Police called to deal with Berger, Blaylock again

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Submitted: Sat, 09/03/2011 - 3:52am
Updated: Tue, 05/01/2012 - 1:42am

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The week ended much like it began for New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger and his ex-girlfriend: with a call to and visit from Wilmington Police.

Police say Berger and Heather Blaylock were meeting to work out their differences. When things got loud, a third party called police, who met the couple at Blaylock’s home.

Officers told WWAY they made no arrests and did not plan to press charges. Officers at the scene also said they gave Blaylock the option to place a domestic violence order against Berger. Police say she declined.

Monday night Blaylock called 911 to report Berger may harm himself after he sent her text messages threatening to kill himself and a picture of his arm cut up and bleeding. Berger has denied he attempted suicide that night.


  • Guest13456 says:

    It is a sad state of affairs when everyone’s private lives become public, but when you are a public official you do lose a certain amount of privacy. Mr. Berger has endured ALOT of public backlash from being late to meetings etc. Considering the recent texts that were revealed from his ex girlfriend, it appears he may have other issues that we as the public are not aware of…. with that being said we should just let whatever happens…happen. I am sure there are several other “county employees” that have run in’s with Law Enforcement that are not making the News. Is it because they are LEO’s???

  • guesty says:

    I think he may be coo coo for coco puffs!
    The village called, they want their idiot back.
    The elevator doesn’t stop on all floors.
    The bread didn’t rise.
    Missing a few bricks.
    Not the brightest bulb.
    Not the sharpest knife.

  • Guest228 says:

    where is the official twist of media lies when you need them? Is this still Heather’s fault again? I hope all you tea partyers realize in the next election that anyone Ben McKoy backs as a political candidate is clearly missing a bag of marbles..

  • Ken says:

    This Berger/Blaylock Saga is about to rival that of the “Frog” Strickland/R.C. Soles Saga a couple of counties over and they are quickly becoming or have become a source of embarrassment to both counties. I have always been one that was of the mindset that ones private life should remain just that, however, when it spills over into the public and involves a public official he, she or they need to work it out and be done with it and this not only goes for Mr. Soles but for Mr. Berger also. With many coming down on the side of Ms. Blaylock as being “The Victim”, and she may well be just that. She also has issues that must be dealt with so that she can move on either with or without Mr. Berger. Mr. Berger on the other hand has a higher duty as a public official to set a behavior example to the public that he has so far failed to do. He not only has become as embarrassment to himself but he has done the same to the people he was elected to serve in New Hanover County and to the people of the City of Wilmington and that makes his private life subject to the scrutiny of the media, his Republican Party, friends, constituents and the general public. Mr. Berger should consider a Leave of Absence for a period of time to get his private life in order as no public life is worth the destruction of ones private life and at the rate this saga is progressing, there can be no positive outcome for either of the parties involved.

  • GuestPAT says:

    What a disgrace to the city of Wilmington..he’s got to goooooooo!! ummm,is he still doing the interview??

  • Guestzento says:

    My question is where are all the people from the republican party that endorsed this man last year? They stood behind him when he was running for office and now when he needs them they have all run away….one would like think that at least one of them would have the cohunes to come to this man’s rescue, obviously he need help before something serious happens or someone gets hurt or worse.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    give him his own high dollar reality show, which would solve some of his financial issues,OR send him to Oklahoma where he can run and run in the wide open spaces and be less likely to hurt himself.

  • Guest1234567 says:

    I feel so sorry for this man. Please leave him alone. It is very obvious that he has a mental illness and needs some serious help, yet what does the over zealous media do? They chase him around town trying to ask him questions regarding his illness trying to make him more extreme. To his friends, get him some help and away from the media and the press as soon as possible.


  • Wilmwoman says:

    This is no longer a case of someone being “picked at” by the media and political foes (for the record I never thought he was being targeted unfairly especially about his tardiness…as adults we are expected to fulfill our obligations in a timely manner).

    No matter what your political party might be, it is becoming blatantly obvious there are SERIOUS ISSUES that need to be addressed. Mr. Berger appears to be on a track with his life that will not end well. I hope that he has some family and friends who will step in and convince him to get the help he needs. This is not about being late for meetings, unemployment benefits, unauthorized car trips, and it is not even about his ex girlfriend. Its about a young man who is spiraling out of control, we can not say whether it is a mental issue or a substance abuse problem. There is a good possibility that if his life stays on this track that he will lose everything, maybe even his life. No one wants to see a young man with so much potential lose it all. Lets just hope this man gets the help he needs.

  • Guest says:

    Why do you keep feeding this? we all know that berger’s political career is over how he even made it into his position is baffeling it’s obvious he has some REAL issue’s and so too does miss blaylock this situation is turning into a day time soap thank’s to the media,there are far more important thing’s to be concentrating on real issue’s that need reporting and the longer the media feeds this the worse it’s going to get.

  • Wade griffis says:

    I am sure that there are writers out at One Tree Hill using this nonsence as a basis for their next soap opera.

    They will pay Berger/Blaylock big money for their sordid story. Finally!—they will get all the attention they need.

  • Wade griffis says:

    Do what Myrtle Beach does with their homeless nutcases. Buy him a ticket on Greyhound. Send him to Myrtle Beach. Tell him Goodby, God Bless and DO NOT COME BACK!

  • GUEST says:

    If Berger is unemployed, hungry, almost broke, and looking for a job, he may try one of the Burger places in town. With his name, they may employ him right away, maybe !!

  • Guest says:

    I totally agree with this. This is starting to get as old as the RC Soles saga. All these people looking for is attention. My suggestion? Ignore them and they will go away.

  • Guest says:

    I think continually pointing out the ridiculousness of the Tea Party Candidates and their lack of intelligence and morals should be pounded home as much as we possibly can.

  • Guest says:

    Let it go you know it is like a child who’s learning to ride
    A bike every time they fall off you tell yhem it will be ok try
    it again. let him know it’s not alright get help

  • Guest 420 says:

    Enough of this crap, let’s see some real news!

  • Guest says:

    Who Cares??? Every tax payer in the city should, valuable resources are being wasted “baby sitting” this jackass. This “Pshyco”/”drama queen” needs to be removed from office !!

  • Guest28403 says:

    Really? After all the police had to deal with last night and this is what you post? Again, Really?

  • Hamberger says:

    It will be nice to this clown voted out of office… then he won’t be news worthy anymore.

  • Peyton Garrett says:

    This Blaylock woman is just as bad as he is. For Mr. Berger, Censure and remove from the commission. Then let them have at it. There are two small children involved in this and this has all of the earmarks of a tragedy waiting to happen. Apparently Mr. Berger has no family here to intervene on his behalf. Where are all of You smarta++ people who take up for him………Oh, Distancing Yourselves.

  • Guest says:

    I know Ms. Blaylock.
    She is enjoying all of this attention and publicity. The children should have been taken from her long ago. Where is DSS?

  • Guest says:

    i find this quite entertaining. tweedle dee meets tweedle dum; they’re both nutjobs. i laugh more at wilmington politics and his ability to BS everyone along the way when it’s very clear he has a few loose screws.

  • GuestLee says:

    If this couple wanted to meet to “work out their differences”, it should have been done in a controlled environment, with a psychologist or clergy present to calm things down if it started to get too heated. Definitely not meet at her home or his.

  • Guest says:

    With this Berger/Blaylock drama, Wilmington can now be compared to Tabor City. This is a sad situation for everyone involved…Berger, Blaylock, her children and the citizens of NH County.
    Mr. Berger, please resign and, most importantly, get some counseling that you apparently need ASAP. You are not in a position to carry out the duties of a county commissioner.
    Ms. Blaylock, you too could benefit from professional help as you seem to thrive on this drama in your life. Exposing your children to this unstable relationship is not acceptable. It seems that Dept. of Social Services CPS should intervene to ensure the safety and well being of your children. Unfortunately, this type of relationship often leads to violence. These constant and unhealthy episodes between Mr. Berger and yourself need to end!

  • thomas gay says:

    We watched the initial confrontation with Brian Berger after the report of his “attempted suicide” and was astonished at the ferocity of the downright bullying of your reporter telling Mr Berger to “man up” about what had happened. It was moronic, distasteful and totally unprofessional (I’ve heard the same response from several people) and if it’s the station’s intention to hire Jerry Springer “wannabees” you can count us out as viewers.
    Mr Berger has some serious issues with which to deal and he’s still a human being deserving of some compassion and not as something to be scraped from the bottom of your shoe. He should be removed from his duties and receive some help.
    Do you recall some years back the young man who shot and killed a girl with whom he was infatuated then headed to the mountains on a mission to find and murder her parents? He ended up shooting himself as he drove over a cliff near Asheville and was a personal friend of a member of my family who tried for weeks to defuse the situation NOT make it worse.

  • Jason says:

    One man in local government doesn’t represent the entire Tea Party.

  • du says:

    Myrtle Beach sends their nutcases to…Myrtle Beach? …Well thought out.

  • Wade griffis says:

    The Myrtle Beach chamber of Commerce buys a ticket to Wilmington for their homeless nutcases. I am a bit of a nutcase myself, but pay my own bills.

    My point intended was: Turn about is fair play. Let’s send our problems down there.

  • GuestLee says:

    We’re fighting a losing battle. Most of the mental hospitals (Dorothy Dix, Cherry, etc.) also buy a bus ticket and send their mentally ill to Wilmington. I found this out when I worked in a homeless shelter about 6 or 7 years ago.

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