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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — The Leland Police Department has been at the center of controversy the past week since we told you about a female officer getting shot in the crotch 12 times with training simulation ammunition.

Since then, allegations against the town’s Police Chief Tim Jayne have surfaced and caused some to say there is a bigger problem at hand. WWAY tried to catch up with town leaders as well as candidates for town council today. Our questions fell mainly on deaf ears, with only three of the nine people we contacted willing to comment at all.

“It doesn’t need to be a he said, she said. It doesn’t need to be, as I said the other night, it does not need to be an internal investigation. It needs to be an external investigation, and the results need to be made public. The public needs to know what’s going on,” Leland Town Council candidate Jane Crowder said.

Crowder says it’s time for progress, and that means getting answers.

We tried to find those answers Tuesday. Of the four sitting council members, only one decided to comment.

Council member Martha Currie said any decision about where the town will go from here is up to Town Manager Bill Farris. She said if he does not do something soon, she thinks the council will step in.

We tried to speak with Farris again Tuesday, but were told he is out of town until Friday.

Mayor Pro Tem and unopposed mayoral candidate Brenda Bozeman said she cannot say much about the situation because she has been advised by the town attorney not to talk about personnel issues.

We directed Bozeman and the town attorney to the state statute on privacy and personnel records, which says information such as disciplinary actions may be released if it is essential to maintain public confidence in the administration in question.

Of the leaders we were able to catch up with Tuesday, all seem to agree on one thing: The controversy surrounding the Leland Police Department as well as Chief Jayne is a distraction that needs to be taken care of.

“The people need to know,” Crowder said. “Yes, we see it in writing and people see it and go, ‘Oh, my gosh,’ but we need to know the truth.”

We have not heard back yet from Bozeman or the town attorney about if information concerning officers involved in the incidents will be released.

We did hear back from council candidate Donn Garvey, who said these distractions are not allowing the leland community to be served well, but that more information needs to be released.

The majority of the council and candidates did not return our calls. We called council member Herbert Barnes at 10:20 a.m. and did not get a call back and Pat Batleman at 10:25 a.m. and never heard back.

Council hopefuls Jon Tait and Kerrie Wallace have not returned the calls we made to them around 10:45 a.m.

Police Chief Tim Jayne did return our call. He said, “There is not a comment and will not be a comment from my agency to your fine news station.”

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  • Guest1234567

    I mean, they shot a woman 12 times in the crotch area (Isn’t that hilarious? Yea..not so funny now, is it?). She was one of their own.

    What do you think they would do to YOU if you piss them off?

    When I read these evolving stories regarding Leland Police Department. I think to myself…how would these officers have handled the Kelly Thomas incident in Fullerton, CA.

    (Google Kelly Thomas..and think to yourself…could that happen here?)

  • quigley

    You have plastered this lady’s name and picture all over your news cast. Why haven’t you done the same for the perverts who shot her?

  • SurfCityTom

    the story of Brer Rabbit and The Tar Baby.

    The reporter searched in Leland for some person in authority to speak on camera about the issues.

    And like Brer Rabbit and Brer Fox, they avoided the Tar Baby.

    Voters ought to consider that when they next go to the polls.

  • Guest14

    You are wasting your time Katie. Go around these leaders and you will get to the heart of the story. There are certain citizens in Leland that will steer you in the right direction. I will email your newsroom with a few names to contact.

    You are doing a great job so far on this story!

    Citizen John

  • Really

    Are you guys for real???? I think we have had enough of the LPD….Besides nothing but the elders of the town will run and they don’t want anything to change.

  • Disappointed Fan

    I am a long-time fan of WWAY and I have to say that I am a little disappointed…news channel or tabloid? I guess I thought that news stories were reliable sources but some of these allegations seem to be based on one person’s opinion and that person supposedly doesn’t even work at Leland anymore. She is probably just a former employee trying to create drama because she was fired. I am now hesitant to believe anything I read on the website… Please try to make your stories a little more ‘tasteful’ and reliable especially when specific people are named.

  • nobody

    If you are disappointed in the way this station tries to uncover possible corruption, lies, harrassment, mismanagement, etc., within this town’s government, then don’t visit their website. The town officials seem to be their own worse enemies. They are handling this like dastardly bandits. Their responses or lack thereof just add fuel to this fire. Be upset at the city leaders fron the PD to city hall, not WWAY.

  • I have lived in N.C since 1997. I have always leaned toward watching wect, but since all this has been brought to light in the news through wway. I have switched my news watching to channel 3. It shows me that wect only tells us what they want us to hear and not the truth. I want to know the truth and wway channel 3 is finding it for us. Thank you for keeping us informed. We need to know what is going on.

  • Missy

    If these are simply tabloid accusations from a former disgruntled employee then it’s simple enough for the elected leaders of Leland to dispute the allegations and provide proof that they are groundless.

    Continuing to shoot the messenger is not the way this should be handled.

    By avoiding questioning the leaders of Leland are making matters worse.

  • amazed by the pretty lights

    It means that if a person is given any sort of power, they are likely to become corrupt in the area in which they are given power. Ex: The manager of a restaurant may treat waiters badly because they are below him or her.

    Absolute power is when a person is given complete and total control and the final say in everything (as in a dictator). This kind of power “corrupts absolutely”, meaning in totally and completely in every way.

    where are the checks and balances? of the checkers

  • Guest461

    …,that was such an insightful definition of absolute power! May we consult with you on future definitions that may include particle physics and the linear occurances of atmospheric anomlies incidental to pro-created matter?

  • nobody

    If you are so sick of it, why are you on the Website? They do this because it is their Website and their TV station. They decide what to run and what to print. You decide what to read or what to watch. It’s that simple.

  • Guest14

    I like this post and agree that the entire department shouldn’t be blamed for a few bad apples. The problem is how to eliminate and punish the bad apples that spoil the bunch.

    Let’s remember that law enforcement around this country protect us and risk their own lives to do so. They also do it for not nearly the money they deserve. With that being said, the consequences brought on by rouge police officers are enormous. Hence, why you have outside investigations.

    If Leland is running such a decent department, they should have no problems with WWAY, WECT, or anyone having access to emails and text messages. Who cares about some profanity, or stupid chit chat. What matters is weather or not there is any hints at corruptions or coverups. If that is the case, then there is certainly and issue that needs to be dealt with.

    If a police department is run the right way, they should have no problems with a through review from an outside agency. If you have nothing to hide, why hide?

  • Irritated

    Every article about this story is saying the same things over and over. Why waste space on your website, and time during your news broadcasts, if all you’re going to say is that no one is responding to your messages, calls, etc? We don’t need to hear repeatedly that you have no news to report. When you actually DO receive legitimate correspondence from officials, which isn’t likely to happen, then you can let us know. This “he said, she said” stuff is getting old. The entire Leland PD is not in the wrong and the facts need to be a little more concrete before names are thrown out. There is bad in every bunch but that doesn’t make everyone rotten.

  • Guest461

    …and the really funny thing about it is…HE’S CORRECT!

  • lawman

    well the so called president commented on the Cambridge Police Dept. and said that they acted stupidly. so he does comment about police depts. now we can say that the president is acting stupidly just like the chief and some of his cronies in Leland. i would be ashamed to not comment at all if i was a town council. maybe they are waiting for an investigation first, but they could say something and not be ‘unavailable’ or away till friday.

  • He’s allowed to make any comparison he likes. This is still America and we still need a new president.

  • Guest421

    Not really….It will take many years (if ever) to undo all the damage George Bush and the rest of the idiot Republicans did in his 8 year fiasco. As for the “leaders” of Leland, like the Mayor, I doubt if any of them knew there was a problem until they heard it on the news.

  • Jimmy

    WWAY news is doing an excellent job covering this story, the citizens of Leland deserve to know what is taking place within there government. Public officials are expected to ” set the standards ” for the citizens of Leland to follow.Please continue to remain “stead fast” in your efforts to shed light on this dark situation.


    You will be the next mayor of leland………You don’t have to side with any one…PLEASE stand on your own two feet and show us what kind of mayor you are going to be…You have family in police work..Would you like them to work for this police department???? I realy dont think so. I know you would not allow this kind of bull to go on….We dont need another FUTCH we have had enough of that…You have nothing to fear from anyone there now..I have heard that you are going to have Batleman as your right hand…Think about it…Not a good move on your part..She is only a bobble head. everytime futch talks her head just starts bobbing up and down..Your are a strong person show it…Be the leader i think you can be. Please take a stand now say what needs to be said…You know you can talk about whats going on in this town RIGHT????? This could be a good town if you take charge and stand up and say something….It is what it is So show us what we are going to get for the next 2 years..I like leland and yes we do have a few good police officers here. They need to stay. But some must go..thats your job do what you have to do..The people in leland dont want this
    chief here and you know it. He is not the leader the police department needs…We the people of leland dont trust him anymore..

  • I like leland

    Like i said before you will be our next mayor….When you become mayor you will have everybody watching every move you make. You talked about futch what he did and what he didnt do…..Well now it is your turn…Will we have to talk about you the same way you talked about futch ???? I hope not but you need to get off your Butt and do something even if its wrong do or say something..Town meetings are not going to go good for you…BOBBLE HEAD BATLEMAN she dont know s**t. she just sits up there and acts like she is all that….Futch got her in so she could just keep bobbling that dumb a** looking face. she dont know a d**n thing about this town and dont care either…You have been asked to take a stand. please tell us what you are going to do for the town of leland.. There are a lot of people that like you but they all are saying what is she doing????? NOT A THING>>>> And if you think that this will all go away YOU ARE SO D**N WRONG…What is going to happen to the chief / Karl Smith /Rick DellaPia /Bill Kozak /Michael Landen…Thats just a few that let all of this happen to officer lewis…Ask your son if he would do what the police officers in leland did…. Let me answer that for him H**L NO HE WOULD NOT DO IT and he would not let it happen if he was there…So stop sitting on your hands and step up…It would not be good for you to start out on the wrong foot…Town meetings could be a nightmare for you…(It is what it is) totaly wrong. I know you and i think you might make a good mayor but you have to make the first step…Please do me a favor at the next meeting when BOBBLE HEAD BATLEMAN STARTS BOBBING HER HEAD PLEASE SPIN HER CHAIR JUST THINK ABOUT THAT..LMAO Do the right thing ..I beleive in you so please dont make me wrong about you.

  • Huber Hanes, III

    Its obvious that the current Police Chief Tim Jayne of Leland, and the Current President of the USA Barak Obama —- Both have one thing in common. Both men definitely have something to hide from the public. Its a pity that both law enforcement & poilitics can’t become self-clensing; rather than to hide by: Personal Laws Enacted & Secrecy.

  • nobody

    There is always one idiot on these threads that tries to tie every PROBLEM to the president. President Obama does not know or care about the Leland police chief’s missteps. And Obama is not driving a government owned vehicle to bachelor parties and getting into fights with his staff. Whatever you might think of the president, he appears to be much more mature than this police chief is and he seems to care about people. IDIOT


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