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BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) — A judge has sentenced MTV “Teen Mom 2” star and Oak Island resident Jenelle Evans for her role in a fight caught on video that went viral on the Internet.

Evans and Brittany Truett were caught on video fighting outside a home. Another girl, Brittany Maggard, was seen on the video pushing Evans into the fight. All three were arrested in March and charged with simple affray.

Today a judge sentenced Evans and Truett to 30 days suspended sentence and 12 months supervised probation. Maggard received 45 days suspended sentence and 12 months supervised probation, because she has a prior record of assault.

All three must also pay a $100 fine and court costs, take anger management and do 24 hours of community service. The judge ruled that it would be a violation of their probation for any of the young women to have contact with each other or anyone who was at the fight. The judge was told that includes the father of Truett’s child, but the judge ruled even they must not have contact with each other.

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  • Guest223

    Seems that the inbreeding has caught up with us, and it is making the news on a regular basis.. Let’s keep putting all of this kind of crap on the news instead of reporting, the real news. Let’s put them all in a cage together and see what happens? Frog, Soles, Berger, and now this one.

  • Guester

    Berger isn’t from here. He’s from the Nawth, where everyone and everything are allegedly perfect. You guys kept wanting us to do things like you did “up North” so we gave you your chance with Berger. Now I see why you guys are all flooding out of that hole.

  • Guest

    Regarding your stupid comment about “inbreeding has caught up with us”, you must be speaking for yourself because you’re certainly not speaking for me.

    I doubt seriously that you are originally from the South. No good southerner worth his salt would make such an asinine statement. You’re probably a transplant who has lived here for a while so you consider yourself one of “us”. If you weren’t born here, you’re not a southerner and never will be. If you were born here, shame on you. As a southerner, you should know better. Your mama didn’t raise you right, bless your little heart.

  • Guest12

    That’s it for all the BS she has done.

  • Guest

    I’m almost 62 years old, and I’ve NEVER been involved in a fight. I have found it’s usually the ignorant person, whose education is seriously lacking, that normally gets into fights. They have difficulty with their oral communication skills, become frustrated in their attempt to coerce someone else to see their point of view, and there you go…a fight.

  • Guest

    Janelle has done nothing to prove that she is a good person. I don’t think the only reason people are hating Janelle is because her “15 minutes of fame.” Janelle has allowed America to watch her spiral downward and do nothing to benefit her child. It’s very obvious Janelle cares about no one, but Janelle. Jace is a beautiful little boy, who deserves the world. I watched Janelle on teen mom from the beginning and not one time did a ever feel that she had any true love for Jace. Janelle is not only a bad person, but she’s a terrible mother and I don’t even think she deserves to have that title. There comes a day when people have to stop blaming their past for the reason they are who they are and move on. Janelle should have done that the minute she became a mother. I have no sympathy for her. Not one time do I remember Janelle walking out of her mother’s house and saying goodbye to Jace. In fact, I remember several times Jace looking out the window while Janelle walked away. Jace deserves better and it saddens me that he has the mother that he has. For you to sit here and defend Janelle with no merit, is ridiculous. So I believe it may be YOU, whom makes ME sick.

  • Guest Page

    The impression people have of this young woman is down to her own behavior, entirely. The drugs, the fights, and her attitude in general are why the general public “hate” on her.

    She’s a discredit to herself, plain and simple. If there is more to her, then it is high time she begin to show it. Until then, it is really unreasonable to expect anyone to support the person she has shown herself to be thus far.

  • anne

    Not passing judgement – but I am 54 and never been in a fight. Not everyone fights to settle disputes. This girl has some serious issues – young mother that has shown irresponsibility numerous times. Has a show that isn’t worth a nickel and just encourages her bad behavior. Don’t accuse us of judging her because she has had her “15 minutes of fame”. We are not jealous of her believe me. I feel sorry for her – she is an accident waiting to happen. I feel sorry for the child being stuck with her.

  • Daniel Boone

    I love how everyone is passing judgement on her like shes a completely terrible person because of this.

    1) People make mistakes, shes a person so she is prone to them just like everyone.
    2) People fight, it doesn’t make it right but it also doesn’t necessarily make it wrong.
    3) You don’t know what it was over, it might of been something stupid or something serious.

    Human nature people, although sometimes it’s unneeded it can’t be completely filtered out and everyone has gotten into a fight here and there. Not to mention although she instigated her friends played a big role in it by cheering her on, pushing her into the other girl, and yelling out the malicious things she should do.

    The only reason people are hating is because she had “15 minutes of fame” and even better she had a child prematurely, so now they will use this to try and completely discredit her as a mother and as a person.

    You people make me sick.

  • Chula

    She’s been arrested for drugs, violating her probation, has pictures of her on the beach with Beer all around her. With every picture that is taken, where is this precious child who gave her the “15 minutes of fame?” With her MOTHER because she Lost custody for being an idiot! She’s more concerned with drinking, partying and boys then she is her child. THAT’S What makes her terrible and why So many people hate her. She’s trash!

  • Guest

    I AGREE!!! If her last name was Palin she would get endorsement deals on how to prevent bullying!!!! :)

  • Guest

    People make mistakes, it happens. BUT when you are also arrested and told that you will be tested for drugs and then FAIL the drug test. You prove yourself an idiot, or at the very least someone who has no respect for the laws or morals of society. I know kids who know her. Fact is no one likes her because of her attitude. She is constantly described as rude, ignorant and a drug user for years. So how much more of this are the authorities going to take before she is finally locked up?

  • Guest

    I don’t know how old you are, or where you come from, but it is INACCURATE to state that “everyone has gotten into a fight here or there” …. physical confrontations are NOT the norm, and for ANY person to put his or her hands on another with the intent to harm, is a criminal act – no matter WHAT the reason. Grow up. That is, unless you are under 18, in which case I say “You will understand when you are older and more mature.”

  • Truperman

    “everyone has gotten into a fight here and there”…really? it is NEVER a good idea to speak in generalizations….no, not everyone has been in a fight…there’s this thing called self control….she (along with her friends) should have exercised a bit of this and she wouldn’t need you to make excuses for her….all the girls were wrong, and it has nothing to do with her having a baby “prematurely”….which, honestly i don’t think has anything to do with this incident at all….wake up, or better yet, grow up……

  • Guest

    Basically you just did no justice attempting to defend her. You basically said she is a peer-pressure driven child with no reason for accountability. So the fact she is a teen mom who is stupid enough to get into squabbling fit fights with others shows the demeanor of her responsibility as a parent. No wait, parents are people who take care of their children and set examples for them. They are people who secure a future for their children and think of their well-being over their own. Most if not all of these ‘teen moms’ are hussies wanting a little fame. As it goes, any hooker can pop a kid out, it takes a real parent to raise one.

  • Guest

    People are free to pass judgment on whomever they want for whatever reason. You think because others fight that it makes fighting okay? Really? So if one person kills someone, it shouldn’t be a big deal because people are killed very single day? What kind of logic is that? Yes, it is NO logic. I have no jealousy whatsoever of anyone having their 15 minutes of fame. I think that is a strange conclusion for you to draw on why some of us are disgusted with this young girl’s behavior. But if it makes you feel better to make such an allegation, be my guest. This whole scene exudes white trash at its finest. The fact that this girl got pregnant just feeds into the uneducated, white trash lifestyle.

  • Guest

    No excuse for such trashy and pathetic behavior. people who think this is OK make me sick.

  • Guest

    1) “People who make bad/poor choices in life usually continue to do so through out life”- quote from my brothers lawyer- and from my experience the lawyer was very right. She made a poor choice getting knocked up at an early age, then she made a another poor choice to fight another person bc she was “egged-on” by friends? Then she posted it online to brag- just go ahead and add in being a stupid sheep to her choice of bad decisions.
    2) She posted this on the web to brag, as if fighting like this is somehow cool and respectful, but really it just shows how degenerated and trashy this lady is (her mentality is that of cavemen- a regression of evolution I guess). She is just showing the public that she just isn’t capable of making good choices in life. Since she has already made such poor choices with her life there is a very high chance that we will see this trash on the news again for something stupid. Stop trying to defend this worthless sperm receptacle.
    3) No I don’t know what it was over, but you know what I do know? That fighting is illegal! It doesn’t matter what it was over- in a civilized society you take your grief’s to court not have your friends sound a person and then jump on an outnumbered person- again is just showing the rest of us that she can not follow the laws and rules of a civilized society. She is just a trashy heathen who calls other trash her friends. The judge was too light on her- she should have done some time in jail to show her how “tough” she really is, but with her history of bad choices I’m sure she will end up there soon enough. Maybe we will get lucky and she will drink and drive herself into a tree and do the rest of us a favor.

  • MsNene

    1. Yes people make mistakes but she continues to make bad choices! She is not prone to mistakes she makes bad choices which lead to consequences! There’s no excuse for it.
    2. People do get into altercations, but they don’t always lead to fist fights. Janelle is not a 12 year old she should know how to handle things better than that if for no other reason than to set anexample for her son (but then again she doesn’t care for him much anyway).
    3. It doesn’t really matter what it was over she should not have been fighting.

    No one is hating on her because she is a teeanage mother! By the time I was 16 i had a one year old and guess what? I took care of him. I had enough sense to realize that I had to do everything in my power to make sure that he had the best life possible. I could not have given him the life he deserves if I had acted like she does. And the way she treats her mother is beyond disrespectful. She is just a down right nasty person.

  • ThatGuy

    I’m reading everyone’s comments and almost all of them have been negative. I’m not perfect and I’m willing to bet my life that none of you are either. As a child my father taught me to never look down on someone unless I was helping them up. Seems to me all you guys like to do is look down from your high horse and point fingers at others. Not everybody has been in a fight but a lot of people have just because you don’t think its worth fighting for doesn’t mean that it wasn’t. I don’t know the circumstances in this young ladies life and I’m not in a position to judge her or her actions and neither are none of you unless you were the judge who presided over this case.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    …on Christmas Eve, singing Christmas carols with nine British soldiers, when some arrogant Chinese gentlemen demand that you shut up.

    Some things are worth fighting for….

  • Guest

    I would hardly compare that with Janelle (it’s like comparing apples to oranges), but OK.

    I was confronted once by a raving lunatic of a husband who decided that a new hole needed to be put in our living room wall, that I needed to fix his dinner after he did it, and he felt the need to slap my face while I was cooking his meal. If you don’t think I thought about hitting him with my frying pan, you’re wrong. Instead of responding back like I wanted to, I waited until the next day after he had gone to work to pack my bags, grab my child, and head to an attorney. We were divorced a year later. I got the house and everything in it, the car, the child, and child support. He got the bills. Some things are worth NOT fighting for too.

  • Guest

    Just how can you expect positive comments from posters here after watching this girl’s train wreck of a life? Every other week she’s in the newspaper with another fight or another arrest. She’s a mother, for pete’s sake, and has proven to be a bad one. What about that poor child who will ultimately be the one to pay for her “mistakes”?

    The trouble with most of us is that we would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism. You’re not doing this girl a favor by defending her actions.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    Jeez lady, I simply tried to inject a humorous event from my life to show that fighting isn’t always the realm of the “intelligence limited.” I didn’t mean to open up a can of worms about domestic violence.

    Speaking from “Guy World,” sometimes, you have no choice but to fight….like when a bunch of Chinese guys interrupt “Hark the Herald, Angels Sing.”

  • Guest

    Common, I didn’t mean for my post to come across as hard as it did. My fingers sometimes take over and express the emotion of the moment. If I came across too strong, I apologize.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    If you’re familiar with my writings, you know that you CAN’T offend me….and like *I* would ever think someone was too hard-nosed?!

  • GuestLee

    Uh, it’s considered the “North” if you live south of the Mason-Dixon line.

  • Guest2020

    Those northerners also have Bundy, Dahmer, Gacy, Manson and the Son of Sam.

  • Jsut sayin

    Gacy was from Chicago,Dahmer was from Wisconsin, Manson was from Ohio. Which I don’t believe would have ever been considered the “North”. Then again I wasn’t aware that it was still 1865.

  • Guest

    Southerners consider the following states to be “the South”:

    South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, Arkansas, North Carolina, Tennessee.

    If you live in any of the other states, we consider you as being a “northerner”.

  • Tonnie Goddard

    Of all the “16 and Pregnant” or even “Teen Mom” shows, Janelle is by FAR the most ignorant girl in the bunch. That episode where she tries to justify her partying by saying she needed some “me time” … seriously? Then she said the ultra-ignorant, “See, up ’til age one is the hardest, because they can’t do anything for themselves!” Yeah, like she’d know! I had twins, then another when the twins were 11 months old, and if I was as poor a mother as she is, I wouldn’t have made it at ALL. I put my kids first, something this “mother” can’t seem to grasp and likely never will. Year one is the hardest? Really?
    Wrong, Janelle. That’s the EASY part. The hard part is gonna be for you to explain to Jace how he ended up with such a terrible mother. What a tool she is!
    I watched it for the same reasons I’d watch a train wreck… horrific, but hard to look away.
    God bless poor Jace.

  • Sue

    I have watched this program for quite a while. I’m 56 years old and just amazed what this child has done. I am more surprised of the fighting between Janelle & her mom. I just can’t stand watching all the bickering and fighting they do right in front of Jace. If people think this child doesn’t understand, they’re wrong. All he is is a pawn between the both of them. Someone please step in and take custody of this child, because neither mom or grama deserve this child. Janelle is nothing but a drunken, pot smoking bully that needs a reality check.

  • Guest

    I hate to bring this up, but if you have been watching this program for a quite a while, you’re part of the problem.

    Ratings are convincing this girl that she’s worth watching, and she will do anything to keep viewers tuned in and interested. She loves being the center of attention, and you’re playing into her narcissism by continuing to watch her show.

  • Guest

    I completely agree. It doesn’t matter how old you are, physical fighting is NOT the norm, nor should it ever become the norm. We do not live in the times when it was okay to do such things to one another. An eye for an eye would make everyone blind. We need to start setting examples for children. This teen mom is constantly making bad choices, and constatnly getting away with it. Just like now, 24 hours of community service is basically all she got and a slap on the wrist and told to stay away. She needs some real punishment and some real reality to understand what its like to live in reality. But unitl then she will continue to live how she wants because people will let her do so.

  • wake up call

    This is the reality of the normal life of Americas teens on drugs. If someone would stand up and face our countryside real problem on drug use. The drug economy is strong and is actually the answer to countrys d
    ebt crisis


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