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CLARKTON, NC (WWAY) — We are still learning more about a nine-day-old baby that was mauled to death by the family’s dog in Bladen County.

The Bladen County Sheriff’s Office and the District Attorney’s Office are still not releasing very much information about what happened. But this afternoon, we finally at least found out who the child was.

An incident report from the Bladen County Sheriff’s Office says the victim was Addyson Paige Camerino. A newspaper obituary says she was buried Thursday afternoon in Lumberton.

A baby shower for the newborn was listed on Facebook for Wednesday, but it was canceled.

The mother is listed on the incident report as 18-year-old Chelsea Lynn Brigman under “Others Involved” along with 49-year-old Nelson Ernest Camerino. Both live at the North College Street home where the child died.

The report shows officers took a blanket, a towel, a car seat, clothing and other items as evidence from the house. Other than that, there are still many more questions than answers.

In a joint news release Wednesday with the District Attorney’s Office, investigators said five dogs were removed from the family’s home and may have been involved in the newborn’s death. Neighbors say they know the family has a pit bull and a rottweiler, but are unsure of the other breeds.

We are working diligently to find out any and all information that we can about this case, but so far investigators are being less than cooperative. In fact, two different sheriff’s office employees hung up on us this afternoon when we raised issue with their failure to release even basic public information.

District Attorney Jon David says he knows the community is very concerned about the details of this case, but he says he does not have the information available and it is up to the sheriff on what can and can not be released at this time.

The sheriff’s office employees who hung up on us said we have to get everything from the DA.

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  • cindy lewis

    How dare you say something like that. You do not know this girl. These were no;t her animals. she was visiting her inlaws when this happened. How would you know what resources she had. She was married, not some throw away that just got pregnant. She loved Addy very much, and i know because chelsea is my neice. While her inlaws are a crowds of thugs. the family chelsea came from, MY family are very hard working decent people. The only thing my neice did wrong was to trust her father in law to watch the baby while she took a shower. so maby you should get your facts straight. by the way i noticed you didnt use your name on here. you are proubly some nameless troll that scans the news to find someone to put down so that you can try to feel better about your own self rightious ways.

  • Guest (89)

    You know, it’s honestly pathetic that the majority of the posts here are all in regards to the breed of the dogs. The important factor here is that an innocent child died a horrible death due to her caregiver’s negligence. I have worked in animal hospitals for years, it is not the breed that is bad, it’s how they are raised and trained by their owners. Regardless of that fact – it would be nice to see some respect for this poor child.

  • Guest

    Okay, First let me start by saying that I am praying for the baby in this case and the family! Young Parents or old parents should never have to feel the loss of a child! I am a young mother myself having an 11 and 8 year old and I am only 29yrs old. I have also had as many as 15 pits in my house at one time, I run a rescue and foster pits and pit mixes. I now have 3 dogs one being a pit bull, a lab and a yorkie. However if I needed to I would take another pit in my house if they need me! I am not going to say that all the pits that I have ever had in my house are the perfect pet in a home with children, or other dogs that is all part of the adoption process though trying to match dogs with the perfect family. I have never had any of the dogs growl, nite or even show a bit of aggression toward me or either of my kids! i am so tired of defending my choice of breed and fighting against breed ban laws! If you don’t like pits then fine don’t get one but don’t judge me for owning one and don’t judge my dogs! Not all pits attack!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think that people are just scared of pitbulls because of the media coverage that has surrounded them, human beings fear what they don’t know and I don’t think people know enough about the breed in a whole to really make the decison to have all of them banned! Just leave this family alone and leave pit bulls alone!!! http://www.dontbullymybreed.org/ if you would please check out this link to educate yourself and learn something about the APBT!

  • Guest

    5 Dogs they named 2 breads that are know for being NANNIES!! Maybe the other 3 were labs??

  • Baloney

    Come on, pitbull advocates already tried to fabricate and submit a false story that Darla fell off a ladder. Then the bite experts reported that the bites matched her pitbulls bite, and that she was severely mauled so you fabricate a story about her husband. SAD how far some folks will go to deny the facts. Notice you have no links to a bonafide news story on Darla’s husband Greg being charged? THERE WAS NO FOWL PLAY and you know it.
    By the way, you are not using logic. Just because you have never been harmed by a pitbull doesn’t mean the breed is safe. Many woman have never been raped, but RAPE happens. Many children have never been abducted, but it happens. We know it does. Lying won’t change the facts. Noone one knows which pitbull will turn or when. Noone can predict which ones have the hair trigger to turn from nice family pets to maulers which is why banning the breed is intelligent. It is also inhumane to keep killing 40 million pounds of pitbulls each year and keep breeding them. If we were killing 40 million pounds of ferret people would be screaming. Over 50 percent of all pitbulls taken in are relinquished BY THERE OWNERS to be euthanized within first year or two of life. Apparently a whole lot of people have problems with this breed. If you really love the breed, support a ban so currently owned pits can live out their natural lives but the constant breed/kill cycle is halted. And stop spreading lies. Pitbulls do kill. We know this. Facts are hard things to deny. Go to dogsbite dot org for more information

  • Guest

    When you post something on the internet, realize that a lot of people are going to read it. Pacifica Woman…foul play was found lady..her husband is behind bars. Now why is that? You do the math. The 61 year old…if you have a dog for 5 years and it attacks you then you doing something wrong…besides it was only 2 people there at the time…so the pitbull goes after the ADULT????? I thought they were baby killers…notice the 16 year old didn’t get a scratch…and who said the pitbull attacked this baby? I have not seen anything formal from investigators yet. Also they only named 2 breeds of the dogs. What about the other 3 dogs? I’ve had pitbulls since I was 16 and I am 29 now..never got bitten,attacked or even growled at by one. I have 3 now and would do anything for them. On top of all I guarantee the pit in that pic is not even full-blooded. that’s some good ol NC backyard breeding there. It’s funny how people get attacked by 1 pitbull, when we have dog confirmations there are ZERO bites, attacks or mauls. Think about it..do you have any idea how many dog meets there are just for REAL PITBULLS a year? You don’t that’s why you sit on here and try to down the breed. Pitbulls will never go extinct..I will always have one or 2 or maybe even 3 but, i will not breed them just to make a quick buck or just because my female is in heat. So give it up haters, they’re here to stay..it’s the humans that should leave them alone if they don’t know what they are doing.

  • RoseCatter

    Removed from the home does not mean specifically all dogs were in the house at the time. Also, were the dogs kept in the house, or did they rush in while someone was coming in or going out? I have no idea nor do I think any of you know. It is so easy to read a few words and let your imagination take over and fill in the missing pieces. Some of you folks need to be in Hollywood!
    I don’t have, nor do I need details. A mother goes to take a shower and the most important thing in her world was gone just that quick. Whether she is 18 or 28, she still could not shower with her baby.
    I envy a lot of you. You live such perfect lives and have never had anything bad happen to you. Cherish your blessings but, don’t crucify those that don’t live in a fairy tale.

  • Guest

    This was a tragedy, but one the family could and should have prevented. We all have to live with the consequences of our actions and they should have to deal with the legal consequences as well. This was pure and simple child endangerment and negligence.

  • very mad

    I am sure knowing Bladen county court systems – Dogs will get killed and Humans will get a pat on the back- wake up Bladen county -your court system stinks !!!

  • Pitbull Groups keeping denying that the recent deaths of three adults at the hands of their own pitbulls mean anything., the pregnant Pacifica woman and Pitbull advocate from Group Bad Rap, the 61 year old Man from Tuscon, and now, Carmen Ramos ws killed in Phillie.
    It is the dog not the owners. Many mauling victims are family members who loved the dogs and treated them well, like Darla from Pacifica that raised her killer from a puppy. Noone can predict which one of these dogs will maul. they don’t bite and leave a little mark like other dogs. It can happen to any pitbull owner. Of course these owners trusted their dogs too. Denial is not just a river in Egypt. Some animals do not make good pets. Stick up for People and quit spreading the its the owners not the breed myth as it leads to more maulings and deaths. go to dogs bite dot org for more information . Most victims of these dogs are children. protect teh innocents. Bans on the breed have been very successful and they are very cheap and more humane than the constant killing of pitbulls.Denver, Colorado has had a successful ban for over 20 years. It is not hard to do.

  • Guest

    Because they were the two involved. The father was not there. That is all I’m going to say. Oh, by the way she is 18.

  • captianobvious

    Seriously WWAY, you’ve turned into a gossip column. Hounding Brian Burger, tracking Frog’s every move, BJ Wright etc…. This family deserves some peace. They had a tragedy. LEAVE EM ALONE

  • Guest

    Someone here doesn’t have their facts right; one article said the girl is 17 & here she is 18.
    also why is the 49 year old man mentioned? he is the grandfather not the father. i don’t know them personally but i have friends who are related to them. if someone is gonna write an article, don’t go to Facebook for answers

  • Guest

    I’m sure if a parent placed their newborn in a tub & she drowned, or left her in a hot car on a summer day & she suffocated, all the “grievers” would be screaming “murder”. Wake UP people…This baby was doomed from her conception, to a teen mother who had no resources for her infant. Perhaps she was on Facebook while the baby was being attended to by her not-so-tame animals…I ask: Are Criminal Neglect Charges to follow, Mr. Jon David? Or do we sweep this “incident” under the rug and allow it to recur?

  • cindy lewis

    http://www.wwaytv3.com/2013/01/23/first-3-mistrial-dismissal-end-case-against-mom-baby-mauling-death I would like for you to all read this. After a week long trial it was found to be an accident and that Chelsea did nothing wrong. I see no one on here saying they were wrong about a young mother and family that loved there new baby with all our hearts. Addy was not an object like some on here portray her with your awful comments and accusations. You wanted her charged . She was . It was proven that she did not leave the baby alone, but asked her father n law to watch the baby. That was then attacked while she was in the shower. The emts did not find the baby on the floor. The mother did after running out of the bathroom. When Emts arrived she was on the floor, with her towel at her feet, giving her only child cpr. Trying to save its life. All of you that said stupid things on here and made light of the situation should be ashamed of your selves. My neice loved her addy bug with all her heart. She is only a shell of the vibrant young girl she was, and I dont know if we will ever see that Chelsea again. I think part of her died with Addy that day.

  • Guest

    Maybe law enforcement is being less than cooperative with the media because they want to give the family time to grieve or maybe they just don’t have all the facts yet. Geez, let them bury their baby.

  • confused unnosey

    Why is it any of our business anymore information? this is a very hard time for this family, i don’t understand what else we need to know as a community.

  • Bawesome

    This is just another reason why Pitts and Rotts should be banned within city limits. I’ve had two dogs killed by both of those breeds (jumped over my fence in to my yard). I’ve had two different neighbor’s kids attacked by Pitts. It’s just in their nature to attack smaller pets and children. It doesn’t matter how you raise them (although it can help) it can’t guarantee they won’t become violent for no apparent reason.

  • Guest

    Don’t blame it on the dogs. If your outlook on it is you can’t train the dogs not to attack. guess what that is with any animal. You can’t hold one to higher standards than others. Animals are animals. and out of this I know the dogs involved personally, they would never intentionally hurt anyone or anything. What happened here is exactly what is reported, a horrible accident. Grow up and don’t site blame where no blame is needed.

  • Educated about the subject

    Your remarks–It’s just in their nature to attack smaller pets and children. It doesn’t matter how you raise them (although it can help) it can’t guarantee they won’t become violent for no apparent reason.– show an extreme degree of ignorance regarding the issue. In reality, for 2010/2011 the American Temperament Testing Society rated Pit Bulls above 121 other breeds of dogs- above German Shepherds, above Poodles, above Golden Retrievers.
    As a matter of fact, in the 19th and early 20th century pit bulls were referred to as ‘America’s Nanny Dog’. If you had children and wanted to keep them safe-you wanted to have a pit bull around because they were the most reliable with children and adults. That’s why pit bulls are the dogs that you see in so many vintage photographs pictured with children-start noticing! The Little Rascals had a pit bull- good thing that dog’s nature didn’t take over and cause him to attack one of the numerous children he was constantly around. Helen Keller had a pit bull-I’m sure that dog knew she was blind and would have been an easy target-unable to defend herself and all. Fact is, before man took the loyalty of pitties and used it in such a vile manner, pit bulls were revered for their temperment and personalities. Therefore, it is not ‘their nature’ that is a problem.
    And no I don’t have a pit bull. I just hate it when people go running their mouths making ignorant remarks when they haven’t bothered to educate themselves on a subject.

  • Guest

    Do you really need to know about this baby? Just for one moment, let yourself feel the pain this family is, and you will realize, stealing a profile pic off Facebook, posting full people’s names and Facebook stalking is typical reporter behavior, contributing to the downfall of real reporting. When you have nothing to report…to heck with what everyone’s feeling, report it, snoop their Facebook, go to any level possible for the “report”. Shameful. God bless all of you involved in this horrible incident, my heart weeps for you all.

  • guesty

    Perhaps you should get a better grasp on what is a reporter’s job. They are supposed to report the subjects name and provide a picture if possible. If the subject wasn’t smart enough to set their Facebook profile to private, why is that the reporters fault?

  • Praying citizen!!

    Amen!!!! Praying for the family!!!! And may God have mercy on the vicious people that continue to torture this grieving family!

  • Guest

    Feel the pain the family is in? I can imagine the pain the child was in when a couple of dogs was just biting down on her and the pain of NEGLECT from that same family you give pity for. That was a human child that was KILLED not a puppy!

  • Frances McCallum

    Well Folks…apparently NONE of You live in Bladen County..Five dogs..newborn baby…not being watched properly…family Hostile…camera’s don’t lie…Investigation Botched!!…Baby buried..WHEWW!!!…that was a tough one..we’re done with it basically…someone straighten that rug back out…Our chairs at our desks have been gettin cold…ENOUGH SAID!!!!

  • Guest

    A nine day old baby’s life was cut short by a dog or dogs. Am I the only one reading this that thinks someone needs to be held accountable for this??? How does a dog attack a 9 day old baby?? Where were the adults?? This should have never happened!!! Peace be with the baby…

  • None of your business

    I am so ashamed and disappointed of the news media for the way that they have stood in the bushes and peaked around corners to terrorize a family in mourning! Is it really that important to be able to tell a story that you have lost your compassion for people? What is next are you going to start giving the names of rape victims???? If you remember a princess died a few years back because the news had the “RIGHT” to take freedom of the press!

  • Guest

    Hats off to the Bladen County Sheriff’s Dept. and DA Jon David for not participating in the media feeding frenzy. Leave this family alone and let law enforcement do the work…and shame on you, WWAY. Keep searching newspapers, Facebook, etc…don’t forget the garbage cans. Maybe you’ll be the first to break something big on this story.

  • Grand Ole Party

    Seattle, Washington (April 22, 2009) — DogsBite.org, a national dog bite victims’ group dedicated to reducing serious dog attacks, releases its first multi-year report on U.S. dog bite fatalities. The report covers a 3-year period — from January 1, 2006 to December 31, 2008 — and analyzes data gathered from 88 dog bite incidences that caused death to a U.S. citizen.
    The report documents dog breed information, property information (where the attack occurred) as well as dog bite victim age information.

    Of the 88 fatal dog attacks recorded by DogsBite.org, pit bull type dogs were responsible for 59% (52). This is equivalent to a pit bull killing a U.S. citizen every 21 days during this 3-year period. The data also shows that pit bulls commit the vast majority of off-property attacks that result in death. Only 18% (16) of the attacks occurred off owner property, yet pit bulls were responsible for 81% (13).
    I just hate it when people go running their mouths making ignorant remarks when they haven’t bothered to educate themselves on a subject. I think this last remark applies to YOU!!!

  • Guest

    I agree…pits and other breeds get a bad rap, but have always been on the top list as one of the best dogs for kids due to temperment. When people abuse animals and have them for the wrong reasons they become the stigma! I have known many stories where Dalmations, one of the most unstable breeds, have mauled children…even poodles have been known to attack and hurt children, etc…
    Instead of blaming the dogs; hold people accountable. Whether I have a pit or a wheaton terrior, it is my responsibility to watch my children and never leave them alone or unsupervised with a dog…until they are much older.
    I feel for these people and am sure their loss is heart wrenching and I hope the baby can rest in peace…but there also has to be an awareness and responsibility when you are a parent. People need to be accountable and be responsible or they should not have babies or dogs!

  • Guest

    Little Rascals was only filmed when he was good. Pibulls were banned in the u.s starting in the 1800’s. They were bred by evil people for evil purposes and evil is what we are getting back. You keep finding excuses and believing this cannot happen to you. Three people have been killed by their own pitbulls recently including the Pregnant Pacifica Pitbull advocate from group BAD RAP. You can keep denying but it doesn’t show you are of a sound mind. Just because you don’t want to believe the facts doesn’t mean you can invent things. We see photos of kids on elephants and surrounded by snakes,too this doesn’t mean those animals make good family pets or are nanny pets. Illogical stories are getting lame. If you have this dog around your kid it amounts to childabuse and neglect as WHY WOULD YOU TAKE A CHANCE that this dog would turn on your child. So many pitbulls that have been lovingly cared for have turned on their owners and killed the children. Just because this hasn’t happened to you doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. These dogs were used for dog fighting purposes BEFORE they were ever domesticated and were bred to have high pain tolerance, short fuse, and high aggression. Get another breed of dog and LOVE LIFE and HUMANS.

  • Guest

    Maybe there are reasons of how those dogs are treated in their environments…they may be neglected, abused, not trained etc….they may be the highest for bites, but it is not simply due to breed. Any dog can attack or do harm in many instances; there is always more to the story. I just do not think a dog should be stigmatized simply because of breed…as there are many of these breeds that live in healthy homes and are great pets to families with children. Therefore, if if it were simply in their nature than they would all be mauling.
    “do not judge a book by its cover”…

  • Guest 123

    this hole conversation is stupid. a families child died. YES they should have been watching her better but seriously accidents happen and im sure this is one that will haunt them forever. AS far as pit bulls being bad or good. I have a pit shes 4 years old i havent had her since she was a puppy but i do have 2 children an outside german shepard and a cat. and she has never attacked any of them. my 10 month old son loves her, pulls on her ears her tail crawls under her, and she never even raises the hair on her back. my parents dog the german shepard has nipped at my 5 year old several times, and has even nipped at me.
    its not in all pit bulls nature to hurt or attack things, when they do yes its bad because of the way there jaw is. but i have been bitten by many dogs and i know alot of people that have been bitten by dogs and none of them were pit bulls. its always the little ancle biters or springer spaniels or german shepards, so just go with your own beliefs whatever it is, is fine. but leave everyone else alone. especially this poor family. I am sure they feel horrible enough without everyone else constantly hounding them about it.

  • Guest

    I, as a parent, do not wish to get any more information on this. All i want is to give my prayers to this family. They need space from the media so they can grieve for their child.

  • undertaker

    Since you all know so much, why dont we ever hear of other breeds mauling people to death. I live out in rural country and we never have any problems with dogs except pits and ocassionally over the years we have seen a rotweiller bite a person or so. I have raised dobermans, labs, setters, german shepherds, spaniels and poodles. I have never seen any problems with anything but neighboring bulldogs and the rots. You do the MATH! My dad was a victim of a bulldog and that dog now rests peacefully.

  • Guest

    Your comment disgusts me! Dog mauling is not an accident! It amazes me that people REFUSE to put blame on an animal no matter what! It’s always the human at fault, right? Wrong! It’s the human’s responsibility to be mindful of the liability and risk involved by owning aggressive breeds. But you can NOT fault a human for an animal attack, especially one that ends in death. This is a tragic incident but by no means an accident! I would have the responsible dog put down immediately before it turns on the owner, which is also a possibility. RIP helpless baby!

  • Guest

    I am another person truely appalled by the fact that a nine day old baby was left alone apparently while a pit bull and a rottweiller and other such breeds were left in the vicinity of a newborn baby. The adults failed this poor defenseless baby. I cannot imagine the pain that the little girl went through. I have owned poodles, shelties, collies, etc. and so forth, and I am pretty dang sure that none of these breeds have eaten or tried to eat a babyl. A poodle?? really, one of the commenters here needs a reality check.. Pits and ROTs have a well deserved reputation for viciousness. I would never own one and was very upset when a former neighbor of mine brought a pit bull home to my neighborhood, and I quickly put up a dang privacy fence to be sure to keep that animal out and away from my dogs and my family, and they could not control the dog either. I am a dog lover of first order but I hate pits and rots and do not like any of them around me or mine.

  • Guest1

    Your ignorance is showing…


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