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CLARKTON, NC (WWAY) — We’re continuing to learn more about a nine-day-old baby killed in Clarkton. Investigators say newborn Addyson Camerino was mauled to death by dogs in the family’s home Wednesday.

It’s been a long week for the Camerino family, and understandably so, after the accident at their home Wednesday.

Investigators are still looking for answers surrounding the baby’s death. This morning they released one of the 911 calls made from the home on North College Road in Clarkton.

Although it’s brief, the desperation in the caller’s voice is apparent, and you can hear the chaos in the background.

CALLER: “I need an ambulance at North College Road in Clarkton. We have a baby that has been attacked by three dogs, and we need somebody here now. Are you there?”
OPERATOR: “Yes sir. You don’t see the EMS coming?”
CALLER: “Uh… Oh, they just pulled in!”

The Bladen County Sheriff’s Office says this is just one of the calls made to dispatch from the home. Sheriff Prentis Benston says he plans to release the other calls soon.

Other than that, there is still little information being released from the department. Investigators have said that five dogs were removed from the home.

Still no word if and when charges will be filed at this point.

We reached out to Chelsea Camerino, the mother of nine-day-old Addyson. It was obvious that she was distraught and passed the phone over to another woman who did not want to be identified.

We were told that the family is beside themselves with grief over the loss of their new baby that they had been so excited to welcome into the world just a few days earlier. She said the family does not want to talk to the media now, and that most of the stories they have heard are far from the truth. She said she thinks the family will release a statement to the media when they feel that they can.

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  • cindy lewis

    well , I dont see all of you talking now. The ones that want to talk all that heartless crap about chelsea. Now that she has been through a trial bringing back the horror that she already has to face everyday knowing her baby is gone. She is still devastaed as is the whole family over the loss of Abby. Thats right ABBY , this baby has name , although most on here talked about her like an object. She had a mother and father , two sets of grandparents, a uncle, cousins , a whole family that loved her very much. Chelsea went to trial for a week, she did not take any plea bargains offered to her because she wanted it known to everyone she did nothing to cause her baby to be hurt. She went through pure hell for the last year, and has the rest of her life to picture still to see in her mind and nightmares what happened to her little addy bug. She was not found guilty of doing anything wrong and this was ruled an accident. Just what it was , an accident and a nightmare to this family. You on here want to act like you care , well we loved her . She was our baby , and everyone of you who took time out of your day to get on here and judge and say awful things about a young mother when you knew nothing of what really happened on this day should be ashamed of your self. I see no one on here saying . Wow , so I was wrong about her and what really happened maby I should think about how sometimes the media does not always know or rightly say whats going on. Shame on you , who took the courts and Gods job into your own hands by wrongly makeing accusations about a young girl that only wanted to love and raise her only child,.

  • Guest

    How or why anyone would want this many dogs in a home is beyond my
    comprehension. They are unclean and smelly and can turn on a person.
    These people have my deepest sympathy. You can never get over this
    murder of a baby by animals.

  • lary cole

    I can see that you don’t know much about DOGS.

  • Guest

    Animals (non human) can’t commit murder. You are dumb.

  • Guest

    Words can’t describe how horrible this is! May God bless the family and find peace through this.

  • Darin

    So much for unconditional love. Damn dogs. Dogs are the most dangerous pet. Dog cultists will of course twist this tragedy to blame the victim. They never ever blame the dogs.

  • Darinisdumb

    WTF are you talking about? Yep it’s those damn baby hating dogs again….I’m not even a dog owner or particularly dog friendly and it’s pretty clear to me that your grasp on reality is as weak as an anemic kitten. Which I’m sure you’d agree is a much safer pet.

  • Guest8141103

    What was the breed of the dogs? I feel like if it were “certain breeds” I would not have to ask.

  • JM

    The family should have been arrested for criminally negligent homicide,child endangerment,child abuse.Dogs,like humans,are descended from pack hunters(they instinctively form packs,under a leader,and track,attack,kill,and eat prey).Domestication has not bred this behavior out of them.To give five dogs ascess to a few pounds of tender young meat is inexcusable stupidity.You can’t watch them every second!What the hell are they doing with 5 dogs?The cost-financial-of 1 dog is about $1,500 a year.For 5,it’s about $7,500 a year! If you are going to raise kids,should you burden yourself with the expense of 5 dogs?Taking care of a kid is going to take so much of your time and energy,you don’t need to take care of 1 dog,much less 5!Before people get a dog license,they must be required to pass a written test,like auto drivers.to show that tey understand the potential dangers,and responsibilities,that go with dog ownership.Like drivers. Because dogs are pack hunters,dog ownership should be limited to one dog.Unless there are valid reasons for multi-dog ownership.Society has a valid interest in restricting ownership of more than 1 dog;in order to reduce the risk of dog attacks,which are more likely with more than 1 dog,because of innate,genetic traits in dogs.Their nature as pack hunters.Which has not been changed by domestication. Also, multi-dog ownership tends to be a nuisance to society,because of the noise and sanitation problems associated with that many dogs.

  • Frances Walters

    My ,My 5 dogs what was the mother thinking ? any body would know better then to leave your baby alone =bath or not =in the first place people with this many dogs needs to be under investigation. any way this family needs every prayer any one of us could give & hopeful this will be a lesson to live by!
    Hopefully this will be a check time for everyone with more then one dog in thier house or on there property! There should be a law against more than one animal in a house!Also Cats to!

  • Guest

    Dog is MAN’s best friend…dogs are trained…dogs have instincts…dogs show aggression…dogs attack..dogs stand to urinate…dogs have senses…name one of these things that Man does not do. It does not matter the breed of any dog that attacks…toy breeds are the worst breeds for bites and snaps…Dogs are the animals?????????WTF!!!!! Whoever made that comment is…pitiful. The Pit Bull was the first dog to ever receive The Medal Of Honor..You do know we have all different breeds of Service Dogs right? You can’t blame the animal for his owner’s lack of knowledge. That’s just like when people get bit by wild animals…first thing you say is awwww that poor person. Not me I say that was you get for messing with something you ain’t got no business messing with…I hope they never get the opportunity to own any kind of animals in the future, especially a dog.

  • shaquanna

    I feel that any mother know and may have quoted wherever I go my kids go.If she was going to the shower then why couldn’t the baby go in the bathroom also.I mean if it was leaf in a carseat on the kitchen counter then why she couldn’t take the carseat in the bath room? I also blame the mother 90% and grandfather 10%.Grandfather had to haved dogs before baby came it haven’t been three years and that house was forsale!! Dogs are like a human if u train a pitbull not mixed breed ,to sit it will do that its how u train a dog if them dogs never been around a baby they should have been put out side. I have six pit bulls outside and two inside with kids and smaller dogs and I leave them in the house togather while im at work.What im sayin my dogs was raised up around kids if I say no they know what it means.A can could be dangerous also if u don’t watch the child cause cats love milk they are known for takin a babys breath.A snake can be dangerous. If u not watchin a baby they love milk and will go down the baby mouth into its stomach killin the baby and come out without u seein it if the baby is left alone……


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