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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — We have learned that a Leland police officer recently filed a harassment charge against the police department – and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission found in her favor late last week.

Multiple sources tell us Sherry Lewis was shot in the private area multiple times with training simulation ammunition by fellow officers.

Her attorney says she was injured by the shots.

Leland Police Chief Timothy Jayne referred our calls to Town Manager Bill Farris.

We called Farris and he told us he couldn’t comment on the story.

The Leland Town Council is scheduled to discuss the matter at their Thursday meeting.

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63 Comments on "ONLY ON 3: Leland police officer shot in groin with training bullets wins harassment complaint against department"

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2016 years 1 day ago

for you.

Does the town council have a meeting scheduled for this week?

Will they go into closed session to discuss this issue and a possible resolution?

This incident took place back in March.

Does anyone think a Raleigh attorney will have trouble securing a settlement or judgement on this case?

Remember, it ultimately will be the town’s insurance provider which will determine how much is paid and when.

2016 years 1 day ago

Once you are sober.

2016 years 1 day ago

Well, Well, Everything is finally starting to come to light in this town. Our so called police department is very good at covering things up, sometimes it takes a while for things to come out. Are our eyes finally opening up? Let see if someone in this town can finally grow a set of balls to discipline there police department, or does the chief control the town counsel too? Well Mrs. Bozeman, our soon to be mayor- what you gonna do about this one, or are you going to shove this one under the door too- like everyone else in… Read more »

2016 years 1 day ago

You should take your own advice. My comment was not in response to a specific posting, but rather to quite a few that wanted the entire PD fired for the actions of a few.

Gary R..
2016 years 1 day ago

This act of stupidity doesn’t surprise me. I can tell you for sure that one single cop wasn’t involved because these jerks in the LPD can’t do anything alone. Has anyone ever saw one of these jerks pull anyone over alone. It takes two and three to make a simple traffic stop. I was with my son when he was pulled for illegal tint on his windows ( FACTORY TINT) I may add and it took two officers in cars, one on a motorcycle, and one K-9 unit to write a simple warning ticket. I hope when the FBI and… Read more »

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