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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — After a week of revelations about Leland Police, the department got a visit today from state regulators.

WWAY was the only news outlet there this morning when a member of the North Carolina Justice Education and Training Standards Commission arrived at the Leland Police Department. The representative told us he was there on “routine business.”

The commission investigates police departments across the state and their training exercises.

The visit comes the week after former officer Sherry Lewis settled a harassment claim with the Town of Leland. Lewis says another officer shot her 12 times in the crotch with simulation ammunition during a training exercise back in March.

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  • Guest1033

    Soo, what you are saying is you have nothing to report? GREAT Story!

  • Guest810328108310

    …and they were the ONLY ONES THERE to report nothing!!

  • Supply Guy

    This morning I looked at the Leland Police Department’s Website and decided to put a few faces with names. Check out the pictures for these guys. It seems to be a bunch of tattoo having, beer drinking, show offs. I have a little ink myself and proud of it. However, these guys go to the extreme. Officer Blasingame seems to really be proud of his. I cant quite put my finger on what MC those tats represent. According to the Leland Police Website he’s in charge of Crime Prevention so maybe he’s working undercover on a steroid smuggling motor cycle chapter. As a result he needs to have a picture like that on his website.

  • Guest132131

    That is pretty amazing since there arent any pictures of Police Officers on LPD’s website.

  • Stephanie Blasingame

     I appreciate the interest you take in my husband and am flattered that you are concerned for what ink he has on his body. Since you are spineless and aren’t putting your name on here I have to assume that you may have some sort of interest in my husband and I can assure you that he is both straight and taken. Sorry!  As for his tattoos we both happen to love the Polynesian work he had done and Im glad you enjoy it too.  As far as the steroid comment….some guys got it and some guys don’t.  I’m sorry that you don’t.  Next time if you have comments and are going to blast someone you could at least be man enough to put a name on it.

  • Stephanie Blasingame

    I’d also like to point out that Officer Blasingame, along with many other Leland Police officers, have spent years of their life proudly serving in the military defending your right to post ignorant things, and get this..he had those “unbelievable tattoos” on his body!!!!! Outrageous I tell you! LOL. See that’s the problem with this country. You want to be judgemental and stereotypical when you have no idea what you are talking about. Ignorance and stupidity never cease to amaze me. Not to mention being totally ungrateful!! I hope you have a blessed day relishing in the freedom in which we provide! :-)


    anytime a police agency investigates a police agency there is normally no action taken. Example internal affairs is a joke, the wolves patrolling the wolves…

  • BC resident

    Amen! BCSO is a prime example!

  • Jerry Jerry

    So the fact that you are a police officer’s wife and you resort to posting comments like that on Facebook. Defense of your husband is great. However, when you resort to saying he is not single and is taken, you bring yourself to a Jerry Springer Level. Your comments sound like they are straight out of a Jerry Springer Episode.

    If my husband was a police officer, and he is not, I certainly would not be posting on message boards.

  • Guest7258

    I think it’s time someone stands up for these officers. It doesn’t sound like her husband had anything to do with this so I’m glad she stood up when someone decided to talk crap about him and bring his name into this. You go girl.

  • Stephanie Blasingame

    Obviously you didnt detect my sarcasm. And I see that you didn’t post your name either. Interesting. I’m pretty sure that this website allows EVERYONE to post their views which I have the right to do. And last time I checked this isn’t Facebook :-)


    you want a name is so your hubby can screw with them with his badge..

  • Stephanie Blasingame

    Exactly! And I appreciate your support!

  • Guest28461

    I agree!!! There are good officers with the Leland Police Dept and SOMEONE needs to stand up for the good ones! Its like in any job at any business, there are good workers and bad workers, but we dont try to uproot the whole business because of the few that are bad, you get rid of them, promote the good ones and let the business go on. It is unfair to ALL the good officers to keep bashing them, they are doing what they got into Law Enforcement for, SERVE AND PROTECT and I think its a shame that because of a few bad officers that all of them are now having to try and PROTECT their own jobs. We need to be appreciative of what the good ones are doing. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK and thanks to Mrs Blasingame for being willing to step out and say something.


    if the good outweigh the bad why don’t the good ones put enough pressure on the bad ones to leave, because of their BROTHERHOOD crap. They catch crap because of the bad ones but do nothing to clean up the mess they are in, THEY could have dropped a dime to Training and Standards themselves to get it cleaned up. So no I feel no sympathy for the good ones they let this mess grow and grow…IF they are as righetous as you claim and do a good job they would not have let this happen, period end of story.

  • Duhhh

    This showed up in WWAY’s Facebook feeds, not just on the station’s main site. And to the other commenter below, no, there are no photos of the officers on LPD’s site, just names. The first commenter plainly said that names were taken from the department’s site then were crosschecked on Facebook. Doesn’t take a real sleuth to figure any of this out. I would hope that detectives would use the same tactics when investigating criminals as some of these concerned citizens have used in investigating their backgrounds and alleged crimes. Guess no one told the LPD it works both ways. Perhaps they could also get a few pointers from the fine journalists at WWAY. At any rate, looks like many LPD officers and spouses took some advice that should not have even needed to be given (as it is common sense to be careful of ANY online activity, especially when held to a higher moral standard by oath or office, DUH) and have been deleting friends and posts like crazy, along with making some very embarrassing photos private or deleting them altogether, and have finally decided to be silent in WWAY’s blogs (or at least not post their names, silly comments, and juvenile face emoticons anymore). Will be interesting to see which, if any, LPD officers change their employment information soon on these same pages. Some already have. And some might take that as an admission of guilt or wrongdoing, as it seems they already know what is coming.


    usually with ex military coming into law enforcement is they think they are still in Iraq or Afghanistan and miss the power trip they had over people in these countries and bring into the streets over here. My brother in law (retired sheriff) and myself ex cop have seen it too often. Power tripping on the public, miss the rush of combat and now take it out on the general public where they figure they are pretty safe from harm. I love the military, been there and done that but not all exmilitary need to be in law enforcement, some have real issues that need to be addressed. 60 years old and the cops I grew up with were a sight better than what is running around the streets now. There are articles daily on the internet of corruption, lying about cases, rape, robbery, etc commited by law enforcement and people wonder why there is no respect for them????
    Cops are not judgemental?? That is a joke lady. Like I said I have seen it first hand. Everyone is guilty in their eyes from the speeding stop on up. Training and Standards should shutdown Leland PD and start all over you cannot fix a broken system. The Feds came into Leland a years ago and uncovered drugs being trafficked there by an officer, remember that? Leland has been known for years for their BS ways..They were a joke years ago when my brother in law and myself were in law enforcement…I will support the good but NEVER the bad.

  • Guess Who

    Taken by whom? Half the county? You look incredibly stupid lady defending your husband who is KNOWN to fool around with other women while ON DUTY. What a disgrace and a shame it is for people like to hide behind uniforms and badges demanding respect, while declaring to be DISABLED veterans to boot. Jerry Springer doesn’t even begin to describe the drama-filled lives of the Blasingames in Leland, NC. I say drug test the muscle-bound stud and see what the Mrs. has to say then. Both of them should clean up their digital thumbprints, Facebook accounts, and cell records being such revered public officials.

  • Jerry Jerry

    Lady? What lady??? Those are the rantings of a 12 yr old girl.

  • Jerry Jerry

    Wow, just wow. Am I the only one who has checked out these Facebook profiles. Mrs. Blasingame, you and Mrs. O’Connor sure like to brag on your husbands being the “po-po” so you can drive home intoxicated from bars!!! Wow. Apparently the spouses of law officials have perks that don’t apply to regular citizens.


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