ONLY ON 3: Leland’s top cop recommended for termination

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Submitted: Thu, 09/22/2011 - 3:59am
Updated: Thu, 02/02/2012 - 4:23pm

LELAND, NC (WWAY) — We’ve been telling you since last week about all the issues with the Leland Police Department and specifically Police Chief Tim Jayne. We’ve now learned there was a recommendation that Jayne be fired earlier this year.

According to a source close to the situation, Leland’s then assistant town manager conducted an investigation earlier this year into corruption and policy violations by Jayne. After the investigation, a recommendation was made to Town Manager Bill Farris that Jayne be fired because of the findings.

The source says Farris met with Jayne, and after a heated exchange, Farris overturned the recommendation and let Jayne keep his job.

Tuesday, when we called Farris for comment on a story and told the receptionist who we were, she said the town manager was on vacation until Friday. When we called for comment on this story Wednesday and did not identify ourselves, the call was quickly transferred to Farris in his office.

We asked him about the source’s allegations, and told him that this was his opportunity to tell us point blank if the story was false. He said he could neither confirm or deny the information.

We also reached out to Chief Jayne by phone and e-mail. In both messages, we were very clear with him about the details of our story and the need for him to speak up if the information was not true.

Jayne did return our e-mail. In his message he tried to discredit our source and said we need to “check in the facts.” However, he did not say that the facts of our story were in any incorrect.

Again, we specifically asked both Farris and Jayne to tell us if the allegations were untrue. Neither would answer that question directly.

Leland Mayor Pro Tem Brenda Bozeman released a statement today about the many issues we’ve uncovered. In it she said, “Council is taking appropriate actions under the appropriate laws of the state for town ordinances.”


  • brotherofthe Badge says:

    Lelands first Police Chief was fired back in the early 90’s after he was charged by the S.B.I. looks like things haven’t changed that much. Mr. Farris should have retired 10 years ago…as far as the P.D. goes, they need to clean house of everyone who turned and looked away during the Lewis incident and be glad that she did’t sue them for 5 times as much. I know this department and know that she was harrassed for the last 7 years. Good luck people of Leland!

  • citizen34 says:

    Oh please. You should be ashamed that you even take up for such corruption. I see it from the inside. TRUST ME THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS THAT NEED TO COME OUT. The finance manager and her husband plus her daughter who is HR need to all be fired, then the town manager, and chief Jayne. Then we will start to be rid of the “good ole boys” .

  • In the know says:

    Obviously you don’t know what you are talking about. There is more than one source for this story. If you think Jayne is so wonderful and has make things better over there you are just as much an idiot as he is and you are the one who should be embarrassed and ashamed.

  • Boom Boom says:

    he sure used alot of gas doing it.

  • Guest28451 says:

    Chief Jayne is just as much a corrupt cop as the former Sheriff in Brunswick County. Jayne can sit there and deny it all he wants but where there’s smoke theirs fire and more and more information keeps coming out. When your only answer is to try and hide from the public and spout off check the facts.. Well sir we have checked the facts and many of us in Leland dont like the facts which are you bullied the Town Manager into keeping your job the former asst town manager was forced to quit as a result of them digging up the stinky skeletons in the ground you tried to bury. 1/2 your cops are racits and abusive bullies at minimum. Youve misused town property (there was absolutely no reason for the chief to have his car in Horry County SC, additionally these gas expenses would only make sense if the chief was out on patrol alot like alot of patrol officers but somehow I doubt it. Sounds more like hes been using his car for personal trips (ie Myrtle Beach). What blows me away is somehow Standards and Training didnt scrutinize things properly when there were known accusations of possible fraudulent training records and nothing was questioned (Sounds like typical crappy oversight from the State Agencies once again, most state agencies doing oversite seem to never do a proper and through job explains how things like the fiasco involving the repeated violations of that asst living home which lead to a death were allowed to stay open (In case ya’ll forgot it involved the Kornegays facilites over near MJ and another).

  • Guest 911 says:

    You truely are clueless or you work for him, which is it ?

  • Guest28451 says:

    Obviously its too late to get a name on the ballot per se but would a write-in candidate campaign be outta the question?? At this point Id have to say it needs to be a serious consideration. A tidal wave of support for an outsider to Leland politics maybe is what this town needs for a mayor. I would offer myself as I have lived in the town nearly a year now (moved from City of Wilmignton) however I could not in good conscience run as my wife and I have plans to relocate out of the area next summer so it would be unfair to run and possibly win knowing full well I would never be able to fulfill a term in office. I do however believe that we do need to seriously look and consider finding a write-in candidate for the Mayors office because apparently the possibly soon to be mayor has already proven she has no backbone with her statements in these situations. If I was her I would be demanding an outside investigation if for no other reason then to clear the air and situation and prove once and for all whats really going on if anything.

  • jimmy says:

    Hey Boom Boom why dont you sign your name and before you make a comment like this you need to be sure you have your facts straight.

  • ILM NATIVE says:

    Then rehire and thoroughly SCREEN all of the ones there and in the future, make them have physcological testing to make sure they have the temperment to be in law enforcement to begin with

  • ILM NATIVE says:

    If you disagree sign your full name and set the record straight, like how many thousand people named jimmy live in this area…must be one of the people he was refering to..HMMM

  • Faye says:

    Boom Boom, If U knowso much Y don’t U show it, other wise sit down and shut up… This Police matter needs to be settled and all KU R doing is trying to make trouble out of nothing I believe. Lets get this Police matter settled so that we can get on with good things and times in Leland

  • Herman says:

    Herman, so you gonna bully me like you did the employees under you, you gonna assault me like you did your supervisor at your last job, you gonna make up lie about me like you did another employee when you started a fight with him at a christmas party. your a hot head who stabbed his good friend in the back, Poor blue, had no idea you were setting him up did he.. If im lieing just provide the names of all the employees you had under you for the last 7 years too, WWAY they can prove how many are still there, oh im sorry just call Alycia at home thats probably where she keeps those files… this is BOOM BOOM

    I will be at the big meeting have lots of info on you all.

  • concerned citizen says:

    Someone needs to check out the photos posted by Detective Blasingame’s wife of all the department’s partying on Facebook:!/profile.php?id=1176176956&sk=photos. If that link does not work a quick public search of Stephanie Blasingame’s profile will produce countless public photos. How much of this is on the tax payer’s dime? Are they frat boys or police officers?

  • I know the facts says:

    Awe, what’s the matter Jimmy. You have to defend D again. Look, everyone knows that she will add false documents to someone’s file to save you don’t worry. You will still have her by your side no matter what and aren’t you lucky-not

  • Guest12345 says:

    I know that with a Sheriff’s Department, it’s not manditory to have psych tests done, I know this because I worked for one. I also know that the Police Department require psych tests because I’ve worked for one of those too. Before making a comment like that, you should know what you’re talking about. There aren’t all bad officers in this department but like all departments, there are those that are questionable. My question to you is this, did you actually get out because you wanted to get away from all the corruption you saw when you were Sheriff or did you get pushed out because you were just as corrupt and because of it you hate cops as much as the next crackhead? If you don’t live in the Leland area, you should keep your mouth shut and if you don’t like the ways things are done here, go back where you came from or is there a reason you left there too?

  • Alycia says:

    your information about salaries is WRONG. This data is public information, try verifying before you post.

  • ILM NATIVE says:

    mad just to require a psych test?? You used to be a cop why are you still not there? I got out because I got tired of seeing HONEST citizens abused, how about you? I’ve seen people beat down and the officers stand and laugh about it if that makes me wrong then I guess I am..BUT at least I have integrity. Have lived in Leland and Wilmington all my life, how about you???? I said all cops in Leland should undergo a psych test what is your problem with that? With all the problems there it seems warranted or does your “boyfriend” work there.

  • smh says:

    Ummmmm…..this person is a captain of police where? yes, she is the wife of a Leland officer but no one caught that. Those pictures speak a thousand words. Poor taste, bad decisions, and speak volumes about character. what self respecting woman posts pictures of her behind being spanked by another officers wife, groping other womens breasts, kissing other male officers, being scantily clad, and drinking irresponsibly? And some of those comments are questionable as well. Hard to believe these folks are thirty something officers of the law.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    Regardless of the Community, the POlice Chief is a major personnage in the Community. Under normal conditions, when faced with similar circumstances, most Town Managers would call a closed seesion of the Town Council; present the evidence and report; and seek support from the Council.

    Now, the Council might call for further review or investigation; they might call for an outside investigation such as by the SBI; they might call for a closed session meeting with the Chief to allow his response to the allegations.

    But, I have never seen a Town Manager handle this type of situation on his own. There should have been review and consideration by the Council on a topic of this nature.

    After all, the Council is the body elected by the voting public.

    At the very least, an alternate plan might have entailed a meeting with the Town’s attorney.

    The Council now has an obligation to review both the Town Manager for his mismanagement and the Chief for a whole laundry list of issues.

    Council — fail in performing your duties, hopefully the voters will remember your dereliction of duty when you come up for re-election.

    This comedy of errors causes one to wonder if the Chief has secret files, including photos, of the Town Manager & Town Council ala J Edgar Hoover.

  • BOOM BOOM says:

    More than 20,000 dollars a star thats how much this guy gets paid throw in benefits and he is recieving almost 23,000 a star, some of those officers may be worth that for putting there life on the line. and as mentally unstable as this cat is you can bet working for him is extremely tough. Farris has been recieving almost a 100,000 dollars if not more and getting a 300 dollar a month vehichle allowance. The public works director and Finance Officer are married. they recieve almost 130,000 between them counting benefits and it is my understanding that thier daughter works from home and is in Charge of HR or payroll or something she makes almost 40,000

    So there is roughfly a Half a Million Dollars of tax payers money going to just pure poop for employees, just about everyone in administration at one time filed grievances against the finance director, no action UMMM, public utilities hasnt retained an employee in the entire time.. and all of those complaints about that director, have culminated in the firing of those employees, the EEOC should pole all Present and Past employees since Farris took his position, please, all of us citizens should demand action, the rock has been moved , WWAY just look underneath…

  • CER says:

    Sadly, this the epitome of “the good ol boy system” alive and well in Leland and it is not Chief Jayne that I am referring to. Perhaps WWAY should do it’s job and look into the background, credibility and motivation of its so called source! So sad when nightly news turns into a tabloid show… The town of Leland is lucky to have a professional, highly qualified person like Chief Jayne to come in and clean up the a for mentioned good ol boy system..sad that doing the right thing has caused him so much aggravation. You all should be embarrassed and ashamed.

  • N/A says:

    To whoever, Chief Tim Jayne he was a nice person and ya’ll had to fired him. Now how is going to serve my community. He was a nice person to me and family all the time. I think this is wrong for firing him….

  • Truthful TIM?????? says:

    Apparently you really don’t know the real man or the lack thereof. You just know the public face or the political “Tim”. Well just watch and see and you’ll know the real person.
    As far as “Brenda” doing anything hey Scott ask her when she first found out about Officer S. Lewis. She should tell you the truth and say it was within an hour of the incident. But of course since she is the only candidate for Mayor she will give you the politically correct answer and refer you to the Town’s Attorney John Wessell III.

    Hey Leland, when are you going to stop the bleeding? It is up to the people not the politicians to stop the flow.

    Let’s wait and see! More to come!

    P.S. This person apparently can’t read. Jayne has not been fired “YET”. One can only hope and pray.

  • Guest986 says:

    It’s getting deeper :D

  • I'm not a believer says:

    Welcome to Leland where you will be deceived by everyone in office. Don’t expect the truth because you won’t get it. You have questions for the Town Manager, he has a rubber stamp answer “I can neither confirm nor deny” Questions for Mayor or Council “We are out of touch”, “the Town Manager will take care of that”. Questions for the Chief of Police “I’ll be right back” as he drives away in his car. Who created this mess? One by one they do it as a team. A CORRUPT< LYING< DECIETFULL TEAM. Will council ever grow a set and put an end to this disgrace ? Or do they themselves have something to hide like the inability to run a town such as Leland. The inability to take this town where it needs to be and secure its growth for all the taxpayers who pay their salaries. Every single one involved needs to go. They are criminals with badges who waste tax payer’s money on a regular basis, bullied and deprived working officers of equipment, uniforms and training. There are a hand full of officers who are young and impressionable. They look up to the leaders and at what is going on. They see very little hope for their careers and are stuck in a place with a disgraceful reputation and they can’t get out. Please do something quickly. If you wait for the state or Feds to step in and do it that only proves one thing about your government body, it is incapable and refuses to deal with pressing issues so let someone else take care of it. Welcome future residents to the Town of Leland. Where you will be lied to and

  • concerned and conflicted says:

    Yes, it is getting deep and all the people behind the scenes wheeling and dealing will soon wake up to the fact that everyone knows what you have done. For instance, there have been a lot of comments about Sherry having to resign and I agree she was shafted. What she or her attorney didn’t realize is that they had to get rid of her. They needed to pay the salary of the new female hire and this incidence was a perfect way. Now, you may ask why? The bottom line is the Town tries to get by on the cheap. Secondly, they only want limited female employees and the police needed to have a least one so they can save face. Since someone decided that they wanted Sherry out this was the perfect way.If I was the new woman that was just hired I would run for the hills. They will try to convince you that it was all Sherry and that things will be ok once things die down but it wont. You need to look deep.

  • ILM NATIVE says:

    there are more that need to go with him to the unemployment office as well.You get rid of him and one of his butt kissers will just take over..clean house, start all over fresh. Run all of them through the mill and if they don’t cut the mustard send them packing right along with him. A clean start is probably what is needed if not you put the others on notice 1 screwup and you are GONE. I know someone on here posted that alot of these guys are exmilitary and I appreciate their service BUT this isn’t Afghanistan or Iraq so quit treating the citizens here like you are still there!! If you miss it so bad go back there where you can treat everyone like they are out to get you..reenlist.

  • Faye says:

    Not all Leland cops R bad.. There R lemons in all jobs…

  • Guest8765 says:

    COME ON, MAN!! Does anybody out there belief that a)this Chief is corrupt and b) that the town does not want to do anything about it? This is becoming a joke!! More and more stuff, every day, comes out about this guy and we get this wimpy message from the future mayor that they are doing everything they can?? Hey, how about fire him, and the crooked cops that work for him?! Take a stand, Brenda – save this town before it become a bigger disgrace then it is now!! Maybe its time to throw the bums out!!

  • Guestpp says:

    Hey the baseball game is on tonight

  • nobody says:

    I am proud of my military service and appreciative of all who have volunteered to serve our country. Prior military service has nothing to do with the personal and professional decisions some of these police officers may have made according to these allegations. I am a career military man who segued directly into policing as a lot of us do. These atrocious accusations and the way the Leland PD has handled these scandals should be ascribed to the leadership of the PD and the subculture the leadership at the PD and city leaders have fostered. As a police officer, I find the targeting of the groin area with munitions rounds disgusting and abusive, whether a male or a female was the victim. A professionally led PD would never tolerate this. A mature professional police chief with good judgment, with some level of fear for his job status, and a desire for his community’s and his department’s respect shouldn’t attend a subordinate’s bachelor party, let alone punch him, IF that is what happened. This is a classic chronicle of arrogance, poor leadership, and a good ole boy system gone wild; not any after effects of military service. And city leaders appear to be saying taxpaying, voting citizens just have to accept this, because they are not going to deal with it.

  • ILM NATIVE says:

    I really appreciate it, been there and done that BUT you know some men that come back from a combat situation cannot handle life after coming back they miss the rush of a war zone. The point I was making is they need more screening to weed the gungho gun toters out. I have a question no one in law enforcement has been answered yet, you say there a few bad apples then WHY don’t you and your fellow officers weed them out and quit turning your heads???? Not one person in law enforcement has answered this question. The brotherhood crap is making ALL of you look bad.

  • Seriously says:

    I have been pleading for help to have Leland investigated for months and everyone tells me how Jayne is such a good man how I need to take his word for things.

    I heard this from a number of county commissioners, the town of leland, and a number of other figures in Brunswick county, and I have the saved emails and voice mail to prove it all. Turns out they were all liars.

    It’s too bad I can’t get any agency to take my information to launch an investigation about my complaints.

  • DUH says:

    Send your e-mails to WWAY- reporting it out in the open will help.

  • Guest14 says:

    If you have these emails and voicemails why not let the experts at WWAY air them?

    We can talk about this until Chief Jayne and Town Manager Farris are old enough to retire or we can take action.

    Its time we take action and stop police corruption now!

    Let’s send Chief Jayne and the rest of the corruption sailing down Chief Jayne’s new boat. Speaking of a boat like the one Chief Jayne has, he must have been saving a long time for that.

  • ILM NATIVE says:

    What does this joker think he is a four star general? Matter of fact most of the police chiefs, sheriffs, etc wear the 4 or 5 stars guess what Bozo you ain’t in the military as much as you wish you were a general you could not cut it, wait I forgot you are a paramilitary organization. Seems like the only people who are in law enforcement lately is guys who could not cut it in the military.

  • fellowcop says:

    I too wonder why a small town chief of police needs 4 stars on his uniform to show that he is in charge of about 30 people. My bet is because he knows nothing about the military. and that he has a tremendous ego. This Leland saga is getting national attention; and we should all be credited with continuing education hours on how NOT to lead a police department, how NOT to lead a city, and how NOT to respond to a community and public safety crisis with the local media just for following the stories. I can’t imagine how the four star general is going to be able to keep his job with all of this. But the way the city leaders have mismanaged this, I would not be surprised if he is wearing five stars before too long; and that he survies.

  • Chilly Ones says:

    Should have been fired just like he was as a baseball coach.

  • Live in Leland says:

    I live in Leland and find that most, not all of Leland officers are there because they can not make it in bigger cities or anywhere else as far as that is concerned. They harass the citizens trying to make a name for themselves. North Carolina’s Training and Standards and the Attorney General should pay particular attention for a long time.

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