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BELVILLE, NC (WWAY) — We’re learning more tonight about the possible censure of Belville Mayor Jack Batson. Mayor Pro Tem Mike Allen called a meeting tomorrow to discuss censuring Batson. Today we know more about why.

According to a resolution by the Belville Board of Commissioners to censure Batson, the mayor has being involved in an inappropriate relationship with a town staff member. The resolution says the town has evidence that Mayor Batson has been involved with the unnamed staff member since February.

The resolution says after an investigation the town found that the personal interaction between Batson and the staffer was beyond what would be considered reasonable with a member of staff. It also says the pair discussed their relationship online, over the phone and in person at Town Hall behind closed doors.

The town did not find any evidence that the mayor and the employee ever dated or engaged in sexual activity.

We tried to talk with the town’s commissioners as well as the mayor today. The commissioners said they would be happy to comment about the situation tomorrow after the meeting. They said they did not want to compromise the process beforehand.

Mayor Batson has not yet returned our calls.

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  • the ABC store, Belville would be nothing more than they are now…a wide spot in the road…except without a name.

  • jOEB1943

    Batson tried to terminate Eldridges contract. While Batson may have engaged in “consensual, non-sexual, non-dating conduct”, Eldridge did a GREAT hatchet job in trying to make it look like more than it was and, co-incidentally, padding his bill to the town by $30,000!!! Unfortunately this also provided the “smear” issue we have come to expect from certain candidates.


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