Leland Police stand by training that led to harassment complaint

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Submitted: Thu, 09/15/2011 - 3:30am
Updated: Thu, 02/02/2012 - 4:24pm

LELAND, NC (WWAY) — The Leland Police Department stands behind a training exercise that led to a harassment complaint from a female officer. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission recently found in favor of Ofc. Sherry Lewis in her complaint against the police department.

Multiple sources tell us Sherry Lewis was shot in the private area multiple times with training simulation ammunition by fellow officers. Her attorney says she was injured by the shots.

Tuesday, Leland Police Chief Tim Jayne declined to comment on the incident and referred our questions to Town Manager Bill Farris. Wednesday Farris said Jayne conducted a training assessment. A short time after our conversation with Farris, Jayne released a statement about the traning on March 9 and 10.

“An internal review of the training incident was conducted and found no wrongdoing by any officer or supervisor who participated in this training,” Jayne said in the statement. “Force on force training is a state of the art training tool used by many agencies across the country. Simmunition or paint ball type ammunition is used to help identify when officers and suspects are struck by simulated gunfire.

“While this training does have some dangers, precautions were taken and appropriate attire, eye protection and helmets were worn by all participants, instructors alerted participants to the need for personal protective attire. While some minor injuries can sometime occur from force on force training, no injuries were reported to supervisors on the date of the training and all participants were polled about injuries at the conclusion of each training session.”


  • Guestasdfgjkl says:

    I have participated in simunition training and it does hurt when you get shot. Hile the training is some of the most effective I’ve ever participated in, it doesn’t suprise me that LPD would abuse it and that particular officer. I have seen supervisors use their taser and drive stun officers for the fun of it. I have also heard of supervisors playing with tasers at parties and drive stunning each other. The officers in that department do what they want when they want and have no consequences for their actions, unlessyou are one of the ones they don’t like. Its more like a club than a professional police agency.

  • Guest 6443 says:

    Chief Jayne’s answer did not cover the issue and this is not the first time police in Brunswick county have treated women as sexual objects instead of as equals. I think it would only be fair that when they are trained to use grenade launchers she should be able to point it at THEIR privates and fire repeatedly.

  • Larry Leland says:

    According to the Leland Police Department Website, Internal Affairs is handled by Deputy Chief Karl Smith. In the tenure of Deputy Chief Karl Smith, I would wonder how many complaints have been filed that require an internal investigation. Compare that to the number of times the Deputy Chief found a policy violation or even how many times they called in an outside law enforcement agency to help with an internal investigation.

    Since it is a matter of “policy” I doubt records are made public but I would wonder the answer to that question.

  • Guest8010 says:

    Little Miss Deputy no longer is employed by the BCSO.

  • Guest4396 says:

    I was not there, so cannot be sure of the circumstances. I do know that many women are extremely over-sensitive and many just looking for an excuse to file a lawsuit for some quick bucks. If it had been female officers shooting at a male, wonder where THEY would have aimed. If she didn’t complain following the exercise, maybe she gave up her right to complain at all.

  • Guest28451 says:

    So shooting people in their genitals is normal public training for the Leland Police Dept Huh?? Thats basically what this idiot just said. Yes paintball like simulations are normal but to continually fire your ‘weapon’ at another officers genitals in unacceptable behavior and could easily be construed as sexual harassment by either a male or female officer. Typical inbred mentality in this town. As others have stated the PD is corrupt as hell. Truth be told the Leland PD is about as qualified as town cops in the movie Super Troopers and about as honest too. (In case ya never saw the movie the truth was the town cops were smuggling drugs among other illicit acts). I will repeat my stand. Leland PD is corrupt and inept. The Police Chief and most of his minions are male misogynistic pigs as well as racists and spend more time harassing innocent citizens then they are about dealing with legit crimes which are all left to be handled by the Brunswick Sheriffs office (I notice aweful lot of crime notices regarding theft and what not outta Leland but seems its always the Brunswick Sheriff’s office handling the case because as a general rule all Leland PD does is drive around in their fancy Dodge Chargers and pretend to be cops while the BCSO is out doing the real work (not all lest we forget little miss deputy doing 100mph down HWY 17 and wrecking her car last year)

  • Guest 54545 says:

    Yeah an internal review was conducted by the same people that ran the training. Go Figure. Your turf, your people! Why? Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Come on, you gotta do better than that!

  • Joseph Sandy says:

    She did not immediately complain because she was totally embarrassed and belittled by the whole incident. And because she was flabbergasted with the actions of “Adult officers”(lol) she left the training event before it was over (which means that the Chiefs statement at the end of the exercise that “there was not any reports of injury” may be one of the only truthful words that have came out of his mouth concerning this incident).
    What I can conclude is those officers are either gay,or if they have wives,their wives must feel ashamed of their little boys` behavior. It`s okay though, `cause the Chief will give them a nipple to suckle on.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    I’ve not seen addressed;and perhaps I missed it.

    Were male officers subjected to the same type of target practice?

    Of course, still lurking is the female officer’s right to bring legal action & retire to Guatemala with her settlement in 3 years or so.

    To the residents, you want something done, remember this at the Polls during the next election. Question candidates; hold them to an even higher standard than hired police officers and a town manager.

  • not surprised says:

    Sounds like someone is trying to cover up their own brand of BS on this one. I understand that in this kind of training there will be some wild shots made during training while adrenaline is pumping but when did police officers begin training to shoot suspects in the crotch. I thought center mass was usually the standard during training. Sounds like these officers need to man up for once and take their punishment for being stupid!

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