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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — We have learned that a Leland police officer recently filed a harassment charge against the police department – and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission found in her favor late last week.

Multiple sources tell us Sherry Lewis was shot in the private area multiple times with training simulation ammunition by fellow officers.

Her attorney says she was injured by the shots.

Leland Police Chief Timothy Jayne referred our calls to Town Manager Bill Farris.

We called Farris and he told us he couldn’t comment on the story.

The Leland Town Council is scheduled to discuss the matter at their Thursday meeting.

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63 Comments on "ONLY ON 3: Leland police officer shot in groin with training bullets wins harassment complaint against department"

Guest 911
2015 years 9 months ago

In all of this talk no one ever mentions who is watching the police. You see abuse of power all across the nation, but no one wants to see it in thier backyard. Like all forms of coruption it must be removed by starting at the top, the next person, the next person and so on. Too many municipalties and government agency’s worry too much about covering up mistakes instead of corrcting them. When this type of behavior is allowed to continue and spread throughout it becomes acceptable behavior. The HEAD of the snake must go. The chopping of the tail does nothing. So many administrations are poisoned by the bullies in charge. The only way to bring this type of corruption to a hault is to do an outide investigation across the board to include police and town personnel. Let them tell there stories under oath without fear of repercusion. You would be surprised at how much truth will come out.The down ide is that the town must be prepared for what they hear and deal with it. It is time for the good officers of Leland who have been degraded into believing they are so messed up only Leland will hire them. These people and there ideas have a lot of good policing to offer to the town. They just need LEADERSHIP. The very thing our current administration is UNABLE to do.Think about it at election time. Which politican is gonna be the one to end the corruption ???? Time is running out..The real winner in the peoples eyes will be the one who’s jobs are terminated, not allowed to resign. Those good police oficers in the past were not given that opportunity. Their careers were ruined for minor trivial stuff.

Gary R..
2015 years 9 months ago

This act of stupidity doesn’t surprise me. I can tell you for sure that one single cop wasn’t involved because these jerks in the LPD can’t do anything alone. Has anyone ever saw one of these jerks pull anyone over alone. It takes two and three to make a simple traffic stop. I was with my son when he was pulled for illegal tint on his windows ( FACTORY TINT) I may add and it took two officers in cars, one on a motorcycle, and one K-9 unit to write a simple warning ticket. I hope when the FBI and SBI get through with the investigation the entire bunch of crooks will be fired.I’ve known Officer Lewis for many years and she doesn’t deserve this kind of harassment from those bunch of jerks

megan lewis
2015 years 9 months ago

Mrs. Lewis did not deserve this! And residence of Leland do not deserve crooked cops like these guys! I don’t understand why they are not behind bars themselves! Why do they get away with acting like this and acting like this everyday. She was the best thing but yet this happened to her
…sexiest, worthless people serving our community!

2015 years 9 months ago

It’s not just the police Dept. The entire town administration thinks they are above the law-they constantly are covering up things. I am sure there are more to come. Just wait and see it takes the EEOC a while to complete their investigations so who knows what else has gone on in the last couple of years.

2015 years 9 months ago

…to get someone on expired registration obviously. A few months back, I was traveling Village Road and passed a vegetable stand near Sturgeon Creek bridge. There must have been 5 Leland police vehicles there, lights flashing, and an older model car (yes, tinted windows if I remember correctly – ha). I thought to myself, “Wow. Whoever was driving that car must be in big trouble.”. A few weeks later, I stopped by the vegetable stand and asked the man who runs it what happened that day. He laughed and said they pulled these guys over that were in the old car and for hours they tried to find something on them, but all they could find was expired registration or something like that. All this hoopla in front of this elderly man’s meager way to make a living detered customers and took money out of his pocket. But, I guess it gave the LPD something to do for an hour or two, because it sure looked like everyone that was on duty was at this one stop.


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