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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Twenty-five minutes before New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger was supposed to do a live interview here at the TV station, he called and pulled the plug. He called it a “postponement” not a “cancellation” even though he confirmed twice over the weekend that he would show up.

He did tell us on the phone, though, that he is considering resigning, but he needs to talk the other commissioners first.

New Hanover County Commission Chair Jonathan Barfield said over the phone that he hasn’t talked to Berger yet but did leave him a message. He also said that he was a little surprised that Berger was considering a resignation but that “Brian needs to do what’s best for Brian.”

Berger also said Monday that he plans to go to the County Commission meeting Tuesday, and that he may talk about his future at that meeting.

Some think he just needs more time to sort out his personal life.

“If we’re all asked to resign when we are a little bit unstable I don’t think any of us would have jobs,” said Anita Naughton, a New Hanover County resident. “Give him a chance. I don’t see anything so critical in the county right now that he can’t just take a little bit of time off to get himself together. If he can’t then let him resign.”

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55 Comments on "ONLY ON 3: Commissioner Brian Berger renegs on interview, again; Says he’s considering resigning"

2015 years 10 months ago

OMG Where does she teach? OMG Isn’t the school system aware of how bizarre she is? Why do they let her have control of children? This is just horrifying!

2015 years 10 months ago

Could you please make Wuzzardo’s rant music louder and more intrusive upon what he was trying to say? I could almost hear him, and I almost became undistracted about how mismatched the background noise was to a human speaking voice. Whoever produced that deserves a promotion!

Karen B
2015 years 10 months ago

This is a very troubled man. I would be perfectly okay with you going after him for his poor performance and being late. However, you are completely crossing the line interrogating this man who has apparently just attempted suicide! Chasing the little man down and humiliating him until he slammed a door in your BIG BULLY FACE was inexcusable behavior. I don’t like Berger, but I would have stepped in and punched you if I’d seen you doing this in person, and I am a woman

YOU weren’t asking him about fashion, or a movie or something along those Hollywood lines.

You were a great big man chasing and bullying a suicidal little man.

Honestly, SHAME ON YOU.

2015 years 10 months ago

The fact Brian Berger ever got elected as county commissioner speaks loudly about how desperate we were (AND STILL ARE)to get rid of all incumbants.

The next election we should all do our homework on the candidates and be sure we have someone who can function in society. We need to know who they are affiliated with, where they work and what their agenda is.

We all know that Brian Berger is not a well man. The fact WWAY got in his face trying to interview him, followed him into another area and in to what I assume was his office was totally out of line. Treatment like that can push a man with his issues over the edge. He obviously can’t communicate and surely isn’t going to tell the public what is going on with him at this time. We all need to leave him alone and hope that someone can find a way to get him out of the county position.

As for the way the reporter got in his face. . . you better well be glad it wasn’t me. I assure you I would have gotten you away from me. I may have had a bit of trouble afterward but you would sure think before you got up someone else’s nostrils. WAY OUT OF LINE!!

Peyton Garrett
2015 years 10 months ago

Transparency of the budget? Brian doesn’t even understand the budget. Baseball Team? As far as I know, has anything solid even been proposed? Discussion? A Vote? I believe that was something courted a little by the City. Has Mr. Berger really introduced anything of meaning. I can never understand him if He says more than ten words and that is a chore. How can He be Up to Snuff on anything when every time I have seen him at a commission or committee meeting He is unprepared and thus unable to make a meaningful contribution. I could be wrong…..


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