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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — President Obama is coming to North Carolina to talk about his proposal to create jobs.

The White House said Friday in a news release that Obama will visit the Raleigh-Durham area Wednesday to talk about the $447 billion program of tax cuts and new spending he unveiled Thursday before a joint session of Congress.

Obama has offered no estimate of the number of jobs his plan would create. He said the tax cuts he recommends would mean $1,500 a year for the typical working family and $80,000 for businesses with 50 employees of average pay. Unemployment has been stuck at 9.1 percent for two consecutive months.

Obama also visited North Carolina in June, when he spoke about job creation at Cree Inc. in Durham.

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  • Guest22

    Same old Redirect.Been going on now for almost three years…….

  • 28472

    Please stay in Washington, all that jet fuel for Air Force 1 is just draining us tax payers.

  • robo

    Same old, same old. And his “plan” will cost all taxpayers more money, while increasing the debt.

  • Guest

    I wonder if it will be shovel ready this time? Probably not.

  • Guest

    Admittedly, our economy is certainly in a tough, if not THE toughest place ever. However, someone must address the lack of jobs, fear of hiring and iron cage economic drought families are in. With unemployment at approximately 9.1 nationally, and African American unemployment rates almost twice the national average the issue must be tackled. I applaud the President for making this valiant effort and hope this will ultimately lead to food and needed supplies for families. Our most precious commodity, children, are starving and sleeping in places not meant for human habitation. I pray that jobs become plentiful for everyone who needs them- regardless of their political affiliation.


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