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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — New Hanover County Commissioners have asked for county commissioner Brian Berger to resign.

Speaking on behalf of his fellow commissioners who stood by him at a news conference, Commission Chair Jonathan Barfield said he asked Berger to resign Wednesday because his many issues have become a distraction.

Barfield said people around the state have asked him what the recall procedure is for New Hanover County, but the county does not have a process under law.

“I just want him to get well,” Barfield said.

Vice Chairman Jason Thompson said he has talked to Berger about getting back on track, but there has been no follow through.

Commissioner Rick Catlin said the decision to ask Berger to resign comes after much consideration and a long series of events. Catlin said Berger’s inability to address his issues leaves the board no choice.

Commissioner Ted Davis said he has not seen anything like this in his 15 years as a commissioner.

“He first has got to acknowledge he has a problem,” Davis said. “He needs to man up and get the help he needs.”

If Berger chooses to resign, the New Hanover County Republican Party would nominate a replacement, but so far Berger has shown no indication he will step down. Wednesday night Berger released this statement:

“This statement is in response to the four members of the County Board of Commissioners who met, called a press conference and requested my resignation as a Member of the New Hanover County Board of Commissioners. The past few weeks have presented a number of challenges and difficulties in my personal life. I am sure that many of you can understand unexpected circumstances that may arise in our day to day lives that cause one to react in ways that they may not under ordinary conditions.

“I extend my apologies to the citizens of New Hanover County for any way in which the challenges of my normally quiet personal life impacted them. November 2010, I was elected by the people of New Hanover County to serve as their representative on the Board of County Commissioners; I look forward to continuing my service to our community. To all of you who have prayed for me and offered words of support and encouragement during this time, please know that I am truly appreciative.”

Berger’s fellow commissioners said they came to the conclusion that he needs to resign after last night’s commission meeting. They say they expected Berger to address the latest issues, including his criticism of the Wilmington Police Department. He did not.

Berger told WWAY Monday evening he was considering resigning after two more incidents last week in which police were called to his house for an attempted suicide and four nights later to his ex-girlfriend’s home after the couple met to work out their differences.

Berger also said he may discuss his situation at Tuesday’s commission meeting. However, Berger was quiet for much of the evening. At the end of the meeting during a period for commissioner’s comments, Berger reminded everyone to take time to remember the people who lost their lives on September 11, 2001, as the country gets ready to mark the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks.

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44 Comments on "New Hanover Commissioners ask for Berger’s resignation, Berger responds"

Peyton Garrett
2015 years 10 months ago

Mr. Berger did just what I expected him to do at last nights commission meeting. He sat there with his mouth shut and tried to act like nothing has happened. I am sure this was what He was told to do by his handlers. By hanging around it puts the ball in either the commission’s or the county Republican Party’s court, force their hand and to see what happens. If He is not willing to step down and without any recall remedy, this will end up being a match of wits and a dimwit. If He is not willing, this could get interesting. Right now, this is about money for Him also. If at this time He has no other income, He will stay put. Think about it. Does anyone think He is employable? Watch for a yellow stream coming out of the commission chambers, a peeing match is forthcoming.

2015 years 10 months ago

I seem to remember a local big Tea Party push to get Berger elected and, as a result, Bill Caster could have been sitting in that chair instead.

He would have done a much better job IMHO so I hope the Tea Party die hards can learn something from this.

Be careful of what you wish for, …

2015 years 10 months ago

Mr Berger does not carry his personal life in a manner that is consistent with elected public office and being responsible for tax payer funds. I think Mr. Berger needs help and I think that Mr Berger is to preoccupied with his personal life to serve us.. the taxpayers. Mr Berger has been in office a year and has screwed the pooch three times. I do not want him handling my money. GET OUT OF OFFICE NOW BRIAN BERGER!! You bring discredit to your coworkers, county citizens, as well as the visitors to NHC. You are not fit for any position of responsibility….I respectfully request that you do the noble thing and resign your position immediately…..

Guest Reply
2015 years 10 months ago

(Quote from the article):
“Speaking on behalf of his fellow commissioners who stood by him at a news conference, Commission Chair Jonathan Barfield said he asked Berger Monday night to resign because his many issues have become a distraction.” (Unquote)

What an ignoramus…the news media made his personal events a distraction…Berger didn’t call up WWAY or the Star News and invited them for an interview. When police come to a residence on police business, is there a news reporter standing on every corner waiting for things to happen? No…the police notified the news and now you have the laugh of the century our local news groups have help create…and Barfield told Berger his issues have become a distraction.
Hillbilly news at its best…yet when something really important happens in the news here…you get half a story and told to stay tuned.
What a joke…our local news ;-0

Sharron Cain
2015 years 10 months ago

My prayers are with this man. He needs help. Who are we to judge? If only we could open alot of people closets, including mine. I will continue to pray that there is no harm done to his life and other people involved in this terrible situation. He really needs to leave Wilmington. The press is not going to leave him alone. At some point it does become Harrasement !!! You guys are driving him over the edge. If something does happen the Media will be to blame.


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