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RALEIGH, NC (NCDOT) — During testing operations overnight, NC Department of Transportation personnel determined that a brake motor malfunctioned causing a short circuit in the Cape Fear River Memorial Bridge’s computer system. As a result, the bridge remained open in its upright position for over an hour yesterday.

At this time, the bridge is open to traffic and operating on an auxiliary system, which will increase the amount of time it takes to open and close the bridge. Typically it takes 15 minutes to open and close the bridge and now it will take forty-five minutes.

The department is waiting to receive parts to fix the malfunction. Once the repairs have been made, a media advisory will be issued.

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  • guesty

    I know why the bridge was stuck. It is a poor design, old and not worth the money needed to fix. Build the skyway bridge.

  • Guestmmmmmmmm

    guesty, that’s why we’re spending millions painting it. Once the painting is done the bridge will good as new ;)

  • Guest

    Until it’s fixed, can the local radio and news stations at least send out advisiories of when it has to be open? Might help some with the traffic.


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