Deputies try to serve Curtis Wright order on overdue debt

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Submitted: Wed, 09/21/2011 - 8:37pm
Updated: Wed, 09/21/2011 - 8:45pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Months after a judge ordered him to pay an overdue debt, a Wilmington radio host still owes more than $1,500. A writ of execution is out for Curtis Wright, the host of a conservative morning talk show on WAAV-AM.

Earlier this year a judge ruled in favor Wright’s former agent. According to court documents the agent was not paid for placement services.

The New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office has tried contacting Wright several times to serve him with the documents, but so far Wright has not returned calls from deputies or from us.


  • M Davenport says:

    Wow, what a shock. A conservative talk show host who is a hypocrite. Let’s see: screeches the screed of morality and self-sufficiency, yet doesn’t even pay his own bills; screeches the screed of “get informed,” yet loudly and publicly spouts opinions that are woefully uninformed; and screeches the screed of patriotism, yet devotes all his waking energies to vomiting forth the most hysterical, seunpleasant, divisive and national-fabric-ripping rhetoric imaginable. God in Heaven, good riddance Curtis!!!!!!!! (and to think the guy replaced Rhonda Bellamy, a veritable jewel in Wilmington’s cultural crown… sigh…. ) Tyler, please don’t be as uninformed, unpleasant and unhelpful as your predecessor.

  • Guest Jean Beres Godwin says:

    I urge everyone involved in this matter to revisit the consequences of your decisions and how much this impacts the area. I trust Curtis to be on top of the recent events and depend on his ability to provide guests with the details we need to know. We live in such troubled times, this is beyond acceptable.

  • jim hammond says:

    I listened to part of Mr. Curtis Wright’s talk show just this morning. He is on the radio every day of the week. Yet the sherriff of New Hanover County is unable/unwilling to serve him with a court order. Obviously this is intentional on the part of the New Hanover County Sheriff. It is not up to the sheriff to decide which laws to enforce or not to enforce. But, apparently we have another dishonest and probable crooked sheriff in office. The sheriff by intentionally not serving Mr. Wright with the court documents is in direct contempt of the court order himself and should be charged with same.

  • Let me 'splain says:

    Just because his voice comes out of the little box in Wilmington doesn’t mean he’s there.

  • Gramps1935 says:

    He’s always preaching about others being responsible. I guess his words don’t apply to himself.

  • Guest Page says:

    Curtis Wright is the biggest hypocrite of the bunch. Always was.

  • Guest24 says:

    He is at 3233 Burnt Mill Drive every weekday morning doing his “show”. Serve the SOB!

  • Mrs Tidmarsh says:

    Serves that SOB right — he’s such a scoff-law just like Berger. He’s a violator of others civil rights — namely the right to get paid for work done.

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