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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — New Hanover County Commissioners demanded fellow Commissioner Brian Berger resign Wednesday after a week of drama. Many of his Tea Party supporters, the StarNews and this television station have also recommended he step aside, but he’s refused.

What do YOU think Commissioner Berger should do?

Let him know by calling or texting him at (910) 431-3115. Or e-mail him at bberger@nhcgov.com.

You can also email your thoughts with New Hanover County Republican Party Chairwoman Rhonda Amoroso at rhonda.gopchair@gmail.com.

Also feel free to leave your comments here!

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  • Guest

    She teaches pre-school. Three-year old children.

  • GuestLee

    The real problem at NHC IS Brian Burger. Jason Thompson said he won’t run in the next election.

  • GuestLee

    I agree with your first sentence, but not the rest of it. You started out so good!

    WWAY doesn’t need to give it a rest. They need to keep reporting his incompetent antics so voters can see what kind of idiot they voted for. Censuring the press will never accomplish anything. Brian withdrawing from office and getting the help he needs will. But first he has to admit he has a problem, and he won’t. That’s part of his illness. Everyone else is wrong and he is right, and you are helping him keep in that frame of mind. Do Brian a favor and put the blame where it belongs…on Brian, not on WWAY.

    The only sensible way to end this is for Brian to resign and go get some serious mental help.

  • GuestLee

    Agreed. That’s why most people voted for Berger. Unfortunately, Berger thinks they voted for him because he was the best candidate. Like I said….delusional.

  • Brian Berger should NOT resign so that he can continue to represent the views of the Tea Party.

  • beth

    Berger should stay. I am sick of the bullying tactics of WWAY TV 3. This isn’t reporting. This is trying to drive a man over the edge so you can have the last word and say, see? I told you.

  • Guest

    STOP harassing Berger and START digging into the REAL PROBLEMS at NHC.
    Your time would be much better spent!

  • Guest

    Does 140 text messages in several hours equate to bullying? Ask Heather how she feels!

  • Carolyn Pinckney

    Mr Berger has had more than his fair chances to prove himself fit for his job and has failed miserably. He needs to resign!

  • k lohr

    If this guy can’t handle his own affairs, how on earth can he represent any of us properly on the board? And why would we want such an unstable individual to keep trying it? Surely there are better,more qualified people available that can replace this clown!

  • Guest09

    There has always been and should be an editorial right to any form of media. To my knowledge WWAY has always posted comments as just that – COMMENTS and not news. Just as the Star News printed their call for him to resign on their OPINION EDITORIAL pages.

  • Martha Watson

    Yes it is public information, and citizens can contact him. As I said, he has problems, and he needs to address them, and he should resign to take care of his problems. WWAY needs to give it a rest, and maybe his parents, or some other family member, can intervene on his behalf, and get him the help he needs. How would Scott P. like it if someone gave out his phone numbers and email address in an effort to bully him because they don’t like the way he runs the news department at WWAY, or they follow him with a camera from home to work, to his office and the bathroom, to his lunch spot, or a doctor’s office, back to work, and back home, then go knocking on his door, once he gets home?? I also realize that some people have no feeling for their fellow human beings, and I am glad I don’t fall into that catagory.

  • Dewdrop

    If we didn’t do our job and it was our only income, we would be fired anyway. Why should he be the exception? We need our full council to be able to the job for us. True at the moment they need to do some improvements but at least they are not trying to kill themselves or trying to do harm to someone and are not in the news all the time for crazy things.

  • Guest111

    The fact that Berger got in is clear proof of how desperate we are to remove the idiots in office (AND STILL ARE). This time I will check on the candidates, their affiliations, job and their agenda. I voted Berger because I couldn’t stand to hear Caster’s name again.

  • GuestLee

    …but he has his unemployment benefits from Washington, DC!

  • guest111

    I read a comment on here that she was a teacher. Is that true? I don’t think she, herself, is stable enough to teach children and I also think that should be an issue for parents to be quite concerned about.

  • GuestLee

    What you see as “bullying”, I see as my right to declare my emancipation from an unstable, mentally ill, and violent man who puts his own needs ahead of the people he serves…much like Moammar Gadhafi (albeit on a smaller scale).

    All the text messages and phone calls that you mentioned in your post can be sent to his PUBLIC phones, email addresses, etc. It’s ALL public information. If he doesn’t want to be exposed to the public, he should resign. Then, the public will leave him alone.

  • Guestpapa

    Im in total agreement. I think it’s criminal.

  • guesty

    Keep spouting out your ignorance. If you don’t know what you are talking about, try to keep quite so as to not look so foolish.

  • Martha Watson

    Cyber: any type of bullying that is carried out by electronic medium such as :
    1. Text message bullying
    2. Picture/video clip bullying via mobile phone cameras
    3. Phone call bullying via mobile phones
    4. E-mail bullying
    5. Chat-room bullying
    6. Bullying through Instant Messaging (IM)
    7. Bullying via websites

    For some reason, the first time I posted this, it didn’t appear, so I will try again. I think WWAY has crossed the line, asking people to email, call, and text their thoughts to Commisioner Berger. Is it WWAY’s wish to force Berger to resign, or commit suicide? I think we recall instances lately of people who were bullied to the point they committed suicide. I sincerely hope that Commisioner Berger gets the help he needs, but trying to bully him, harrass him, follow him around, beat on his door, is almost criminal. I hope that if Mr. Berger does something to harm himself, or others, I hope that WWAY is held accountable for any part they played in this matter. Lets see if you allow this on your comment section this time, or does the truth scare you. It should.

  • fleebailey

    He can not resign. It is his only income.

  • Harry Pigott

    To the news room at wwaytv3. I all so think Mr. Berger should step down from his position,but i think you stepped over the line when you and the Star News calld for him to step aside. It has always been my belief that you should remain unbiased in reporting the news.

  • C-Man

    Look at the tea baggers eyes. Brian Berger, Michelle Bachmann, and all the rest of them have this far-away look. Do you think they are all mentally disturbed? Look at the eyes and tell me.

  • Scott Pickey

    Guestqweg434t – it’s not a personal cell phone number. It’s a work phone. He uses it for county business. Taxpayers help fund it. It’s easy to find on the internet. Nothing inappropriate actually.


    Scott Pickey
    WWAY News Director

  • Guest

    Nope, not always true. Sometimes the voters have to vote on the lesser of two evils because that’s the only ones running…but either way, they’re both evil.

  • Guestqweg434t

    Yeaaaaa, but jerks like myself don’t go through the trouble of digging for a personal cell phone number, but once it was posted on WWAY, I have sent several mean, evil, vindictive, lewd and on the brink of criminal text messages and voice-mails.

    Quite inappropriate, WWAY.

  • Germaphobe

    Cockroaches, yep they’ll cling to life thru anything. The other commissioners have tried to squish this one but he is still running around wreaking havoc… just a nasty little thing. Somebody please mash him before I gag.

  • WellPlayedSir

    Well-played sir.

    Ha, Helen Keller.

  • Guest

    Can we as citizens of nhc start a petition requesting his removal from office?

  • ohmy

    Columbus County will trade you a byrd, a frog, and an rc cola for one berger!

  • GuestPAT

    I tell ya,it’s all in his eyes! Seems to me that there is a distant look in them.Get well Brian……….and,ummm,resign.

  • Doug

    He is the perfect embodiment of New Hanover County. The thing that people always forget is that they deserve EXACTLY the government that they get.

  • SouthEastNC

    “Perhaps someone should look into his girlfriend, Heather. Something is not right with her either.”

    Crazies like other crazies. You’d have to either be nuts or Helen Keller to date that guy.

  • guesty

    That number is posted on the county website. Do a little thinking and digging before you spout off.


  • anne

    When he was first elected, I believe Mr. Berger was there for a good reason. Unfortunately, he joined a group of “good ole boys” and he became a thorn in their side. Now, because of his behavior and no shows, he has lost his credibility he needs to step aside. The people deserve no less. Too bad – he can’t take Jason and Jonathan with him – both of them have become so arrogant that they are ineffective also. But, I guess that is another story.

    Perhaps someone should look into his girlfriend, Heather. Something is not right with her either. She is either just looking for publicity or perhaps getting enough on him, that when she decides to hurt him or kill him, she will have a valid defense. Just saying!

  • Michael T.

    Why doesn’t some of these “crackerjack” media outlets in New Hanover County find out about a recall election for this guy? Is there a process for this here? There has to be a way to get rid of a local elected official that is no longer effective…..impeachment?

  • Guest652

    brian is no longer effective in his job, fails to show,or vote on things is supposed to be involved in, a clear example of a tea party figure
    elected because of party affiliation, not ability.

  • Guest8787456

    Did you really have to post his cell phone number so he can be harassed? WOW. Honestly I think he should resign as well, but to post his cell phone number is crossing the line. Email address is fine.. but come on…

  • RSimmons

    Brian Berger headed back to DC with Ben MCoy riding shotgun and the back seat full of Tea Party fools. I’d even vote to let him keep the county van this time and personally buy him a tank of gas.

  • Guestx

    He should disappear.

    I didn’t vote for him because he came across as a flake during the campaign. Every single thing he has done since confirms my original perception of him. He’s a nut, and is awful for new Hanover County.

  • NCcoast53

    After seeing the photo of Mr. Berger’s self inflicted cuts and reading the texts sent to his estranged girl friend, I fear for not only Heather’s safety, but for the safety of his fellow county commissioners as well. These texts appear to be the rantings of a disturbed and distraught mind. It is my sincere hope that Mr. Berger seeks and get the help that he appears to be so badly in need of.

  • John Q Citizen

    Why do we have to wait for him to resign? Isn’t there a recall process in NC??

  • Guest

    The longer this man stays in office the more irrepairable harm he does for the county and its progress not to mention all the bad publicity which will ultimately result in him not being able to find a job when all this is over. Once his reputation is damaged he will have to leave the area in order to find sustainable employment in the future. Best to leave quietly and get it together as he is not doing himself or the citizens who elected him any good with constant drama and attention grabbing behavior.

  • Guest

    The Bible also says, “A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion.” – Proverbs 18:2.

    Seems to fit you pretty well, huh? See? The devil himself can cite Scripture for his own purpose.

  • burgerboy

    Jonathan Swift once wrote: “When a true genuis appears, all the dunces will be in a confederacy against him.” Which just about sums this situation up. Mr. burger is the genuis and all you rabble-rousers are the cofederacy of dunces. All you hypocritical newscasters and every imbecile with a computer is going around blathering and yammering about how bad mr. burger is, when you all should be looking in the mirror. If you read your bible, you’ll recollect the passage in the gospel of paul: “judge not, lest ye cast the first stone”, which i think is pretty fitting here. It’s all a bunch of nepotism and cronyism at it’s core, and mr. burger is being bullied and pushed around by the higher-ups because he took that crook bill castor’s seat, and everybody know’s he’s the biggest swindler and con-man of recent times in county history. And since you all can’t do anything about it besides whine and complain, (because you can’t legally KICK HIM OUT) I’d sugguest all you whiners and crybabys sit back and shut up and let the man get on with his job and quit hounding and bullying him and quit trying to stir up trouble and ratings for your Newscast.

  • Guest

    Shut up Berger!!!

  • John Q Citizen

    Let him get on with his job??? He never shows up on time do his job. In fact, he hardly ever votes to take any action on motions either… that’s not doing a job.

  • Burger Boy the II

    Dear PeytonGarrett, ChefnSurf, and SoutheastNC,
    Thanks for proving my point for me by broadcasting you’re profound ignorance on this subject on a computer message board for everyone to see what a motley crew of infantile ignoramuses you are, heh. You people need to move out of your parent’s basements and get a job and do something CONSTRUCTIVE with your life instead of sitting around on the internet writing snide little slanderous comments about people you never even met, heh.

  • Peyton Garrett

    Burgurboy, Yes there is a “blathering, yammering imbecile on this link posting. It’s You. Apparently You two are related to one another, I can sense the same mental capacity for both of You… Running on empty. This is no longer a private matter. He is a public official thus He is fair game. Mr. Berger himself only adds fuel to the fire. Right now it is burning white hot. And again Burgurboy, You did not spell his name correctly. Idiot X 2.

  • ChefnSurf

    Jonathan swift actually wrote ““When a true genius appears in this world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him.” Close … but no cigar.

    If YOU read YOUR bible you would know that the gosple of Paul NEVER said “judge not, lest ye cast the first stone”. Matthew 7:1 said “Judge not lest ye be judged and John 8:7 said “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. Boy, not even close to accurate!

    Perhaps “burgerboy”, it would be a good idea if you decided not to refer to OTHERS in our community as “dunces”. Your own quotations seem to point the dunce arrow in quite a different direction.

    This is exactly the kind of nonsense that so many, many of us would really, really like to see removed from our local government

  • SouthEastNC

    “passage in the gospel of paul: ‘judge not, lest ye cast the first stone’ ”

    My Bible has Gospels written by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John… but for the life of me, I can’t find a “gospel of paul.”

    I’ll assume you mean either Matthew 7:1 “Judge not, that ye be not judged” or John 8:7 “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her” (KJV) If you’re going to quote the Good Book, let’s do it correctly.

  • GuestLee

    Jonathan Swift also said, “For in reason, all government without the consent of the governed is the very definition of slavery.”

    The citizens of New Hanover County are in slavery right now, and we are declaring our emancipation from Brian Berger. He just hasn’t realized it yet.

  • Guest

    Is the cell phone that was used for the personal text and pictures sent in last weeks cry for attention also the same cell phone that is for county business?

  • Guest

    Put an ammendment in the county bylaws for New Hanover County and give the commissioners the auth to discharge any member who violates the ammendment.
    The majority should rule over altercations which degrade the county, such as Berger’s instances..This is very unprofessional and these types of leaders should be discharged.

  • Straight Shooter

    Our NHC Republican and Tea Party leaders should publicly demand that Berger step down!

  • Guest99x

    Straight Shooter… yes, you are right that the Republican leadership should step up. Unfortunately they have chosen to remain silent.

    Mr. Berger’s performance is not the biggest disappointment in this whole story. The true failure rests with the NHC Republican Party’s leadership.

    Does the NHC Republican Party actually function or does it host group naps together??

  • Guest757

    Mr. Berger should resign and get the help he needs.With everything in his personal life upside down he can’t do the job he was elected to. So it’s time to step aside.

    To all his friends out there do something before it’s too later. We all know the saying woulda, coulda, shoulda….

  • Guest461

    It’s up to Berger now, not the citizens, not the board of commissioners and certainly not WWAY or their polls.

    Can we move on to some newsworthy reporting here? Forget Frog, forget Arra C Soles, forget Berger. It’s really getting old and hum-drum…

  • Guest

    You think it’s “old and hum-drum” now? Without Burger, Frog, and Soles, there would be nothing to report. Boring!

  • GuestLee

    I will repeat what I’ve been saying for months. It’s time to man up and do what is right. Resign! You can no longer serve effectively.

  • GuestRealist

    Like most of us, he needs an income. He’s not stepping down like some cabinet official who will go sit on his yacht to “spend more time with his family.” He needs the paycheck and benefits. There are no jobs in Wilmington (thanks in part to the failures of previous boards) and he could never get one if there was with all of his bad press. Would you quit the only income you had because four other politicians and a bunch of Internet posters say so? Expect to see him there for three more years.

  • jack theo

    Resign of course; does this man have no shame!? Let`s pray he is larger than his foolish and words indicate.

  • Peyton Garrett

    Well, I don’t live with my parents, don’t have a basement, work at night and I know how to spell. You Idiot.

  • SouthEastNC

    unlike your man Berger, I do have a job. I’m fine with spending a bit of my lunch-time correcting poor attempts at quoting the Bible.

    Have a good day.

  • Son of Burger Boy

    Yet you have time to sit around reading and replying to this thing all day long. You don’t have any idea of what you are talking about, so get a life, YOU IDIOT! (im surprised they even let morons like you comment on here, you would think the moderator would delete stupid inane comments like yours that serve no constructive purpose in the discussion.)

  • Peyton Garrett

    Burgerboy, Burgerboy II or son of Burgerboy. You are correct in one point of your lame ass rhetoric. I do have time to sit here all day and post. At this moment that is my preference. I get a kick listening to Chimps like you. So have at it. Berger needs to resign pure and simple.

  • Guest

    But….if the moderator had to delete “stupid inane comments that serve no constructive purpose in the discussion”, he would also have to delete yours! Bummer!

  • Chefnsurf

    — Own my own business, don’t know anyone in Wilmington with a basement (although I’m sure there are some somewhere).
    — Am truly sorry some of us apparently churned up so much uncontrolled vitriol from somewhere deep inside of you. Speaking for myself, I was simply responding to your wildly innacurate remarks on a subject I care about. It does seem though that referring to us as ” a motley crew of infantile ignoramuses”, “writing snide little slanderous comments” also seems, yet once again, wildly innacurate.
    — I also happened to notice that there is a “burgerboy” a “Burger Boy the II” and a “Son of Burger Boy” in this on-going posting. At this juncture, after having read these posts, I do have some concerns about Burgers generating yet additional Burgers like “a motley crew of infantile ignoramuses” to quote one of you Burgers. That would probably not be construed as good breeding.
    — Take a deep breath, smile and have a wonderful day !!!

  • Noni

    It’s probably really hard for him to “do his job” and get to meetings on time because he spends so much of his time writing angry letters to various angencies who have “wronged him” in some way. Plus, he has to be sure to schedule a few hours here and there to defend himself on a certain media outlet’s comment section (ahem) by calling people names while assuming food-related aliases.

  • gef

    i was enjoying this feed until you ruined it with all ur scripture that you manipulate


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