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COLUMBUS CO., NC (WWAY) — The controversy surrounding R.C. Soles continues as the former state senator once again faces criminal charges. Soles is accused of beating a man on his property Saturday morning.

The former senator faces a charge of assault with a deadly weapon for allegedly hitting Frankie Lee Jernigan in the face with a metal cane.

Tabor City Police say Jernigan sought out police Tuesday, three days after the incident reportedly happened, to tell them Soles had assaulted him. The officer on duty told Jernigan to file a report, and he did. That led police to file a criminal summons for assault with a deadly weapon.

Tabor City Police Capt. Dean Foley delivered the summons to Soles at his law firm this morning. He said Soles was calm about it.

“He was pleasant as usual,” Capt. Foley said. “He just stated he hated we’re caught in the middle again between the actions of a few.”

Foley said Jernigan is one of those few who make extra work for the police department. He said the troublemakers shed a negative light on Tabor City and stretch the police department’s resources.

Back in April, Tabor City Police say Jernigan and his wife Danielle were hanging out in Soles’s driveway. Soles called the police to report the couple. They claimed they were invited to the house and ran out of gas and couldn’t leave. Soles told police he had not invited them, but then took Jernigan to get some gas.

Also in April, Stacey Scott, who says he’s had sexual relationships with Soles, told a similar story. He said he’d been visiting with Soles when the senator hit him in the leg with a pipe. He also said Soles put a gun to his head and said, “If you tell anyone about this, I will blow your f*****g head off.”

Soles is scheduled to be in court on October 21 on the charge.

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  • Peyton Garrett

    RC is a good old fella, these boys need to quit stirring up trouble for him. He needs to quit messing with them young men anyway, he needs an older man and should come by my house for some “politicking” sometime :)

  • anne

    There is no ending to this ridiculous soap opera so with that in mind, I say let’s have some fun:

    If this was made for television today, what should it be called?

    My contribution: “As the Sole Falls”

    What’s yours?

  • GuestPAT

    Why would an old man want to stay around here..sell everything and RETIRE!!!!! Go to an island where nobody knows you and start all over again! Maybe find a new ”FROG.” Just a little advice to RC…

  • SurfCityTom

    all you locals who are waiting to see former Senator Soles fall further, will have to wait.

    His court date, for a misdemeanor charge is in October. A lot can happen by then. Charges could be dropped. A delay requested by the Defence due to the Senator’s health. Have a trial and watch the Raleigh defense attorney make mincemeat of the accusor.

    Do you not see the trend when you call for further action?

    Not one credible witness or accussor can be found. They change their story; they admit they were seeking money; they’ve all been convicted of felonies and misdemeanors on issues which did not include the Senator.

    The SBI & the District Attorney have to consider all of that in determining the wisdom of bringing charges and the liklihood of a succesful prosecution.

    And, if they bring charges, don’t hold your breath for a trial in Whiteville. That well paid defense attorney will seek a change of venue. The trial will not be held in any portion of the Senator’s former district. It will not be held in Raleigh or Wake County. If a change f venue were granted, look for a trial in the western part of the state or on the Outer Banks.

    You Columbus Countyites who are chomping at the bit to see the Senator fall should look for other entertainment.

  • Guest33

    RC is in my prayers. He’s a good man, and he’s helped so many people I know by helping them with medical expenses, making repairs on old peoples houses, and all kinds of things. I just want you to know that there are lots and lots of people here in Tabor City and surrounding areas that love this generous man.

    The young men who are attacking him are criminals. They are mean boys who are out to drain RC of all his money. We know all about them.

  • Sick of this!

    This man has been dishonest for years! The only reason he has never “come out of the closest” is because of his so called political career. I’ve never voted for him because I knew at an early age what he was! I really do not care if he is gay or not, but I do care about what he has done to young boys, and that he is so DISHONEST! Confess your sins RC, its never too late! AND we are all sick of this! Like I said before, where there is smoke there is a fire. Someone needs to investigate this man, its about 50 years too late, but better late then never.

  • Just Sayin….

    That 80 yr old man kicked his ass and he deserved it!

  • guesty

    Lock RC, frog, Frankie Lee Jernigan, Stacey Scott and B.J. Wright all in one cell with some pillows and a jar of Vaseline. Let the boys have all the fun they want and leave the public out of their “fairy” tale.

  • SurfCityTom

    to boost the chances for that reality tv show.

    Pee Wee Herman will sign on.

    Who gets to play Pimples Wright?

    And who will play the Senator? Could it be someone from Mayberry?

  • Guest 25

    I agree, why was he not taken to jail, receive a 25 million dollar bond? Some people in Tabor City should be raising Cane!!!!!!!!! Good ole boys, my my my.

  • Jonathan

    Why wasn’t he carried to jail by the Tabor
    City police? If this was me, they would have
    throw me under the jail house. Why is it
    just because he is R.C Soles, he gets
    special treatment? That shows what kind
    of twisted sick government and judicial
    system we have in Columbus County!!!

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