower says he considers the topless protest a form of child abuse.

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  • GuestLee

    “The average man’s opinions are generally of more value to himself than to anyone else.” – Unknown

    In your case, I find that to be absolutely true.

  • Guest461

    ….and beating the Bible at the pulpit all while threatening hellfire and brimstone? I think I’ve seen events like this in Ashville before.

  • Guest

    Please provide pictures. Thanks.

  • Guest340

    I somewhat agree with 451…it is my understanding that womens’ breasts are not considered private parts in the State of NC. I just wish that someday those who find the human body offensive could cease to push their values off on those who do not have the same beliefs…..Now, were the snakes furnished or must you bring your own?


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