FIRST ON 3: Judge extends protective order against Berger

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Submitted: Sat, 09/17/2011 - 1:33am
Updated: Mon, 10/08/2012 - 11:58pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A judge says New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger must stay away from his ex-girlfriend. Heather Blaylock filed a protective order after multiple incidents including a barrage of text messages and an argument outside the mall.

Although we were not allowed in the courtroom, Berger did talk to reporters after the hearing saying he is the victim, not Blaylock.

“It’s just unfortunate for me that my rights are being taken away while the one person who has hit children and hit me should somehow be granted this, I guess you can say, a huge victory,” Berger said.


Berger sprinted past reporters on his way to court Friday morning for the hearing.

“People will perceive that I did something wrong, whereas she’s the innocent victim when it’s actually the other way around.”

After hearing from both sides, Judge Sandra Ray Criner made the decision to extend that protective order against him based largely on the content of the more than 140 text messages Berger sent Blaylock on August 29. That’s the night police say he tried to kill himself.

Four days later Berger and Blaylock met at the mall to discuss their issues. Blaylock says as she tried to leave, Berger got upset leading to another call to police.

Berger says after that incident he stopped talking to Blaylock.

“I wasn’t contacting her beforehand, so there was no reason to take out the protective order other than to publicly humiliate me, embarrass me and harm me more than she’s already done,” Berger said.

In the middle of all of this controversy, New Hanover County Commissioners asked Berger to resign. He has since said he will not resign and that he is ready to move on in his life and get back to work.

“I’m going to continue to do the exact same things I’ve been doing, with some exceptions, and I’m going to do my job and live life,” Berger said.

We tried to talk with Blaylock after the hearing, but she has not called us back.


  • Peyton Garrett says:

    Just wondering. Brian Berger has a court date scheduled for tomorrow the 20th for a speeding infraction, I suppose he received trying not to be late again to a commission meeting. But more interesting is the court date for Jan. 12th of 2012 for simple assault and damage to personal property. Were these charges not dismissed or were they held open until January for some kind of compliance issue? Just wondering.

  • Terps Rule says:

    Brian treated his former girlfriend the same way when they were together. She called the police on him a couple of times. She was finally smart enough to get out of the relationship. Brian still continues to email and text her that he loves her. Just last week so I don’t know how much work he is doing for the county. The guy has serious control and dominance issues.

  • Charles Walters says:

    What a wackjob looser this fool is I am so glad I left Wilmington and New Hanover County.

  • Straight Shooter says:

    If you are not sure yet just how big an ABOMINATION Berger is, just click-on and watch the full interview. BERGER MUST GO!!!

  • Someone says:

    I just watched the video on tv and I have a problem with Ms Blaylock smiling and loving the camera. No matter what is going on this should be a sad time not a happy hamming it up for the camera time. Reading between the lines I see a major problem with her in this also. I just wonder if DSS has really looked into her and her children. Just saying.

  • John says:

    I can’t believe how much Berger’s nose has grown over the past few weeks. Also, Is he sucking up our helium reserves or what ? This guy was on my do not bother with list at the get go’ but know I am not into him anymore .

  • Guest456 says:

    Before this story thankfully passes away I feel I need to share some information. I really don’t think Mr. Berger is the insane person his plotting peer commissioners try to portray him as…he is someone who raised heather Blaylock’s two boys. The conduct of Thompson, Catlin, Davis and Barfield on the townhall video is disgusting. It made me angry and sad to see the pathetic fake tweets and desperation from the good old boys. I have known this girl personally for years and followed this story a bit only because of that knowkedge. She said they called him “daddy” and wanted him to be there dad, but Mr. Berger wasnt comfortable with that out of respect for the MIA Richard Blaylock. He is close to heathers sister, closer than heather, and she loves to post on here under different names.
    Berger’s actions were not the actions of a rational person, but would you be rational if you just found out your fiance or SO was having an secret affair? And once the veil of lies was drawn back, Heather Blaylock the talented liar and abusive woman who was selfish at UNCW and nothing changes, hurt her young boys to hurt Berger more than mere cheating by refusing to allow Berger to see the boys he helped raise and their first true father figure. Berger, and I saw this myself, was GREAT with those children. They loved him. He clearly loved and protected them. The email exchange with Bob Townshend is very revealing. I don’t blame berger for not talking about heather’s affair, her violent episodes, and her cruelty and indifference, it’s little wonder Berger flipped. He still seems to be protecting her for some reason. It’s disgraceful that the other new hanover county commissioners, no doubt perfect and faithful to their wives(!), would exploit someone who has been through what Berger has…the Catherine Jones (Heather Blaylocks real name…this woman has like ten names…one for each personality) cheating cycle. This woman has no sense of herself or right and wrong, no conscience, and Mr.Berger got burned bad. I’m not defending his odd, disturbing wrist ploy, but if your husband or wife had an affair and took your kids (though these are not bergers) and didn’t apologize for cheating or recognize that cheating is wrong and hurtful, it can get people killed!!!, youd react strangely too. Probably more violently than Berger who committed no crimes save poor judgement in getting engaged to a very disturbed young woman with a history of allegations of child abuse and lying to authorities. Catherine/Heather Jones/Blalock is an actress who plays the victim role well, almost to perfection, but she is very sick and has no place in a job around children. I knew “Heather” back in the day she used to say her husband Richard was gay. (I have seen her in a classroom too…she is too violent and eratic to teach kids and NHCS or her employer is asking for a lawsuit, she her is putting a ticking timebomb in a room with children. That damsel in distress act hides a remorseless very disturbed woman. I have heard Mr. Berger say or read he tried to protect her and the children only to have her run to the media and police at every moment Berger was near after she scretly started sleeping with some random guy she probably met at a gas station or Walmart, and Berger eventually uncovered her skilled lying and probably was very hurt. Berger needs help, but he’ll be fine without this very sick woman in his life. He may not know it, but she did him a favor. Too bad the politicians and judges are exploiting this man’s pain for their own selfish reasons. Will they admit fault and apologize after heather/catherine blaylock hurts a child in a county school or preschool? It’s happened before…this woman has ten names and she is definetly pretty but very dangerous and remorseless.

  • Guest917 says:

    The photo of Heather on this page is a totally contrived look on her part; obviously her court room look. I have to laugh.

  • Guest20 says:

    How much more delusional can this man get? Now he’s blaming the girlfriend for his texts.

    Why would he fight the protective order unless he wants to continue to have contact with her? This order keeps him away from her, and he doesn’t want that. He wants to be able to continue to have contact and harrass her. Isn’t it funny how Berger is ALWAYS right and everyone else is wrong (at least according to Berger who now blames Heather for everything).

    “I’m going to continue to do the exact same things I’ve been doing, with some exceptions, and I’m going to do my job and live life,” Berger said.

    What exceptions Berger? Carving your arms like a Thanksgiving turkey, sending threats of suicide, destroying personal property like car door handles?

    You’re a sick man who is completely delusional. Get some help before things get even worse because mental illness won’t go away on its own.

  • Guest GOOGLE Bricks says:

    Wonder if the coourt could give a protective order to NHC residents too, if he is crazy enough to have one with his ex-just think how crazy he will be when he has left office..wonder whho and what he will harrase in the county next….I think protective orders are serious and I don’t think the judge just gave it because she wanted to. Dude…get out of office and get gone..

  • Guest1977 says:

    I have to say Berger is a bit quirky and needs help but Heather also needs help. I think she plays both sides against the middle. If Brian is so bad and she is so scared of him why does she still have him as a friend on her facebook. I think that it sends him mixed messages. They both need to grow up.

  • Guest20 says:

    Doesn’t everyone try to look more stable, presentable, grown up, and reliable at a court hearing? Except Berger, I mean?

    I’ve been on jury duty several times, and most of those who come to court try to look their best.

  • anne says:

    Just a thought but couldn’t the voters of New Hanover County request a restraining order to keep him away from meetings? You can’t get rid of him unless he chooses to resign. He has shown himself to be unpredictable – why not stop him from showing up? Just asking.

  • Better yet says:

    Or maybe we could pay Heather Blaylock to sit in the front row beside his handlers at the county meetings. With restraining orders there is usually a certain distant you have to be from the person. This way he can’t show up to meetings or if he does, he won’t be ABLE to say anything since they’ll have his notes and he can’t get to them. So then we won’t have to hear another chapter from the red shirt diaries.

  • Wade griffis says:

    I certanly am not a fan of this man. I believe he needs serious mental help.

    At some time in the life of most of us, we have been really screwed up.

    Most of us got over it.

    I vote for giving him one more chance.

  • Paul says:

    I think you mean his 4th or 5th chance since being sworn in.

  • guest111 says:

    Ditto to ONE MORE chance. . . ONLY ONE!!

  • Guest3 says:

    Are you delusional TOO? Berger has had many, many chances and blown every one of them. He’s lost his effectiveness as a county commissioner and people can’t trust him as far as they can throw him. I sure don’t trust this mentally ill man to make decisions for me. He needs to resign and get some mental help.

  • Guest28451 says:

    Actually with the restraining order Brian will quit obsessing over his co-dependant pyscho gf and get back to the county business we can only hope. I agree Brian needs help but maybe with her out of his life things will move forward. BTW to the 2 idiots who made the comments about you do realize if she did that it would be actually grounds to have the order rescinded as she would be seen as actively seeking to contact him and as such would terminate any claim she has that he is a threat to her. Next time think long and hard before you post such stupid comments and prove how ignorant you are of the law among other things.

  • Gramps1935 says:

    Like alll things,this will pass.We all make mistakes and stumble. In 10 years from now, Brian will look back at all the problems he overcame.

  • Guest20 says:

    Yeah, it will take him AT LEAST that long to finish psychoanalysis.

  • Guest111 says:

    Again, I want to ask if this Blaylock girl is a teacher? I understand she is and judging from all the past brewhas they’ve had she isn’t stable enough to teach children. Is she a teacher and if so, where??

  • Guest99 says:

    Yes, she is a pre-school teacher. She teaches @ Childcare Network (it’s written on the restraining order that she got last week). I have heard about some of her “teaching” techniques; I would not want my child in her class. In my experience with her, she is basically not a nice person. I have seen her temper in action. She is definitely unstable, to say the least.

  • GuestVA says:

    All Media

    It’s time to leave Mr. Berger alone and let him either prove or disprove that he can make the changes that he aspires to. He’s human and deserve a personal life too. Walk in his shoes and you’ll realize what a hectic situation the media can create. Right, wrong or otherwise, we’ll never know the REAL story of the “he said/she said” and do we really need to? I’m not sure any of us can claim the fame to being “Perfect.” Let this story fade away and give Mr. Berger the time/space he needs to make changes.

    I’m sure that in today’s challenging economic times you could certainly find other stories to cover, which could be helpful and POSITIVE for all of your viewers.

    Thanks for listening

  • What! says:

    “It’s time to leave Mr. Berger alone and let him either prove or disprove that he can make the changes that he aspires to” I DON’T THINK SO!

    He has made us the laughing stock of the state, we can’t afford the time for him to get he sh@t together. Would you build a business here if you saw all the craziness this guy brings to our leadership. He toxic to business and our local economy and so are all those who are supportive of this nonsense.

  • Guest5492 says:

    The Judge said the 144 text alone were enough to have the restraining order put into place. For those of us that use text as means of communication, we can “literally” send thousands of these daily, thus the reason most cell plans offer “unlimited” plans. Most people that send that many text send responses back and forth with: “k, yea, yes, no, maybe, want to, LOL, LMAO, SSS, etc so on and so forth. These one word answers or letters can be and ARE considered texts, yet they add up really fast when you are trying to talk to someone. Some people use text PRIMARILY as they do not have available sources for other communication. Many college students, professionals, Doctors, Law enforcement etc send text daily….. wonder how many of them will have restraining orders for exceeding the Criner “text policy”? Exactly where the NC Genral Statue on excessive text written?? Berger get your law books, think you can beat this one buddy!

  • Really says:

    It was the “content” of the text messages as well as the overwhelming number with the same threading tone to either to her or himself. Keep discounting his behavior for your own personal political agenda and he do something to himself or someone else. Just ask is past girlfriends or maybe see the facts in the past police reports going back before Heather, he needs help.

  • Peyton Garrett says:

    I believe the judge based her decision on the number of texts and their content, not just the shear number. It doesn’t matter if there was one or 144, as in this case, it is the content that bears the weight of her decision. Mr. Bergers comments after the hearing again were rambling and baseless. Still playing the blame game, still delusional. Everyone is out to get Him. If, as he stated, wishes to put this chapter behind him, why would he challenge the order? Why question the ex for 45 minutes. Why assert that the Judge’s decision was predisposed against Him? And why, pray tell as I read on another post does Ben McCoy still take up for this Man? If anyone thinks this behavior is comparable to any of the other commissioner’s then they are as delusional as Mr.Berger.

  • Guest20 says:

    “Most people that send that many text send responses back and forth with: “k, yea, yes, no, maybe, want to, LOL, LMAO, SSS, etc so on and so forth.”

    That’s NOT the kind of texts Berger sent. His texts were professing his love for Heather and threats of suicide. He also sent pictures of how he carved his arm like a Thansgiving turkey with a razor. Come on, you can’t be THAT delusional!

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    Let’s face it – there are no minor children involved, so there are only two reasons why he would fight this: Either to protect his right to purchase another firearm…

    …or because he IS totally obsessed with this woman and thus very much deserves a restraining order.

    Here’s some good advice for Berger and everyone, something I picked up from the Naval War College: “Never look backward unless that’s the direction you plan on going.”

    When someone tells you they don’t want you around, how can you NOT be so insulted that you write that person out of your life immediately?

  • QuietOne says:

    I don’t think she was talking about texts in the context of a conversation. I think she meant 144 unwelcome texts that were an attempt to harrass. I mean, if you and your friend called each other 100 times a day to chat, that’s your business. If someone called you 100 times a day and each time you didn’t pick up, or answered and told them to stop calling, then this is harassment. Use some common sense here, please.

  • Guest31415 says:

    It said it was the content of the messages, not the volume.

  • Grand Ole Party says:

    I’m not really sure we needed to hear all this dribble. You sound like a clucking hen. 144 text is excesive no matter how you add it up. Provide us with you cell phone number and we will see how you like it. They were unwanted, thus the restraining order.

  • jano says:

    The Judicial system is swayed horribly to one side. I’ve seen this played out all to often with others. It takes a lot to win this type case for a man. Sad but true. I have seen with my own eyes, more than once, men having the screws put to them by a vendictive woman. We don’t know what happened, and to be honest I don’t want to. Let them handle it!

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