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New Hanover High student-athlete arrested for Creekwood murder


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A New Hanover High School student-athlete has been charged with murder.

Wilmington Police arrested Tevin Sh'qur Quintell Hankins, 17, for first-degree murder after a shooting in the Creekwood community earlier this week.

Hankins was a junior at New Hanover High School and a starting defensive back on the Wildcat football team.

"I'm at a loss for words & absolutely devastated," New Hanover football coach Kevin Motsinger said in a text message to WWAY's John Rendleman.

A police spokeswoman confirms Hankins was charged in connection to the shooting in Creekwood Wednesday night that killed Jonathan Jones, Jr., 19, of Jacksonville. Police say Joseph Edwards Hanible, 24, of Wilmington was also injured in the shooting.

Police say a group of five or six men chased Jones and Hanible into a duplex and opened fire before driving off in two cars.

Police say the investigation into what happened continues.

Hankins, who made his first court appearance on the murder charge this morning, also has pending drug, trespassing and resisting an officer charges among others.

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Pot home and lil runt so I

Pot home and lil runt so I guess neither will be rotting in jail

jones, Not that innocent

Go to the link below if you think Jones was so innocent


This is crazy, people making this crime a black thing. Yes! The Hankins boys are black, and NO that doesn't make every black person a gangster. A man was killed, and the Hankin boys has been accused with the crime. Come on people lets stay focus on the crime that happen, not the color. My heart goes out to the victim's family.

Free my boy Tevin

Free my boy Tevin, I miss him so much! We were just talking about how we're so close to getting up out of here. This brings me to tears EVERYTIME! It's not the same at school, at the football games, or ANYWHERE! He's been in my life for too many years for him to be taken away from me. I'm going to pray and pray for him to come home, he had so much potential. Unlike other young black boys, Pot did his work and everything in school. He was a good boy, even though he made some wrong decisions. But you can't help that with the environment we've grown up in, it's all we know. I've made mistakes fighting girls, but that one charge made me think how this can mess me up in the long run. I've learned and realized to make the right decisions, and that's what I'm trying to teach all the young black teenagers, because we've had it rough and it's going to be tough for us to get up out of here! Free Tevin, he doesn't deserve this, I promise he doesn't.

Get the hell out of here

Get the hell out of here with that he killed my cousin so I don't care what kind of upbringing he had he still alive and he chose to kill my cousin in cold blood so I feel he needs to face consequences of his actions guess I don't get to see my cousin anymore because of what he did!

Justice for Jonathan Jones!

Justice for Jonathan Jones! I hope those boys stay in prison the rest of their lives. A younge soul did not deserve to be taken. He was a great friend, brother and son. He had potential just needed some guidance. Just happened to be in the wrong place messing with these punk ass little boys! He suffered death, To bad Wilmington doesn't have a death penealty for a crime like this.

By no means

am I suggesting he deserved to lose his life.

But, he had his first felony conviction at 16.

His parents were defense contractors in Guantanamo Bay. Their response was belated and fell short. Neither felt the need to take a leave of absence to help him with his issues or arrange his entry to live with them in Gitmo. One must wonder if there are younger siblings who are in similar circumstances?

So who should have been giving him guidance? You?

Wilmington does not have a death sentence. The state offers that penalty; and the elder of the 2 may be eleigible for it.

But, he had his first felony

But, he had his first felony conviction at 16.
--First of all, we have ALL done dumb things as kids, so that it NO excuse for his murder.

His parents were defense contractors in Guantanamo Bay. Their response was belated and fell short. Neither felt the need to take a leave of absence to help him with his issues or arrange his entry to live with them in Gitmo. One must wonder if there are younger siblings who are in similar circumstances?.
---Next, do not make assumptions!! His parents had only moved to Cuba a couple of months prior and they DID make arrangements for him to go to Gitmo which takes time and money, but unfortunately he was MURDERED before they we able to get him down there. Also, his older brother and his younger brother are great kids as was Jonathan. Every child deals with the trials and tribulations of life in different ways, so again, his mistakes do not justify his murder!!!

Why not read

the first sentence of my post?

Nowhere do I indicate he deserved to lose his life.

An I may have done dumb things in my youth, but I never racked up a felony conviction or even a speeding ticket. Had I, I am confident there would have been a swift and effective response at home for my misdeed.

I do state that parents should be accountable for thier children's upbringing.

Defense contractors are well paid, especially when working outside the country. It does not take that much time or that much money to get him to Gitmo, unless his prior felony conviction was standing in the way.

A felony conviction at 16.

Death at 19.

So let's organize a march. For what purpose? To salve feelings of guilt by the parents or older sibling?

Who should have been responsible for him at 19? Society? The taxpaying public?

Just wondering do you have

Just wondering do you have children or grandchildren? Teenage years are very difficult for the teen and the parents, at 18 they are adults by law. As a parent what would you do if your child disobeys you after he is 18 years of age. If he states to you I am an adult! What does a parent do, you seem to know what is in your opinion the right way to raise perfect kids, not even a speeding ticket! What if your 19 year old had a speeding ticket that he did not tell you about because he thought he could take care of it himself, and before you knew it he did not show up for court and there is a warrant for his arrest. I'm just curious.Would you pay it for him, ground him, you cannot hit him or they will arrest you, kick him out, quit your job so you can stay home and make sure he does what you tell him to???? The violence needs to stop and the children cannot stop it alone we need more outlets for our troubled youths not more jails to house them. In Jacksonville there is not even a Big Brothers program, no help for the young children who are starting to show signs of criminal acts and violence.
We will miss Jonathan dearly but I am also praying for the brothers and their families, Because I know they will also suffer from this horrible tragedy and if Jonathan was here with us he would be praying for them too. Please answer me I would love to know you opinion on this.

Not that it matters

but I have a daughter; honor graduate at Chapel Hill and George Mason. Celebrating her 11th wedding anniversary. Never a challenge. But then she was raised in an environment where laws and the rights of others were respected; and every action had a positive or negative reaction.

I have 3 grandchildren. The eldest is 5. They all say sir and maam. They understand there are rules for all. They go to church and Sunday School.

I can not speculate on how I would react; I never faced those challenges. My duaghter had goals from an early age; she knew what had to be done to achieve those goals.

Hopefully my grandchildren will follow in her steps. By that time I will likely be in the great hereafter; she will have to deal with it.

But it's interesting. I have several nieces and nephews. All raised in similar surroundings with involved parents. They are all married; working; and with one exception all are parents. Their children are being reared in similar conditions.

And the big impact -- involved parents who keep the child focused on their goals; their role in society; and their faith in God.

Is it always easy? Heck no. But which is more important? Being involved with your children and their future or popping a few cold ones down with your friends?

You want to take it from there?

You say there's no Boys Club. Go to United Way and start one. The ball's in your court.


"Life is hard; it's harder if you're stupid." - John Wayne

Are you serious?

A 19 year old is dead; finished; gone to Heaven. Another was shot and sent to the hospital.

One mistake?

He had multiple other charges pending against him from unrelated incidents. So this was not a single action which turned bad.

"He made some wrong decisions." And you attribute that to the environment he grew up in. Yet many posters were vocal in noting he had loving parents who raised him in a Christian household.

Seems to be some discrepancies in what you post and what many others posted.

Why not let the truth come out in court?

What will the value of your promise be, that he didn't deserve this, if he pleads guilty or is found guilty?

Did the deceased deserve to die? How about sharing your wisdom on that topic? For that matter are you participating in the March sponsored by the deceased's parents in Jacksonville?

You noted you missed him. His lawyer may be able to arrange visitation privileges for you? Especially, as you noted, you are trying to teach all young black teenagers from life's lessons you've had.

Dear Guest 21...

"Free your boy Tevin?!"...

"He was a good boy, even though he made some wrong decisions. But you can't help that with the environment we've grown up in, it's all we know."

>Yep, your environment is the reason he pulled the trigger. All his buddies have come here saying he was a good boy (The rest of us can't call him "boy"...that would be racist), that he lived with his mom and dad, went to church, etc. None of that mattered when HE decided to pull the trigger. Regardless of what you "promise", if he's found guilty, he deserves whatever sentence the judge gives him. I don't know what you mean by "get up out of here", but if that means straightening out your life and becoming a productive member of society, more power to you. I wish you the best.

taxpayer also

I can feel the air of belligerence in your comments. Nowhere is it even suggested that he was the shooter. Then you make such a rash inference as to state, "the rest of us can't call him 'boy'".

How ignorant is that? The rest of who I ask? Who is 'US'?

...this message is from another concerned taxpayer who clearly pays more taxes than you do, but also seems to care more about the lives of ALL involved. It was an unfortunate occurrence where a mother, father, and community lost a son and a prison gained more sons.

NC is my home state. I just moved back and one of the main reasons my wife was uncertain about the move is people like you.. your random comments-- visceral in nature.. the underlying air of racsim... and by the way, I don't hide behind login names TAXPAYER.

Say what you think like a man or shut up and let people grieve! I can't imagine what their families and fellow students are experiencing right now...


As i sit here and read all of these comments, i read the anger and hatred in most of you... whether we are black or white, purple or green, we are all human. we all have blood running through our veins... we all we all are sinners. i do not know if this kid shot that kid... but you know what, that kid, the one who was killed, no matter what he was there for or not there for, he is dead. and his family is grieving. His family is feeling the pain of burying their own child, a pain no parent should feel. but all you can see is color. we live in america, you expect your employer not to discriminate yet you are so quick to judge and condemn. were you there? maybe he was on a mission trip from God, maybe he was meeting a girl he was trying to save.. just maybe you shouldn't be so quick to judge. RIP Jonathan, and to the family... as i help one of you through this... my prayers are with all of you.

Not hatred

Just because we respond to some of these stories, it doesn't mean we are racist. I for one an fed up with the senseless killing of other humans and I don't care if it is a white man/woman or black man/woman killing, it is murder pure and simple. What ever happened to talking out your problems or stepping out into the yard and duking it out? Now it is too easy to pull out a weapon and just hurt or kill someone. A thug is a thug regardless of color and they need to be taken off the streets. A mistake - no it wasn't a mistake to pull out a weapon and kill this young man. It was intentional and cruel and now a family is mourning the loss of a loved one, regardless of how he might have been. He's dead and they will go visit his grave, while the family of the KILLER will get to visit him in prison. And don't give me the "he is a product of his environment" crap either. There are people out there every day that grew up in bad situations and turned out to be civilized human beings and made something positive out of their lives. You choose to be a gangbanger or a thug and you reap the consequences of your stupidity.

It probably would help your cause some if you would learn to spell and to speak in English instead of a language that makes you sound totally ignorant. Doesn't do much for your credibility - just saying!



That's because

That's because you have blinders on. You'll never believe it because you don't want to. Open up your eyes and look around your neighborhood. Really SEE what's going on. If you're open and honest about it, and not just defending your race, you'll see it.

You Think?

I guess you should race down to the Courthouse; and tell them they have the wrong persons in custody.

Your words and credibility should certainly cause the Judge to free them rather than require soneone to post multi-million dollar bail bonds to secure their release.

But if you know something they have hot lines you can call to provide credible and verifiable information.

If you do...

In the immortal words of my dear mother; If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got. I agree with the posters who are sick and tired. And guess what,...this is still can utter any descriptive word and no court in the land will convict you of anything. There are too many folks now who are tired of it and will stand behind you. I will have pity and empathy no more for groups of wild animals who terrorize people, steal and harm to get what they want. Why does the black man get a pass in this day of "equality" when the white man, who is really the victim, is treated like the perp?

You hit the nail

On the head! Thank you Guest6858 for saying it. It's out of control and completely unfair! I, for one am sick of it. They need to grow up and join civility.


Ebonics only make Blacks look and sound as stupid as people think they are. Speak English not Hoodrat Slang.

So Right!

You are SO right!

Aristotle said, "The educated differ from the uneducated as much as the living from the dead."

To people who don't live "in the hood", they sound like uneducated, drug using, violent gang members who will NEVER be a functioning part of society. It's the old "project mentality", and they will hand it down from generation to generation, with no hope of their children ever having a better life.

Only you can Change

A young black man is accused of murder. It happens every day in America. Plenty of blame to go around. Community, parenting, lack of respect for anything. It's easy to say "Dump this kid cause he's trash".
I'm not saying that's right, but when we see it EVERY DAY, we have to ask ourselves "Where is the NAACP, while this kid was growing up, instilling a positive attitude, attaining values, and instruction on how to succeed in life". Instead, they wait until someone is dead, convicted, or maimed for life, to come out and try to absolve guilt simply because of poor circumstances.

I don't believe, in a good polling of the black community, that a black man can be guilty of anything. When a community allows profane, thug like behavior, contempt for authority, and no one knows that it's going on? Come on, really? My parents would have whooped my @$$ for an hour if I didn't behave.

But seriously, family, friends, don't say you didn't know. You could have helped this young man. You didn't do him any favors.
You stereotyped him one way, just like others have, in another.

Hope and Change.
Hope is a feel good. Change is something only you can do.

They deserve to rot in jail

They deserve to rot in jail for what they did! I feel nothing for these lil boys who choose to play god & wana act out gangster movies that took the life of someone i can never get bck! I love yu gordo! They will pay for this

Not Guilty?

I guess from what I am seeing in these post, he is not guilty because he is BLACK. What a load of crap. I read the Star News online everyday, and the have a section called Mug Shots of everyone booked into the county jail, and guess what most of them are BLACK. Black men, Black women, all commiting crimes, and playing the race card because they will not take responsibility for anything they do. They think they are entitled to a free ride because their ancestors might have been slaves. Many Blacks think White people owe them something because of this. I grew up on Chestnut St, and I remember hearing gunfire coming from Creekwood all the time. I remember the Wilmington Police and the Sherrif's Department coming through my neighborhood looking for people from Creekwood who commited crimes. I remember gangs of Black guys and girls roaming the streets in my neighborhood, and then hearing about homes being broken into, or cars being stolen or robbed, and the drugs being sold. I also remember that EMS will not go into Creekwood without the police because the ambulances have been robbed of their drugs, because people called in false calls, and while the paramedics were looking for a victim, the ambulances were being cleaned out for the drugs they carried. This has been going on for years in Creekwood and the Blacks act like wild animals, and many think they are above the law. This so called good guy everyone is talking about fits right in the same group of loosers as the rest of these fools. He chose to pick up a gun, he chose to pull the trigger, and kill someone. He made the choice to be a FOOL. There were no innocent people involved that night, drugs and money were most likely involved, so crimes led to more crimes. Creekwood has long been the headquarters for criminal activity , and Wilmington needs to be rid of this place and the people in it. There are no innocent people in Creekwood, their families all know what is going on, and they profit from the drug money. Anyone with a brain knows what I am saying is right, and I would urge you to demand your government officals get rid of Creekwood, and any other housing projects where this kind of activity is going on.

Mr.Walters, You may be right

Mr.Walters, You may be right about getting rid of Creekwood, due to much gang activity. But, VERY WRONG ABOUT BLACKS commiting all crimes. Whites commitied crimes, its just not seen on t.v as much (hidden activity as well). As far as the Hankins boys if they are found guilty, they deserve a life sentence for taking a life. And, this is coming from a BLACK WOMAN who is SUCCESSFUL IN LIFE ( NEVER HAD,OR WANTED A FREE RIDE). MAY GOD BLESS US ALL!!!

Thank You!

Amen!!!!!!! I have been looking through back logs and this is not the first time a young person has been killed in Creekwood. It is crazy, this is also not the first time I hear that Church s do not want to go into that part of town "Where is your faith people", someone needs to get a plan and go in there and at least help the children that do not want to be in these gangs anymore and do not have any way out! Not every parent has the money to just move away from there but as a parent I am sure they want the best for their children. Thank you for your time, GOD bless all involved in this horrible situation!


I did not say all Blacks commit crimes. I said all the Blacks locked up in the county jail commited crimes. See you make things appear to say what you want them too. Yes there are plenty of Whites commiting crimes, but Blacks commit the majority of the crimes in the United States according to the size of our population. Please read things carefully before you try to twist words to fit your agenda.