FIRST ON 3: 5-year-old put on wrong school bus, dropped off at Walmart

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Submitted: Wed, 09/14/2011 - 3:58am
Updated: Wed, 09/14/2011 - 3:56pm

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A Brunswick County family is upset after a five-year-old girl was put on the wrong school bus and dropped off at the Walmart in Leland. Relatives say it happened at Town Creek Elementary Monday. A school district spokeswoman confirms the incident happened.

The school district released the following statement this afternoon:

“On the afternoon of September 12 a kindergarten student at Town Creek Elementary School boarded the wrong school bus and later got off the bus at a stop near her parent’s place of employment. Fortunately, the student was reunited safely with her parent. Brunswick County Schools deeply regrets this unfortunate incident and accepts responsibility to ensure incidents of this nature do not occur in the future.

“Schools actively take precautionary measures designed to prevent situations such as this from occurring. As a result of yesterday’s incident, elementary schools throughout the system reviewed their practices to ensure clear labeling either by sticker, head or wristband all young students to ensure bus drivers verify students are on the correct bus. Specifically Town Creek Elementary School designed and implemented colored headbands for all young students corresponding to the driver’s colored headband.

“There remains an ongoing investigation into personnel actions resulting in yesterday’s incident.”

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  • Guest 1313 says:

    How can you sit there and criticize the mother? She is a working mother. She stated she gets up every morning and has breakfast with this child and then takes her to school. You want to talk negatively about a parent, why don’t you find yourself one of these lazy mothers around this county. That could give less than a crap whether their child gets up and goes to school, if they have anything to eat before school, gives a hoot about supplies or clothes or lunch money, etc. There’s someone to talk negatively about, but NOT this woman!! She’s obviously trying!! Let me ask you this…How many employers do you know, that you could ask to get off every day at 2:30pm to pick up your child and take the to daycare??? Think about that. And if you can’t trust the school employees…then are you not supposed to send your kids to school? Try not doing that for 8 days and see where you end up…The Brunswick County Courthouse. What I really want to know is what would your solution be??? Please explain this to me. Because at this point, all you seem to be is a person that has way to much time on there hands that likes to annoy the people on this site. A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS man….I doubt that!! But if you are so successful, why don’t you offer this woman a job from 8:30am to 2:30pm everyday???????? And have you ever heard that old saying in school….”it’s better to sit back and be thought a FOOL, than to OPEN your mouth and remove all doubt”? You must have been skipping class that day!!

  • anne says:

    There is absolutely no excuse or justification for what happened. The school will start playing the blame game, but everyone is to blame. Perhaps they need to re-think letting 5th graders get children to the buses if that is what they are doing. The principal needs to be upfront about this and re-evaluate the school policy. First of all, the bus driver needs suspension until this is cleared up. He/she has no excuse for what they did – I am sure they are in a hurry to get kids dropped off, but she failed in her job to protect that child. The school board needs to investigate NOW and get clarification on what happened and make sure that it doesn’t happen again. This ended up happily – it could have been worse and no child should have to pay for someone elses stupidity and disregard.

    I don’t think the parent should sue, but she should make sure this is taken care of and keep us informed of what is going on.

    And for some of you that have made such crass, stupid remarks about this situation – it is not funny nor appreciated. I am sure that if it happened to you or a family member, you wouldn’t be laughing.

  • CM says:

    Let me state emphatically that I am not a grammar Nazi and I couldn’t tell you what a gerund is or diagram a statement. At the same time, the caliber of these posts is nothing short of embarrassing: “Gauardian Angle/We want to NO/Them slow learners.” Is this a joke? People, read and edit before you post. Use spellcheck, punctuate and capitalize properly. You will not be taken seriously if your writing is so poor one can hear the accent and twang all the way in cyberspace.

    With regards to the topic I share in the general sentiments of anger and outrage. This must have been very traumatic for both the poor child and the mother. Such an incident is further evidence that the busing experiment has failed and we need to return to community schools. Tired canards against community schools that allege racism and segregation hold no water anymore. We cannot continue to suffer under this failed system which, obviously as seen here, produced a generation of quasi-illiterate proletarians.

  • Guest1 says:

    Uh…’re going to have to bring your excellent grammar down several notches if you want people posting on this forum to understand you. For example:

    gerund/canards/quasi-illiterate proletarians

    That’s just too far above the range of comprehension for some of them (I’ll let them guess which)….bless their little hearts.

  • CM says:

    Well, I don’t no speak the qweens english but I just think what done happen to that little girl angle of god was horrible folks, just horrible! That bus driver wommen is the spawn of satin. Doncha yall be judging her momma for not drivin her to school until you walks a few moons in her dadgum moccasins and try providing for a families! We gotta stop busing kids cross town and go back to local schools and that aint rasist no matter whats all sharpton says cause people cant spell good no more.

    Is that a bit more fitting? : )

  • QTPI says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you oh GREAT WHITE HOPE, for your gracious observations of our literary ineptitude, as well as the shining examples of your literary prowess. This is why, we cretins, are so proud to have you amongst us. I don’t know how we have been able to function without your kind and genteel tutelage. Your admonishments will be duly noted and acted upon as soon as hell freezes over. What does any of your clap trap have to do with the story at hand. I don’t read these comments to find out who will win the next spelling bee. I read them to hear other peoples observations are of the on the news story at hand. Opinionitis is a form of mental constipation. Stick to the storyline only please.

    Sweet little ole southern girl…………….oops………..that’s old……….almost slipped up until I heard your anal sphincter whistle,squeak,belch or whatever that comical noise was………………..bless your heart

  • koolkids says:

    look this same bus driver has dropped my daughter a block from her address, and she has had a attuitude with her as well, i also called the school and the board of education about them dropping them off not at the right spot, my concern was getting hit, being picked up, or being bit by a dog but noone listened to me,i even said i was going to call the news. my daughter has even told the bus driver that wasnt her stop and she got smart with daughter is a young adult not a 5 year old. my point is this driver shouldnt be talking to these kids this way and certainly be getting away with this. glad your little girl is safe and sound.

  • we want to NO says:

    what was the discipline for the carelessness and irresponsiblity of the bus driver???? Did he or she even care? Little girl gets off bus not knowing where in the world she is and they just slam door and drive off. What kind of people are driving are children around. Then I heard today when she would not get off the bus today and the bus driver was screaming at her and little girl cried for her mother!!!!
    I think they need to go back to TA’s driving the kids, they know the children. If its not broke why try to fix it!!!!! Wake up Town Creek. I hope WWAY will follow this story and keep readers posted on the outcome. From all concerned Parents,Grandparents,Friends and neighbors and not forgotten care givers. Thank-you for even taking time to care and to print this story!!!!

  • Lawboy says:

    If you choose to dump your kid on a bus at age(s) 4-5, BE SERIOULY INVOLVED! Children of this age cannot be expected to reason and resolve the problem-at-hand. The child in question sounds very bright as he/she knew of her parent(s) workplace location. Faced with adversity, this youth chose to take action. This and these children are very vulnerable and ….Scared…? Parents, get more involved. Don’t use your job as an excuse. You chose to have a child, NOW work out your schedule to the benefit of your employer and family as nothing is more important than the next generation.

  • Joel Gibson says:

    This is truly uncalled for. No person in their right mind would even consider leaving any student of that age group at any stop when there is no parent there to meet the student. This is a good example of neglect on the part of the bus driver, as well as the school. This is grounds for a lawsuit to wake up all who were responsible. The proof is the newspaper article and the school’s admission of neglect. When we have an AMBER alert, everyone gets involved. Most are recovered as a body, an apology will not suffice a human life. So Mom, get you a lawyer and do your neighborhood a huge favor. Good luck and I’m so happy for you that your little girl is safe. Thank you God!!!!!

  • Guest says:

    As stated by the mother, the child was afraid to get off the bus the next day and the bus driver was screaming and yelling at her until she did. Do you not think a 5-year old can be affected by this? This may cause her to be afraid of going to school and to not fully concentrate in the classroom due to fear. Sure, this too shall pass however, it may take counseling and reassurance. I have never sued but something needs to be done!

  • Guest says:

    The childs life was in danger!! could you imagine being 5yrs old and being dropped off in an apartment complex and then walk all the way to Walmart. Then she was wandering around in the back lot of walmart, a STRANGER found her and then took her to customer service. Her mother had left the store to go home and look for her daughter, that never got off the bus!!!She was frantic scared to death not knowing where her child was….Thank God for that gaurdian angle that found her and not a child molester.

  • Guest says:

    Thank god that the STRANGER that found her roaming around behind walmart was a gaurdian angle and not a child molester!!! The child life was definetly in danger!!!! This could have been a tragic day thank you GOD it was not.

  • Guest28451 says:

    So please fix your story. Once again WWAY tries to sensationalize a story with an inaccurate headline. The Child was let off at Hunterstone Apts Not Walmart period. Nice to see tabloid journalism continue at WWAY first Berger now posting inaccuracies for the sake of ratings.

  • kelly says:

    umm im sorry she is a single mother struggleing to make ends meet and put food on the table for her two young children. not everyone wants to sit on their lazy ass and collect off the taxpayers money by getting welfare and food stamps, or who is just lucky enough to be able to sit home to take and pick up their child. she is doing the right thing and providing for her children, which is more than the person who posted the heartless comment above. Thats what a school bus is for to get their child to and from school.

  • Heather says:

    Sooo, I happen to know this mother and lil girl!!! And, btw, thats the schools job to make sure this lil girl was put on the right bus!! Her mother is a great mother!!! Town creek just better be glad it wasn’t my child!!!!

  • Guest1234 says:

    Are you serious about your post? There are parents out there that have to work when these children get out of school at 2:30. We don’t even know if they child was being taken care of by someone else after school or what. But, you comment is rude and just being mean to the parent. Obviously you don’t have children or the responsibility to feed, clothe, and take care of a child. If you do have children I feel for them. There are children who love to ride the bus and it also helps to grow independence. Something children today know nothing about. They rely on their parents for everything. Mom or dad will help me out, it is there job to. Some kids think that until mom or dad has to kick them out of the nest. It is the parents job to teach our children to be able to go out into this cruel world and be able to take care of themselves. You should have to apologize to the parent of this child and until you do not ba able to post on this website.

  • Guest461 says:

    Too bad a PARENT couldn’t display the simple responsibility to personally pick up their own little 5 year old girl.

    This is exactly what is wrong with todays society. You pawn the responsibity of your children off on someone else that you don’t even know, then bitch, whine and complain about it when it doesn’t go your way! What in the hell do you expect?

    It’s no wonder children develope into the people we read about on the news everyday! And these little folks are supposed to be our future leaders?

  • Joseph Holland says:

    Hey Guest461, you must be the typical housewife that doesn’t work or you are the husband of the housewife because if most people are at work when school gets out how can the parent pick up the child. You must be one of these people who run around spouting about how you hate that your tax dollars are going to help less fortunate people when the truth of the matter is you most likely don’t pay taxes and get a refund every year. There are other taxes but I’m referring to employment taxes. Get off of your self-righteous pedestal and come down to earth where real people live with real struggles. It’s most likely you are barely getting by yourself and you want to feel good by coming down on this parent when this story was really about an incident that could have led to a tragedy involving a five year old child. GROW UP!!!!!!!!

  • Brittany says:

    Yea too bad I work fulltime and dont have that luxury! Get a life you moron! I take her to school every morning have breakfast with her and walk her to class but there is no way i can be off work by at least 2:30 to pick her up when school gets out at 2:45 that is why she rides the bus to her daycare! Where i then pick her up when i get off at 4:30 before the daycare closes at 5. You have no clue as to what my life is like obviously and Im in no way “bitchin” about anything… I wonder if you would be making the same stupid comments if my daughter had been kidnapped raped or murdered because of this . Im just looking for immediate change in the school systems in how they are dealing with buses, this happens more than most of you know and it needs to stop these are our children its not like the ups man dropping a package off at the wrong house! Get off your high horse and come down to the real world!

  • Guest31 says:

    You really are a moron!!!!!!!!!!! A dumba$$$ Get a Life Jerk!!!

  • Brunswick County Parent says:

    Really blame the mother? If the school put the child on the right bus the child would have been let out where the mother had made arrangements for the grandparent to meet the bus. So maybe you should get the facts straight and quit blaming working parents. Some of us have to work to feed our children or would you rather us stay home and negect them or have to go on government assistance?


    First of all we as true parents have to provide for our children AND WORK, and its not that no one was there waiting on the baby. It’s the simple fact that the bus driver didnt recognize the little girl and they fail to question the situation. if you hv been driving since the beginning of the year i think you should know what faces get on and off the bus everyday. Also if ther is no one there to get the lil girl off the bus at the designated area the bus driver being a respnosible adult was not suppose to let the child off. just think if it was one of our children the feelings would be mutual.

  • Guest72 says:

    Are you a parent? I would assume not based on this completely idiotic statement. You know what my responsibility is as a parent? It’s working full-time so I can provide a stable, loving home in which my children can grow. My job requires that I be at work from 7am to 4pm. Since you’re obviously of a higher level of intelligence, please enlighten me as to how I’m supposed to pick my children up from school at their release time of 2:30.

    I guess I could follow your theory of “responsibility” and just blow off work. However, my guess is that when I lose my job and can’t pay my mortgage you’ll be the first one complaing about my lazy attitude and how I’m living off of gov’t handouts.

    Guess what? My tax dollars (as well as some of my add’l salary) pay for their school AND transportation. When children are sent to a public school this is what’s expected. I don’t live in Brunswick Co. but we’ve had similar problems with our school system’s transportation program. However, we do expect them to run a competent system.

    Tell you what, I promise that if I ever hit the lottery or otherwise become independently wealthy, I’ll quit my career of 17 years, place my kids in private school, and cater to their every transportation need just to make you happy.

  • kelly says:

    To bad a 5th grader put her on the wrong bus and her grandfather was sitting at the correct bus stop waiting for her and when the bus got there he got out the car asked the bus driver where she was the bus driver said she didnt get on the bus. So you should get your facts straight before passing judgment on the faimly which cares tremdiously about their child.

  • Sensible Mother says:

    Obviously his life isn’t as great as he proclaims or else he would not be on WWAY’s page lashing out against parents of bus riders. I assume if he has children, they are sheltered with home school because sending a child to school is putting trust in the school system and apparently, we as parents are only supposed to trust ourselves with our children. I suppose the schools, day cares, buses, youth camps, other parents and other family members for that matter are never supposed to gain our trust when it comes to our children. I suppose he holds his child’s hand every minute of the day. Hmm…Seems like his children may be the ones worse off in the long run after being a hermit. I can only hope by his lack of understanding and mental capacity of parenthood that he is NOT a parent.

    Brittany–best to you! You deserve justice, explanation and to see proven changes!

  • kelly says:

    I completely agree to this comment!

  • Guest461 says:

    …that had me pegged as a housewife was the reason for exposing my “race”. Didn’t mean to hit a sore spot with you. Congratulations on your success and it’s good to see that we have agreement on at least one point, being the lifetime entitlement recipients.

    Your statement, “I think what people are saying is that the child should not have been let off in an incorrect place other than where she has been let off in the past.” is EXACTLY my point of contention. The fact of the matter and MY point is that “responsible parents” find a way to pick up their 5 yr olds and do not leave their safety in the hands of people that are complete strangers, that don’t give a damn and work for what is widely known as a severely broken system! Just exactly how much CLEARER does that need to be stated?

    Just because one may have a full time job, does not mean that one “has to to rely on a government entity” to ensure the safety of their children. Personally picking a 5 yr old up is not difficult and can be worked out with most employers. It seems that’s just too much trouble for most, so shuffle that responsibility off on someone you already KNOW you can’t trust!

    A 5 yr old child is simply too young and helpless to rely on school provided transportation! Just do the responsible thing, stop making excuses and this type of thing will not occur!

  • Guest461 says:

    I am a white male that is very successful and likely pay more in taxes than you gross each year, in addition to my volunteer and donation activities.

    I believe in the use of tax money to help unfortunate people get back on their feet, not to support lifelong use of welfare, drug use and the promotion of such laziness and irresponsibility to their future generations.

    There is no such thing as “employment taxes”. Unemployment insurance is paid by employers, not employees.

    You are absolutely correct that this situation involving this little 5 yr old girl could have easily turned out as a tragedy! It happens almost everyday. If it had happened to her, the parent should be charged with neglect. 5 yr olds simply are NOT supposed to be responsible for themselves, the PARENTS ARE!!! There are many ways to gain flexibility with employers in cases involving young children. If you don’t have the smarts and sticktuitiveness to work out those minor issues to therefore insure your childs safety, you sure as heck have no business farming babies!

  • Joseph C Holland Jr. says:

    Since you felt the need to bring your race into the picture, then I will do so as well. I am also a very successful that happens to be African American. I don’t know about you dollar for dollar contribution but I have my own company (J&G Transport) and own six tractor trailers with drivers for all that I pay unemployment insurance and payroll. I gross high six figures and am 37 years old. I own my home and along with my vehicles. Where in this story did it say anything about the financial situation of the parents or did you just assume it because they work at Wal-Mart? I also believe in the use of tax dollars to get people on their feet for short term use, so I guess we agree with the career welfare recipients. I think what people are saying is that the child should not have been let off in an incorrect place other than where she has been let off in the past. How should the parents be charged with neglect if the bus driver let the child off at the wrong stop? That statement makes is completely asinine. Who is farming babies and what type of dis-respectful terminology is that to use toward someone else? I know, you could really care less about this child or anyone else as long as it’s not you it’s alright to sit back and spout any amount of pointless garbage that you can think of. Well keep it up because you’re doing a fine job….

  • guesty says:

    You are dead on with your post. Welfare wasn’t meant to be what it currently is; a way of life.

  • Guest20 says:

    Mr. Holland,

    You have my respect, sir.

  • Guest111 says:

    Just to clarify, you dummy, just b/c someone gets a tax refund,does not mean they don’t pay taxs. Your ignorance is showing!

  • Guest says:

    I agree with you. The child got on the wrong bus but the fact that it was near the mother’s place of employment was simply a coincidence.The GOOD Samaritan that found this innocent child wandering BEHIND Wal-Mart probably assumed the parent was inside or in a panic knew that was the closest place he/she could take the child to get help. What a blessing for her mother to actually work there–less panic–if that was possible for the child. This could have been a death sentence for the child and that is no understatement.

  • Guest says:

    Love how the school included she was “dropped off near the parent’s place of employment” like that makes a difference in the situation, that’s not where she was supposed to be!! She was dropped off at an apartment complex behind walmart, and left by the bus driver to wander around ALONE!!!! Thank God that someone found her before it was to late.

  • Guest says:

    If you trust bus drivers and the school system to do “your” job of delivering your children to and from school, you must be adament in training your precious children to speak loud and clear. It is my belief that public education is too easy to obtain. It is becoming a baby-sitting service. Inform, teach and then rely upon your child(ren) to explain the problem (if their is one). If you expect Government workers with the total care of your child, you are fooling yourself and should re-analyze priorities as they pertain to you and your family.

  • Guest says:

    Personally, I think you should sue their pants off. Forget about what other people may think and just do it. You have a case. This is totally irresponsible, and changes won’t be made unless you fight for them. You are your child’s only advocate. Fight for her rights, and insist that the bus driver who dropped her off be fired. That’s not the kind of person who should be around any children. I’m glad your daughter is OK, and I wish you well.

  • virgogirl says:

    That is completely unacceptable. Are you serious? The bus driver screamed at her to get off the bus and made her cry? The bus driver should be fired immediately! NO QUESTION! The proper thing to do would be to take her back to the school where they could call the parent for pickup. I’m am so angry to hear that you’re not upset about that. I would call the board on education and scream and stomp until they fired that A@#hole!

  • Joseph C Holland Jr says:

    Brittany, you don’t owe any of these people on here any type of explanation. Your child of five years old was let off of a bus without someone there to get them, point blank!! It was wrong and irresponsible to say the least and if was done it has been done before and that’s what need’s to be corrected.

  • Concerned Parent says:

    This is absolutely uncalled for and as a mother I would take this to the highest level I felt necessary. The bus driver should have been on immediate probation for not being responsible for the children on his/her bus. After 3 weeks of school, are they not in sync with their bus-riders? And I know for a fact that 5th graders walk the students to the bus–how safe is that? Same for the car-rider line. Anyone can pick those students up. There IS adult staff outside but many times they are talking and multi-tasking rather than paying attention. Same thing with dropping the children off at school in the morning. Adults have NOT been out there each morning and with an open-door policy with no security, anyone can take that child. It seems like a lot of eyes need to be open. When it comes to my child’s safety, I would hold every single person responsible that I felt necessary. This could have EASILY cost the child her life and we put our trust in the school for these occasions to happen? Mistakes are mistakes but that word should NEVER be used when it comes to a child’s safety better yet life. The least thing Helen Davis could do as principal would have been to send a notice home to all Town Creek Elementary students/parents informing them of the decision and the new policy that is in place to protect their safety. I would not worry with any bashing and do what you feel is right. You could have saved another child’s LIFE!

  • Brittany says:

    As the child’s Mother I would like to start by saying I have no intentiins on file any type of lawsuit against the school. I just wanted to make people aware of what happened to me and my daughter and by getting the media involved I am hoping to get immediate changes from the school systems in regards to the matter to insure it never happens to anyone else. Yesterday was my worst nightmare when my daughter didnt get off at her stop and was “lost” for approximately 30 mins before i got the call as to where she was. She was dropped off at the apartments behind the leland walmart with no adult there to pick her up and as the driver left she went across the road out of the complex and someone found her behind walmart wandering around and took her inside to customer service where they then called me. Theres more to it then what is printed here. So dont judge because you have no idea what my daughter or myself went through yesterday. She was terrified to get off the bus this afternoon and all the bus driver did was yell at her until she started crying screaming at her to get off the bus.

  • Das Weibstück says:

    I am so glad your baby is OK. When I read this I was so angry. I have a almost 5 year old grand child, I would have freaked out !! We are suppose to feel that our children are safe once they leave us and go to school, this is just horrifying and unacceptable !! Thank goodness the person that found her was honest.

  • Guest says:

    Thank God the stranger that found your child roaming around outside the back of Walmart was a Guardian ANGEL and not a child molester. This could of been a very tragic day, thank GOD it was not. I think they need to evaluate the new system they have of how they drop children off and make sure the children SAFE.

  • Guest says:

    I would beg to differ. They don’t make a fortune but I believe it was 40 bus drivers who lost their jobs this year in the budget cut. That means all of the bus drivers are driving Elementary, Middle and High school children to school and back. Do your research! Regardless, minimum wage or not, PT or not, does that make an excuse?

  • Guest says:

    “Them slow learners bring down test scores”. Glad to know you raised the test scores in your classes, MORON. Repeat after me “the slow learners might contribute to the low test scores”. “Are the functionally illiterate included in the sample?” “Are the educationally challenged students included in the average?” Get some more information, PLEASE, then comment.

  • Das Weibstück says:

    Hardly ! The driver let the kid off the bus, that is not a mistake. That child should have been taken back to the school and the parents called immediately. I have never sued anyone but in this case suing might actually get their attention.

    Learn a lesson? Yeah ok. Luckily the child is OK, what would you be saying if she wasnt?

  • Guest says:

    How dare you? If this was your child would you feel the same way? If a parent is not able to take and pick their child up at school because they are…I don’t know…WORKING…then it is acceptabe for the school to not ensure that same child’s safety? I agree that public schools are not responsible to raise children. However, when our children are placed in their care then it is absolutely, without question, their responsibility to make sure that those same children are on the correct bus and delivered safely. There is no reason at all that a kindergarten child should not be personally put on the correct bus. EVER. I have lived in NC for 2 years and am still horrified at the public school system here. If this had happened on the west coast the teacher, bus driver and principal would have been immediately disciplined. There is absolutely no excuse…EVER…for this and for anyone to blame the parent because YOU want to feel self righteous is disgusting. Get off your high horse!

  • Brittany says:

    My responsiblity as a parent is not to provide transportation to and from school. My responsibility is to make sure she has transportation to and from school. I take her to school every morningthe but because I and the rest of my family work fulltime i do not have the luxury have being able to have a car waiting for her in the afternoon. So she rides the bus to her daycare to whom I pay to take care of my child. So if you must know my child was put on the wrong bus by a 5th grader she did not board it by herself and she saw walmart and knew i worked there she was scared and it was raining and she tried the best she could to get to me!

  • Guest461 says:

    I’ve worked 35 hard years to pay my taxes, raise and educate my children and hell yes, I get sick and tired of our hardworking tax money being spent on the lazy, inept and irresponsible people that can’t take care of even the simplest needs of their own children (or themselves)!

    Nobody has intended for may tax money to spent as day care and baby sitting for those of you that are too lazy or too simple minded to take care of your own children by doing a bit of planning and coordination. The school system is for TEACHING, not daycare! You want to place the safety of your children at age 5 in someone elses hands, then plan and expect total disaster! Just don’t attempt to blame YOUR decisionmaking on anyone but yourself and make an effor to be accountable for your own offspring! We’re not talking about Cadillacs and shiney BMW’s here, it’s a tiny little 5 yr old girl that knows nothing about the outside world and has absolutely no method of protecting herself. That safety is the PARENTS responsibility…Get it???

    Basic common sense and thinking by ANY rational adult would dictate to NEVER leave a little five year old girl in someone elses hands! The ignorance I’m seeing here is somewhat overwhelming! The total LACK of responsibility and accountability by the placing of blame with this circumstance on others is even worse!

  • So 5 year olds should not be in School says:

    My 5 year old attends kindergarten and I leave him in the hands of someone else all day. I am not talking about the bus. I am talking about his teacher.

    The people that put her on the wrong bus are people that are supposed to be trusted with our children correct?

    If your line of reasoning is sound then everyone should be Doctors and Lawyers right?

  • Guest72 says:

    Well then tell me, oh enlightened one: whose hands were your children in when they went to school? My wife and I have no family here and all of our friends (hold your breath) also have jobs and families of their own so it’s not like they can help. Last time I tried to venture out and find another job with more flexible hours I found out (and you might even have heard about this) that there’s a recession going on. Kinda hard to switch jobs mid-career.

    Schools have been bussing children for ages and they have the responsibility to do it safely and securely. You are correct that the school system’s job is teaching. However, since it’s law that children attend school until age 16 it also stands to reason that it’s their responsiblity to provide transportation. There are tons of people in this world who don’t have their own transportation whether by choice or not. By your rationale, we should be with our children 24/7 and never let them out of our sight. Maybe that’s possible in whatever little world you live in but I live on a planet called “Reality.”

    And please don’t assume that you know a thing about me. If you think I’m lazy (somehow I knew you’d throw that word around; see my previous post) I invite you to sit with me any day. I bust my backside for the people of this state for very little in return and I’ve never relied on any type of assistance. I also teach my children every day about personal responsibility and independence.

    Do you have grown children that still live with you? Wouldn’t surprise me based on what I’ve read so far.

  • Guest461 says:

    …innocent, sweet and nearly helpless…Mamma’s should really pay special attention to those! Nuff said, last comment.

  • amazed says:

    With that attitude I seriously hope you do not have any children !!!

  • guesty says:

    I think was Das is saying is that there isn’t any excuse good enough for a child to be put in harms way. I don’t think she is saying it is only a child.

  • Guest11 says:

    Are you for real? This is a five year old child. Where is your compassion. It is people like you who are to blame for the state our world is in! Good grief!!!

  • John A. Difloure says:

    Das Weibstuck needs to get a life. Accidents happen. Das’ attitude is why this country is going to hell in a handbasket.

  • Das Weibstück says:

    It was a CHILD. Kiss my ass.

  • Guest says:

    Wow, what a careless attitude keep your negative comments to yourself. You are right accidents do happen, this was no accident it was NEGLECT!! It should never have happened, and hopefully you will never have to experience the horror of a missing child.

  • Guest461 says:

    I’m not attempting to criticize your life, I’m only saying that it is totally irresponsible to allow the safety of a 5 yr old little girl in the hands of unknown strangers…EVEN ONE TIME!

    In discussing comments, allow me to ask you this one, basic question. How would YOU feel had YOUR little daughter been kidnapped, raped and murdered because of YOUR decision making? Would you feel a sense of responsibility or would you again blame someone else for NOT doing YOUR job? Will you continue to allow your little girl to travel in this manner or will you choose to make arrangememts to benefit her safety to YOUR satisfaction? You appear to completely miss the point here…

    Do not depend on the school system to guarantee the ultimate safety of your daughter, you should make immediate changes with YOUR judgement and decision making! If you have a reading comprehension problem, read this again and concentrate: “Your daughter is YOUR responsibility!”

    “Yea…too bad I work full time” -Bullcrap excuse!-

  • Guest31415 says:

    I think it is nice that you provide your children transportation. It is nice to have concern for children, but your vehement attack on this mother is nothing short of rude.

  • Brittany says:

    Contrary to what you may think about me or any other parent who uses the public school systems and their transportation, I believe my priorities are right on point. I work to provide the necessary essentials in life that my children need like a home, plenty of food and clothes. At one time I did have the luxury of being a stay at home mom which is why I chose to have a child. That is not the case anymore. I have adjusted my work schedule to be able to take her to school everyday but there is no way I can do both without stepping down from my management position and also losing my fulltime position which means I would be taking a major pay cut that I as a single mother cannot afford. Which means I would end up being just another person living off government assistance, to which Im sure you would have plenty of negative comments about. When I send my child to school everyday Im allowing her safety to be put in the hands of strangers, are you telling me thats wrong as well? How is transportation provided by the schools any different? Teacher puts her on…. daycare provider gets her off. Dont even think of saying anything about my child attending daycare, she is licensed and is no stranger! This is my last post I have nothing more to say, Im sure you’ll have plenty. I’ve done no wrong and feel no need that I need to explain myself any further. To you guest461 dont be so quick to judge others you really have no insight to others lives or the hardships they face. I would love nothing more than to be able to take her and pick her up each day, but I simply cannot.

  • Das Weibstück says:

    Driver should be fired and charged with child endangerment NOW! WHAT THE HELL is wrong with that person???????? That 5 year old could have been kidnapped. I swear you better be glad that was not my Grand daughter. UNREAL !!!! Parents need to SUE the school system, this is unforgivable !

  • Guest says:

    While I agree that the child was put in a very dangerous situation, one must be able to prove real damages to sue another. Since no physical or monetary damages resulted, there is no lawsuit. If we as a people do not get out of this lawsuit-happy mode, insurance will keep getting more expensive. You know who will bear the burden? We, the public, average Joe’s/

  • Guest says:

    What’s wrong with that person is that they’re a minimum wage / part time employee. You get what you pay for.

  • Guest says:

    I agree completely with Das. This is horrible and the Driver should be fired immediatley! I can’t believe anyone would just leave a child like that (who in thier right mind would do that), anything could have happend to that little girl :(. As a parent I am outraged that this happened or can even happen, I hope those parents do seek justice in this!

  • Sue Happy says:

    We need to sue everybody everytime a mistake is made. Or, we can learn a valuable lesson, and work to ensure it never happens again.

    Schools should also be able to sue all the parents that send kids to school without breakfasts, and who are poor parents who should have never procreated. Them slow learners bring down test scores and it reflects poorly on the school.

    Sue, everybody, sue.


    Sue Happy

  • Guest6969696969 says:

    This seems to be a regular occurrence with BC schools, I myself some years ago, had to “find” My “lost” children after the School system, (Boliva Elem.) put My 2 Daughters on the Wrong bus..
    It’s not entirly the drivers fault, it’s the folks whom “guide” the kids to the correct bus.

  • Guest says:

    Is that the stance of the county was that its not a law, only NC protects pre-k students and requires they have an adult so you can drop them off anyway without one. In fact the bus drivers were told to do that by a director, I dare say there are bigger issues here than Town Creek and a simple bus driver.

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