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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A pair of brothers are now charged with a murder last week in Wilmington’s Creekwood community.

Jermaine Hankins, 21, made his first appearance in New Hanover County Court this morning. Police say after several days on the run, Hankins turned himself in Monday. He now joins his 17-year-old brother Tevin, who police also charged with the murder in Creekwood last week. Jermaine Hankins is also charged with attempted murder and burglary.

“It hurts me to see both of them in this situation, because no one is winning in this situation,” said a man who lives near the scene of the crime. He said he knows the Hankins brothers. He did not want us to show his face or say his name, because he is afraid of what could happen to him for speaking publicly. “It’s kind of scary to think that somebody would just run in your house and gun you down.”

But that’s what happened late Wednesday night when police say a group of five or six men chased Jonathan Jones, 19, and Joseph Hanible, 24, into a home on North 30th Street and shot them. Hanible went to the hospital, but there’s no word on how he’s doing.

It’s the latest example of violent crime in this public housing project.

“I’ve been in this neighborhood for a while, and it’s like people aren’t learning from other people’s mistakes,” the neighbor said. Afraid of being the next victim, he said he wants others in the neighborhood to realize that violence is not the answer.

Jermaine Hankins also was already scheduled to be in court today for drug charges.

Police say the murder investigation is still open.

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69 Comments on "Murder suspect’s brother arrested in Creekwood killing"

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2016 years 2 months ago

Put yourself in their shoes,
Right now, if i came up to you, kicked yo a$$ then robbed you and you had a weopon to defend yourself what would you do?

2016 years 2 months ago

08/29/2011 01:55 Arrest Arrestee: HANKINS, TEVIN SH`QUR QUINTELL
Charge: FTA / FTC 124 WAYNE DR

2016 years 2 months ago

I did at one time, but regardless of the truth behind what you write, regardless of the well-meant intentions behind trying to foster a discussion about what the Black community is doing to itself, you get insulted and called a racist.

After I was called a racist about three times, the last for posting the statistics on the effects of illegitimacy from an article written by a Black woman and posted in a Black on-line magazine, I gave up on caring.

They can shoot each other two at a time every night for all I care. They don’t want to change… Read more »

2016 years 2 months ago

Wait, aren’t parents supposed to teach their children what is right and what is wrong? I know if my daughter was to grow up and turn out like they did, I would be ashamed as a parent. Just saying. Roles and upbringing at home play a huge part, and if you don’t emphasize enough of what is right and what is wrong and keep your children in a positive environment, then it’s going to fall back on the parents. Whether it be a charge for a DUI or a charge for murder, IT ALWAYS FALLS ON THE PARENTS. As parents,… Read more »

2016 years 2 months ago

some unemotional and accurate comments.

What happens if young black men grow up and take responsibility for their actions?

WHA might have vacancies in the housing projects as these young men would be employed and would want a better homelife for their offspring.

They might go on to higher education. Regardless of your financial background, education opportunities are still abundent — as long as you do not have a hard crimminal record. No school is going to willingly admit applicants with recent convictions for multiple felony convictions — especially if the convictions included violence.

Medicaid might cease to be such a drain on… Read more »

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