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COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The magistrate who issued a criminal summons for R.C. Soles yesterday says there was no reason to arrest the former senator, who was accused of beating a man.

Magistrate Tucker Ward says it was left to his discretion whether to arrest Soles or to serve him with a criminal summons.

Soles is charged with assault with a deadly weapon after Frankie Lee Jernigan claimed soles hit him in the face with a metal cane.

Ward says Soles decided to only issue the summons because he believes Soles is not a flight risk. The former senator is scheduled for a hearing on October 21.

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  • SurfCityTom

    and that seems to be all many of you Taborcitites do is stand on the sideline and spout off, the Magistrate did issue a summons which means there is a criminal charge pending.

    Too bad you apparently failed reading comprehension.

    Of course, in the absence of a firearm, I am still wondering how an old man, nearing 80 years of age, could physically threaten someone in their 20s.

  • Watching from the Sidelines

    Magistrate Tucker “Mack” Ward made a wrong decision in my opinion for not charging RC Soles with assault. Frankie Jernigan has visible signs of injury and according to his testimony Soles is the one who assaulted him. Considering the fact that Soles and Jernigan have had several encounters that didn’t escalate to violence, Ward should still have issued a warrant of assault against Soles.

    North Carolina laws are for everyone. There are no people above the law. Since former senator Soles helped make this laws, he of all people knew whenever he assaulted Jerningan what the consequences would be. But, I can just about bet you Soles knew no magistrate would charge him with assault. Magistrate Ward has shown that the law he is supposed to enforce is not for all people since he positioned himself with Soles and didn’t, in my opinion, take the correct stand and issue Soles with a warrant. This is absolutely unfair and unjust to the rest of the citizens of Columbus County as well as North Carolina. This makes me think that if Soles killed one of those guys, he wouldn’t be charged. I think the SBI needs to investigate Magistrate Ward as well. Magistrates aren’t lawyers, just former police officers. Their interpretation of the law is not always correct as in this case with Soles and Jernigan. Same on you, Mack Ward for not being brave enough to do your job correctly.

  • RSimmons

    to be 28 and having your butt kicked by a 76 year old man for refusing to reenact the Broke Back Mountain tent scene with him.

  • LAC

    How is he not arrested? This guy is a joke already. I have to say isn’t anyone else tired of hearing about him one week then Brian Berger the next?

    Seriously, can these people just go away!!!! And take Frog and Jenelle Evans with them.

  • Wade griffis

    I do not live in Columbus county, but I grew up in one much like it. There has been an entire industry built up about this man and his activities. Probably, the local pharmacy is getting rich off of his Viagra perscription.

    Then, a number of young men have dined out at his expense.

    Way up there in the boondocks, entertainment is probably hard to come by.

    What would the morning coffee crowd have to talk about without this soap opera? So, a case could be made that “ol RC” is stimulating the economy of Columbus County. The coffee shops are probably thriving.

    He is old and will die someday. Viagra will not help him where he is going.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    Of course he’s not a flight risk – so you arrest him, as would have been done to anyone else, and release him on no or low bond.

    You showed him special privilege because you and your entire county are deeply enmeshed in the good ol’ boy way of life that was common state-wide forty years ago. He’s your pal, so you checked your ethics at the door.

  • lee manning iii

    dear columbus county and retired senator soles just wanted yall to know how proud yall have made north carolina. thanks

  • Guest611

    HELLO??????????? COLUMBUS COUNTY Judicial system???? Is anyone there?? Apparently not…..How in the world can this man get away with all of this? I don’t care who he is. He is no better than any of the rest of us that live in Columbus County. Yet, he is allowed to get by with everything. I would already be under the jail if this were me. The citizens of Columbus County are SICK of this….it’s a circus….we are the laugh of the state right now! Hold him accountable for his evil actions!!!!!!!

  • SurfCityTom

    the Senator is not a flight risk. And by October 21, who knows how many times the accuser will have changed his song.

  • Guest757

    It will depend on just how much money Soels pays the accuser. That has been the circle for many, mnay years and until he goes to jail it will NOT stop. SOles thinks he is above the law.. d

  • My Personal Opinion

    I am truly am sorry for this young man, if it pans out to be truthful what he claims. And at the same time I’m thinking: Now this is my own personal opionion, nothing more and nothing less. I’m not taking sides, because I wasn’t there…but how does an old man like that beat the mess out of a young man like that? I’m not saying it didn’t happen, but it’s very unusal for a man at that age to do such damage and not get the mess beat out of him from the younger guy. Unless it was a matter of respect…the guy doesn’t believe in raising a hand to the elderly. But then I also have to say that Soles sure does keep company with some shady characters…and I personally believe he’s probably just as shady as they are. I don’t know him, personally, but how can there not be some truth to some of what is being bought to light about this older ‘gentleman’? It’s disgusting! I don’t know much about this most recent gentleman…haven’t heard much on him yet, but for the rest of the young ‘gentlemen’ that have been all up in the news with Soles, this is my thought (observation only)…you all and Soles are like 2,3,4, etc. ‘peas in a pod’! I hope that some day these ‘gentlemen’will grow up and see how foolish they all are acting. They are all grown adults and should act so….just my opinion.

  • Guest2020

    These you men are what they are in part because of him. This does not excuse their actions, but with these young men and this older man there is a lot more going on than meets the eye.

  • Guest1222

    hmm…I wonder what would happen to a normal regular citizen of this wonderful county? oh..he’s not a flight risk? Where is he gonna go? probably doing dumb things so he can get closer to the freak that’s in jail under a 25 mil bond. Oh and I still say we need to lock them all up including the never ending still wanna stay with the ex-girlfriend commissioner. Does WPD even have a cell big enough to hold all these misfits? Kinda like putting Barney, The teletubbies, and Gumby together. Scary.

  • Ken

    I remember the old TV show called Night Court. The TV show, while a comedy, was more serious than this real life circus in Columbus County. I’m of the opinion the Justice system in this state is shameful.

  • ohmy

    Attention RC haters: Don’t count “Big R” out just yet, with this new redistricting, if he decides to run for senate again, he would probably win.

  • Guest 28472


  • Sole-less

    Don’t you get it? Obviously he IS above the law. The rest of us would have been rotting in jail 30 years ago for actions like his.

  • SurfCityTom

    The Senator will not have to pay a single dime to that weasel or any other weasel if he chooses not to.

    He can let his high priced attorney get a change of venue.

    He can let his high priced attorney make mincemeat out of the accusor who has a track record of crimminal convictions as well as changing his story; it’s called lack of credibility.

    Or he can just go before the magistrate or court official; give a story concerning his fear for his safety, after all he is an old man who was threatened by someone, 28, with a violent past; and then either walk out a free man or pay a modest fine and walk out.

    The options are all in his court.

    What won’t happen? The magistrate or presiding court official will not allow any hear say or street gossip to be heard. He won’t allow any of the other weasels to testify unless they were present and can corroborate the testimony of the accussor.

    You folks who think you know the law shine in your ignorance. I declare, I think all of the 2011 candidates for the Forrest Gump “Stupid is as Stupid Does” award must come from Tabor City. And that’s an insult to Forrest.


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