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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — North Carolina officials have missed a federal deadline for dealing with thousands of people with mental illness who live in adult care homes. And it has advocates worried patients may have nowhere to go besides emergency rooms, shelters or the street.

Meanwhile, state officials say the number of facilities whose patients may have to leave has increased from 38 to 52.

This all comes because the federal agency that oversees Medicaid notified the state earlier this year that it was in violation because of how it pays for the care of people with mental illness.

Medicaid rules forbid some of the state’s arrangements and federal officials gave a Sept. 1 deadline to develop a solution.

State officials did not and say they hope the deadline could be extended.

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  • taxpayeriam

    Those that do not have to deal with a person with this illness does not understand how difficult it is on the people who do.My point is that it should be treated like any other illness when it comes to funding and taking care off them and treatment be paid for by insurance companies and medicare, medicaid at the same rates as any other illness.

  • bob25

    Just do not send your love ones to THE OAKS(New hanover hospital)I would not send my dog there.The people that work there are very dangerous and abusive.Your love ones will be worse off coming out of that hell hole before they went in there.Be very careful!!!There are dangerous people that claim to be professional,But they are evil.

  • SurfCityTom

    let the Governor send a message.

    State employees hosed up; big time.

    Let them fall on their swords or walk the plank and join the unemployed.

    Then, bring in some employees who will pay attention to detail. And let this be a lesson to all state employees and departments.

    If you’re taking the State and taxpayer’s compensation, then do a professional job.

  • guest

    This is unacceptable.


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