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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — State auditors say North Carolina’s health insurance plan for workers could have saved more than $1 million if it had written a better contract with a hospital and monitored rates more closely.

State Auditor Beth Wood’s office released an audit Wednesday of the North Carolina State Health Plan for Teachers and State Employees and a contract with Wake Forest University Baptist Hospital.

Auditors say plan officials didn’t take advantage of outpatient discount rates allowed in the contract between 2003 and 2008 because they lacked contract monitoring and failed to seek information that could have led to expense reductions.

The audit said the health plan failed to recover about $640,000 from the hospital related to higher payments.

The health plan agreed with Wood’s findings and said improvements have been made.

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2 Comments on "Auditors critical of NC health plan contract"

2015 years 9 months ago

When it goes to the public sector just say i want let it be done,no one in government gives a s–t how much money they that away from the private sector and that also goes for local government.One day they say we have more money in the budget than we need they spend it,then the next day they increase fees and raise taxes on gas etc.They say they did not have the money to pick up debris and would not open a place for us to carry it to ourselves but they can contract with a out off state company to pick it up when fed money is used why can they not us a local contractor or at least someone for this state and keep the money here.But it still boils down to it is taxpayers money,could have saved the money if they would have opened a yard for us to dump the debris.But where is all the money going with the waste incinerator shut down.They had enough money to pay R3 $500,000.00 a month when they were going to get in bed with them but they still spent $300,000.00 plus for land that was owned by the person that was heading up R3,it smells fishy.

2015 years 9 months ago

all of those accountable including the one at the top.

If you take the State’s shilling, do a professional job.

It seems every month or so we read of another State Agency hose-up which costs the taxpayers money or fails to provide services at a professional level.

It’s past time for the Governor to clean out the dead wood.


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