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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Brunswick County’s Chief Deputy is responding to criticism from two judges.

In a motion to the NC Supreme Court filed this week, Judges Jerry Jolly and Ola Lewis say Chief Deputy Charlie Miller was not truthful when he said Lewis called him away from an investigation to deliver a court order to the District Attorney.

In a statement you’ll see ONLY ON 3, Miller said, “It has been an honor and privilege to serve the citizens of Brunswick County since 1987 as a deputy sheriff. I have served in just about every position there is, and I am currently the Chief Deputy. I have the utmost respect for the the judicial system, and during the 24 years of service, never has my integrity or service been questioned. I am not going to respond to an individual’s false allegations, but I will make my presence and testimony available to any court that may require same. I will not be making any further statements concerning this matter while it is still pending in the court system. I appreciate the confidence and support from the people that I serve, the citizens of Brunswick County.”

The comments against Miller were made in a motion Jolly submitted to dismiss a case between him and DA Jon David regarding a traffic court program in Brunswick County. The two men recently reached an agreement to bring the program back.

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  • Rob Surf City

    Both Jolly and Lewis are Batman characters: JOKERS!!

    Next time they are up for re-election show your support for our greater community and vote for their opposition, hopefully Mr. David.

  • Guest 4545

    If the current {OTUS lies about almost everything why would a lowly district judge think she must be truthful.


    I have no faith in any lawyer, especially one who is a judge. Chief Miller has my total support!

  • Guest

    You obviously don’t know Charlie very well!!

  • Brian

    Looks like it’s time to vote some judges out. The court system is slow enough without them wasting time and tax money on petty arguments with public servants.

  • Guest3892

    No Charlie Miller would not make false statements, but he sure is a good politician. Enough said…

  • Bc resident

    Charlie Miller will lie in a heart beat just to save himself! I have experienced it on a personal level! John Ingram is just as bad as Miller! I hope he gets caught for the lies that he signed his name to!

  • Southern Born

    If someone called you a purple elephant would you respond? so why did he respond… response not required, but here is food for thought in the soveriegn state of Brunswick County we have our own constitution, in that backwards country called America they have this http://www.evgschool.org/three_branches_of_government.htm

    Mr miller please resign we cant take any more… and if were going to vote out some one make it that crooked DA

  • Elaine Buff

    You should be aware that we DID vote out a crooked DA – it wasn’t Jon David. The fact that we no longer have a crooked DA in this county is at the bottom of this whole deal.

  • Guest28451

    I dont doubt for one minute what Chief Deputy Miller is telling the truth. Judge Jolly and Judge Ola Lewis have been playing hardball politics for the last while. Jolly with Ben David (guess he was upset when his buddy Rex left the DAs office) and Ola Lewis while she has a right to be political that right does not extend to her when she is ont he bench or in her office in her robe. What she does outside her office is her business but the reality is Judges for the most part are expected to be APolitical in nature yet these 2 have seen to be anything but that. and its got to stop. Ola Lewis already proved shes a liar on more then one occasion (BTW she should have recused her self when she made the decision against DA David in the Jolly case because she obviously had conflict of interest) The situation is this as we say in the country. When it looks like a horse it probably is a horse and not a Zebra. The Chief Deputy has nothing to gain and everything to lose by lying especially as the #2 int he Sheriffs office charged with enforcing the laws and keeping the peace while Judge Jolly and Ola Lewis who are supposed to administer Justice seem to have a convoluted notion of what is acceptable behavior on and off the bench and have pursued political vendettas against those whom they disagree with for one reason or another. The actions are unbecoming of a Judge period be they Democrat Republican or Independant Libertarian. They were elected to enforce the laws and in Jollys case to supervise the overall running of the courts and be open minded to ways to ensure for efficient justice as well (his original beef with DA David over the Traffic Court system was a joke not only was it a way to save money to the courts it also saved the tax payers of Brunswick millions in OT for Sheriff deputies being in court instead of on the road protecting the citizens where they belonged)

  • Seeker

    It’s sad but it would not have mattered if Lewis had recussed herself from this case,l she has a habit of sticking her nose where it does not belong. The one case that comes to mind was the Stidham case. She recussed herself from his case due to a conflick in interest but still wiggled her way back in to not only denie one of his motions but to barr him from filing. I have read this mans files up one end and down the other and it’s plain to see he was railroaded BIG TIME. The state held back on information that would have proved to show he did not commit this crime, such as te 6 to 8 witnesses the DNA results and a computer examination. The stat also lied in trial court stating no computer forensic test had ever been ordered and that Mr Stidhams attorney had 2 yrs in which to do so but didn’t. It’s funny that there is a fax from the state to Mr Stidhams attorney stating that the sbi agent on the case would be getting the results to her by the next day. This fax was a month BEFORE trial court.Knowing the day before court that his attorney had no itentions on representing him Mr Stidham requested a continuance inorder to fnd a attorney who would but was given a choice..Keep yr attorney or represent yourself.What would you have done if you had to choose to go to trial with a attorney whodid not want to represent you, represent yourself and risk messing it all up and serving 40yrs for a crime you did not commit or take the plea offered by the state? I’m pretty sure since the state had pushed this case so far they had their fingers crossed that he would take the plea because every bit of the evidence obtained by the state would have been in Mr Stidhams favore. This is probably why the state never disclosed this information.Now Judge Lewis played her role in all this by barring Mr Stidham from filing. I guess it’s nice to have the power to make sure none knows the truth. I wonder who will be on the chopping block next.By the way, Mr Stidhams case is only one of many where the truth was keept a secret. Don’t take my word for it, go to the site pacer.gov and look up his case and see for yourself. Luther Stidham

  • southern born

    Yes you are right, but we just voted in another one… quite ignoring the facts he is crooked.

  • Grand Ole Party

    What facts? If you are aware of some FACTS why not call the SBI? Because you don’t have a single fact (evidence). Are you not the same genius that supported the last sheriff up until he was thrown out of office and locked away? Seems to me you can’t get any of your facts straight.


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