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SHALLOTTE, NC (WWAY) — Former Brunswick County Sheriff Ron Hewett is back in the news.

According to a Shallotte Police report a customer at Jones Ford, where Hewett is a salesman, claims the former lawman threatened him and showed a closed fist.

Robert Miller said he took a car for a test drive and was running late. He told police when he got back, Hewett threatened him.

Hewett denied that, but said he told Miller not to come back. He told police it was the third or fourth time Miller had taken a car for a joy ride.

So far no charges have been filed.

We tried to reach Hewett by phone for comment this afternoon, but he had already left work for the day.

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  • Guest Reply

    What’s ironic is…I wonder how many people have taken back cars they’ve just bought after they have started “Clunkin” and shook their fist at the salesman?…HA!!

  • guesty

    …no, wait, I am the salesman of this county.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    Ron, this does not exactly require the wisdom of Solomon.

    Tell Mister Miller “No more test drives. Drop dead. Go to blazes.”

  • Guest

    I bet if that had been any other salesman not a thing would have been said. And that would have angered anyone!!

  • T Bennett

    I don’t know what happened between Mr. Miller and Mr. Hewett. This is an account of what happened to me personally at Jones Ford. I test drove a new Ford about 2 months ago, in fact I drove the car home so my wife could look it over. It was agreed by Mr. Hewett for me to be back shortly after lunch and I ended up running about 2 hours late. Upon parking the new car in front of the dealership, Mr. Hewett greeted me outside with a handshake and a pat on the shoulder and asked how my wife liked the car. He could not have been more friendly, courteous, or professional in the manner he treated me during the whole process of purchasing my new car. I was very satisfied with the whole deal. As a matter of fact, it was the easiest car purchase I have ever made in 38 years of dealing with car salesmen. Mr. Hewett made sure I had a comfortable, pressure free purchase and he went above and beyond his duty over the next couple of weeks making sure I was totally satisfied with the car. When it is time for another new car, I hope Mr. Hewett is still working with Jones Ford. Ron, I thank you, you earned my respect and my business. Keep up the good work!

  • Gramps1935

    What a freeloading munch. I can’t stand people who prey on tax-paying businesses, who enploy people, and keep the wheels spinning. Always figuring out how to ride the system, and hogg all the freebies. I don’t blame Ron for telling him not to come back. I would do the same thing. This leech is not a victim.

  • Guest

    We bought a new vehicle in May. Had we known, Mr. Hewett would have been the one who got our business. I wish I could have supported his family. My husband will be looking for a truck in the next couple of years. Mr. Hewett, we will look you up for that purchase! Thank You Jones Ford for doing the right thing here, by hiring this man after his years of service to our community!

  • GuestLee

    Now that is one sexy man.

  • Guest

    Why he give ole’ Bobby Duke the key to the car anyway? was Bo and Luke out running from the law!

  • Guest28451

    Well I was in the market for a new vehicle-scratch jones ford off the list.I want nothing to do with ex con ron.

  • I have read so many comments against Ronald Hewett. I thought Spring cleaning had passed us by. Its time for the citizens of Brunswick County to clean out some more closets, since so many are hell bent on doing so. I don’t think there has ever been any domestic violence found in his closet. Why are the citizens of Brunswick County so quick to speak up against Ronald Hewett but not others?

  • Common Sense

    I’m sure,that being from Brunswick county,literacy isn’t paramount in the educational system where you’re from,but the word you were looking for was employ..not enploy.And all of you,defending a man who raped the legal system for his own gain,just because he took a few drug users of the streets (and not the actual Main dealers who supply them because they are some of the more prominent members of the county),need to remand yourselves from praising Ronald.Ronald was,and is,a crooked man with a bad temper who got caught by those,(few as they may be) who still uphold the actual laws of these United States and they should be held in esteem,not some wanna be military acting redneck.If the so called southern baptist christian element in this county would stop being two faced, would give equal opportunity to those seeking to live and thrive here from other places a chance, and have an open mindset, then this county wouldn’t be so poor, have such a high drug addiction rate/pregnancy to unwed mothers rate/homeless rate and high un-employment rate.In others words,to the long standing,been here forever locals…give people a chance and stop defending the status quo.The good ole boy system “ya’ll” have is killing your county and town and is only causing problems for you in the long run.Change is inevitable..accept it and be a part of the future or become like the dinosaurs.


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