ONLY ON 3: Training and Standards Commission will visit Leland PD

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Submitted: Fri, 09/16/2011 - 7:59pm
Updated: Thu, 02/02/2012 - 4:23pm

LELAND, NC (WWAY) — We’ve learned through independent sources that the North Carolina Justice Education Training and Standards Commission is scheduled to visit the Leland Police Department next week.

Training and Standards investigates police departments across the state and their training exercises.

Last night the Town of Leland settled out of court with former Police Officer Sherry Lewis. Lewis says another officer shot her 12 times in the groin with simulation ammunition during a training exercise back in March. She filed a harassment claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Her case went into arbitration and was finalized last night at the town council meeting.

Town leaders voted to accept the terms of the Lewis’s arbitration and have the town’s insuarance provider pay Lewis more than $18,000 and her legal fees of more than $6,000. Both sides also agreed to no admission of fault or liability and Lewis agreed to resign her position.

Even with that payout, Town Manager Bill Farris told us after the meeting that he didn’t know anything about the shooting.


  • OtherGuest says:

    Does the Town Manager sit on the Town Council?

  • Guestlkdjsvln says:

    No, the Town Manager answers to them, and may be at the meetings. However the only people that “sit” on the council are members that are voted by the people to be there.

  • Guest421 says:

    They may snub the tax payers, they may snub the media, and they may snub their own officers, but they will quickly learn that NC Training and Standards investigators have no sense of humor and can have their way with them all day long. And cannot be snubbed. Training and Standards has supreme power over law enforcement in the state-they grant every single law enforcement certification, and can taketh away every single law enforcement certification.

    And they don’t use lube.

    There is 1 place in NC where officers can’t carry guns–Training and Standards. They can at least carry through the door and to a lockbox at a Federal Courthouse. That’s a testament to their power. Leland PD, this is not a joke. Grab your ankles.

  • Guest 4545 says:

    If North Carolina Justice Education Training and Standards Commission is “on the level” you can be sure Leland PD is going to come up short on this one.

  • Blinky says:

    Somebody may be making something out of nothing. Training and Standards routinely visit police departments to audit paperwork. If it was an “investigation” it’s likely the SBI would be there instead. This is a paperwork issue that’s getting investigated, and it may not be about that at all.

  • Guest1 says:

    The NC Training and Standards doesn’t just keep up with training.

    Training and Standards is the actual agency that certifies officers. The officers may be “Leland Police Officers”, but they are nothing without the certification granted to them through Training and Standards.

    And Training and Standards will yank those certifications in a heart beat if their investigation gives them reason. For as short as 6 months or as long as forever.

    This is much more serious than the short article lets on. Training and Standards controls all law enforcement in the state of North Carolina and their investigators take their jobs seriously, and are beholden to no one.

    This should get interesting…

  • Guest28451 says:

    Im begining to think this guy sits in his office all day on Facebook or somethingelse because he definitely isnt doing his job thats for sure. Running day to day ops is his job and if he doesnt know whats going on in the LPD thats sad I mean he couldnt keep up with problems with Wilmington PD so he ends up with a smaller town job and still cant do it. The guy is incompetent and needs to go period.

  • rational says:

    I wouldn’t be so fast to call Bill Farris incompetent. Let us remember who he answers to. If you don’t think Walter Futch was well aware of everything you don’t understand how Leland works. I would almost bet that either:
    1. No one in the police department bothered to inform anyone of some of the incidences and they are only saying things now because it suits their on personal political agenda. A lot of it has to do with personalities. Who knows, all of you who keep bringing up Wilmington don’t really know what happened or you might have been part of that as well and decided to manipulate what has gone on in Leland just to get rid of certain individuals. If this is the case you should realize you weren’t allowed to do certain things or have certain positions for a reason and even if Bill Farris is gone you still won’t. It will not matter who is Town Manager, Police Chief, etc. unless and until everyone’s mentality changes.
    2. Bill Farris was informed and he informed the Mayor and Council and gave directives that Bill Farris and Chief Jayne were not to say anything. Let’s face it. Does anyone realize what time it is-it is election time, which means cover my butt, sit and pretend I know nothing and hopefully things will blow over and things can continue as they always have been. Besides everyone knows that typically Town Managers have limited stays, not necessarily by their own choosing or because of what or what they haven’t done. I would hope that those in power would wake up and realize that they need to change the way they do things.

  • publicAvenger says:

    When a mayor and a police chief “play dumb”, you can bet there’s a coverup. Leland has some fine officers. I know of 2 that have been booted-out for no clear reason. I hope the SBI will look into the Leland PD, and bring a light on this, and several more items our chief and mayor seem to have no comment about.

  • Sparris says:

    So you want to be know as “public avenger” …. Name names I’m sure they would like a pay out too!! But just Maybe the SBI should have looked into why you were fired or did they?

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