New Hanover High student-athlete arrested for Creekwood murder

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Submitted: Sat, 09/17/2011 - 1:34am
Updated: Sun, 09/18/2011 - 2:51pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A New Hanover High School student-athlete has been charged with murder.

Wilmington Police arrested Tevin Sh’qur Quintell Hankins, 17, for first-degree murder after a shooting in the Creekwood community earlier this week.

Hankins was a junior at New Hanover High School and a starting defensive back on the Wildcat football team.

“I’m at a loss for words & absolutely devastated,” New Hanover football coach Kevin Motsinger said in a text message to WWAY’s John Rendleman.

A police spokeswoman confirms Hankins was charged in connection to the shooting in Creekwood Wednesday night that killed Jonathan Jones, Jr., 19, of Jacksonville. Police say Joseph Edwards Hanible, 24, of Wilmington was also injured in the shooting.

Police say a group of five or six men chased Jones and Hanible into a duplex and opened fire before driving off in two cars.

Police say the investigation into what happened continues.

Hankins, who made his first court appearance on the murder charge this morning, also has pending drug, trespassing and resisting an officer charges among others.


  • sharon says:

    I have read alot of these comments also….and my hat goes off to you…wonderfully said and I hope that alot of people take tyour advice. It is time for us to come together and pray for all that is involved.

  • Guest461 says:

    …and got attacked by the Whitey gangs!!! Those gangs are tough there. They even force pickup truck owners to hide their trucks in there garage and rarely enforce the back door slamming that goes on after the hubbys go to work!

    You brought it out in the open and now we have to address it. We tried to tell you not to move in there with the Soda Crackahs and the Whitebreads….

    Proving those two NIMRODS guilty of murder should be an easy task! Too many eye witnesses. My bet is they work a plea for 2nd degree murder and never go to trial.

  • Guest DEDE says:

    I don’t trust any gang (white,black,cold,hot, little or big), and when it comes to my family i don’t take it lightly at ALL! IT’s still a problem!!!!

  • Zoe says:

    They deserve to rot in jail for what they did! I feel nothing for these lil boys who choose to play god & wana act out gangster movies that took the life of someone i can never get bck! I love yu gordo! They will pay for this

  • Zoe says:

    Umm..yes he is dead for no dammn reason! No one deserve that! So watch what the hell yu say

  • Guest911 says:


  • Everyone is waiting says:

    A young black man is accused of murder. It happens every day in America. Plenty of blame to go around. Community, parenting, lack of respect for anything. It’s easy to say “Dump this kid cause he’s trash”.
    I’m not saying that’s right, but when we see it EVERY DAY, we have to ask ourselves “Where is the NAACP, while this kid was growing up, instilling a positive attitude, attaining values, and instruction on how to succeed in life”. Instead, they wait until someone is dead, convicted, or maimed for life, to come out and try to absolve guilt simply because of poor circumstances.

    I don’t believe, in a good polling of the black community, that a black man can be guilty of anything. When a community allows profane, thug like behavior, contempt for authority, and no one knows that it’s going on? Come on, really? My parents would have whooped my @$$ for an hour if I didn’t behave.

    But seriously, family, friends, don’t say you didn’t know. You could have helped this young man. You didn’t do him any favors.
    You stereotyped him one way, just like others have, in another.

    Hope and Change.
    Hope is a feel good. Change is something only you can do.

  • Guest2012 says:

    You said, “I have sat here and read all the comments on here. I can’t believe that some of them actually were allowed to be posted”.

    Allowed? Who is going to stop it… a Blog Czar??? (THANKS SCOTT, for not being a Blog Czar!)

    Guest 1234, you need to READ, and then Re-read the American Constitution. You may learn and appreciate that our Armed Forces and our Veterans have fought and died to maintain our God Given Rights and Freedoms, which includes our First Amendment right to freedom of speech.
    We also have the Constitutional Right to Carry and Bear Arms for protection, but not to chase gang members into an unfortunate innocent strangers HOME, up into the SECOND Floor and shoot to KILL.
    Then you said, “This is the first time I have brought up the beliefs I have of the Lord. I usually don’t do that as to not Offend anyone.”

    You offended me by not professing your faith, unconditionally. Think about it! Be proud that you are not an atheist or agnostic!

    For crying out loud, USE your freedom of speech and QUIT TRYING TO BE SO DAM* POLITICALLY CORRECT. Instead of WORRYING about being sooooooo offensive, use your God-given intelligence, logic and speech to reach the youth, your daughter included, who think this kid is innocent because he is charasmatic and on a football team at her high school.
    You need to say, “Honey, I know it is hard to believe, but it happened, and the evidence will be there in court to prove him INNOCENT, if he is indeed innocent. But, if he is guilty, they may have everything from gun powder residue on his hands to his fingerprints on the gun, bullets, etc”…and we can only pray that he has a little brother, cousin, neighbor who DOES EVERYTHING in his power NOT to END UP like this strait A student, who didn’t have a lick of sense.”
    Now, do you think they are giving out A’s for being a sports figure starter?? Or maybe his teach was fearful of doing otherwise?

  • Guest333 says:

    Read the post by this dudes cousin, right BELOW your post.

    He/she CERTAINLY seems to know when they state that the one that was killed was a GANG MEMBER who kills others, etc.

    Now, re-read your post about “US” making stereotypic comments. How dare you!

    Are you big enough to apologize for calling us bigots?

    HiS COUSIN stated all kinds of things. READ!!!!!!!!!!

  • sharon says:

    is indeed a great suggestion.

    2 parent families, with a FATHER (MALE ROLE MODEL) may be the solution though.

  • Missy says:

    Last I looked, we were spending trillions on education in this country.

    The opportunities are there, if young people are willing to do the work and stay clean.

    That includes staying away from people where you can go to prison for just being in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

  • Guest Dianna says:

    “Black men, black women all commiting crimes, and playing the race card because they will not take resposibility for anything they do”. You clearly state ALL!

  • anne says:

    What a shameful waste of a young man’s life. A 19 year old is dead and leaves his family and friends to grieve, and a 17 year old’s life is changed forever. Instead of acting like a man and settling something with talk or even a good fist fight and then walking away; no, he chose to pull out a gun and take someone’s life. What is happening to us people? It is so easy to pick up a weapon and just use it to settle a dispute, but do you even consider the ramifications of doing that? No you don’t.

    I am sure there will be family and friends who will start posting how good he is and he is just a product of his life, but forget it. Look at his record. He is a hoodlum pure and simple. Hopefully, when or if he is committed of this crime, he can spend his days sitting in jail and contemplating what he has done, and just hopefully, he can change his life around. For his family – I am sorry for you that you may lose your son to jail. But at least you can go visit him – the other family doesn’t have that option any more because of your son’s choice.

  • Guest Tired of you! says:

    For anybody, to call a human and animal is trash! I can say that, but it doesnt make me any better calling anyone trash. Watch you SAY about human life!

  • Guest123 says:

    The Licenses Counselors here, in Wilmington, North Carolina need to be observed. Will ask and tell the parents to step back and give the minor child some breathing room. Yes! They will make mistakes and they will be punished for their bad choices. I have been told that so many times and I have seen it being told recently to my sister, with her teen age son. But, it seems like, every time a minor does something wrong. Someone quickly ask where are the parents??? Well by our licenses counselors. We the parents are not suppose to stop or prevent our minor children in doing wrong. The counselors needs to go back to get more education in counseling our children. If we discipline our children we are threatened to have the taken away. If we try to talk with our children and set examples, for our minor children we are in the wrong. Our counselors have told, several of our parents in front of the minor child. The parents really need to back off and give the minor breathing room. So, what are us parents suppose to do??? For those that are reading this. I would like to let you know. I do not know any of the people involved in this story. But, what the 17 year old done wrong and the choices he made. He will get what he deserves and what he has coming to him. What is a parent suppose to do in this state???

  • Guest6858 says:

    In the immortal words of my dear mother; If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got. I agree with the posters who are sick and tired. And guess what,…this is still America…you can utter any descriptive word and no court in the land will convict you of anything. There are too many folks now who are tired of it and will stand behind you. I will have pity and empathy no more for groups of wild animals who terrorize people, steal and harm to get what they want. Why does the black man get a pass in this day of “equality” when the white man, who is really the victim, is treated like the perp?

  • guesty says:

    To answer your last question Guest123, a parent is supposed to be just that, a parent. They are supposed to be involved in their child’s life, know who their child is hanging out with, how the child is doing in school. The parents are supposed to instill values, morals and ethics into their child. Their isn’t an easy button to push. Sacrifices have to be made, choices made and repercussions for actions have to be given. If you allow your child to roam the streets, come home with a wad of cash but no job, walk around with their pants falling off you are not doing anyone any favors.

    That is part of what a parent is supposed to do.

  • ILM NATIVE says:

    on Princess Place Dr. when Creekwood was built (between 29th and 30th street) in the big brick house and owned the big 2 story white house that was there next to it and had to move. We had blacks from there coming into the yard in broad daylight stealing everything they could get their hands on and a couple that just came in the door while my mother and myself were there, but left fast when the 12 gauge shout gun came out.The building of Creekwood caused our family to move from there where my family and my grandparents had lived from 1921,we owned 1/2 the whole block at that time. My father was scared to leave my mother at home with these thugs roaming around. Creekwood should be bulldozed and all of the lowlifes run out of there. Yeah I saw the devastation they have caused to a great neighborhood first hand. NO SYMPATHY

  • Random says:

    People are quick to comment when they don’t know the whole story!!! Innocent until proven guilty!!!! So I guess u think that the deceased is innocent!!! He dead for no reason!!! Yeah right!!!

  • Charles Walters says:

    I remember that house, and I also remember when you could leave your doors unlocked in that neighborhood. Now you have to nail everything down because that bunch gangbanger wanna-bes and hoodrat hoochies think they are above the law. Maybe they should look at the eugenics project again so these animals can’t reproduce.

  • Gramps1935 says:

    The bright side of the story is…..Central Prison will get a badly needed safety, for its football team.

  • Guest6858 says:


  • Charles Walters says:

    I guess they should just let him go and smack him on the hand and say “Now don’t do it again” They will answer to him sometime, but for now they will have to answer to a judge and jury. Maybe the jury can arrange for a needle in his arm then he can get that judgement from God you talk about. I bet you would not be spouting off this crap if your daughter was knocked up with his baby or he had just shot her in the head. You would be screaming for him to be dead, so take the crap you are talking and go away.

  • Gwendolyn Allen says:

    People are quick to comment because in their minds it makes them feel “secure”; they have no idea of a story other than what is reported and that’s why Americans are so gullible; they won’t stop and take the time to think for themselves, right or wrong; takes too much effort and compassion.

  • Guesthadenough says:

    On the head! Thank you Guest6858 for saying it. It’s out of control and completely unfair! I, for one am sick of it. They need to grow up and join civility.

  • Guest7777 says:

    I know I have not walked in this young man’s shoes and I do not think anyone else has either. It was reported that these young men were robbed by the 2 men that were shot. I am definitely not saying and eye for an eye but I cannot begin to understand what it is like to be raised in a community where you see crime all the time. I do know that Tevin is a good student and a great football player and obviously he made a terrible choice. He turned himself in. I also think that the only person that can judge these young men is God.

  • guesty says:

    Dey b couzins!

  • Guest20 says:

    “Creekwood should be bulldozed and all of the lowlifes run out of there.”

    I disagree with this one statement. Please let them all continue to stay there, and don’t scatter them throughout the city. At least they’re all in one place, mostly hurting each other instead of running loose in OUR neighborhoods.

  • theo says:

    Nice! Thanks for the laugh, that was funny!

  • Guest20 says:

    You are SO right!

    Aristotle said, “The educated differ from the uneducated as much as the living from the dead.”

    To people who don’t live “in the hood”, they sound like uneducated, drug using, violent gang members who will NEVER be a functioning part of society. It’s the old “project mentality”, and they will hand it down from generation to generation, with no hope of their children ever having a better life.

  • Guest20 says:

    Why is your friend’s nickname “Pot”? Is that because he smokes it a lot, or because he sells it? Just curious…

  • Guest4580249850985 says:

    that if he has all of those prior charges, he has a full scholarship to any college. And he is a junior. Scholarships are not awarded until senior year.

  • wilmington smh says:

    Exactly!! I’m appalled at these assumptions and accusations!!! Wpd is only doing their job!! God has this young mans back!!! All the racial slurs and stereotypical comments disgust me!!!guilty until proven innocent guilty until proven innocent!!!!!! One last question that’d puzzling me!!!! WHAT WAS THE VICTIMS PURPOSE IN WILMINGTON? SAYS HES FROM JACKSONVILLE?I wonder ??? Innocent Guy. Still????

  • L.D. says:

    First of all you obviously don’t know the whole story. You only know what you heard and saw on the news. My cousin is not a hoodlum he is a straight “A” student with a football scholarship headed for college. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but know what your talking about before you start talking. Yes a family lost a loved one as well but he was no angel either he was a gang member who robbed people for a living. So like I said find out the whole story before you start posting comments like you did. Oh yeah by the way my cousin Tevin Hankins is INNOCENT!!

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    It brings new meaning to, “Every day I’m shuff-a-lin!”

  • Guest2020 says:

    I wasn’t there and I don’t know the story and I don’t know who did what, but God is not the only one who can judge these young men. Our judicial system can judge them.

  • L.D. says:

    I see alot of negative posts on here about my cousin. The sad thing is you people are so quick to pass judgement when he hasnt even went to trail. The law says ionnocent until proven guity and in this case he is innocent.. He did not commit any of the crimes he is being charged with. Im not saying he is an angel but he is a straight “A” student with a promising future for college. Everyone is so quick to call my cousin a thug and a hoodlum but the boys who were shot were members of a gang who are known for robbing and killing! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but know the truth before you start posting the nonsense thats on here!

  • Sam077 says:

    First and foremost Tevin Hankins is someones child. Secondly no comments are needed if you do not know what the case maybe. At a time like this the family needs prayer more than anything.. think about it like this, if you’re child was in a situation how would you want people to speak on them.. May GOD watch over this gentlemen..

  • peace says:

    okay, so they say he killed someone that dosent mean he did it until he is actually convicted and who are we to belittle him? we dont know what the reason was behind the shooting just because he’s black we all assume its “gang” related. The stereotypes of african americans are ridiculous not every black person is out in the streets “hustling” or whatever and just becasue some of us live in the “hood” dosent mean that we wanna even be there. not everyone was raised with a silver spoon in their mouth life is about decisions and mabe tevin and his brother didnt make the right one but that dosent anyone has the right to come on here and talk bad about someone who cant even defend themselves right now!!Like get a friggin life

  • Charles Walters says:

    I said that they were booked into the county jail because that is where they are, IN JAIL for commiting crimes. Yes they blame everyone else except themselves. You hear it on the news, you see it in the papers. You also see it on sites like this Blacks saying free Blacks because they are innocent even if they were caught in the act of commiting a crime. You are doing the same thing, you are a Black woman defending Blacks who commit crimes. How many of them are a part of your family? How many of them are locked up right now. I bet you can not or will not answer that.

  • Gordito says:

    Amen!!!!!!! I have been looking through back logs and this is not the first time a young person has been killed in Creekwood. It is crazy, this is also not the first time I hear that Church s do not want to go into that part of town “Where is your faith people”, someone needs to get a plan and go in there and at least help the children that do not want to be in these gangs anymore and do not have any way out! Not every parent has the money to just move away from there but as a parent I am sure they want the best for their children. Thank you for your time, GOD bless all involved in this horrible situation!

  • Yet again says:

    I do not know anything about this situation but for those of you who know anything about how the police and court systems work do not say he is guilty until a trial proves it. Not one of us know any of the evidence and his brother is still on the run. The cops could be holding him trying to get him to give up who was driving his car…who knows…I don’t either but let the situation lay out and then see what happens.

  • L.D. says:

    My cousin is innocent!! I dont care who doesnt believe it and I dont care about the negative posts. He came from a good home with two loving parents and a loving family. No he is not perfect but no one is except God so let him do the judging because God knows Tevin is innocent. Everyone is attacking my cousin’s character and my family’s character but no one is speaking on the fact the the other guys are known gang members who rob and kill everyday! All I know is God had the last say so and all of you are non factors!! Goodnight.

  • Guest2012 says:

    Well said Guesty!

    And, I have to wonder WHO would listen to a Counselor who gave such ill advise to a parent?
    I say that it is time to quit blaming others, like Professional Counselors, and have the courage and conviction to blame the root of the problem…single mothers who are disconnected with their sons and daughters, but VERY connected to “the system” that provides Free Housing, Free EBT Card, Free Medical, Free COLLEGE, Free bies period.

    Someday the Democrats are going to wake up and realize that they are being Slaves to “the System” that Keeps them DOWN by ‘floating’ them JUST enough $ to entice. REPUBLICANS do not live in the HOOD. WHY?

    Join the Winning side and Vote for emancipation from the “Hood” and ALL the CRAP that the HOOD LIFESTYLE offers…beyond the ‘wonderful subsidized living’. AT what cost do you JUSTIFY staying DOWN in the gutter? Death of a loved one? Get out and join the workforce, and live where the hoodlums don’t run into your home and shoot people DEAD, for CRYING OUT LOUD!!!

  • Guest00 says:

    Is he really innocent or are you blind from the truth because he is your cousin? Whether or not he was the one that actually did the shooting that night he was there. You say that the deceased person was, “a gang member who robbed people for a living.” If he was so good then why was he involved with this type of person, or involved with people that were involved with this type of person? My cousin was also charged with murder a few months ago along with another guy. I didn’t really know what my cousin was doing for a living, but I thought he was a good person. Even though I still love my cousin I can still see that he is not innocent whether he pulled the trigger or not. If he was there, with those people, and knew what they were doing then saying he is innocent would be ignorant.

  • Grand Ole Party says:

    Who knows if he is innocent, he’s dead so we won’t get to hear his story stupid!! He’s dead for no reason, not HE DEAD FOR NO REASON. Speak some english or don’t bother speaking at all.

  • Grand Ole Party says:

    What was the victims purpose in Wilmington????? Really are you that ignorant? Was he not allowed to go to Wilmington? I take it you are easy to puzzle.

  • Guest1234 says:

    I have sat here and read all the comments on here. I can’t believe that some of them actually were allowed to be posted. I don’t know this young man at all. My daughter goes to the school and she knows of him. She can’t believe that this has happened to this young man. I do feel sorry that he has made this choice. Hopefully it will all end with the “truth”. The only persons who know the actual truth are the ones who were involved and the person who has paid for it with his life. The one person on here who should be most concerned with all of this is GOD. These young men will have to answer to him in their own time. I hope by then, they will have realized that he is their only salvation. I pray for all the involved parties to this situation. To the ones on here I am not going to “judge” you at all. But, I will say this go back and read your Bibles. You are all going against the word of the Lord. This is the first time I have brought up the beliefs I have of the Lord. I usually don’t do that as to not Offend anyone. But, my heart is saddened by reading all the hate and the finger pointing that has become out world of today. To the ones involved Please think of what has happened and do the right thing for yourselves and for your families who have to live this with you. TO the ones on here making the nasty remarks remember God is the only one who should Judge. God Bless Us All. <3

  • Jwhiz says:

    I don’t have any family members in jail. I am a Software Engineer. I’m black. Mr Walters, I don’t understand what the color of the defendant’s skin has to do with anything. Contrary to what you believe, there are many white people in jail for the same type of crap. I’m not calling you a racist; I don’t even know you. There are Black Gangbangers, white gangbangers, latino, NA, etc etc. What we all really need to be talking about is the deginerate society that we are becoming. It’s happening all over to all ethnic groups, areas, etc etc. The folks talking about “he wouldn’t do that” are obviously kids, and probably friends of this worm. You aren’t helping at all. If anything, you are reinforcing the belief that many young black males have that “whitey is out to get them”. Now, I know that this is 98% inaccurate, but they probably don’t. That is all.

  • Charles Walters says:

    Ebonics only make Blacks look and sound as stupid as people think they are. Speak English not Hoodrat Slang.

  • Prayer says:

    Ignorance! When it’s all said and done you will have to answer for your short comings and I can tell by your comments you got it all figured out (NOT) every one needs to follow your system of living but you will see God has the last say so even in your little perfect world. The lord will show all that don’t know him. If this young man was wrong he will answer just like you, sit around making smart alec remarks about the “HOOD” don’t think your HOOD is safe, the spirit of death and danger is everywhere it happens even in Landfall the Nice Gated neighbor-HOOD. If you think it can’t happen to you or one of your family members think again death comes in many ways and it not prejudice, weather by gun, car accident,someone drinking and driving or disease it will effect you and yours. Stop stereo typing the young man and his family background especially if you have no clue about them. I pray for both sides of and that’s what’s needed not your ignorant comments about your thoughts on “The System” and how feel people getting over. God will be the judge for all even you in the end! Grow Up and seek God and learn to pray.

  • Wendy says:

    FIRST AND FOREMOST!! Everyone loses here. These boys DID come from a good home. They have an excellent mother and father and home life. Once our children leave our homes we dont know what they are gonna do. Is it sad that he was going to be a huge football star…yes. Is it sad that a child lost his life…yes Is is sad that two mothers are now without their sons…yes. Anyone remeber the saying..It takes a community to raise a child? well we as a community have failed these children. So while your busy running our mouth about these childrens parents….ake a mirrior and look at yourself….

  • Brock says:

    Let me correct your statment:

    My cousin was a straight-A student headed to college with a scholarship. Now he will lose that scholarship and probably not find a new one even if acquitted once it finally goes to trial.

  • Charles Walters says:

    I did not say all Blacks commit crimes. I said all the Blacks locked up in the county jail commited crimes. See you make things appear to say what you want them too. Yes there are plenty of Whites commiting crimes, but Blacks commit the majority of the crimes in the United States according to the size of our population. Please read things carefully before you try to twist words to fit your agenda.

  • Thereisnonews says:

    First of all….cops are very, very smart…they know all the gangbangers in town whether the gangbangers know it or not. They just don’t want to catch you yet. They’ve got something on this guy, or else he wouldn’t have been arrested…

    That being said…this going out to both blacks and whites…does anyone not see a problem with identifying suspects in the media as black or white where they only identify the suspects height, weight, and attire? How about telling the race so that cuts down on the percentage of people to look for?

    How about the new “flash mob” craze spreading across the US as far as “unruly teens” invading stores and robbing them blind…or attacking groups of white people. They’re not unruly teens..they’re black people. It hasn’t hit here in ILM, but it’s on the way…The media needs to stop being so PC and report what is actually going on. Enough is enough regarding PC….It makes the media look like jackasses….your viewers are not as stupid as you think they are.

  • KT says:

    We are a greedy nation; money, bling, things matter. OK, so follow the money. We do not spend money educating our young children or in programs to keep people OUT of prison…in my opinion…because JAILS AND PRISONS ARE MONEY-MAKING VENTURES…take a look sometime at who will make money off of this young man (or anyone else’s) arrest: stock holders who invest in jails and prisons. Prisons, for the most part, are NOT OWNED by you and me but ARE PRIVATE COMPANIES owned by the same people who already get tax breaks and ………So ‘”Crack down on crime” ( and I am not talking about this particular case, but if you want to solve a problem, look at who is making money from the results) sounds good to so many people. But it is often manipulation of the naive for the profit of the already wealthy. In other words, if I get you to put everyone in prison for smoking a bit of dope, I am making money off of your good intent. Ever heard of a real cure for cancer or high blood pressure? No, we treat it because treatment is the goose that lays the golden egg. Cure stops the money flow. Greed…money…Crime makes money for the people at the end of the chain; not those committing it.

  • Guest2012 says:

    You mean that your cousin WAS a strait A student and WOULD have been headed to college, but now has to stand trial for the MURDER of another hood.

    Prisons are full of “INNOCENT” (wink, wink) ignorant geniuses.

    But, since he is innocent, he won’t be convicted. All the EVIDENCE that is presented at the trial will show that your cousin didn’t murder the gangbanger, right???

    Yep, Ignorant geniuses, who could have been the next O.J. on a football scholarship…(ooops, innocent too?)or another Einstein. If convicted of this Capital Offense, no one will ever know, his life will be over.

    And, I am sorry to tell you this, but if your cousin goes to jail, then to prison, his growth stops there.

    When he gets out in… lets just say… 30 years, he will still be 17 years old, mentally, emotionally, psychologically. However, physically, he will be 15-20 years older than his 47 year old chronological age. Poor thing! (Shouldn’t have had that darn gun at 17.)

    That is a well researched fact. Go to UNC-W or an ivy league college and ask any PhD Sociology or Criminology professor to SHOW YOU THE FACTS on violent criminals stunted growth patterns, once they become incarcerated.
    Institutionalized, and no decisions to make for the term of his sentence. The “system” makes all the decisions for him.

    Forrest Gump says,
    “stupid is as stupid does.” Hope it was worth it for your cousin NOT to be at home where he should have been doing his homework and watching TV with mom and granny. and his daddy(?)

  • WilliamSmith says:

    He dun did sumthin stupid! He call himself visiting our hood! He kno betta na! PPl who be comin hurr deserve to be shot!

    yeah ok…..

    and the world is full of these people…scary huh?

  • GuestPAT says:

    Why are all these young ”kids” getting into a life of crime? Homelife,peer pressure..schooling?? Our young need so much direction and incentive from all their surroundings..isnt there a Tech school in our high schools? Carpentry,nursing,etc.,anything to get their minds onto somekind of a career for their future.Parents especially need to guide their way in a positive they do not go into a lifestyle of crime. Come on parents,you CAN do it!!! Save your child!! So sad…

  • thetruth says:

    Let them all kill each other, less trash for the rest of us to worry about. Seventeen, straight A’s, college? Doesn’t matter. He still was stupid enough to get involved in this- he deserves what he gets.

  • Guest7969 says:

    call your bluff…post up a copy of his last report card…I don’t believe you!

    Better off dead now…instead of me having to fork up tax dollars to support him in prison!

  • Guest GOOGLE Bricks says:

    The news article says that a group of 5 or 6 men chased this boy into a duplex and open fired. It didn’t say if this person who was arressted even had a gun. I hate it for anyone who is involved with the justice system this day and time because if a group acted that caused something to happen then the group should be responsible..and whos to say it is not a case of mistaken idneity..that crap happens all the time…so those of you who are bravoing the police and already willing to give punishment to this boy, remember he is innocent until proven guilty….plan and simple..

  • Guest DEDE says:

    Sorry to say im black and live in a white neighborhood, and cant trust nobody. I have to lock up and watch my back, because of the white gangs. I GUEST NO ONE WANTS TO TALK ABOUT THAT?? Anyway, these young men needs to be proven guilty first, before everybody start judging!

  • Guest217 says:

    His nickname is “Pot” because of a movie called “Dude, where’s my car?” He watched the movie, and thought it was funny that the dude said “Smokey MattPot” Tevin is a silly boy, and wanted to start being called that. People started calling him that, and eventually it was shortened to “Pot.” And that was like in the fifth grade, so NO that name didn’t come from him smoking or selling, and if you’re “just curious” why did he have to be either smoking it or selling it? Stop it with the stereotyping.

  • Just another Guest says:

    Its a good thing that these liberal prisons have college programs – Tevin will be able to continue his REAL education as he’s just got his diploma in his street education.

    So, its OK for a 17 year old student to carry a gun? Doesn’t sound like for protection if he chased someone into a home, asked the people there where the victim was, and then chased up stairs to murder them. Gang thieves or not – he’s so much worse. At least the victims hadn’t crossed that line into murderers – yet. Tevin is so much worse – hope he enjoys hell. Sorry you’re going to waste so much of your life praying and fretting over this “kid”.

  • AlGEEEE says:

    It does not matter if the guy who was shot was “innocent” or why he was there.

    Even if he was dealing crack to 5 year olds he should not have been shot without a trail.

    If the police had chased and shot him unarmed the public would be rioting.

    I’m not sure this was gang related but going back in history the Mafia learned that killing was bad for business and unless there was some real money to be gained why bring the heat. All the killing because someone gave the wrong finger sign is just stupid. More so when your plan does not even let you get away with it for 24 hours.

  • Wallace says:

    First of all you obviously don’t know the whole story. Oh yeah by the way my cousin Tevin Hankins is INNOCENT!!

    So you do know the whole story??

    Please tell us who did it…

  • Guest2012 says:

    I’m callin’ my broker on Monday. never thought of that;,)

    I could be a Billionaire.

  • Guest228 says:

    so because your cousin got robbed, he was justified in killing someone? I mean he ran this guy into someone else house and shot and kill him and injuring the other guy with a gunshot wound to his can rest assure that GOD wont see your ideology that way.

  • Missy says:

    It just occurred to me that this young man, Tevin Hankins shares a last name with Markus Hankins, a young man who was killed in Brunswick county last year.

    Wonder if they are related?

  • guesty says:

    Well isn’t that just a bucket full of sunshine and rainbows. That is great he is someones child. Lets give him an award and a parade for being born. The one that was murdered was someones child as well. If my child were ever dumb enough to run with a gang, I would have to tell him enjoy his time in the bed that he has made.

    And then add the last sentence from the story to complete the whole picture of who this kid is: “…has pending drug, trespassing and resisting an officer charges among others.”

    Yea, I’m sure he is a great guy and I should have him over for dinner.

  • Guest12341 says:

    Sorry, but this is Wilmington, NC – there are VERY few times when there is a mistaken identity. Is there racial profiling? OF COURSE, but in THIS case, i HIGHLY doubt that it was a mistaken identity. Lastly, the article does not say anything about him having a gun, but it didn’t say that he DIDNT have a gun either….they can only report what has happened…
    SO to all of the people getting upset talking about how the media is out to get people- if you notice, they didn’t slam him, they only reported what they have and if he has a past that is relevant to the current charges then they are obligated to point that out too….this fellow just made a poor decision with him and his “friends”…someone has to pay for the crime that was committed on Wednesday. If there was something that happened that led to this tragic event then maybe they should have had a good ol fist fight or take it to the police. Now, he is facing an extended vacation. It’s just sad that he is so young and his older brother is leaving him to take all of the charges ALONE!!

  • Guest4589 says:

    Really, just lunge at them and they’ll run screaming. Heck, if you’re a black man, just give them a dirty look and they’ll take off. I’ll promise you that Ethan, Taylor and Aaron might look thuggish in their Lil’ White Gangsta apparel but they’re still a bunch of mama’s boys.

  • Guest55 says:

    Aye Mann Free My Homie/Brother/Teammate Pot Yo…… He dont deserve this at all mann. My Boy got a bigg future ahead of him man. everybody writting these negative comments on here dont even no my boy pot or da situation. FFFRREEEEE MMMYYYY BBBOOYYYY PPPOOOOTTTT

  • guesty says:

    From the story: “…Hankins, who made his first court appearance on the murder charge this morning, also has pending drug, trespassing and resisting an officer charges among others.”

    Please tell us what college would give him a scholarship? He has won a full ride to Central Prison where if we are lucky he will get to ride the lightning. Crank up ole sparky for this “good boy.”

  • Dianna says:

    Mr.Walters, You may be right about getting rid of Creekwood, due to much gang activity. But, VERY WRONG ABOUT BLACKS commiting all crimes. Whites commitied crimes, its just not seen on t.v as much (hidden activity as well). As far as the Hankins boys if they are found guilty, they deserve a life sentence for taking a life. And, this is coming from a BLACK WOMAN who is SUCCESSFUL IN LIFE ( NEVER HAD,OR WANTED A FREE RIDE). MAY GOD BLESS US ALL!!!

  • Mrs.B says:

    DITTO, That’s what’s up, here. Everyday. Wilmington, get up on this. Just a bunch of B.S. If it is gangs, bath salts, any other bull squeeze, whoever is in charge needs to get a grip on the situation here. Folks need to step up and help their community take control of their state. Not your neighborhood, your whole state, even go so far as to help your country. STEP IT UP, TAKE CHARGE. Stop the destruction of our nation, do something, anything to prolong the continuation of out nation!

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    “Prisons, for the most part, are NOT OWNED by you and me but ARE PRIVATE COMPANIES owned by the same people who already get tax breaks and ………”

    Private prisons house less than five-percent of people imprisoned in the United States.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    Stop carrying a revolver or .45 auto and start carrying a Beretta 92, SiG 226 or Browning Hi-Power. I’m not a big fan of 9mm, but you more than double the number of rounds and as long as you stagger-load FMJ with JHP of equal weights, you should achieve satisfactory results. The NATO MilSpec FMJ is hot enough to stagger-load with 124 gr JHP +P.

    Head shots on close-in targets are also recommended when using a 9mm.

    Just remember to stop shooting when you have nothing but backs available, or they’ll make YOU into the bad guy, like they did to Bernhard Goetz.

  • Peyton Garrett says:

    If 3 or more men chase a couple of other men into a home and shoot them it has to do with drugs, money, drugs, money, drugs money or drugs. And this being in Creekwood that just confirms it had to do with drugs, money,drugs, money, drugs,money, drugs and money. and, if all you folks who live in Creekwood don’t want this type of activity, help the police and speak up rather than criticize and clam up when info is needed. Can’t have it both ways.

  • Peyton Garrett says:

    Please name Me a Prison in North Carolina that is privately owned.

  • Charles Walters says:

    I guess from what I am seeing in these post, he is not guilty because he is BLACK. What a load of crap. I read the Star News online everyday, and the have a section called Mug Shots of everyone booked into the county jail, and guess what most of them are BLACK. Black men, Black women, all commiting crimes, and playing the race card because they will not take responsibility for anything they do. They think they are entitled to a free ride because their ancestors might have been slaves. Many Blacks think White people owe them something because of this. I grew up on Chestnut St, and I remember hearing gunfire coming from Creekwood all the time. I remember the Wilmington Police and the Sherrif’s Department coming through my neighborhood looking for people from Creekwood who commited crimes. I remember gangs of Black guys and girls roaming the streets in my neighborhood, and then hearing about homes being broken into, or cars being stolen or robbed, and the drugs being sold. I also remember that EMS will not go into Creekwood without the police because the ambulances have been robbed of their drugs, because people called in false calls, and while the paramedics were looking for a victim, the ambulances were being cleaned out for the drugs they carried. This has been going on for years in Creekwood and the Blacks act like wild animals, and many think they are above the law. This so called good guy everyone is talking about fits right in the same group of loosers as the rest of these fools. He chose to pick up a gun, he chose to pull the trigger, and kill someone. He made the choice to be a FOOL. There were no innocent people involved that night, drugs and money were most likely involved, so crimes led to more crimes. Creekwood has long been the headquarters for criminal activity , and Wilmington needs to be rid of this place and the people in it. There are no innocent people in Creekwood, their families all know what is going on, and they profit from the drug money. Anyone with a brain knows what I am saying is right, and I would urge you to demand your government officals get rid of Creekwood, and any other housing projects where this kind of activity is going on.

  • Guest20 says:

    It’s merely used to emphasize their point and get their point across. Geeezzz.

  • Guest CommonTater says:

    I agree with everything you said. Statistics don’t lie.

    Kelvin… who pulled the trigger? Until folks stop looking to blame others for their problems nothing changes and the senseless killing continues. Make a difference or continue to be part of the problem……. This is such a waste of 2 young lives!

  • L.D. says:

    YES my cousin is a good dude and I dont care what he was charged with he is INNOCENT!! Facts are facts and you obviously dont know them, you just know what you see on tv. God knows the truth and it is in his hands so my family is not worried about a thing. You need to find out the truth and then post true FACTS on here.

  • Guest2012 says:

    There are no green people.

    or purple. Most people say purple too.


    Otherwise, I love your post 11221.

    We have to QUIT being afraid to talk about Black and White people without being so politically correct. We loose the point before we make it.
    I just shake my head every time I hear the colors of the rainbow mentioned, instead of saying Black or White.

  • Grand Ole Party says:

    And what facts are these? You don’t have a damn clue do you? Your cousin is a punk, and soon he will be some inmates personal punk. Get used to it, I am sure you will join him soon enough.

  • Guest2012 says:


    You sound like you are a believer! A religious person. I am too, so I pray that you can face the facts that your cuz and his brother are going to be charged and after their days and days in court, most likely convicted of first degree Murder. THEN, he will have to stand in front of AN EARTHLY JUDGE for the NUMEROUS other CRIMES that he is INNOCENT of too. Open your eyes.

    Every con man in the jail house touts his innocence. Every gun slinging hood says, “I didn’t do it”, but the powder residue on his hands tells the TRUTH. Cannot argue with the FACTS.

    BTW, since you believe in God, you should know to use a capital H, when speaking of your good dude cousin (who is accused of shooting and murdering another human being) being in “His” hands.

    Don’t forget, my brother, the Fifth Commandment is “Thou shall not Kill.”

  • Fact requestor says:

    Please share the facts…. Not just he didn’t do it. Hard facts as you say God and his family knows. Please speak up with helpful details; really… take the time to change everyone’s opinion. I never met someone convicted of a crime who was guilty, jails are always full of innocent men, Black and White.

  • Guest20 says:

    OK, here is the truth:

    Proverbs 22:24-25 “Do not associate with a man given to anger; or go with a hot-tempered man, or you will learn his ways and find a snare for yourself.”

    Your cousin is now in that snare (trap). He made very bad choices. That doesn’t make him a bad kid, but it does make him a foolish one. Kids make foolish mistakes when they’re young. Your mistake is trying to defend your cousin, instead of trying to teach others how they could be exactly like him if they continue on the same path they’re on now.

    There you have it. It’s up to you what you do with it.

  • Das Weibstück says:

    He is innocent, just like OJ.

  • Guest## says:

    Pot home and lil runt so I guess neither will be rotting in jail

  • SurfCityTom says:

    am I suggesting he deserved to lose his life.

    But, he had his first felony conviction at 16.

    His parents were defense contractors in Guantanamo Bay. Their response was belated and fell short. Neither felt the need to take a leave of absence to help him with his issues or arrange his entry to live with them in Gitmo. One must wonder if there are younger siblings who are in similar circumstances?

    So who should have been giving him guidance? You?

    Wilmington does not have a death sentence. The state offers that penalty; and the elder of the 2 may be eleigible for it.

  • Peblz says:

    But, he had his first felony conviction at 16.
    –First of all, we have ALL done dumb things as kids, so that it NO excuse for his murder.

    His parents were defense contractors in Guantanamo Bay. Their response was belated and fell short. Neither felt the need to take a leave of absence to help him with his issues or arrange his entry to live with them in Gitmo. One must wonder if there are younger siblings who are in similar circumstances?.
    —Next, do not make assumptions!! His parents had only moved to Cuba a couple of months prior and they DID make arrangements for him to go to Gitmo which takes time and money, but unfortunately he was MURDERED before they we able to get him down there. Also, his older brother and his younger brother are great kids as was Jonathan. Every child deals with the trials and tribulations of life in different ways, so again, his mistakes do not justify his murder!!!

  • Gordito says:

    Just wondering do you have children or grandchildren? Teenage years are very difficult for the teen and the parents, at 18 they are adults by law. As a parent what would you do if your child disobeys you after he is 18 years of age. If he states to you I am an adult! What does a parent do, you seem to know what is in your opinion the right way to raise perfect kids, not even a speeding ticket! What if your 19 year old had a speeding ticket that he did not tell you about because he thought he could take care of it himself, and before you knew it he did not show up for court and there is a warrant for his arrest. I’m just curious.Would you pay it for him, ground him, you cannot hit him or they will arrest you, kick him out, quit your job so you can stay home and make sure he does what you tell him to???? The violence needs to stop and the children cannot stop it alone we need more outlets for our troubled youths not more jails to house them. In Jacksonville there is not even a Big Brothers program, no help for the young children who are starting to show signs of criminal acts and violence.
    We will miss Jonathan dearly but I am also praying for the brothers and their families, Because I know they will also suffer from this horrible tragedy and if Jonathan was here with us he would be praying for them too. Please answer me I would love to know you opinion on this.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    but I have a daughter; honor graduate at Chapel Hill and George Mason. Celebrating her 11th wedding anniversary. Never a challenge. But then she was raised in an environment where laws and the rights of others were respected; and every action had a positive or negative reaction.

    I have 3 grandchildren. The eldest is 5. They all say sir and maam. They understand there are rules for all. They go to church and Sunday School.

    I can not speculate on how I would react; I never faced those challenges. My duaghter had goals from an early age; she knew what had to be done to achieve those goals.

    Hopefully my grandchildren will follow in her steps. By that time I will likely be in the great hereafter; she will have to deal with it.

    But it’s interesting. I have several nieces and nephews. All raised in similar surroundings with involved parents. They are all married; working; and with one exception all are parents. Their children are being reared in similar conditions.

    And the big impact — involved parents who keep the child focused on their goals; their role in society; and their faith in God.

    Is it always easy? Heck no. But which is more important? Being involved with your children and their future or popping a few cold ones down with your friends?

    You want to take it from there?

    You say there’s no Boys Club. Go to United Way and start one. The ball’s in your court.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    the first sentence of my post?

    Nowhere do I indicate he deserved to lose his life.

    An I may have done dumb things in my youth, but I never racked up a felony conviction or even a speeding ticket. Had I, I am confident there would have been a swift and effective response at home for my misdeed.

    I do state that parents should be accountable for thier children’s upbringing.

    Defense contractors are well paid, especially when working outside the country. It does not take that much time or that much money to get him to Gitmo, unless his prior felony conviction was standing in the way.

    A felony conviction at 16.

    Death at 19.

    So let’s organize a march. For what purpose? To salve feelings of guilt by the parents or older sibling?

    Who should have been responsible for him at 19? Society? The taxpaying public?

  • taxpayer says:

    one of his friends will be along soon to tell us what a good guy Tevin is…and telling him to “hang in there”…blah-blah-blah. Thank you Wilmington PD for getting this accused killer off the street.

  • L.D. says:

    You damn right! I am his cousin and he is a great kid he is a straight “A” student with a promising future to go to college. Yes he is an accused killer but he is innocent!! Why isnt anybody talking about the the other guys who were in a gang who rob and kill for a living?

  • Gwendolyn Allen says:

    key word!: ACCUSED….at the very least I”m glad u noticed that

  • Guest3 says:

    Oh, and don’t forget all his “cousins” who will have their say-so too. After all, he’s such a nice guy…and we just don’t know him like they do…

  • Guest2guest says:

    of course he is innocent just like his gangbanging friends r!!don’t forget to add that a white man made him pull the trigger,take drugs’ pimp his little sister out or beat the family dog[or grandma which ever is easier]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest leo says:

    Tevin Sh’qur Quintell Hankins may be related to ex-counselwoman Lethia Hankins.

    Wonder if this is in relation to the murder of Owen Metts the barber that was gunned down last month. He was also related to Ms. Hankins.

    Motive could have been revenge.

  • PC YOUNG MAN says:


  • L.D. says:

    Hell no he is not related to her & dont even know her! Get a life!

  • That guy says:

    Sorry for the kid that died but should have picked his friends more wisely. No doubt that the kid that shot him knew him, probably over something stupid like drugs or he “disrespected” him. I feel no sympathy for thugs that die… there better off that way.

  • anne says:

    Just because we respond to some of these stories, it doesn’t mean we are racist. I for one an fed up with the senseless killing of other humans and I don’t care if it is a white man/woman or black man/woman killing, it is murder pure and simple. What ever happened to talking out your problems or stepping out into the yard and duking it out? Now it is too easy to pull out a weapon and just hurt or kill someone. A thug is a thug regardless of color and they need to be taken off the streets. A mistake – no it wasn’t a mistake to pull out a weapon and kill this young man. It was intentional and cruel and now a family is mourning the loss of a loved one, regardless of how he might have been. He’s dead and they will go visit his grave, while the family of the KILLER will get to visit him in prison. And don’t give me the “he is a product of his environment” crap either. There are people out there every day that grew up in bad situations and turned out to be civilized human beings and made something positive out of their lives. You choose to be a gangbanger or a thug and you reap the consequences of your stupidity.

    It probably would help your cause some if you would learn to spell and to speak in English instead of a language that makes you sound totally ignorant. Doesn’t do much for your credibility – just saying!

  • Guestcaseylspace says:

    As i sit here and read all of these comments, i read the anger and hatred in most of you… whether we are black or white, purple or green, we are all human. we all have blood running through our veins… we all we all are sinners. i do not know if this kid shot that kid… but you know what, that kid, the one who was killed, no matter what he was there for or not there for, he is dead. and his family is grieving. His family is feeling the pain of burying their own child, a pain no parent should feel. but all you can see is color. we live in america, you expect your employer not to discriminate yet you are so quick to judge and condemn. were you there? maybe he was on a mission trip from God, maybe he was meeting a girl he was trying to save.. just maybe you shouldn’t be so quick to judge. RIP Jonathan, and to the family… as i help one of you through this… my prayers are with all of you.



  • SurfCityTom says:

    and he also has pending drug, trespassing and resisting and officer charges.

    Quite a record for a young man who is still a minor under the law.

    So where were his parents during all of this youthful frivolity?

    And was he a public housing resident?

    And where are all the posters about what a great guy and compassionate citizen he really is?

    Will he be tried as an adult?

    Who gets to pick up the tab for his public defender?

    What will he major in while he pursues higher education, at the taxpayers’ expense, while incarcerated?

    There’s a trend evident in these incidents.

    But wait, when will the race card get thrown out?

  • MrJohnnyLaw says:

    His dad Big Runt brother Lil Runt and mom Patricia Hankins, with that mom aren’t your surprised? In everybody else kids business except her own. Drama Queen you’ve got it now!

  • Guestcallthapopo says:

    With her nose in somebody else kids business

  • Guest 9743 says:

    Since you pretend you don’t know anything, the taxpayers will pick up the tab for the public defender just as it does for everyone esle who uses one!!

  • Guest228 says:

    for the first time, SCT, I have to agree with you..this is black on black genocide here in wilmington, nc but this isnt uganda, its a small city in the US..and before anyone jumps on my case, I am a African American! Where are the parents? Where are the uncles, the aunts, the cousins..they had to see trouble in this young man and no intervention?? but unfortunately this will not be the last murder we hear about in creekwood or wilmington concerning our black men!

  • ILM NATIVE says:

    I will answer the questions, probably had not idea who daddy was so mama was raising him on his own. He was at Creekwood spreading the word of God and was just caught up in some satanistic activity by mistake. He was writing a paper on innercity gang activity going for the Noble prize. He was such a good boy and had so much potential..Got to stop now and go barf…

  • Gwendolyn Allen says:

    Take a walk in his shoes before u judge him and his peers. Just know that when you r quick 2 judge, you are considered in that large majority of ignorant ppl.

  • L.D. says:


  • Guest2012 says:

    Why should I?

    Maybe you all have been doing that for TOO,TOO Long!!!

    This happened in my own backyard. In our CITY. IN our COMMUNITY.

    And, it needs to STOP.

    I’m concerned and am not heeding your request to shut my mouf because I HAVE A STAKE in this City and do not like what is happening in BLACK Subsidized HOUSING PROJECTS!
    Do YOU????
    I can’t help that YOUR YOUTH are motivated to this stuff, instead of hanging out at home, having some fun with family and friends, going to a show, staying in to study for the SAT’s like White families kids seem to be doing for the most part.

    I have a right to be CONCERNED when a VIOLENT CRIME involving BREAKING THRU A WOMANS HOME who was in no way connected to this ACT of MURDER, ends in a gun slinging fest on the second floor of this INNOCENT persons HOME.

    Don’t you THINK that WE SHOULD BE ENRAGED about THIS????

    When the next WHITE boy does this, I promise to be JUST AS VICIOUS and VERBAL. WORD.

    We better open the dialog between Blacks and Whites and quit supressing our differences.

    If we FIGHT among ourselves, as adults, in these Blogs…how will we ever be able to help these gun-loving, strait A STUDENTS/

    STRAIT A STUDENT. Uh, H-E-L-L-O!!!!!!!!!

  • wilmingtonnative says:

    and don’t forget the “baby mama”

  • guesty says:

    You left out the best one; “Don’t judge him, you don’t know him.” And who could forget the other hood favorite of “Shut yo mouf!”

  • guesty says:

    Check into the Pine Valley murder case and you will see plenty of comments made. It was a white woman that was killed and most people think she was killed by one of the men she was dating. I don’t know either of their races but I would imagine both of them are white as well. There goes your fine attempt to play the race card but yet again your argument holds no merit.

  • Guestmindyour own buisness says:

    What really makes you think that your kid or cousin,brother,whomever in your family wouldnt be charged with murder? why is that everytime something concerning blacks you people that have no lifes have to comment? but soon as a white woman or man get killed or raped. You have nothing to comment on that article. like really what the hell is it? why dont you go comment on the white on white crime and let these families be at peace

  • Frank says:

    there is always concern for any violent crimes white on white or black on black the main concern is that violent crimes are being committed right now as we speak in creekwood drug deals gone bad and stolen guns in criminals hands

  • Grand Ole Party says:

    I will tell you why we don’t think our kid, cousin, brother, or as you state, whomever in our family wouldn’t be charged with murder…..We raise them right. We do post on white on white crime, it’s just not as common as black on black crime. Sorry but the stats don’t lie.

  • Guest tired of this BS says:

    You are so right. Let it had been someone white, there will be no comments… just sad.
    Oan praying for the hankins family.

  • SouthEastNC says:

    all the comments every time Berger and his girlfriend get in a fight. That is white-on-white crime.

  • Columbo says:

    Can we please have the sleuth detective that solved this murder be transfered to the PINE VALLEY MURDER CASE????


    Just throw a dart and you have a 50% chance of getting the right guy…

  • Guest2020 says:

    You also have a 50% chance of hitting the wrong one. Some leads come up with easy answers. Some leads cause more questions than they do answers and some leads go absolutely nowhere. I would rather they take their time and put the right person behind bars than to rush because the media and the public want answers yesterday. This is real life, not television. In television, if they send the wrong person to jail or the death chamber then no one gets hurt. If they send the wrong person to jail or the death chamber in real life, then the justice system fails and you have the death of another innocent person to deal with.

  • ILM NATIVE says:


  • SurfCityTom says:

    walking in his shoes is required to prove I am not ignorant, I’ll remain ignorant. It would be too challenging for me to forsake a lifetime of values, principles, and respect for the life and property of others to allow me the ability to walk in his shoes.

    So, Sorry Gwendolyn, I just can’nt lower myself that far.

    But, apparently, he walked in the shoes of his older borther, Germain. As noted in the print media, Big Bro Germaine is being sought for his role in the shooting. Real solidarity there; the Big Bro allows the younger Bro to face the scrutiny and consequences alone. Big Bro is a real role model. And that again causes one to question why Social Services is not in that household to review living and child rearing conditions to perhaps stem the common conditions both of these young men encountered which put them on this path.

    And several posters questioned where the Brothers, Uncles, Cousins, and Father were who might have intervened and put this young man on the right road. Well, now we know where at least one older brother was. We apparently don’t know his exact location; but I am certain the authorities will have him in custody shortly.

    Concerning all the statements regarding his obvious innocence. They don’t hold water. The Judge refused bail consideration for any amount. So there must have been a preponderance of evidence; or the Judge considered him a flight risk; or the Judge considered the other charges, from seperate incidents, which he faces.

    At least, due to his age, he will not face the death penalty. So instead, if convicted, he will face a long period of incarceration at the state taxpayer’s expense. In lieu of study on the rights of man, he may want to consider a weight training program and some form of martial arts before he meets his cell mate, Bubba.

  • Gramps1935 says:

    Why don’t you take a walk in the shoes of the murder victim’s family ? I’m sure if some coward murdered your brother, you would be singing a different song.

  • Brandon says:

    They cnt helo it..and then if the tables were turned and it were their child they would have a million reasons for why it happened and pointin all ten fingers for who to blame. Bliss ignorance..but their stand behind the internet..speak ur minds in front of a camera..and lets c how fast they become the statistic..

  • Kelvin says:

    Tevin is good dude well educated young man. All the media try to do to African American males is bring them down and make use seem like we just out to do bad such as sell drugs or Gang bang. We have goals in life to strive for greatness. So for everyone out there that’s trying to down play my friend..Grow up!

  • Guest11221 says:

    Good dudes do not go around killing people. Your friend may be cool with you, but that does not take away the fact that he is charged with taking someone’s life. I could give a rats tail if he was black, white, green, or any other color. You are the one that brought up race. But facts are facts! Young black males are killing other young black males for no reason other than being on the wrong street corner, wearing the wrong colors, looking at someone’s girl wrong, or so other dumba** reason. Instead of pulling the race card, make a difference.

  • guesty says:

    So it is the media’s fault he was arrested for first degree murder? If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, it then is a duck. Now replace the word duck with thug and you will have your friend.

  • Gramps1935 says:

    Anyone that murders another man is not a “Good Dude”. A complete punk and a coward.

  • Diesel says:

    I think your first goal in life should be the mastering of the english language and the proper usage of grammer. He may have been a “good dude” as you put it, but he screwed up and now needs to pay the price. If it was your son, father, cousin, or uncle that was killed, would you be so forgiving?

  • wendy says:

    Color has nothing to do with this….I would feel the same way if this child was white. STOP bringing COLOR into it. Pray for the families of both and what they have to face…and for record Hankins comes from a good family…..Charles Manson and Ted Bundy also cam from good homes. My point is all we can do is raise our children the best way we know how. What they do with it in the real world is up to them.

  • Guest20 says:

    The media doesn’t have to try to bring African American males down. They do just fine all on their own. All the media has to do is just report their actions.

    This kind of news is NOT on a small scale. It happens consistently. They are constantly killing each other off because of gang wars and drugs. Instead of making excuses for them, why not encourage them to better themselves by staying off the streets and not running with bad guys?

    2 Corinthians 6:14-17 says, “Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness? And what accord has Christ with Belial? Or what part has a believer with an unbeliever? And what agreement has the temple of God with idols? For you are the temple of the living God. As God has said: ‘I will dwell in them And walk among them. I will be their God, And they shall be My people. Therefore ‘Come out from among them And be separate, says the Lord. Do not touch what is unclean, And I will receive you.”

    Even good young men can, over time, be slowly drawn into gangs and drugs, if they hang around with the wrong crowd. If you REALLY want to make a difference, encourage them to quit the gangs, get a job, move out of the projects, and be a contributing member of society. That’s the ONLY way any of them will ever have a chance.

  • Just another Guest says:

    His skin color or the society we all live in didn’t pull that trigger. He went from “dude” to “Murderer” all on his own.

    The goal he strived for wasn’t greatness. Media didn’t put that gun in his hand. No one is trying to down play your friend – HE did it all on his own. What you feel about society and media opinions of African American males has nothing to do with what an African American male did to another African American male that night. Media and Society didn’t murder that kid, Tevin did.

  • Charles Walters says:

    All blacks do is try to blame someone else when they commit crimes. It was his own fault he shot someone. It was his own fault he chose crime. It is a proven fact that Blacks commit most of the violent crimes in the United States, and quite frankly it is because many Blacks think they are entitled to a free ride because their ancestors were brought here as slave, and they think every White person owes them something. Get over it he is a cold blooded killer with no one to blame but himself.

  • Zoe says:

    Im so happy that they have found one of these young boys when think they can walk this earth & play god! He took part in something very serious that took away someone special! I jus hope he opens his mouth so his family & friends can have a lil bit of piece.! I LOVE YU JONATHAN GORDO JONES! yur 4ever n my heart! I will never 4get the times we had! Yur a great man baby<3

  • SurfCityTom says:

    A 19 year old is dead; finished; gone to Heaven. Another was shot and sent to the hospital.

    One mistake?

    He had multiple other charges pending against him from unrelated incidents. So this was not a single action which turned bad.

    “He made some wrong decisions.” And you attribute that to the environment he grew up in. Yet many posters were vocal in noting he had loving parents who raised him in a Christian household.

    Seems to be some discrepancies in what you post and what many others posted.

    Why not let the truth come out in court?

    What will the value of your promise be, that he didn’t deserve this, if he pleads guilty or is found guilty?

    Did the deceased deserve to die? How about sharing your wisdom on that topic? For that matter are you participating in the March sponsored by the deceased’s parents in Jacksonville?

    You noted you missed him. His lawyer may be able to arrange visitation privileges for you? Especially, as you noted, you are trying to teach all young black teenagers from life’s lessons you’ve had.

  • For JJones says:

    Justice for Jonathan Jones! I hope those boys stay in prison the rest of their lives. A younge soul did not deserve to be taken. He was a great friend, brother and son. He had potential just needed some guidance. Just happened to be in the wrong place messing with these punk ass little boys! He suffered death, To bad Wilmington doesn’t have a death penealty for a crime like this.

  • Liley says:

    Get the hell out of here with that he killed my cousin so I don’t care what kind of upbringing he had he still alive and he chose to kill my cousin in cold blood so I feel he needs to face consequences of his actions guess I don’t get to see my cousin anymore because of what he did!

  • Guest21 says:

    Free my boy Tevin, I miss him so much! We were just talking about how we’re so close to getting up out of here. This brings me to tears EVERYTIME! It’s not the same at school, at the football games, or ANYWHERE! He’s been in my life for too many years for him to be taken away from me. I’m going to pray and pray for him to come home, he had so much potential. Unlike other young black boys, Pot did his work and everything in school. He was a good boy, even though he made some wrong decisions. But you can’t help that with the environment we’ve grown up in, it’s all we know. I’ve made mistakes fighting girls, but that one charge made me think how this can mess me up in the long run. I’ve learned and realized to make the right decisions, and that’s what I’m trying to teach all the young black teenagers, because we’ve had it rough and it’s going to be tough for us to get up out of here! Free Tevin, he doesn’t deserve this, I promise he doesn’t.

  • taxpayer says:

    “Free your boy Tevin?!”…

    “He was a good boy, even though he made some wrong decisions. But you can’t help that with the environment we’ve grown up in, it’s all we know.”

    >Yep, your environment is the reason he pulled the trigger. All his buddies have come here saying he was a good boy (The rest of us can’t call him “boy”…that would be racist), that he lived with his mom and dad, went to church, etc. None of that mattered when HE decided to pull the trigger. Regardless of what you “promise”, if he’s found guilty, he deserves whatever sentence the judge gives him. I don’t know what you mean by “get up out of here”, but if that means straightening out your life and becoming a productive member of society, more power to you. I wish you the best.

  • Guest20 says:

    “Life is hard; it’s harder if you’re stupid.” – John Wayne

  • Guest007 says:

    Go to the link below if you think Jones was so innocent

  • SurfCityTom says:

    needs to step in.

    There are far too many incidents,such as this,involving young,predominantly black young men.

    And when the parents fail to maintain a proper household, then it is mandatory that DSS step in and remove the children from the household to prevent further incidents.

    Have you forgotten the “5 Star” drug leader who was knifed near the Rhino club? And he had a half brother who was shot. And there were 17 more youger children in the household.

    Somewhere; somehow it has to stop. And if the parents can not; then DSS must step in. Get them off their fat behinds. If necessary, have the Mayor declare a war on this type of activity and then get the Governor to dispatch some DSS personnel from Raleigh.

    It’s evident the current manner of doing things is not working. Marching to commemorate some 1890 incident is not working.

    Take further steps; and if that means the children and young adults are moved into foster homes, spread all over the state;and the baby makers suddenly see their income disappear, too bad.

    Think about the youth first.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    of the Hankins family?

    If so, that would make you a relation to Germaine Hankins, Jr who is also sought in connection with this shooting.

    Nice the way he leaves his younger brother to face the music.

    If you are a member of the family, why not get in touch with Germaine, Jr and encourage him to turn himself in so his little Bro is not alone in the slammer.

  • L.D. says:


  • SurfCityTom says:

    your post?

    Now we know he was a Junior on the starting football team.

    I just don’t get it.

    What was he doing out that late at night, during the week, when he should have been worn out from practice or should have been home hitting the books?

    How did a 17 year old come into possession of a firearm?

    These and many more questions will be answered on the next chapter of “Life on Entitlements”.

    On a serious note, Social Sevices should get off their over sized buttocks and get into these homes to find the answers and to take preventive measures toend this waste of today’s youth and tomorrow’s citizens.

  • Guest2012 says:

    Sorry Tom, it’s not the fat-bottomed bureaucrats over at DSS’ problem. The buck stops with the PARENT(S).

    THE WOMAN OF THE HOUSE, who began the entitlement dream based on what SHE learned from HER SINGLE motherparent, needs to raise her kiddo’s to know the CONSEQUENCES of their actions, the CONSEQUENCES of street life, the CONSEQUENCES of GANG activity, which includes carrying a LOADED firearm and shooting someone DEAD, but only after they break though a womans home, run up to the second floor and try to murder the TWO men, then depart the poor woman’s home, leaving her shaking in her skin, I am sure!

    Lovely!!! Did they ever consider doing this in Grandma Hankins HOME??????

    This is something out of CRAZY-MAKING LAND…. NO WONDER THERE IS SUCH A great divide BETWEEN BLACK AND WHITE PEOPLE. Sorry, but this is just plain lunacy that WOULD NOT BE HAPPENING if BLACK WOMEN MARRIED and there was a MAN in the HOUSE, instead of a man IN carcerated.

    Our parents knew WHO our friends were and INTERRUPTED the friendships if the friends were of questionable character with NO MORALS, NO VALUES, NO ETHICS, NO COMMON SENSE, And no GUIDANCE from their own famiy’s ADULTS. Heck, I’m saying no morals, no values, but it never got that far… slight deviations of the moral code/integrity factor would get the friend chucked and our parents would be keeping a closer reign on us, wondering where and when we lost our sense!

    INSOFAR as teenaged Mortal Enemies that we wanted to kill over rap lyrics, it didn’t happen in OUR WORLD, so I don’t know what the &^%$ to say about THAT!!! African American Wilmington, WHAT’S GOING ON IN YOUR WORLD????
    YOU don’t seem to take the blame. Is it MY fault your kids carry loaded guns and take gangland initiations and kill over rap lyrics????
    Law abiding ADULTS HAVE TO HAVE A PERMIT TO CARRY A CONCEALED WEAPON. so, the gun your bubba “A” student is carrying is also HOT, which seems minimal to the CAPITAL MURDER charge, right now.

  • Charles Walters says:

    Social Services is a big a part of the problem. The whole idea of Social Services was to help people get on their feet when they had a problem, it was never designed to to be a long term solution. They need to start drug testing people who use their services, and those who pop positive cut them off and let them live in the street and starve. That includes their kids too. The ones who show up with thousands of dollars worth of tatoos all over them should be cut off, because if you can pay for those you can pay rent and buy food for your bastard children. If you are found to have thousands of dollars worth of gold on your teeth, or thousands of dollars worth of jewlery, then you have to sell it and use that money before you can get any help. You should not be able to take the money from people who really need it and go buy unnecessary crap and drive cars that have been tricked out with the governments money, while people who really need the help can not get it. Creekwood and other projects are full of lazy Blacks, Whites, and Mexicans who do this and drain the government of money that could be used to help people in need.

  • taxpayer says:

    at this point, that’s all it is…he’s accused of being one of the shooters…along with his older brother. If/when he/they are convicted…I’ll use the word convicted. One fact cannot be disputed…once the trigger is pulled, the bullet takes one a life of its own…and unfortunately, took another person’s life as well.

  • Guest333 says:


    Have the Courage to STAND UP and BE HEARD.

    What are you waiting for? YOUR sons are DYING in record numbers.

    Don’t you think you have influence over them?


  • hankpayton says:

    I can feel the air of belligerence in your comments. Nowhere is it even suggested that he was the shooter. Then you make such a rash inference as to state, “the rest of us can’t call him ‘boy'”.

    How ignorant is that? The rest of who I ask? Who is ‘US’?

    …this message is from another concerned taxpayer who clearly pays more taxes than you do, but also seems to care more about the lives of ALL involved. It was an unfortunate occurrence where a mother, father, and community lost a son and a prison gained more sons.

    NC is my home state. I just moved back and one of the main reasons my wife was uncertain about the move is people like you.. your random comments– visceral in nature.. the underlying air of racsim… and by the way, I don’t hide behind login names TAXPAYER.

    Say what you think like a man or shut up and let people grieve! I can’t imagine what their families and fellow students are experiencing right now…

  • j says:

    I’m white I hustle n all my friends black have been since I was little maybe it was.cuz how I was brought up n poor mostly black community’s n so I connected more with them but wat most white ppl don’t understand is goin thru the struggle seeing ur mama cry wondering how she goin pay the bills that shit get to u n with the bad influences of older ppl n the neighborhood at a young age they dnt no nuthin else so if that how u brought up n that all u see its hard to.change that jus lik a rich or well of family put in there kid head there whole life.that they goin to college n my mama wanted me go but wen u have real problems to worry bout things lik that get focused on less cuz the well off kids no there parents have the money for all there needs n wants. Wen u goin hungry at night n ur mama on that stuff u gotta look out for urself so u goin use the tools that ppl taught u growing up. To get personal I started hustling at 12 n help pay the bills I got a job now but not enough to live on n since I fucked around n school wat I’m do wat I’ve been doin n being taught my whole life I’m not in a gang but I got lot friends that r n understand y cuz those ur friends u grew up with or ppl u looked up to. Now with that bein said I no a lot of black kids that had it off a lot better than me that hustle or join gangs n I cnt blame em for wanting make money but if ur handed certain oppertunitys u should take advantage of that but a lot of the well of black kids have ppl in there family that or r jus tryna fit on cuz they wanna b hard but most u ppl on here dnt no wat I tlkn bout u think shit so simple well live my life like I dis n see if u turn out doin anything diff. But with that been said I no a lot black ppl that grew up poor but r doin the right things n military or have good jobs so at the end of the day Yea its up to that person wat they do n the decision they make but wen u brought up n taught certain things its hard to do right n there plenty good parents n the hood that raise there kiss right but other influences get to em but wen u got them bad influences n ur mama on drugs like my was I let others influence me n lik I said it my choices but if i was.brought up wit money n a nice hood I would have diff influences n more than likely follow them. But I’m done ranting cuz yall goin think how u think but to the other white ppl on here if roles were reversed n more whites lived n the hood we would b no diff so race has nuthin do with it. BTW my mama off that stuff n raised me the best she could love u ma

  • Guest20 says:

    If he’s living with his parents in public housing, I doubt seriously that they are paying any taxes. You aren’t allowed to make much money if you live in public housing and if you want to keep staying there. You have to be below poverty level. See, that’s the idea of public housing is to keep you in that dependent system and never let you get out. And if the parents DO pay taxes, how would you know? I doubt seriously that you ever asked them, “Do you pay taxes?” Even if they do pay taxes, it can’t be much because like I said you can’t make much money and stay in public housing.

    This “straight A” student with a promising future chose to hang around with bad guys, and it’s going to cost him everything.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    pull your head out of the sand.

    If he is convicted, or pleads to a lesser charge by naming names of the others involved, he will be kissing that promising future good-bye. If he gets a football scholarship, it would likely be at some state institution for the incarceration of misguided high school athletes.

    How do you figure he won’t get a public defender? If, as you state, he and his parents and other family members live in public housing, there probably is not a whole lot of discretionary assets lying around to pay high dollar defense attorneys. Unless, of course, he was engaged in some type of cash and carry business.

    You need to set your emotions aside and re-read my posts.

    It’s not racist if 73% of publlic housing occupants are minorities. That’s called the law of statistics.

    It’s not racist if 97% of the youths engaged in street crime or drug dealing are minorities. That’s the law of statistics.

    I note again, why would a high school athlete, during football season be out late at night on a school and practice night? Why was he not home studying or resting up from practice?

    Where were his parents?

    We are talking about a 17 year old who should be praying the authorities do not try him as an adult.

    It’s time society stopped allowing misfits like you to mouth excuses for someone accused of murder.

  • Guest Dianna says:

    This is crazy, people making this crime a black thing. Yes! The Hankins boys are black, and NO that doesn’t make every black person a gangster. A man was killed, and the Hankin boys has been accused with the crime. Come on people lets stay focus on the crime that happen, not the color. My heart goes out to the victim’s family.

  • Guest333 says:

    See here, I knew there was MORE to THIS family!

  • SurfCityTom says:

    I guess you should race down to the Courthouse; and tell them they have the wrong persons in custody.

    Your words and credibility should certainly cause the Judge to free them rather than require soneone to post multi-million dollar bail bonds to secure their release.

    But if you know something they have hot lines you can call to provide credible and verifiable information.

  • Guest20 says:

    That’s because you have blinders on. You’ll never believe it because you don’t want to. Open up your eyes and look around your neighborhood. Really SEE what’s going on. If you’re open and honest about it, and not just defending your race, you’ll see it.

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