Pender approves debris collection sites

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Submitted: Wed, 09/07/2011 - 2:36pm
Updated: Wed, 09/07/2011 - 2:40pm

BURGAW, NC (NEWS RELEASE) -– The Pender Board of Commissioners agreed Tuesday evening to establish vegetative debris collection sites for disposal of Hurricane Irene storm debris from private roads in the county. NCDOT will be collecting vegetative debris from the rights-of-way of all state maintained roads beginning this week, however debris will not be collected at the street level on private roads. Property owners along private roads and subdivisions will be able to take vegetative debris directly to a debris collection site. Private contractors collecting storm debris from within the county will also be able to dispose of vegetative debris at the sites.

Further information on the specific site locations and operating hours will be forthcoming once logistics and site operational details are finalized by the County and DRC Environmental Services, the contractor responsible for operating the debris sites.

Construction and Demolition (C&D) debris will not be collected at the street level. Small pickup truck size loads can be taken by property owners to the Willard, Burgaw and Rocky Point convenience sites with valid Pender County Solid Waste Stickers without charge. Large loads of C&D debris may be taken to the county transfer station in Hampstead for disposal. The fee is $72 per ton.

The County has established a hotline for special unmet needs at (910) 259-0126. Questions about storm debris collection and disposal may be directed to Melinda Knoerzer of Pender Utilities at (910) 259-1521.


  • pendergma says:

    I live in Pender county. We always get rid of our own lawn debris no matter if its from a hurricane or not. Thats how most people do it. Oh but most of us have trucks. We can also burn if needed. City dwellers have little choice but to bag it or haul it away yourselves. You pay city/county taxes for what?

  • Guest says:

    Even Pender County has their act together better than New Hanover County.

    What’s wrong with the NHC commissioners? Are they too busy trying to do damage control on Brian Berger? Are they waiting for a bid from Jason Thompson’s Diversified Biomass? Are they hoping homeowners will get tired of seeing debris in front of their homes so they’ll remove it and the commissioners can filter the money somewhere else? Why else would they be dragging their feet on helping their citizens dig out from under Hurricane Irene?

    What a conniving, manipulating, scheming bunch of politicians this is. Remember to vote them OUT in the next elections!

  • Guest says:

    I’ve been asking myself that same question for many, many years. I only pay county taxes because I don’t live in the city, but I still don’t get what I pay for.

    I can’t tell you what my taxes DO pay for, but I can tell you what they don’t:

    (1) Good, honest, dependable commissioners whose main concern is the citizens of New Hanover County; and (2) Storm debris pickup.

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