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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police say one man is dead and another hurt after a shooting in the Creekwood community Wednesday night. The shooting happened just before 10 p.m. Wednesday at 1005 North 30th Street.

According to police at the scene of the shooting, two black males were chased into a duplex by a group of five or six men. They ran up to the second floor, where the two victims were shot. There were people uninvolved in the incident on the first floor.

Police say the man that died was 19-year-old Jonathan Jones Jr of Jacksonville. The other man, 24-year-old Joseph Edwards Hanible of Wilmington, was taken to New Hanover Regional Medical Center, but on the way, the ambulance carrying him was hit by another car at the intersection of Market and 16th Streets. Another ambulance took Hanible the rest of the way to the hospital.

A 9-1-1 caller from the incident was certainly surprised when the men ran into her home.

“I don’t know people just ran into my house and shot them…(crying)…they ran into my house, ran up stairs and shot them.”

Police say the group of gunmen ran out of the home and got into a white Honda with tinted windows and a blue and white box-style Chevrolet.

Police are still looking for the shooters.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call Wilmington Police at (910) 343-3600. Or you can submit an anonymous tip through Text-A-Tip. Enter Tip708 and the message and send to CRIMES (274637).

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  • Guest1

    thank you for having a heart. i second that comment.

  • guesty

    What language is that? It looks to be loosely based on English but I’m not completely sure. The upper class people are drug tested. When we get jobs drug tests are done. Some jobs require random drug tests as well. So if you had ever had a job with more responsibility than taking fries out of hot grease you would know that. And if there are some taking drugs but not living off tax money, so be it. While you are making your “living” off taxes that I pay when I work to earn a living, you should be tested.

  • Challengetheworld

    He’s just waiting to move out.

  • Guest20

    YOUR world maybe (the projects). I hate to disappoint you, but there are still some people who don’t take drugs. I have never taken them and neither has anyone in my immediate family. Thank God, I have a drug free son who does even smoke or drink. Not once has he ever even tried it, even to experiment. I told him a long time ago that only losers take drugs. He’s also seen some kids he went to school with mess up their lives with drugs, and he wants no part of it.

    Maybe you could pull away from the drug culture if you went back to school, got a job, moved away from the projects, stopped depending on taxpayers to take care of you, and stopped talking and writing like you ARE a drug addict. All this ebonic talk may be popular in the projects, but it doesn’t cut it in the real world. It only makes you look stupid.

  • creekwood person

    Yall need to mind yall biz cuz the world is on drugs not just ppl who live in the projects I know lawyers in Wilmington who smoke crack and he don’t stay in the projects upper class ppl think the stuff they do don’t mean $h!t so drug test ya self u probably get high more then me

  • creekwood person

    Dummy your taxes did help build creekwood as well as buy all these guns that’s killing our kids there’s all type of ppl living low rent even ppl you know so next time you cash your check and they take out taxes ask your self…..I wonder what they gonna fix up in creekwood this time with my money or….what funeral is this for or….what gun they gonna make this time for somebody to get killed with cuz for the dumb smart ppl taxes pay for everything then they give it back to say thanks for helping lower our population

  • DisappointedSoul

    Have some respect. He ran into a home because he was being chased by a group of armed boys. Anyone would have done the same had their life been on the line. And arguing over petty “incorrect phrases” and terminology is very ignorant. This is not the place for ignorance. One CHILD is dead, another injured, and the rest are looking to spend their lives locked up. Yes, these boys should not have been in the situation they were in, but we can not change the past. We need to look at the bigger picture here. Our children are out here dying because they have access to deadly weapons. Stop the violence. Make a difference so that you may change and save a life. I just pray that the survivors find their faith and start believing in a God because they are in for an eternity of Hell if they do not.

  • Guest2020

    With all due respect, maybe you should ask Mr. Jones’ victims, how nice he was and what a good person he was. I do have sympathy for him and his family and I do pray for them in their loss, but his death doesn’t change the truth about the things he has done.

  • SurfCityTom

    but no doubt, by now, they and the shot passenger, have been visited by one, or more of Wilmington’s leech attorneys who will take the case on a contingency basis and then leave the injured parties 50% of the amounts eventually secured or awarded.

  • Zoe Pinkney

    No one should have had 2 see yu that way! I cry all day jus thinkn bout how yur no longer here! Bt i kno yur n a better place livin it up & watchin over all of us! I love yu & miss yu so much! <3 I hope they find the rest of these lil boys & have them rot in jail for what they did! They took a good man out of our lives! So sweet & big hearted! Always there to help another no matter what it took! I know personally!! I jus wanat see yur smile & hug yu one lat time! God knows yu ment alot 2 me that words could never explain! Please find the rest of these boys & give them a life sentence, since they gave us his family & friends a life sentence! I LOVE YU GORDO<3

  • Grand Ole Party

    You forgot to leave your contact information so we “We can def make headlines” hahaha I am sure you are very scary cupcake.

  • Guest2012

    “no matter what he was doing there”

    He ran into a closed home…where an INNOCENT Woman was trying to LIVE IN PEACE, with several assailants HOT on his tail, shooting LIFE-ENDING BULLETS INTO THIN AIR, IDIOT!!!

    Geez, what do we have to say to get you people to understand…
    He no innocence.
    He is not innocent.
    ~~~ ~~~ ~~~
    … and FYI, it is not OUR “tax supplied neighborhood”, that is not even a known phrase, but I know you mean with the deal, LOW RENT/HIGH CRIME neighborhood… that are vectors in every single American city.
    BUT, this Crap lifestyle CHOICE is NOT “OURS”, as you accusingly blogged. If it was up to us Honey, there would be no Section 8 or Subsidized Housing whatsoever!!!

    We believe in Equality for all, no special treatment, no government subsidies,except for the profoundly infirm. Otherwise, everyone gets to struggle in this lousy economy together, without Free Rent and EBT food cards, medicaid (free medical coverage), SSI $$$ Free Monthly check.

    “His father works for YOUR country” WHAT? Are you illegal? If not, it should be said that “his father works for OUR Country”. Then, you should agree that his FATHER should have taught his son how to WORK FOR OUR COUNTRY also, and/or to WORK period. His fine upstanding family should have seen that he was a trouble-causing gang-banger who came into MY neck of the woods, instead of staying the hell up in JAX.

    You’ll never shut us ignorant people up, no matter what because, we have EARNED the RIGHT to SPEAK UP and SPEAK often IF WE HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY, no matter the color of our skin …BLACK, WHITE oR OTHER.
    I’m other; rainbow.

    Also, being an adult living with mama, parents, grandparents, aunt is not normal for “ADULTS”, who have been TAUGHT ‘responsibility.’

  • Just Sayin

    The program is not working because it was NEVER intended to work for blacks or ant other individule that gets sucked into it. Im black I have a degree and I had to use that program.It is pure hell making sure you don’t get stuck. SOme people honestly can’t help there situations…..Oh and I pay taxes too.

  • kelly

    I feel nothing but sadness reading the ignorant comments from heartless people. White, black or other… it really doesn’t matter does it? Someones son is dead. Someones brother gone. I happen to be honored in the fact I know this child’s family. And for the sake of shutting up those who have no concern for the grief they are feeling, he was of both races.. did not live in your tax supplied neighborhood. He lived in Jacksonville in a house his parents OWN. His father works for your country… and is just now returning to say good bye to his son. Have a little respect for his family. No matter what he was doing there… he was still someones child.

  • Marcel green

    Excuse me are you serious, obviously you didn’t know the person I’n this article so your comment is both ignorant and untrue. Do you have kids, siblings, nephews, cousins, or friends these are all the things Jonathan was to people, if someone said that about someone you cared about you would wish just for a second this article was about them and not the person you care about it doesn’t sadden me that you would think such a thong but that you actually would say it is a whole different level, I wasn’t even going to get up here and comment because all the people who don’t actually know the victim are up here talking nonsense but when I seen your ignorance about someone who was so outgoing nice funny and a actual good person with such a big presence once he walked into a room I just had to comment but to end this off with saying….. Since your a punk and didn’t write your name I’ll make this clear if you have any other ignorance to spue about a friend of mine please contact me directly.. We will def make headlines

  • bri

    What is this? People are turning this into a race war! I mean seriously, give the family of this boy a moment to mourn! Whether or not he was involved in drugs, if he was black, white, or purple, its still someones son, brother, cousin and so on…. you dont know what the cause of the shooting was, so why play god and judge what you know nothing about? And if it was drugs, people get caught up in things they shouldnt, life happens… please tell me you all NEVER did anything illegal in your life! Give me a break! I didnt know this boy, But my thoughts an prayers go out to his family! I hope that all of you judging this poor boy, think real hard, do you really know everything everyone in your family is doing? Odds are, Probably not! So if you were in his family shoes, would you want people talking this way about your family?? This sad loss has nothing to do with Race or Tax Dollars… So if you want to talk about those things, START YOUR OWN DAMN BLOG!!

  • G12587ll

    There have been studies throughout the country that Afican American males are more likely to die from violent acts than any other race. I grew up in Oho were there were shooting deaths each day-no races bur African American were involved.

  • Guest12345

    With respect for the family that is grieving over the loss of a family member, keep the ignorant comments to yourself. It could have easily been your son, brother, or close family member that you lost in such a horrible way. While you live your day to day life, the lives of every family member that lost their loved ones have been changed forever.

  • Frank

    No one has mentioned a color of skin we are speaking of those that live in housing provided by tax payers. Its evident that this program is not working and this has gone on for generations and will continue to do so until someone steps in. I dont know the statistics of skin color of those who are recipients but if you want to look it up, I’ll wait. I will be at work paying taxes and providing the boy that got shot with medical care

  • Csatro

    Drugs, stupidity and poverty…..it Is the new USA way

  • Guest232312

    One less drug dealer off the streets…But he was a “good boy” right

  • Guest448

    So glad you are all concerned about another fine, upstanding citizen being shot in the Creekwood subdivision. However, has anyone asked or reported on the condition of the EMS personnel that were involved in the wreck? Seems to me a couple of Paramedics were out there saving the other fine, upstanding citizens life and yet nobody has even mentioned them in thought, prayer or what have you.
    Priorities folks, priorities !!

  • RJ

    All the you all, and white people this, and blackman that…sounds like the race card is being pulled from both sides .How about this happens to all races, genders, and sex. Evil has no color. We are all human being in gods eyes. Have some respect for the families and appreciate the fact that you are still walking the earth and pray for the families of those that are not!

  • bothered*

    It is a sad day when we joke about the loss of a life, no matter his age or race, he was still a human being. We all fall short, we have all done some things in our life that is/was regretful, but let us not forget that it could have been YOU, your brother, uncle,cousin, relative, friend, etc. I am not even from that area but after reading some of the comments, I had to put my thoughts in. PLEASE people, stop making judgemental comments and remember that he was a child to someone. Even if he was of a different ethnicity than you, still does not change the fact that a life was taken senselessly way too soon.

  • Zoe


  • Karissa Jones

    The 19 year old man that died was my little cousin.Its sad that he was taken by a bullet from a group of men that chose to play god. We were close he was and will always remain my right hand. My son has never met my family now when we go to visit him my son and i will be attending his funeral and when he finally meets my family he wont understand why everyones crying.My cousin was a great kid that didnt deserve to die and i dont care what the reason is nothing is worth taken a life because when you do that your giving up yours because to take a life you give a life.Please if anyone knows anything help us bring in the men who chose to play god and took my lil cousin away from us

  • Guesty5

    WHA should drug test to find out who ISN’T on drugs and then move the drug free people into other safer housing. The rest will take care of itself.

  • Quiera Hunt

    the young man that was killed is my first love of 4 and a half years. we grew up together and i already miss him. the tole it has taken on myself, his family, and his loved ones is more than what could be described in words. im 19 and i can honestly say that there will never be another sole to grace this earth as his replacement. ” i love you my gordo<3 i miss yu babyboy. give me the strength to do exactly what yu know i’m able to do. rest in peace my love. “



  • Grand Ole Party

    I’ll make this clear, no one is afraid of you, nor do we really care what you think. Every one has the right to express there opinion, if you don’t like it, don’t read it. Simple huh? You are def an idiot.

  • Guest1

    I believe if everyone living there would have to submit to drug testing in order to be accepted to live in public housing AND submit to random screenings, alot of crimes would be eliminated n public housing. Just an idea? Whatcha think?

  • SurfCityTom

    that address is in Creekwood.

    Thus, while the Police conduct their investigation, pray tell what steps will the Housing Authority be taking to reduce or eliminate these types of incidents in public housing?

  • Guest99x

    How about drug testing and criminal background checks before folks are allowed to move into taxpayer funded housing?

  • Guest18181818181818

    Im guessing you didnt hear the story where in the State of Florida they gave drug test to those that were applying for assistance, and 98% of the people or so passed the test, and now people feel that it was a waste of tax payers money. Stop forming your opinions on what you see in the media, they show only one spectrum of life. Last time i checked every race uses drugs. Dont judge entire group based on a few bad apples.

    So in LA where that man cut off his sons head, what do all you wonderful people have to say about that. Did you assume his race before they showed you a picture? Do you think they should drug test everyone who gets a trailer?

  • Guestcgh,

    Creekwood is ‘one way in, one way out’. Would you rather these thugs stay isolated to areas you never have and never will visit, or thrown out and roaming the streets near your neighborhood?

  • Quiera Hunt

    the young man that passed away is my ex boyfriend of 4 and a half years. we grew up together and my stomach is literally at the soles of my feet. its sad that myself, his family, and his close friends have to endure another tragedy among our people. nobody ever wants to go through anything like this. he was my first love. i’m only 19 and i can truly say there will never be a person to grace this earth that could replace what he means to me. i love yu gordo<3 rest in peace babyboy.

  • guesty

    Nowhere in Guest1’s post did he/she mention race. He/she only mentioned crime and drug use. It seems you tried to play the race card and failed. The group he was judging was the group of people that are currently living off my tax money. I also agree they they should have to do drug tests as well as work in the community they live if they are not in school full time or have full time employment.

    And yes, if the trailer is public housing, test them.

  • Guest2012

    To Guest “18” gone wild~

    Let’s be HONEST and tell the NAIVE (albeit drug-free, honest, law-abiding, up-standing citizens) JUST how EASY it is to “get-over” on drug testing. EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD KNOWS IT.

    Go to C.V.S. and … Well, I don’t think anyone is so naive that they don’t know how to beat the standard drug screen. Or Blow test…

    Except, perhaps the administers of the drug screens…who know… but ACT like they don’t.

    Every mental health professional knows, every substance abuse counselor knows, every health care professional knows, but more so, there isn’t one JUNKIE up against a drug test that would test positive unless it was a “SURPRISE SCREENING”

    Everyone thinks everyone is sooooo stupid anymore. Word spread like wildfire in Florida on how to PASS THE PEE-TEST. Happens everyday!


  • Outsidelookingin

    I guess I am one of the naive. What’s the answer? Just curious…

  • Working Man

    At least most people who get a trailer pay for it and not depend on me everyday to work and pay for their housing. Welfare sucks….Its great to ride into Wilmington and see people who are able to work just like me hanging out drinking beer and getting smoked up at the projects. I paid for their party supplies as well most likely.

  • Frank

    I live several blocks from Creekwood, a state owned property. As a taxpayer I feel like I house, feed and provide medical care for a neighborhood I consider to be a harbour for fugitives. A so called welfare program that was designed to help families place themselves back into a working society has done nothing but trickle down generations of free loading fugitives that do not work, are a nuisance to society and are provided checks for doing absolutely nothing and are not required to drug screens like the the working man is around the block What is wrong with this picture?

  • Frank Kent

    I believe 98% of those recipients passed that drug screen as much as I believe my dog can open a can of food. Florida also fixes election ballots the main culprit in providing housing and free cost of living is drug activity. This is a fact. No one just shoots people randomly.

  • GuestSep20130

    Why do only the people that are receiving “your” tax money need to be tested? Do other people not ever use drugs? Im guessing no one living in the gated communities of wilmington use illegal substance, or is it okay for them to use them because they are live in nicer homes. Its a shame that entire groups are judged because of the mistakes that others make, If i was a minority in america i believe life would be awful living know that everyone believes, you are living on public assistance, not working, instead sitting around using drugs all day.

  • frank

    I’m not implying that only welfare recipients use illegal substances. But if there is a person that buys a home or rents a home that he or she pays for with the money they worked for then that is their business. as long as they aren’t standing on the corner of that gated community trying to sell drugs to others or children. But if you are asking for taxpayers to pay for housing.food .utility and medical bills and have lived that way forever then yes you should be drug tested And i WOULD SAY THAT THERE IS A HIGH PERCENTAGE OF VIOLENT CRIMES IN THESE RECIPIENT AREAS DUE TO DRUG DEALING AND DRUG ABUSE!

  • guesty

    If you had ever had a job with more responsibly than pulling fries from hot grease you would know most employer’s require drug tests to be hired as well as some have surprise random tests. Nobody has ever claimed nobody in the nicer areas doesn’t use drugs. Since I have to pass drug test to continue my employment, and by being employed I pay taxes, the claim is those living off tax money should have to follow the same rules.

  • Challengetheworld

    How much did (we) the taxpayers pay for your internet connect and home computer? Just curious, wanted to see if it was better then the one I paid for with my own money.

  • Guest3

    You know what p*sses me off? My son lost a day of work at his new job due to the hurricane, so he saw where he could apply for reimbursement at DSS. He went through all the paperwork and then got notice that because he hasn’t been in the job for 20 consecutive weeks, he doesn’t qualify. Why didn’t they tell him that at the beginning?

    I overheard a black woman yesterday while in line at a store who said she applied for food stamps and told DSS that she lost everything in her refrigerator because of the hurricane. She only lost power 2 hours, still has that food, and now DSS has given her $300 to “replace” what was lost. She failed to report that her husband works for the water company (she didn’t report his income at all because he makes a good salary and it would disqualify her for food stamps), and she draws $700 a month disability.

    So the people who rightfully SHOULD receive some help are not getting it, while the ones who don’t REALLY need it are. P*sses me off.

  • Guest461

    …featuring Thugg, Thuggie, Thuggster, Thuggice and Thuggshizzam. Some pretty violent crime going on in them parts! If the government would simply require random drug tests to maintain qualification for residence, this kind of crime would dissappear. Plus, about 75% of the entitlement recipients would have to go get jobs to survive…after passing a drug test, of course.

    You do what you’ve always done. You get what you’ve always gotten…


  • guesty

    Wait, a shooting in Creekwood? A gang? I don’t believe that for one second.

  • Guestaha

    A shooting involving black males? really? What a surprise!!!

  • whitemale

    First thing come out your mouth black males did you comment when that old white male killed his wife did you comment when that white male tried to kill his girlfriend it don’t matter the color of a person its the person inside a person what a jerk

  • guest101ekm1

    What’s that suppose to mean.. what cause the blackman
    ain’t jumping of bridges, cause the uneployment rate is high, or putting babies in the trashcan, I don’t understand what u meant by that… Oh let me not forget shooting at schools and killing innocent children cause they parents touched them… Someone lost a life, some mother is burying her Child. Don’t matter what color they are…

  • Guest2222

    another drug dealer off the streets.. But I know “he was a good boy”
    yea right…

  • Guest1004

    And the parents of these boys, most of their parents support what they do out there on the streets.

  • Claudia Marbry

    While my family mourns the death of our Jonathan (Yes that was his name and he was a human being) I hope it burns in your conscience that your insensitive, hurtful words were being read by his aunt, his little cousin, and his uncle. I pray that you never feel the pain of losing a child, I pray that you understand that once words are said they can’t be taken back, but most of all I hope that you are never judged without culpability just as you have judged my nephew.

  • vsjsywvdjksywgwndjev

    I don’t know this kid or why he died but who are you to say it was drugs you don’t know and neither do I but to be a jackass and say something like that is rude and inconsiderate have some respect because one day that could be your kid and I may say good thing another jackass off the streets

  • Challengetheworld

    WHA’s director was arrested for DWI. He was allowed to keep his job. Do you really think they are going to change anything anytime soon?

    How about time limits on how long you can stay in public housing before you have to fend for yourself? (EXCLUDING the documented disabled, they should have access to this without limit – that does not include the overweight – mentally against working and also those that have so many children running around that they cant work – all of those a dose of reality.)

  • Fed Up

    Wilmington Housing Authority needs to implement some policies regarding residence in housing they control.

    1. Mandatory drug testing of residents.

    2. No one over the age of 18 is to be on the property after 9pm, unless they are the listed resident.
    I’m sure the WPD could add enough officers, once the public see’s that WHA is serious about protecting residents, and property paid for by the public.

    3. Immediate removal of officials running WHA, to be replaced by someone who realizes taxpayers want safety, protection of property, and an end to violent situations that occur there.

    4. Every 3 months, a visual inspection of units to assure they are being kept up to standards.

    5. Hold residents responsible. If the unit is trashed, they are evicted, and listed, making sure they do not get public housing again,

  • SurfCityTom

    on the head.

    New leadership including a new Board of Directors.

    Background checks on all residents & applicants. Any felony or multiple misdemeanor charges and out you go.

    Gentlemen visitors, who are staying over, out you go.

    Require occupants, who are physically able, to perform 40 hours of labor on the property, weekly. Require them to get a job.

    Have the city set up a police sub-station at the entrance to the project or across the street.

    DMV check for all vehicles on the property. Luxury and late model SUVs, should cause the Authority to question the finances of the occupant.

    The list could go on; but this is a start. And the corrections have to start somewhere.

    Oh and when the shooting victim is released from the hospital, out he goes.

  • creekwood person

    Do your house get inspected every 3months,ok then its not wha,itsppl who live there and just let anyone stay wit them…when to bad kids come to creekwood to buy drugs we don’t treat them like trash we treated like they ppl.. a couple of months ago a white girl killed a 17 year old in hill crest and they still didn’t find who killed c.Q or the guy that shot

  • virgogirl

    Another exciting night in the hood. I feel bad for the innocent people that are trying to live decent lives in poverty and are constantly exposed to this crap.

  • Goodboy

    I dont even know the victim’s name yet, but i can already tell you that he be’d a good boy. He weren’t no thug. Wait and see what I tell you.

  • burgerboy

    He’s a good boy, he didn’t no nothin, he’s an aspiring rapper and/or athlete, oh and he was just turning his life around, too.

  • virgogirl

    I wonder why all the posts that are defending this boy are almost illegible. None of them are written in proper english. This is exactly the root of the problem. To busy running the streets and not enough time getting an education. The school system is available to all. Take advantage of it and start giving a crap about yourself and your future. This will keep them all off the streets someday…. I should hope.

  • guesty

    So him running another person into a house to shoot & kill him was helping how? Providing for his family? Yea, I’m sure that is exactly what he was doing with his cash. I’m sure he was turning everything he “earned” over to mama.

    Keep on defending thugs, lowlifes & criminals, we enjoy the laughs.

  • Educated Woman

    I will go ahead and verify what the “uneducated” people have tried to defend. I am a very well educated young woman who knew Jonathan. I absolutely agree with you that an education is essential in succeeding in life, but we all know that school is not for everyone. If we had more hands-on programs that would make school fun for students or meet the student’s individual needs, we would have less drop-out rates.

    Beside the school factor, you have no idea what this child (I say child because he was so young) was going through at home. You have no idea of his past. All you probably know is his past record on paper. There’s more to a person than what you read in articles and blogs written by journalists who do nothing, but try and find all they can to provide the media with an interesting piece of work. This CHILD was truly a loving person. He was “running the streets” because he, like many others, thought it was the quickest way to provide for his family. He was the type to give the shirt off of his back to someone else in need, knowing he had nothing else to wear. He was the neighbor who helped with yard work and house repairs because it was the right thing to do. He cared about everyone around him, no matter if he knew them or not. To put his name in vain, and make him sound like the stereotypical “thug” and “gang-banger” is just ignorant.

    People should really think about what they write before they post things to public places like this. I understand the message you’re trying to send, but the way you worded it was very offensive and uncalled for.

  • Educated Woman

    Um, you tell me exactly what you would do if a group of people armed with weapons were chasing after you. You would just stand there right? You wouldn’t even attempt to save yourself, right? You would just let them shoot your brains out, huh? Yeah, we all would…psh. It’s called instinct. When in danger, we seek safety. And yes, that’s exactly what I said. You may quote me on that if you’d like. Every last dime of cash he made was put toward his family because he wasn’t just a “thug” or a “criminal”. He wasn’t a heartless “lowlife”, he cared about his family. He may not have made the best decisions, but he did what he could.

    You don’t understand how hard it is for people to get hired who have a record. People make bad decisions, serve their time, and if/when they attempt to change their life, society stops them. People, like you, turn your heads at people with records because “once a thug, always a thug.” People can change if they got the help that they needed. We were put onto this Earth as brother and sisters, meaning we need to help each other, not sit her and judge and turn our heads at those who are “lower lives” than us. You should be ashamed of yourself. Instead of labeling and judging others, why don’t you try and help those who people you clearly don’t understand. Maybe if enough people like yourself attempted to help change those who truly needed it, we would have less “thugs” on the streets.

    Go ahead and say that it’s not your problem and why should you help. It is your problem, clearly, if you feel the need to post things like that on a public blog. If you don’t help them, who’s to say that anyone will, and then our entire world will be full of hatred and crime. No one wants that.

  • Challengetheworld

    We do live in a world of hatred and crime. Thats why this happened in the first place.

    If we continue to make excuses for why “someone” didn’t help him then people will just continue by perpetuating the cycle. We must not tolerate crime, no exception end of the story.

    Wilmington is a small city, lets be honest. We are sitting right next to bad neighborhoods no matter which corner you live in. I for one am completely sick of us constantly having to build more and more housing complexes that breed crime.

    If you make a mistake, you must live with it. If we forgive everyone, there will be no reprocussions and it will be anarchy. Some strange thing happened years ago and going to jail in this “thug” lifestyle became cool. This is a product of a poor society and those who break the law, continue to produce more people who break the law.

    The problem is the welfare system. Plain and simple. True, there are wealthy children who go the wrong way. However, unfortunatley, that is the world we live in. In the poverty stricken areas, is not the exception, it is the rule.

    Term limits on assisted livings, requirements and assistance to find work for ALL productive citizens and zero tolerance for violence and drugs. We need to start throwing the book at people and run them out of our small city. If they don’t want to work, and find excuses to drive them to the point to commit crime – they will not be tolerated.

    It’s quite simple – its the excuses that made it complicated.

  • SurfCityTom

    I assume you mean the deceased. Just want to be certain.

    Now you list all of these wonderful attributes for him. And perhaps they were part of him.

    BUT, he was a convicted felon at 16. He had 3 years to mend his ways; but apparently did not. His Mother was quoted in the print media indicating he was depressed due to that coviction and other pending charges.

    Let me go further.

    He was not living with his parents. Again, in the print media, his Mother noted she and his Father were both in Quantannamo Bay Cuba as defense contractors.

    One might wonder why he was not with them. One might wonder why, if she knew he was facing problems and depression, she did not return to Jacksonville to help him get right with the world? Certainly, one would think she could have taken a leave of absence. But she chose not to.

    So he’s living in unknown or uncertain circumstances, in Jacksonville, while his parnets are out of the country.

    And after his death, they return for a March against violence in Jacksonville. Did you attend? To me, that was a belated gesture.

    Sorry, but perception is reality.

  • Agreeee

    Thank you, I agree completely. This is not the place. Please, people, keep your ignorance to yourselves. A beautiful woman’s child is now gone. No parent should have to bury their child and she did. Have some respect.

  • Guest20

    I had to read your post 3 times before I finally understood what you you were trying to say. If you really want to get your point across, you need to post more clearly, quit using ebonics and using abbreviations, and learn how to spell.

    OK, my house doesn’t get inspected every 3 months because I OWN IT. No one has the right to come in MY house unless I give them permission. When you live in a project, you give up that right. You don’t own that property, so the owners/landlords have the right to inspect it if they want to. I believe they should also have the right to kick out anyone they suspect of dealing drugs.

    “When bad kids come to Creekwood to buy drugs”? Do you understand what you’re saying? You’re trying to blame bad kids for buying drugs and pulling Creekwood down, but they are buying the drugs from people in Creekwood! Hello! If the people in Creekwood wouldn’t sell drugs, the kids wouldn’t come there. Maybe you SHOULD start treating them like trash, and they might not come back.

    Honestly, I would like to read a well written post from SOMEONE in Creekwood who sounds like they have at least a third grade education and a brain that hasn’t been fried by drugs.


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