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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — WWAY has obtained the following memo sent from a former employee of the Town of Leland to the NC Criminal Justice Education Training and Standards Commission. That group was in Leland today to audit the Leland Police Department and its training procedures.

This comes after the Town of Leland settled with Officer Sherry Lewis Thursday after she was shot between the legs 12 times with training ammunition by her fellow officers. The town agreed to pay Lewis $25,000 after she filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

In the memo, the employee says Chief Timothy Jayne lied about his training hours on an attendance sheet. We had an email correspondence with the chief today, but when we sent him the following memo and asked for his response, he chose not to write us back.

Many people we talked to in town are not surprised about what’s going on.

“I’m not satisfied with the Leland Police Department,” says Pamela Nelson, a Leland resident. “That can be a reflection upon the chief of police, it could be a reflection upon the individual police officers themselves.”

“Basically in this town you know there is laws for everybody but yet in this town Leland Police make up their own,” says Chris Hoffman.

Other residents believe this is not the end of the controversy.

“Saw it on the news, read it in the paper and there may be more to it than what has been given in the news,” says Joyce Caffee.

To: Pam Pope, Training & Standards
Date: September 19, 2011

Re: Town of Leland’s Training & Standard Audit

On March 10, 2011, the Town of Leland’s Police Department held a chief’s choice training, at Fort Fisher. Chief’s choice is any type of elective training to achieve mandatory training hours. Tim Jayne, Chief of Police’s choice was to hold a High Risk Warrant Training course.

Tim Jayne, Chief of Police, sent Deputy Chief, Karl Smith, to one course certifying Deputy Chief Smith to teach this class, using live ammo and simunition rounds.

Per Special Agent, Richard Novelli, “In his opinion, the Town of Leland should not be participating in this level of training.” Furthermore, SA Novelli stated, “The FBI’s training standards states no one should be shot with more than three rounds with simunition ammo.”

Officer Sherry Lewis was shot, in her crotch twelve times. She received twelve rounds to her crotch, where she did not have protective gear. Male officers were wearing cups. The Town of Leland allowed Officer Sherry Lewis to be shot at four times the limit allowed through the FBI.

Per Lieutenant Rick Dellapia, Leland PD, two days after Officer Sherry Lewis was shot, Chief Tim Jayne came into his office and fraudulently signed the attendance roster. Chief Jayne drove down to Fort Fisher for lunch. He did not attend the training course. Tim Jayne’s name is the last name on the roster.

Lieutenant Rick Dellapia and Lieutenant Bill Kozak told me to contact Training and Standards. If Tim Jayne does not obtain all of his required training hours he would lose his law enforcement license and would have to go back through basic law enforcement training.

I contacted Pam Pope of Training and Standards. I gave her an overview of the allegations brought by the two lieutenants. This same day I ran into Lieutenant Rick Dellapia outside of the Leland PD. I told him I contacted Training and Standards. He became very agitated. He stated, “You weren’t supposed to call Training and Standards. You were supposed to terminate the Chief. If Training and Standards come in, I will lie, everyone in our department will lie. Training and Standards are no joke. They will strip everyone’s certification and even the town’s certification.”

The next morning Lieutenant Dellapia told Chief Jayne about our conversation. This prompted Chief Jayne to verbally threaten to come after me. On May 25, 2011, I received an urgent call from Lieutenant Bill Kozak warning me, “I’m just letting you know to be careful. Chief just ran out of the office mad as hell and said he is coming to kick your ass.”

The second training violation was brought to my attention by Sergeant Joe Pierce. Sergeant Pierce came to me in May, 2011. Sgt. Pierce went to Nick Giacobbe, DEA Task Force, LPD. Nick Giacobbe told him to come to me, immediately. Nick told Pierce I was already having Training and Standard issues with Chief Jayne. Sgt. Pierce stated he had concerns about the Chief and the bullying in the police department.

Sgt. Pierce stated he was inquiring about any available positions in the Administration department. He stated he could not work in “that environment” anymore. He stated he was the instructor at a training course that Pierce and Sgt. Hank Smith conducted. He said Chief Jayne did not attend these classes either, but signed the roster attesting to his attendance.

Please accept this as my official statement as to the issues of Chief Tim Jayne and his instructors fraudulently attesting to training hours.

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  • kjn

    Does anyone know where Jayne came from prior to Leland? Do your research and you will see that his conduct, and threats are indicative of his past. GUARANTEED!!!! Not his first rodeo of lies and grievances I bet….

  • crmjustice

    Stop picking on the police who are trying protect you. You people dont know the first thing about intrernal workings of a police department. This reads more like some disgruntaled cutizens and employees trying to cause problems for no damn reason. The officers must thunk if the chief gets fired they might get his job. It is up to the instructor who stays and signs in for classes. Perhaps the chief got the class somewhere else and was just trying to keep it all on one list. Either way… NONE OF YOU BUSINESS. Besides if the class is missed you DO NOT have to go back to BLET… You just have to make up the class. Get over yourselves and worry about the log in your eye not the splinter in his.

  • guesty

    Many government agencies have rules forbidding government business being done with private email to ensure they are open and forthcoming with information if requested. Some podunk places don’t have such rules because they know they have people employed there and it would be embarrassing to the town/city/county if their exploitations were to come to light.

  • Leland Resident

    It the email was sent using the town’s computer, you can bet the IT person has a copy of it! Even if it was from their personal account!

  • Guest28451

    send an email to the town of leland website contact info for various town employees and see how many replies you get from private email.
    If they respond using private email there is no public record.

  • Really

    ……If this was a real story then why are you the only guys pushing the issue?? I don’t live in Leland but I am tired of watching you guys go after them. Not every Officer with them is involved with this mess but yet you guys don’t seem to care who’s name you throw around. WWAY is nothing more than the TMZ of the Wilmington area if you want real news go to WECT or someone else.

  • Guest14

    There are certain citizens in Leland that you should talk to that will help steer you in the right direction on a few of these things.

    I will email a few names to your newsroom.

  • Scott Pickey

    Dear Advice:

    Funny you should mention that. We requested those emails and much much more from the town clerk on Friday. It just takes a while for them to gather it all together.

    If we find anything in them, we’ll be sure to let you know.


    Scott Pickey
    WWAY News Director

  • Advice

    The one thing I am surprised WWAY hasn’t done in regards to this situation, is request emails, phone records, text messages, from Chief Jayne, his officers, the Mayor, The Town Manager, Etc. If you live in Leland, I am sure your tax dollars pay for all of their cell phones. The emails(with county or state domains) are all a matter of public record.

    Let’s see what they say!
    The General Public Should have the right to request these but you can bet it won’t happen.

  • surrogate

    Almost all police officers are really good at what they do; and they mean well. But there seems to be a bad and reckless culture within this PD. And it is these kinds of shenanigans and lack of leadership and arrogance that indelibly damage community trust of law enforcement organizations. City leaders better realize that this will not go away. This media outlet appears to be on top of this like a bloodhound on a track. Something has to be done about this PD right away city leaders.

  • Guest28451

    This is like a bad rerun of the Dukes of Hazzard show-
    I’ll bet they climb the telephone poll to answer the phone just like in Hooterville on green acres………..

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