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Wilmington's gay and church communities respond to possible new amendment

READ MORE: Wilmington gay and church communities respond to new amendment

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY)-- North Carolina is one of the last states in the Southeast without a constitutional amendment making it clear that marriage is only legal between a woman and a man. That all might change come May after the North Carolina General Assembly recently agreed to put an amendment banning gay marriage on next year's ballot.

"For what it means to the families here in North Carolina is that it's just bringing on discrimination and hate towards them and says that they're not welcomed in this state," says TR Nunley, President of Wilmington Pride.

A Wilmington church also reacted to the amendment.

"I think that the church treads on dangerous grounds when we start trying to play God. As far as how we feel about it, you know God tells us to love people and whether we agree with it or not I believe it's the church's responsibility to reach out and love people," says Pastor Daniel Cook of The Sanctuary.

Although it is already illegal for people of the same sex to marry in the state, if this amendment passes in May, it will make it difficult for future legislatures to extend further rights to gays.

Nunley says that might mean same-sex couples moving from North Carolina to more gay friendly states. He also says Wilmington Pride will do all it can to keep that amendment from passing.

"On May 5th we intend to go up to Raleigh, to the capital, to protest against the amendment," Nunley said.

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This is so absurd. Growing up I never dreamed that this would or could be an issue. It was totally unheard of at that time and it should be the same now. It sickens and saddens me to think that my children are growing up in a time, when we have to ammend a marriage license to specify a male to a female or man to a woman!

To disagree with a homosexual life style doesn't make you an extremeist. It doesn't even mean you are a Christian. You can be of any religion and find it disgusting. I am sure there are non-religious people in the world who are against it. I believe it is morally unacceptable and people will fight to prevent it.

You act as if you are being wronged. That your citizenship rights are being violated. You say that we are cramming the bible down you throats. What are you trying to accomplish? It is our rights that are being wronged. We are the ones who have to protect what has always been. That is what is wrong with this country. Everyone is trying to modify what this country was built on and in the process is destroying it.

Call us all the names you like, it really doesn't matter. Morals are what we stand by and if that upsets you to bad. If I were in your position and marriage ment so much to me, I would move to a state that recognized it. We never recognized it before, why should we start now. Furthermore, I would move to where I felt welcomed and obvioulsy it isn't here. Some of us are still trying to raise normal children!

Gays/God & Guns.....

until YOU the *Sheeple* wake up...
These are "Wedge" issues that affect this Country, OUR Country....
hear ME NOW, these are WEDGE ISSUES!

Focus on "real" problems..
Corruption in Goverment
Blaming someone else
it's 'Different' this time
Rules & Regulations, (too much or lack there-of).


Wall Street AND Main Street....


I normally do not comment

on this issue. I have my personal beliefs; and they are that, my personal beliefs which should not be forced on others.

But I do note this.

You don't see many, if any, gays and lesbians on entitlements. They are all self supporting and most likely pay taxes, unless they have an extremely competent and creative CPA.

You don't read about them involved in crimminal activities -- other than when they try to get up close and personal in the head at some alternate lifestyle bar downtown.

So, let them be.


Gays and lesbians aren't on "entitlements" because they're the best interior designers, hair dressers, and makeup artists in the world! Watch HGTV for a few days and you'll see what I mean. Most of their shows have gay designers who make more money than Rockerfeller.

Not involved in criminal activities? There may be lots of gays who are arrested on other charges, but you won't get to hear about them being gay because it's inadmissable in court and it doesn't pertain to their case.

Why is it the Republicans

Why is it the Republicans make all these claims about wanting smaller government, with less regulations. Then at the same time, they want to expand regulations based on religious principles? In other words, they only want smaller government when it suits them (and their bank accounts). They want more government when it comes to imposing their religious beliefs on everyone else.

Wilmington Pride

Thank you to Cliff for using the proper pronouns for me. I am transgender and use male pronouns. If anyone wants to get involved and work towards making North Carolina a state that is more tolerant and accepting, please contact me at We can do this if we all work together. Wilmington Pride will be gearing up for an equality march and rally on May 5th in Raleigh. Wanna Help? Contact me! Thanks TR Nunley.


HATE to disappoint you...but when you get to will be what God meant you to be...what you were born as...a female!...FOR ETERNITY, albeit a perfect female body...that is IF your saved.

Funny; I was taught that in

Funny; I was taught that in Christ there IS no male and female.


Boy, you guys are gonna HATE that, huh?

I hate to disappoint you,

I hate to disappoint you, but when you die, that's it, game over, end of story. Religion is man's greatest hoax. All the different religiong in the world, many much older than Christianity, many with completely different ideas about what happens at death. What makes you think Christian beliefs are the absolute truth? The Bible also tells of a boy living in the belly of a whale, and I think we all know that's not true. Same for the story of Noah and the ark. I'd like to see a boat capable of holding 2 of each animal in the world. Face it, the Bible is man's greatest work of fiction.


"What makes you think Christian beliefs are the absolute truth?"

And what makes you think they're not?

Just because you choose not to believe them doesn't make it so. You're not that powerful. That's just wishful thinking.

A lot of the Bible is symbolism, which is impossible for the unbeliever to understand. God gives believers this understanding.

"For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them." Unbelievers will NEVER understand because God didn't chose them to be able to understand.

You really had to dig deep to remember the story about the boy (Jonah)and the whale, didn't you? Well, guess what? No where in the Bible does it say it was a whale. It says it was "a big fish". Through the centuries it has come down to mean a whale because unbelievers have twisted the Word of God. You really should learn more about this book that you are so convinced is wrong. You shouldn't just take other people's word for it.

I've got science on the side

I've got science on the side of my views. You've got mystical people who walk on water and part entire seas. And, you're right, it's much more plausible to live inside a fish than a whale. That story must be true now that you clarify my ignorance.

In my opinion, people came up with these stories to explain things they didn't understand. As science advanced, humans understood that there were scientific reasons to some of the "mysteries" that the Bible previously explained.

I choose not to believe the Bible, because it is simply not believable to me. It is illogical, outdated fantasy.

How will you know??? you

How will you know??? you will be hell with all the other bigots and so-called Religious Right


I know is what the Bible says about what will happen to your body when you are reunited with it...I don't recall a gender change option..if there is one, please point it out for me. You can dispense with the bigot and Hell talk...all I know is that I am not going there...

Salem Witch Hunt

Guess the Republicans did not have the brass to address the real issues like our states education, budget crisis and rising unemployment rate. Trying to come into someone's home and playing God at $150,000 for the 3 day session is not good government. They decided as a last ditch effort to beat up on the Gays and punish us in some sort of back woods sanction. As a productive and tax paying citizen I find it absurd. I propose that if this passes that NC's LGBT population refuse to pay our taxes!


YOU haven't been paying attention...they have been dealing with ALL of those issues since they took office...please state facts instead of liberal drivel!

March we will

I'll be up there to show my support. We will march until our rights are recognized.


Pastor Daniel Cook of The Sanctuary.....

1 Corinthians 6:9-10 (NIV): "Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters, nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God."

...just sayin'

This passage from 1

This passage from 1 Corinthians is quite a laundry list of those unfit to inherit the kingdom of God... Hey sanctimonious ones, there's a message in this verse for you too, you who are thieving, greedy slanderous swindlers....

Since we are all hell-bound according to this passage, I'm kinda glad that the gays are going to be there too. Think of how dull eternity would be without talented designers.


Quite a laundry list...because the Bible wants to point out that "ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God". Even Christians are sinners. But there is also a way to forgiveness if you are man/woman enough to take it, through Jesus, the Son of God. The Bible says Jesus is the ONLY way to heaven. We can't earn admission by our own works.

Hell is a dark and endless torment. Heaven is a beautiful place with streets of gold. Choose wisely.

That pretty much covers everybody I know.

Looks like everybody's going to have the big doors slammed in their face.

...just sayin'...


Looks like you don't know the RIGHT people. Feeling sorry for you...being so cynical.

Yes, but why should the

Yes, but why should the teachings of the Bible be incorporated into the NC Consttution? When we create legislation based on religious beliefs, does it cross the line into establishing a State religion?


don't recall seeing a state religion setup....

Not explicitly, but when you

Not explicitly, but when you incorporate the tenets of a particular religion into state law, when does it cross the line the the state is in effect promoting that religion over others' beleifs?


what your sayin is we should throw out those pesky religious documents called the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution...NO WHERE in our founding documents does it say anything about abolishing religion from our government...NO just says the government can't force you into ONE STATE RELIGION...

No, that's no what I said.

No, that's no what I said. I said that the gov't is not supposed to establish a religion. And the question that goes with that, is that when the gov't makes policy based on religious beliefs, when does it cross the line that the gov't is in effect promoting that religion over the beliefs of others?

Notice all the comments on here of people quoting the Bible to justify this amendment? This laws is based on the religious beliefs of the Christian conservatives. They are trying to dictate NC law based on their Christianity. They are pushing their views on morality into other people's private lives.


our founding documents were policies based on religious beliefs...did that cross the line?

Gay Marriage

Not only did God say love one another his son Jesus also said that marriage is between a man and a woman, but I guess these gay people can care less on what Jesus got to said.

Nowhere does Jesus say that

Nowhere does Jesus say that ALL marriages MUST be between a man and a woman.

Nor does it matter when creating CIVIL law, as that would infringe on freedom of religion not only for those who are not Christian, but also for Christians who happen to disagree with you on this issue.