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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — WWAY has confirmed with two independent sources that Leland Police Chief Timothy Jayne recently punched one of his officers during a bachelor party in Myrtle Beach.

The sources, who wish to remain anonymous, tell us Jayne slugged Officer John Holman and that other officers had to pull him off. Myrtle Beach Police were not called in to investigate.

The party was being thrown for Officer Aaron Naughton, who has resigned since then and now works in the security department at New Hanover Regional Medical Center.

The sources also tell us the chief and his officers took town-owned vehicles to Myrtle Beach.

We’ve reached out to Chief Jayne to get his side of the story. We also wanted to talk with him about a story we broke Tuesday regarding Officer Sherry Lewis being shot at least 12 times in the crotch by her fellow officers with training simulation ammunition. Lewis’s attorney says she was injured in the shooting.

Jayne told WWAY this morning, “We’re not going to make any comment on that or any information regarding that story. And that comes from the Town Manager’s office.”

Leland Town Manager Bill Farris said he could not confirm or deny the incident happened.

Both the police department and the Town of Leland are also refusing to tell us if the officers involved in the shooting were disciplined or not and what, if any, disciplinary action was taken.

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  • RichG

    It ammazes me that you would feel compelled to state the fact that he is from NY. If a cop, or anyone, does not meet your standards of conduct is it not sufficient to dwell on the fact that he is who/what he is……a bad person? Are there not any bad cops/people from the south? IMHO your credibility is non existant by emphasizing irrelevant information.

  • Buddy

    Does anyboby remember the cop that was given the direct order by his supervisor to put down the injured alligator? You know, that has haunted that boy and he has had a hard time finding work ever since then. He was given a direct order by his YANKEE supervisor to do so. The damn supervisor also PARTICIPATED. (Thats what is wrong with that department its made up of all yanks)They were both originally cleared when it happened by the acting chief then. Then the nutless yellow spineless wonder from Charlotte came into office and was politicaly raped by that coward for a DA we use to have (THANK GOD FOR JOHN DAVID NOW HE HAS SAVED US!) to fire one or they would both be charged. The humane thing was done. I mean, wouldnt you want to be put out of your misery if you were run over by a 18 wheeler? They would never had been convicted.But the big nose idiot chief wouldnt stand up for BOTH his men. Now thats a leader! Just take away a man’s job,pay check, benefits and health insurance (and no none of that OBAMA care please)How can you sleep at night Mr. Charlotte- Mecklenberg? SO HE FIRES ONE AND PROMOTES THE BLOODY YANK! He aint nothing in his own backyard. Do you people really want this type of police department in your town? Better call in Frank Serpico. He will fix the problem. No more pill popping officers on duty (Perks and Vicatin together? Are you crazy!?),Lieutenants that sleep with their subordnates (who are married and while on duty AND OH YEAH THERE IS PROOF!) and lets not forget piss smelling LT who is married to a convicted felon. (NO GUNS AROUND CONVICTED FELONS) and those supervisors who were fired from other departments for sexual harrassment (AND THAT WAS A STATE JOB. HOW DO YOU LOSE A STATE JOB?) LADIES AND GENTLEMEN….. YOUR LELAND POLICE DEPARTMENT!!!!!!

  • surrogate

    While, this story made the national newswire on Injustice Everywhere, a national police misconduct news feed. This is too bad for the fine law abiding citizens of Leland. This town already has hurricanes to worry about around this time of the year. It shouldn’t make the national news for a police administration folks seem to not trust or respect. I hope it gets better for the town soon.



  • Guest44

    Soooo glad we have a police chief from NEW YORK that understands and cares for our needs down here. We should be so thankful he’s here to show us dumb southerners how to do things according to the yanks. Way to tarnish your business reputation Justin with this wonderful front page picture. Poor choice indeed.

  • Guest8976

    The “Community Cop”? According the the North Brunswick Magazine, this guy walks on water … funny how he’s now so community oriented when his job is on the line – never heard about him until he started walking the mean streets of Magnolia Greens – keep walking, Tim!!

  • PublicAvenger

    Several NH Regional Medical Center Police Officers, are good officers, who were kneecapped by Leland.

  • witness

    I have seen high ranking officers with this department drive stun their own officers because they find it funny. I have also heard of these same officers tazing each other at parties at their homes. If you aren’t with the “in” crew at this place, they shun you. Glad to see this is finally coming out.

  • Leland Boy

    Most of you are correct in your assessment of the Leland Police. The problem with the department is that from the chief down the Sergeant Level you have the problem with the “good ole boys network.” Its a cushy job to work in Leland and the pay isn’t bad. I do realize these fine men could make more money in the private sector but they are choosing to do what they want to do.

    The young officers are decent guys who if they utilize their skills can one day be productive members of the law enforcement community. The problem, the longer they stay in Leland, the harder it is to get out with any sort of credibility. The NHSO and the WPD are full of young officers that have gone on to bigger and brighter careers. Several are in Federal Law Enforcement. Several are even lawyers here in Wilmington.

    Name one from Leland who has done anything to advance their career once leaving the department? Leland prides itself on its bully tactics. If you are in their cross hairs, you stay in their cross hairs. They will use whatever they have against you, including their service weapons.

    For instance, review the link attached. This is a Sergeant in the Leland Police Department. He had numerous complaints when he worked in Clinton. Yet was hired as a Sergeant(in a leadership role) in Leland.

    “Plum Crazy” I guess


  • Robo

    Get this. Chief Jayne is featured in an article in the latest North Brunswick Regional Magazine. He is shown as a shining example of what a police chief should be. Go figure.

  • Jean Benton Sidbury

    Maybe Officer Lewis should have taken aim and returned the favor on fellow officers….see how they like it….sounds fair to me

  • Officer

    New Hanover Regional Medical center does not have security, but it does however have a police department.

  • I like leland

    Hay Chief i got a good idea…If you ask a real professional like Sheriff Ingram to teach you how to run a real police department. he might take the time to teach you…But then i realy dont think he has that much time…sorry that was not a real good idea…..so lets see what you have done for 23 years in Charlotte.. you were in charge of 1. animal control 2. volunteers 3. community policing…???? How in the hell did you get to be the Chief of police in leland???? OK lets see if you have used your experience from your old job….(animal control)..You treat your officers like dogs…..(Volunteer) You volunteered to take leland autos to south carolina and use tax payers money witch paid for the gas to go out of state…. Now (community policing) you went to a little league baseball game and showed your ass…How am i doing so far..you need to go find a job that you are qualified for….sorry but we have a dog catcher …So do all of leland a favor and get the hell out of leland..we dont need a person like you in leland..IT IS WHAT IT IS…we the people dont want you ..get it…someone sait you hit the officer a year ago so big shit you did it . there are good officers here in leland they just need a leader that knows HOW to lead.

  • Guest123456

    I never thought that something like cops shooting each other in the crotch with paint balls could ever happen in Leland. When are Bo and Luke going to jump the general lee over Tim Jayne and Boss Hog? Got to love the progressive county of Brunswick.

  • Challengetheworld

    You can call the Brunswick CO Sheriff’s office and they will respond to anything you specifically request them for. UNlike Leland, they have REAL Narcotics and K9 units. I think you will see a large leap in professionalsm as well.

  • Eugene Koenig

    I want to set the record straight that NHRMC does not have a security department. What they is a state recognized police department. The fine folks that work at the hospital are trained Police Officers. They do a fine job protecting employees and patients. I take my cap off to them.

  • Guest1111

    This chief sounds like former Sheriff Ron Hewett – maybe there’s a relationship?? Misused tax payers’ funds? How about our time and their credibility? Sounds like another bunch of “good ol’ boys” who need to realize that this isn’t Hazzard County, and we aren’t on the Dukes of Hazzard… The chief should throw his badge in the trash and apply at WalMart – he’d make a good door greeter!

  • hmmmm

    Really? You want to get punched in the face or shot in the crotch every time you walk into WalMart?

  • Guest4512

    The only thing to doubt is that this isn’t true. It occurred before October which shows the level of corruption and cover-up. Maybe that is “the first thing” you should know about the Leland PD.

  • Guest1456

    Don’t think Jayne could do this without help from the top or from his assistant chief and Lts. Changing the boss won’t do it – they all need to go. Its a group of corrupt people that allows this to go without doing anything. They harass, scare and bully people who don’t go along with there criminal behavior. They’ve run off the people or persons who stood up to them. I thought cops were suppose to uphold the law, not break or make-up the law.

  • caitanni

    I am fairly new to Leland and after reading all of these posts, it explains why after repeatedly calling the police because of the drug dealing and underage drinking in my neighborhood I have gotten NOWHERE. What is really amazing is after a call go ins for an officer to investigate underage drinking in my neighborhood, 3 minutes later all the kids are hauling butt out of here. Guess that is what happens when one of the people partying with the underage drinkers is the son of a Brunswick county officer. Go Figure..



  • BOO

    For all of you old news complainers. This and other investigations have been going on for months now. This tiny piece of corruption finally just got leaked to the press. No cop on cop charges are going to ever take place without a huge investigation. This is one of about 25 pieces of corruption that is true and can be proved easily. None of the other officers posting here want to say that we took cash bets whether Tim would show up at our party with his car. He did, and there was no other reason to be driving the car not only into another county but into another state. He just does as he pleases and Mr. Farris has admitted in public that he is afraid of the crazies in our department. I would go further and tell more of whats going on but but Tim and Bill are being protected by the Mayor and Council members. Remember its and election year. More from me later BOO………

  • Michelle Cox

    The corruption in Leland is,and has been out of control for years now. Everyone knows the Chief of Police and his command staff are corrupt. Why is this okay? Because the Town Manager, Bill Farris, allows it. If you are not willing to look the other way, you are now the problem – they will target you, assault you, harass you, and ultimately terminate you.

    Bill Farris manages the Chief of Police, well, that is what the law states, anyway (manager/council form of government). Who manages Bill Farris? The Mayor and Councilmembers. These are the individuals allowing corruption to take place.

    Bill Farris lost control of the Wilmington Police Department when he was the Wilmington City Manager. History has repeated itself. He is brushing everything under the rug to buy him time until his planned exit on December 16th. Who’s problem will it be then?

    Citizens, you want help? To launch an official SBI investigation, it takes one phone call from Sheriff Ingram to the Attorney General’s office.

    If you want change, if you want to protect your tax dollar, if you don’t want your taxes raised to pay for the massive amount of lawsuits that are already in place, send the following to Sheriff Ingram:

    Dear Sheriff Ingram,

    As the leading law enforcement official in Brunswick County, the citizens and employees of the Town of Leland beg you to call the Attorney General’s office – 919-661-5829, and request a formal SBI investigation into the corruption allegations on the Town of Leland’s Police Department and Town Manager, Bill Farris.

    We deserve to live in a town that provides police protection, not protection from the police.

    Email to:

  • lonetraveler

    lonetraveler It appears that a new Police Chief is needed in Leland. This is what it will take to clean up the mess. Does Leland need to be known for their thug police chief and his boys?

  • Guest1313

    First of all, I don’t know the first thing about the Leland PD, it’s officers, or it’s chief. I do know when somebody uses “sources,” that they are supposed to be somewhat reliable. Apparently that’s NOT the case and you tried to run with a story about a year (just a guess) too late. Simply googling the officers name and the word “wedding” will show you he was married in October of last year. Not only that, but maybe they had the town vehicles down there for a conference and it just coincided with this man’s bachelor party. Maybe it is corrupt, but can we stick to the root of the word NEWs. Recent may be subject to interpretation, but I guess that’s why it’s “ONLY ON 3.”

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