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CLARKTON, NC (WWAY) — Residents of Clarkton in Bladen County say they’re shocked after hearing horrifying stories about a nine-day-old baby being mauled to death by the family dog.

Investigators say a nine-day-old infant was killed Tuesday afternoon at a home in Clarkton. At this time, the sheriff’s office and district attorney will not say much, but investigators say five dogs were removed from the home and may have been involved in the baby’s death.

Betty Pate lives across the street from where the child died. She says she saw the baby’s mother’s reaction.

“When she came out, or when she heard the baby crying, and came out the door, the dogs had the baby,” Pate said.

She says the two dogs she saw the most were a pit bull and a rottweiler.

“You never saw them in the yard,” Pate said. “You never saw them out running around, so they must have been dogs that stayed in the house with them.”

We went by the Bladen County Animal Shelter where all five dogs from the home are being kept. We were told that we would not be able to get pictures of the animals because of the pending investigation.

We also attempted to speak with the family at the home, but we were told no comment, and then they began throwing rocks at us, so we left.

So far no charges have been filed in the case.

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  • lisa hoover

    u assume do 2 your ref.2 breed ban list, that it must have been the rottweiler and the pitbull dogs, as u see them! how would u like others 2 assume u commited a crime without knowing the facts. the whole ban began with false facts to begin with about a rottie.but a news reporter needed a story at the time which got national attention and ruined rotts reputation.she later newsperson tried 2 make it rite but it was to late. this is only one example of tons of others, if u would care to look at facts. also,u may like to look at all the good work rottweilers and shepherds do for our country and communities. there good by far outways any bad news about them. when is the last time u ever heard of a doberman doing anything bad? i’ve owned all 3 of these breeds, the best dogs i have ever seen! The prob. is when a breed becomes popular,idiots “people”do the wrong things with the dogs!! The list should b of the type of persons not allowed to own certain breeds NOT breed discrimination!5 dogs will form a pack!why would anyone have a baby around a pack of 5 dogs??is a more appropriate question i believe at this point. owners r suppose 2 b responsible for their dogs and children, when they aren’t bad things happen.i small dog can kill a baby too, but the story isn’t as good as accusing a “bad labeled breed”is it? people r so ignorant unless they have loved a dog or dogs now on this list and have a better understanding of dogs and educate their selves about them. i am so sorry 4 the baby, this should not happen! Lisa

  • Guest

    LIE>>LIE>>LIE. most bites are from toy breeds..or MIXED!!!!!!!!!AT least 7 breeds you listed are SERVICE DOGS..Why is that? Good job on making your common sense know publicly

  • dogcentric

    Whatever the investigation eventually demonstrates about which of the dogs killed the infant here, it is beyond dispute that pit bulls kill FAR more people in this country than any other kind of dog. This is not surprising when you look at who is breeding pit bulls and what they are breeding for. It is overwhelmingly totally irresponsible people who are often breeding dogs to be used as weapons, not companions. If tainted peanut butter was killing as many people annually as are pit bulls the CDC would be investigating and the FDA would take it off the shelves.

    Time for mandatory spay/neuter of all pit bulls and pit bull mixes except AKC and UKC-PR registered show dogs.

  • dogcentric

    I read somewhere about the kinds of dog that the family had and they (supposedly) included an Alaskan malamute, a rottweiler, a pit bull and several bulldog mixes. Although pit bulls and rottweilers lead the pack (by far) in terms of killing people, any of those dogs could have killed an infant.

  • Guest461

    …the Pitbulls do! It’s the dogs ripping the faces off of little kids, maiming and killing people that does the harm to their reputation. A little common sense goes a LONG WAY with pet ownership. That can be a rare attribute with parents these days.

    Tread in the land of the lion and expect to get attacked at some point! Just the way it is….

  • S. T. Byrd

    I am inclined to agree with you. I am so tired of people giving pits a bad name, because it not the dog but the owner the majority of the time. Most of the time dogs are raised to be mean and aggressive. Obviously, I am an animal lover and I believe that pits are great dogs.

  • Guest

    Agree, Kill the Mutts and Charge the People that was in the House w the Murder. What person in there rite mind would have 5 Dogs in the House. Got to be sum Dam White Folks.

  • Guest

    All dogs can be vicious and can attack but pittbulls have been known to kill when they do. They have powerful jaws that can rip you apart where a Yorkie can only bite. Certain large breeds, for instance “pittbulls” and “rotts” are much more likely to kill that little dogs. Many families who have had their family members killed or viciously attacked and injured have said they had the dog since they were puppies and it never displayed an aggressive behavior, but low and behold the dog attacks and you have those that defend these animals probably just like the families that now have dead loved ones.

  • Guest461

    ….but it will not change the facts. We all know that even a little Chihuahua, a Poodle or a Schnauzer can for some unknown reason “nip” at people, especially antagonzing children that know no better. ANY DOG has that propensity! However, rotties, pitbulls, dobermans and the like tend to have somewhat unpredictable “episodes”. When that happens to occur from these huge and powerful animals, they can easily kill, maim and rip the entire faces off of little kids and adults with a simple jaw snap. Even an experienced adult has no power against any of these block-headed muscle machines if they decide to attack you!

    Call them your “babies”, your “…sweet little harmless chumkins” or whatever you want to call them. It’s your home, your children and if you want to subject them to that potential chance of instant and permanent destruction, go ahead, you know what the outcome will be. If it’s worth it to you, just go ahead. While you’re at it grab a few pet alligators, black mambas and a baby jaguar. They’re all harmless too until agitated.

    It simply boils down to basic common sense and the application of such as an adult, a parent and a pet owner. I love animals as much as anyone, but I realize their potential for damage of person and property and choose accordingly. Denial of the facts DO NOT fit into that equation no matter how you look at it!

  • GuestLee

    According to studies by the American Veterinary Medical Association, the CDC, and the Humane Society of the United States, the top ten most dangerous dog breeds are:

    1. Pitt Bulls
    2. Rottweilers
    3. German Shepherds
    4. Huskies
    5. Alaskan Malamutes
    6. Dobermans
    7. Chow Chow
    8. Presa Canario
    9. Boxer
    10. Dalmation

    Notice what’s #1 and #2 at the top of the list.

  • Guest

    Is it time for your medication or mine?

  • phsagirl

    I agree with you 100%. I have two yorkies and a pit bull. The pit plays with my grandkids, goes for walks in the park and plays barbie with my granddaughter. We supervise her at all times, she is trained and well manored. With ANY dog, they should not be left alone with children for their own safety as well as the childs safety. There is a responsibility that comes with owning pets. People want to believe that the animal is human and they are not, they have animal instincts.

  • getump1

    I am so sick of people saying that breeds like Pits, Rotties, Shepards and ect. dogs are vicious killing dogs.

    Dogs are not born killers just like humans are not born killers.

    Its the pet owner 98% of the time that makes dogs what they are. And the other 2% are dogs from shelters or the streets that people get and they dont know the animals background.
    For example you can get an adult animal from a shelter that was put there by a previous owner because the onwer could handle the dog because it was aggressive.
    In cases like that the animal should be put down, but instead animal shelters think they can save the animal and adopt it out without telling people how or why the animal is in the shelter in the first place.
    Or somebody will pick up a dog from the streets and put the dog in the house with their family without knowing where the dog came from. Then the dog turns out to be nasty and somebody gets hurt.

    Well in my opinion NOBODY should put a dog in their home that they are unsure of or they dont know the complete history of the dogs life. Especially when you have kids. ITS JUST COMMEN SENSE.

    If you have a dog that you have raised from 8 weeks old and something happens that the dog attacks or kills somebody it is the OWNERS fault because they rasied the dog that way.
    Or they were abusive to the animal, example beat the animal, starved the animal, just plain not loving the animal, even wrestling with the dog and encouraging it to be vicious.
    So, yes I do blame the owner of the animals if the animal hurts or kills somebody.

    I had a Rottie that I raised from the day he was born. He was the gentle gaint and everybody loved him even strangers that would walk up to him because his head was so big and he was just friendly as could be.
    He also was very protective of child. My sister and her husband came for a visit on day and the brother in law went to spank my neice, but he changed his mind when my Rottie let him know dont do that.
    My dog rammed hes leg with just the tip of nose letting the brother in law know he will protect the neice. My dog was that way because I raised him to let him know violence is not ok and he has protected other
    child and a few adults when we would go to the park. A couple was fighting at the park and he got in the middle of them and growled at both then just sat there until the adults walked away from eachother then he came back to my side.
    He wouldnt even chase birdS or squrrels to kill them.
    So like I said it is how the owner raises their dogs to behave. I know for a fact that if that baby was attacted and my dog was there he would have protected that baby with his life.
    Now I have a Shepard, Husky and a Dobbermint Pitcher and they are all good dogs that wouldnt harm a hair on anybody’s head unless my husband or I was in danger or somebody was breaking into our house or car.
    My next dog will be a Pitbull and I will train him the same way I train the rest of my dogs over the years and I KNOW that he wouldnt attack anybody.
    Its the OWNER of these dogs that are at FAULT plain and simple. And isnt there a law here that you can only have 3 dogs at a time?
    If Pitbulls, Shepards, Rotweilers got better owners then this discriminations of the breeds would go away, but seems to me the only people that go out of their way to get one of these dogs are people that want to look like badasses
    and they train their dogs to behave the way they do.
    I on the other hand only get dogs that are discrimated against by society because I want people to see that they are NOT BAD BREEDS that HUMANS ARE THE BAD OWNERS..

    One more thing for the guest that replied to the news article….
    “Once again a dog attack in the home where ADULTS were present. For all you TRU pit lovers keep a close watch people because, eventually the breed will get banned.
    Then what will you do? Will you move and take your dog with you? Will you turn them over to the state so Animal Control can “DESTROY” them.
    Not me…I will look my dogs right in the eye, tell them one last time I love them and have them put to sleep. This pitbull gag is getting way out of control. Mark my words..it’s coming.”

    How in gods name can you say that you would look your dog in the eyes and put them to sleep if the breed gets banned. Sounds to me that you dont love your dogs very much because you so coldly said that. You should mark my words if you did that put your dogs to sleep because of a law that I hope never happens you will regret it and it will haunt you forever that you did that. I’m guessing you have never lost a pet before. It is very difficult to have a dog put to sleep even when you have to because of illness and old age. And you would put yours to sleep just because somebody says you should even though your dog is not ill and is healthy and young. The regret had heartache you would face will be horrible and you would wish everyday that you didnt do that to your dogs especially if your dogs never harmed anybody.
    People should fight for the right to have the breed they want to have and not just give into a law like banning pitbulls because human made the dog behave the way they do. Just because a few bad people have made the breed look bad shouldnt make all Pitbull and Rotweiler loves suffer PERIOD!!!

    Sorry so long but I love animal and this breed bashing has ticked me off.

  • Guest

    I agree with your statement until I read the last sentence. “I love and care for animals but they are not as precious and sacred as a human life”. My dogs (poodle and shipoo) are my life. I love them just as I love my kids. Saying that, I would NEVER leave my dogs around a child, just the fact that a dogs instinct is to bite to protect (no matter what breed). I am not saying my dogs would ever do that, I would never know because… I would never give them that opportunity.

  • Guest825

    Obviously the article has been updated from when I wrote my first comments! In the first article it didn’t have the neighbors comments in it! And it did not say what breed the dogs were. But I still stand by my comments that it was not responsible for the parents to leave a infant by itself with any dogs!!!!!!!! And the pitbull breed will not be banned so I dont have to worry about moving to another state and I dont believe you own a pit for one sec, to make comments like that!

  • Guest

    Taken directly from the fatality list last year:

    6 infants under 1 year of age were killed – by 3 different dog breeds. Huskies, Rotties and “pit bull type dogs” each had 2.

    Now, this may seem complicated to you. To me, it’s very simple. The breed doesn’t matter. The lack of parenting skills and choosing to leave your infant alone with the dog clearly does.

    In 2009, we had 5 infant fatalities (under 1 year). Again, 3 different breeds involved in there. Husky, Chow Chow and “pit bull type” dogs.

    Should we start including Huskies in with “dangerous dogs” or should we start holding parents accountable and educating them on proper preparation for the baby? Although it’s easier to just keep demonizing dog breeds, it’s far more effective to actually educate parents and expect them to put child safety first.

    Use common sense. Don’t leave the baby on the bed with the dog while you shower. Don’t leave the baby in a carrier on the floor with the dogs while you step out on the porch for a cigarette. Don’t drink and smoke marijuana until you pass out, leaving the baby alone with the dogs. (all of these were fatalities) They key thing – don’t leave the baby alone with the dog. In all cases, this is the common denominator. Again, nothing “complicated” about it.

    There’s been no report how many of the five dogs were involved. We only have breed identifications on three of them – from a “neighbor”. My lab is frequently referred to as a “pit bull” because she’s an English Lab and has a big stocky head. In fact, if you asked the neighbors, many of them would say just that. The nutter at dogsbite.org would definitely take their word over her actual AKC papers as she feels she can identify a dog based on the bite (reading it strictly in the paper, of course). Talk about a biased, uneducated and confused source.

    Let’s wait for all of the facts. I’d be willing to bet when all is said and done, regardless of the breeds involved, the infant was left alone with the dogs again. It’s so sad that infants have to suffer because of poor choices made by their parents.

  • Guest

    Wow…a pitbull, eh? Who’d have guessed? I thought for sure they were going to say a beagle was responsible.

  • Guest

    There was a story out of Tulsa, Ok about 2 yrs ago, a young mother had her newborn in a swing in the living room, and the Grandmother, and Mom we’re cleaning in kitchen, baby was asleep. Mother comes in the room to find their pug…yes a pug had mauled the baby to death, dna confirmed it was the pug. There was a puppy lab there as well that apparently did not attack. It was said, cause believed to be formula smell the dog was seeking, and trying to taste..What it comes down to is the fact that any animal can turn aggressive, or in fact act as an “animal” . I have an 11 yr old pitbull who has spent everyday with my 5 yr old Son, they are truly Best friends…However..I remind my Son she’s old and tempermental, do not pick at her, mess with her food, throw toys near her…anything that may scare her. She is a dog…She loves you, but she can bite, she has teeth…When other kids come over, dog goes to a private area..As a parent, and Dog owner..this comes with responsibility….It’s our job to know our kids, and our pets personality’s, to make sure accidents do not occur…Punish the deed, not the breed…If ANY animal has teeth, it can BITE…Dont care why, or who…it happens!

  • Guest

    The woman said the dogs she saw the most was a pitbull and rottweiler. She didn’t say they were the dogs with the baby. Why then would all 5 dogs be taken? Regardless, shame on the parents! I feel horrible about what happened. Why weren’t these dogs properly restrained in the home is byond me. I used to own a rottie and a pibull until they died of ripe old age at separate times both were great dogs but I didn’t have kids. Ignorance like this makes the rest of us who love our dogs look like we are all irresponsible when this simply not true. The majority of the people who own these dogs, in my opinion, should not even own a poodle. I do not believe in breed bans but believe that people need to train their dogs. There should be free classes everywhere as well as neutering and spaying clinics. And, there have been plenty of fatal dog attack by many breeds on infants not just these two breeds who may or may not have been the ones that did it. Poor baby!

  • Guest

    The dogs should be Euthanized not because of what happen but, because their owners are not taking care of them. They should be put to rest so that they will not end up in a situation where they can’t be held responsible. Any dog is like a GUN it only does what you want it to. I have pitbulls, and I would do anything for them to keep them safe. if that means to Humanely put them down, then so be it. Better that than they end up in the wrong care like this family. to they guy who asked if they were fighting dogs? Go to your local Animal Shelter and ask how many bites they get per month from Fighting dogs or House dogs. Fighting dogs are more DOG aggressive than human. Bottom line I feel for the family but, I feel even worse for the dogs. But yes they should be Euthanized (Not Destroyed). Once again a dog attack in the home where ADULTS were present. For all you TRU pit lovers keep a close watch people because, eventually the breed will get banned.Then what will you do? Will you move and take your dog with you? Will you turn them over to the state so Animal Control can “DESTROY” them. Not me…I will look my dogs right in the eye, tell them one last time I love them and have them put to sleep. This pitbull gag is getting way out of control. Mark my words..it’s coming.

  • Guest

    If you haven’t noticed, pretty much everyone is blaming the dogs. And yes, it does say the dogs were pitbulls:

    “When she came out, or when she heard the baby crying, and came out the door, the dogs had the baby,” Pate said.

    She says the two dogs she saw the most were a pit bull and a rottweiler.

    I don’t think that pit bulls or rottweilers are more mean than other dogs. HOWEVER, I do believe they tend to act more aggressively when they feel threatened. While another dog may bark excessively, growl loudly, or bite, a pit bull or rottweiler will have an all-out attack.

    Of course, if a doorbell rings I don’t expect a pit bull or rottweiler to attack violently. I think that the dogs felt threatened, and, as is in their breed, they acted aggressively. Most pit bulls and rottweilers are nice dogs normally, they only act that way when threatened. After all, it can’t be that hard to kill a 9-day-old baby for dogs that incredibly strong.

  • Guest

    Get rid of the dogs and then get rid of those that allowed it to happen. Prosecute them for murder because that is exactly what they were a part of.

  • Guest

    This is horrible. However, casting blame in some moral sense is confusing people here somewhat. Yes, the parents messed up, obviously. But, if you mess up while owning a lab or a bassett hound, your kids are less likely to die. Breed matters. Pits and rotties kill more people each year than all other breeds combined. Everyone who tracks this, except the ridiculously biased sources like Bad Rap, recognize this difference among breeds when it comes to fatal attacks. If these parents had made better pet choices prior to becoming parents, their bad choices as parents would not have been as costly. Anyone who disagrees and comes up with complicated scenarios is merely trying to confuse you. It is crystal clear.

  • Vickie

    I can guarantee you the dogs were after the baby milk breath and got carried away.I have a pit/lab mix and my dog goes to parks,plays with neighbors dogs,is trained,and behaves very well.The only time my dog has ever growled was when a friend was wrestling with me in my yard and I yelled out.

  • Das Weibstück

    “It’s reported that one of the dogs is a pit bull and another is a Rottweiler.” Try reading the article before you post.

  • Guest

    Yes, it does. In the second sentence of the article (above), it says it was a Pit Bull and a Rottweiller.



  • Guest

    Yes, it was the parents fault that the baby was left in a situation where she was put in danger, but the dogs did the killing. To compare light sockets to killing dogs is just pure ignorance!!!!
    I agree. the dogs should be destroyed and the parents charged with the crime. I love and care for animals but they are not as precious and sacred as a human life.

  • pitbulllover

    The dogs should of never been left alone with an infant and nowhere does it say the dogs were pitbulls dont judge the dogs judge the owners!!!!!!!!!!

  • Susan Cates

    I have to disagree on this one. I had a rottie for 4 years and that dog was the most loving animal. He was so faithful and good with my 4 year old son. This dog had seen MANY people in uniform,but mostly flight suits as we lived in a Airforce town. For no apparent reason a friend came to see us that the dog knew well and when he got out of the car our dog just snapped and jumped on him and litterally tore open the sleeve of his jacket and nearly took him down. After that and 1 other incident we had to get rid or him. It was hard, but the safety of my child and other people were more important. So I don’t beleive it is always how you raise them. I have also seen the same thing with a Pit. No bashing, just fact that I think it’s just their nature.

  • Guest

    This is so heart breaking!

  • Guest

    This shouldn’t happen. Someone needs to be charged with murder. And the dogs should be destroyed.

  • GuestLee

    Where were the parents?

  • Concerned_Citizen

    Very sad. These types of dogs have no place in a home with a baby. The dogs where probably jealous of the new baby, that the family was giving attention too. I am all for limited government, but I could see myself supporting a no Pit Bull/ Rottweiler law in homes with young children. This happens to much to innocent children.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    Are you ready to ban cats, too? How about that couple in Florida who had their pet python escape his “bag” and suffocate their two year-old. Ready to ban snakes? Don’t forget ferrets – there are cases of babies having their lips severely bitten by ferrets.

    Electrical outlets? Cribs? Porches? Hot water faucets?

    You can’t substitute government regulation for common sense and intelligence. Prohibition has never worked, anyway.

    The answer is to hold the parents responsible and legally liable.

  • Guest

    I own rottweilers and have worked with many animals over the years…. Dogs like kids behave how they are raised, not to say sometimes people don’t breed aggressive dogs looking for that behavior, but ultimately if you raise your animals around kids with an understanding of the breed you do not have these problems. This is an issue of supervision, why was a 9-day old baby left where a pack of dogs were able to get to her and maul her? Were these fighting dogs?
    Working with animals I have had far more agressive small animals, however their size means that the damage is minimal and therefore less sensationalized. Rottweilers and pitbulls as breeds are not the problem, and to say it is, is like saying if one white person kills then all white people are murders! My heart goes out to the family and responders working on this case as there is no easy answers to the many questions people have.

  • Carrie

    It is a tragedy that the family pets killed an infant. However, I agree with many that it is negligence of the parents to blame.
    “These types of dogs have no place in a home with a baby.” Really that could go for any pet. People must remember animals are wild in nature. Dogs hunt, cats hunt, fish hunt! If you have a pet it is your responsibility to train it. It could always revert back to being uncontrolled. It’s nature.
    The infant was obviously left unattended in a location that was accessible to the dogs, what breed is not important. Any animal that has teeth will bite. It is how they survive and how they have survived for thousands of years.
    Rehabilitation unfortunately will probably not be an option for the dogs. That is a sad. It is sad the infant died. It is a tragedy that the parents obviously stupid. When will there ever be a law prohibiting stupid people from procreating? We must protect human integrity!
    P.S. I have an infant and a pit bull. Yes, my dog is aggressive, yes he has bitten someone. He is a good dog and he knows his rights in our home.

  • Guest

    Apparently no one was paying any attention to the baby or the dogs. Get rid of the dogs and then get rid of those in the home that were invovled in such negligence. They should all be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and I hope that the SBI will make sure that happens.

  • GuestPAT

    Sooo sad…soooo innocent. When are people going to learn that Pit bulls and other high tendency blood hungary dogs are NOT to be around infants/children much less adults in a home setting? Yes,these parents should be charged with something. God Bless this baby.

  • Guest

    So are you ASSUMING that they are these type of dogs, or are you part of the investigation? Please understand that in the wrong hands, ANY dog can be viscous. Pitbulls r great!

  • Guest48487

    Doe sit say its a pit??? Its a shame how those dogs always get the brunt of being “bad dogs”. I feel for this family I really do, but
    in cases like this its always trash that it happens to ..be it black, white, or any other. Drugs were likely involved not to hear a child scream. Don’t blame the animals.. blame the parents in charge. These dogs do not know right from wrong if not taught.
    I have met MANY pit bulls that are the nicest dogs EVER and you know why the owners were.

    Should the animals be destroyed? If they can’t be rehabilitated.. yes.

    But its NOT the animals fault..its the parents. Its like blaming a car for running over a person and not the one driving.

  • pitbulls

    I’m so sick and tired of people trying to blame the dog when it is the owners fault! I have a 100lb pit I have had for 7 years never been aggressive towards anyone. My son is 6 so that means the pitbull has been around for all of my sons’ life and on another note you should never leave a any dog left alone with an infant much less 5 of them and where does it say the dogs where pits anyway I must of misread these comments are ignorant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GuestLee

    It says in the 2nd sentence of the above article that it was a Pit Bull and a Rottweiller.

  • Just Sayin

    I quote from the article “She says the two dogs she saw the most were a pit bull and a rottweiler”. I think it is fair for people to comment that it was a pit since the neighbor said this. I know that does not mean it was a pit but I think that is where they are getting it from. She also mentions the “dogs” having the baby. So a pit and a rottweiler would be a fair assumption.

    Just because your pit is nice does not mean that the one they had was nice.

    Just as everyone is quick to accuse a pit, pit owners are a bit too quick to defend the entire breed based upon owning one that is a nice dog.

    In the end you are very correct that it is the parents fault no matter what kind of dog.

    Maybe the story was edited after your post.

    Regardless I feel bad for the parents even though the blame sounds as though it falls on their shoulders. They are humans and lost a 9 day old infant.

  • Felicia Hopson

    Listen Honestly All Dog’s Are Different . Juss Because Yhuu’r Doq Hasn’t Harmed Your Child Does Not Mean That A Different Doq Can Harm A Baby . So Yes This Is The Doq’s Fault And If You Would Have Seen The Paqe Before Had They Said Two Of The Doq’s Was A PitBul & A Rottwiler . So Please Dont Make Neqative Comment’s About The Parent’s Cause They Didn’t Mean For This Too Happen . It Was A Freak Accident That Shouldn’t Have Happened .

  • Guest987608976

    That’s the smartest thing I’ve read. I could not agree more.

  • CaptainObvious

    OH WAIT – They already did. And ferrets? Already banned from sale in many places. Cribs? Recall the dangerous ones immediately. Porches? Ever hear of building codes to keep people from “owning” a dangerous porch? Electrical outlets, yeah, well the “breeder” of electrical outlets has to meet “breed” safety standards and the “trainer” (installer) is required to be licensed. Guess what, hot water heaters are also regulated for safety in production and installation.

    So, do I want pit bulls to be regulated like pythons in Florida, ferrets in California, Hawaii, DC, NYC and all military based, or breeders and owners regulated like crib makers, electrical outlet makers and electricians, porch builders, hot water heaters? Heck yeah!

  • Somersby

    All but cats.

    Just goes to show that people get their panties in a twist about regulations and they literally live surrounded by safety regulated things, and they don’t even notice.

    Florida bans pythons
    Many places ban ferrets
    electrical outlets are highly regulated both manufacture and installation
    Cribs MUST meet safety regulations and MUST be recalled immediately if just a couple babies die due to design flaws.
    Porches – ever hear of building regulations?
    hot water faucets and heaters – regulated regulated regulated.

    Seems we can live with government regulated things just fine and not even notice.

  • Concerned_Citizen

    I actualy wouldn’t place a ban. It was an emotional response, as I have young children. You make a good point commonsense_citizen. But I hold firm to my beleif that animals are a risk in a home with a baby. Parents need to be more careful! As far as cats are concerned, they pose a great risk to an unborn fetus also.

  • Guest

    I agree. I see that the parents have NO regard for baby, or dogs. PERIOD. As an owner of 2 Rottweiler Females and 4 children, WE NEVER allowed our pets to be alone with our babies. Although extremely protective of our babies, the Rotties just didn’t get a chance to ever test us…Common sense would tell us: Human vs. Animal just may end up in disaster. Especially when the human is a helpless 6 pound infant without a chance of defending her little self…God Bless her. I’m sure this family will never forgive themselves for this…But God WILL, if they ask forgiveness, and therefore, so should we….

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    No building code keeps an infant from falling down the stairs of a porch and breaking his or her neck.

    No hot water faucet regulation (???) prevents a parent from having a hot water heater that is set too high and scalds an infant.

    The National Electrical Code does not require outlet covers to prevent toddlers from sticking paper clips into a hot line.

    You’re simply spouting nonsense.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    A couple was recently convicted for allowing that python to kill that two year-old.

    See how well prohibition works?

  • Concerned_Citizen

    @ Commonsensenotc

    Quote: See how well prohibition works?

    Ask the British about Guns! Crime has seen increases!

    Back to Animals, Pythons where banned in Florida because they became an invasive species in the wild after Hurricane Andrew tore down a breeding facility and they escaped, not because they are dangerous pets ( which they can be). They are reeking havoc on the eco-system, and they are trying to get rid of them, and thus they don’t want more shipped in.

  • Guest

    “When she came out, or when she heard the baby crying, and came out the door, the dogs had the baby,” Pate said.

    She says the two dogs she saw the most were a pit bull and a rottweiler.

    Based off of that, she probably came out as soon as she heard the baby. Drugs? That’s an extreme jump to conclusions. Sure, it was a bad decision to have the dogs where they can get to the kid, but you know these aren’t the only people to have done that. The others just didn’t have something this unfortunate happen to them.

    Nothing personal about the family is said, to assume they’re trash is just flat-out wrong. The dogs probably didn’t have a history of aggression. Pitbulls and rottweilers are simply more prone to behave extremely aggressively if somehow provoked, they don’t have to be aggressive normally. Even my toy poodles act aggressively if they feel threatened (whether they are or not is a different story), but they would normally never harm anyone.

    Who knows, maybe the baby was somewhere she thought was safe–in a crib, on an elevated surface, etc. Maybe other people in the house were supposed to be watching the baby while the mother was busy and couldn’t herself, but didn’t.

    Either way, if you really think about it, I’m sure her mistake wasn’t all that bad, and I’m sure everyone involved–especially the mother–is devastated. I think pressing charges is the wrong thing to do. Yes, this is an incredibly tragic event, and yes, a bad decision was made. But I’m sure no one would have ever dreamed that the dogs would do this, and if they had any clue they would have done differently. As I said, they probably thought the baby was safe and/or the dogs couldn’t get to the child.

  • Guest

    Looks like we will be reading about your infant next. “He is a good dog and he knows his rights in our home”. Did you not read your own comment? “People must remember animals are wild in nature. Dogs hunt. It could always revert back to being uncontrolled. It’s nature. So…. You still choose to put your infant in harms way.

  • Guest

    No Felicia, it wasn’t a “freak accident”. All dogs can bite and inflict injury and even death regardless of breed. Babies and children should never be left alone with ANY dog…especially 5 dogs!!! What the hell are people thinking?? Of course the parents didn’t mean for this to happen, but they were irresponsible nonetheless. They failed their 5 dogs, and more importantly, their baby.

  • Guest

    There was not a pit bull or rottweiller at this house. I do know that, no pit bull attacked this baby. This neighbor just wanted her 2 minutes of fame, if she is a neighbor, I don’t know her and I live near this family. If people don’t know the facts, they need to mind their own business. Nobody mistreated these dogs or the baby. Lies everywhere and everyone with an opinion. Let those who have never made a mistake as a parent teach the rest of us how it is to be perfect.


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