NC Highway Patrol suspends training academy

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Submitted: Mon, 09/19/2011 - 6:01pm
Updated: Mon, 09/19/2011 - 6:14pm

RALEIGH, NC (AP) — The North Carolina Highway Patrol has indefinitely suspended its cadet training as budget cuts force a hiring freeze.

The patrol says 38 troopers graduated Friday from the Highway Patrol Basic School in Raleigh. First Sgt. Jeff Gordon says the patrol continues to take applications, but the school is suspended indefinitely because of budget cuts. Gordon says classes may resume in July 2012, but that date is tentative.

The state pays about $100,000 to put a cadet through the 29-week academy. A trooper must complete 12 more weeks of field training after that.

The Highway Patrol’s $197 million budget includes an $8 million reduction for this fiscal year and up to $15 million over the next two years.

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  • Guest1234 says:

    WOW, and I thought law school was expensive!!!! Cadet training comes out to just a few dollars less than $3500 per week!!!!! Hmmmmm…….

  • ILM NATIVE says:

    are not hated for the job they do but the way they do it..the way they treat and hate the general public as a whole, I have had law enforcement in my family and seen it first hand and have listened to them talk about the public like they are dogs..heard other deputies they know do the same thing. You think just because some one is not kissing law enforcements feet they are criminals..WRONG. If there are bad cops why don’t the good ones make sure they are run off from the dept?????If the good outweigh the bad as you say then should be no problem. The public in general do not trust the police, don’t believe me ask around..

  • Guest Apu says:

    It has been my experience that those who don’t trust the police tend to be criminals. Among the people I come in contact with on a regular basis, (professional, educated adults), there is no distrust.

    When I was in college, I had some pothead friends. I didn’t care that they smoked weed, but they were always scared of the police. They were scared because they didn’t want to get busted. So it was their lifestyle that caused them to not like cops.

    All I’m saying is that usually when someone doesn’t want police around, chances are it’s because they are doing something illegal. Does that describe the “general public” that you hang around with?

  • Guest28451 says:

    Guess its expensive to teach jackbooted thugs how to properly harass and threaten citizens without getting caught on video camera. Im guessing one of them missed the class about not sending nasty text messages on the state computer system and to leave all conspiracy activites when harassing couples to their phones only (Which is the only way I figure that one thug managed to escape punishment because he set up the traffic stop with his little buddy who did get punked by the state). Im sure there are other classes on where the blind spots are so they can actually get away with near murder. Oh and dont forgot the class on how to rapidly erase any evidence of your wrong doing. These are important classes the officers have to have before being turned loose on the innocent public.

  • Guest2020 says:

    Get over it already!

  • Guest Apu says:

    Wow, you sure hate cops. Are you a supporter of anarchy instead of having police? In my experience, the vast majority of police are honest, hardworking men and women. Of course, there are going to be some bad seeds, as there are in every profession.

    Generally, the State Highway Patrol arrest drunk drivers, write speeding tickets, and respond to accidents. My guess is that you fall into one of the first two groups to hate them so much.

  • guesty says:

    ….comes from the training the troopers receive on how to deal with ignorant imbeciles such as yourself. Think you can do a better job, just about every community college in the state runs a BLET program you can sign up for. Then hit the road as a local cop or deputy and deal with a ungrateful public that looks down on everything you do, say, act or don’t act on. If you are young enough, try for the Highway Patrol. But beware there is always a critic waiting to bash a cop. Especially one that doesn’t have the balls to do the job that is done.

  • ILM NATIVE says:

    to work for Leland, they might be hiring soon.

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