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NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — It seems the controversy surrounding New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger will never end. The board tried to have a productive town hall meeting Wednesday night, but it wasn’t long before issues involving Berger took over the conversation.

Berger has no doubt been the topic of discussion for months around the county and among fellow board members and the Wednesday night meeting was no different.

“I did not expect Brian to be the topic of the meeting,” said Marlene Besecker, who came to the town hall meeting.

In a question through Twitter, a viewer asked commissioners if the four who called for Berger’s resignation still hold their position.

“I would say categorically that we do,” said Jonathan Barfield, Commission Chairman. “Unless there is someone else that would agree with that comment.”

No other commissioner raised his voice. Another resident asked Berger if he thought voters still supported him. He said he has felt apart from the board since the beginning and said he’s not surprised that the board has issues with him.

“I really think that it’s unfortunate that my colleagues here would exploit a difficult situation in my personal life for political purposes,” said Berger.

For several minutes commissioners bickered back and forth with Berger.

“Because of the fact that you’ve been arrested, because of the fact that you allegedly tried to commit suicide, those things are out there and they are bringing a terrible upon New Hanover
County,” said Barfield.

Besecker says she worries the issues commissioners have with Berger are getting in the way of what they should be doing.

“It makes me feel they’re not doing what I voted for them to do, my thoughts, my concerns and my worries,” said Besecker.

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21 Comments on "Commissioners still have beef with Berger"

2015 years 9 months ago

I noticed that every negative comment posted here is then countered with a somewhat long-winded counter comment. Perhaps typed by Berger himself? The style is very similiar.

Personally I’m glad they spoke up and against Berger. At least it stopped Berger from having the floor when he has nothing substantial to add to a discussion. Please, please, please remove Berger as Commissioner.

2015 years 9 months ago


That said, he still has a couple of years on his term of office.

As Commission Chairman, it falls to Mr. Barfield to set aside petty differences; attempt to build a consensus course of action; and include Mr.Berger in that attempt.

Like it or not, Mr.Berger was elected; and will remain in office until convicted of a felony or voluntarly resigns — and he’s already stated that won’t happen — or he’s defeated at the polls.

Commissioner Barfield — like it or not he is an elected Commissioner. Deal with it and move forward with the County’s business.

All of you Berger Bashers — identify a viable candidate now; begin supporting him; and work hard to elect him.

Anything less is right out of Tabor City.

2015 years 9 months ago

Seriously? Berger outright slandered and libeled the other commissioners on numerous occasions, both before and after his election. He literally accused specific members of corruption – which he has yet to back up those statements with facts.

I don’t particularly like Jason Thompson either, but if I were him or Catlin or Davis and Berger accused me of corruption of my office in a public forum I would have sued his pants off. Or decked him…

2015 years 9 months ago

Berger has his personal problems, no doubt about it, but they are, I mean, WERE personal. Thompson likes to bully people when confronted, he lied to the county citizens about the property tax increase and cannot be spoken to without overriding and overwhelming the conversation. Barfield lies every time his lips move and the other two are just lifetime politicians that talk out of the sides of their face. You folks can bash Berger until the moon turns into cheese, but the FACT remains that there is plenty of bashing to go around to all of the fumbling commissioners. Let’s DO THAT in the next election and stop side-lippin’ the way our commissioners do!

NONE of them are doing what they were voted in to do. Our county AND its people simply has some flat-out SORRY leadership driving the train…just to say it nicely!

Guest 99
2015 years 9 months ago

How can you say he doesn’t lie? First, he refused to answer direct questions about his employment status (for MONTHS) saying only that he was a “consultant.” When the truth FINALLY came out after local newspapers and media did research, we found out after he’d been elected that he was unemployed and had been drawing unemployment for some months prior to his election. If that isn’t a direct lie, I don’t know what one is.

Secondly, he dresses down the chief of the Wilmington Police Department and his staff for lying about his suicide attempt to the media, then we find out that he DID in fact slice his wrists in a desperate and crazy ploy to get his ex’s attention. He tried to make himself look better and cover his twisted actions by blaming public servants who were only doing their job. That’s not a lie?!

Say what you want about Barfield, Thompson, and the others (I don’t think they are perfect by any means), but their personal issues are not front-page tabloid fodder. They also do not outright lie to their constituents as Berger has done. Berger is a danger to himself and to others– he needs serious help, and he needs to RESIGN.

2015 years 9 months ago

Doesn’t lie? Berger misrepresented himself as a stable, dependable, and trustworthy candidate for county commissioner. He lied about being a consultant and was drawing unemployment from Washington, DC, while drawing a salary as a county commissioner.

His choices were conniving, deceitful, and manipulative. I won’t even go into the other choices regarding his personal life that have spilled over and made him a totally ineffective commissioner, because they have all been well documented in previous posts.

I’m not saying some other commissioners don’t need to go (especially Thompson, who says he’s not running again), but Berger is by far the most unqualified, screwed up, and dangerous commissioner on the board at present. Out of all of them, Berger is #1 in needing to be gone.

2015 years 9 months ago

If you read some of these, even though they seem to be critical of Berger, they still have the same rambling of the mad man himself. Re-read these, but first watch some of his past interviews and you’ll see the same phrases and references in some of these post. Sad we pay him to sit at home, eating Cheetos, writing posts to make himself seem sane. Just a thought…

Oh yes I forgot, Hi Brian!

Herald K.
2015 years 9 months ago

Looks like Ben McCoy, Annette, Tom Heitman and the whole ABLE crowd of loons are back to propping up their Frankenstein — aka Brian Berger through various “concerned citizens” posts under fake names — what’s new? But beware their next creation — City Council candidate Joshua Fulton. This bozo is also from NY state, just moved here, and now wants a power grab so he can create chaos at City Hall — making a mockery of our entire local government. Ain’t gonna happen. Hell no!@

2015 years 9 months ago

Berger, go to Leland and become the Mayor. You would fit right in.

2015 years 9 months ago

”Man up” Brian Berger and resign!! ….As a taxpayer,I want New Hanover County board members to work for us,the taxpayers!!! What a huge waste of time and money to have a meeting and all they talk/argue about is you! Seems to me that YOU really DO NOT care about this county,only your ”selfish self” and I do believe you like the news and air-time that is saved for your antics.

Mrs Tidmarsh
2015 years 9 months ago

He lied to everyone in the GOP primary claiming he had a big-time job — but was in fact collecting unemployment. He deceived voters into supporting him — he makes a mockery of the democratic process. He is the worst politician in the history of New Hanover County — yet he thinks only of himself and his $1,000 a month pay check by carrying on. What a shame.

Wade griffis
2015 years 9 months ago

Than all the other commissioners? Probably!

But then, we must ask which of the commissioners is more honest?

I certainly believe that Brian Berger needs proffessional help.

There might be a bunch of people who could serve this county better than real estate and real estate lawyers.

Not going to happen!

Same old bunch of cronys.

This is exactly why inedpendent thinkers do not run for higher office.

So, you end up with nutcases. Not speaking here about Berger.
Many of us wish for a slightly saner Berger.

2015 years 9 months ago

Still have beef with burger”

…well hotdiggety dog …….Hilarious, huh?

New Hanover County Resident, Tax Payer, Voter, and LAUGHING STOCK.

NOT HILARIOUS, County Jerkballs.

2015 years 9 months ago

I think Berger does need to step down as commissioner, but I also think Barfield and Thompson need to leave with him. If they say Berger needs to leave because he made the board look bad, what about everything Thompson has done ( ex. wanting to beat people up in the parking lot). As for Barfield, if you listen closely to him, you can catch him in so many lies. He talks so much that he actually ends up contradicting himself.
So Berger, step down only if Thompson and Barfield step down, because the hole board is messed up anyway, and maybe we can start over fresh next time around.

2015 years 9 months ago

The whole board may be “messed up”, but Berger is the only one who has stalked his girlfriend, destroyed personal property (her car door handle), been arrested and served a protective order, sliced their arms like a Thanksgiving turkey, and threatened suicide. I will say though that Thompson runs a close second.

2015 years 9 months ago

“The board tried to have a productive town hall meeting Wednesday night, but it wasn’t long before issues involving Berger took over the conversation. ”

I watched the town hall meeting and saw maybe 5 minutes of talk about Berger. 5 minutes of a two hour meeting.

I know there was one white woman not employed with the county as a staff member there and maybe 12 black people. No one from the audience asked anything about Berger yet this one woman said that was her big concern. A white woman…. in the Bottom… at Williston.

Jean Lewis
2015 years 9 months ago

You are all just like school kids or a pack of dogs finding the weak one and trying to take him down.Except him for what he is and try to help him, if he needs it and get on with what you primised to do when we elected you.Berger votes ok so leave him alone! Oh and you Barfield what about the nice ad in the star news about you? Guess you didn’t see that.

2015 years 9 months ago

Wake up Jean! Are you joking? Leave him alone? No way, he doesn’t leave the police alone and he is wasting tax payer money. He violated public trust and he is a con-artist. I would like to see him get help…getting help the hell out of office!

If you currently support Brian Berger, you need help too.

2015 years 9 months ago

I have no use for Berger or any other lying elected official bent on wasting the taxpayers’ money or any media outlet that engages in “yellow journalism”. That being said, the voters elected Berger – not the hypocritical, self-serving commissioners who have exploited a sick pathetic man for their own political gain. In addition, WWAY-TV has distorted facts, published gossip, and sensationalized things. WWAY-TV is not a serious journalistic part of the media. The citizens of SENC should contact the FCC regarding the license of this mud slinging TV station and let the FCC know about WWAY’s violation of the public trust. With a little luck, we’ll get rid of Berger, the entire board of county commissioners, and this mud slinging abuse and yellow journalism by a TV station that holds a public license in trust!

2015 years 9 months ago

You mean Berger’s cheating girlfriend? Its not stalking showing up somewhere you normally do and to find your gf/fiancé/husband is having an affair and the there are kids involved in this epic saga…berger clearly snapped but by all appearances it was a temporary lapse of reason caused by a woman with a long history of calling police, playing “victim” for attention making false allegations, even went to the media and then complained about all the “media attention.” She brought that attention on herself and the children, no berger. He’s probably a lot more stable than ms nbalylock and just flipped when she cheated…he wouldn’t be the first to do so. I doubt he wanted this to be public! Heather made it public, as public as possible probably out of spite and hate for berger. He must have pissed in her milk to make her hate him that much. She could have settled any disputes with berger in private like normal people. This is not news, just politics and gossip.

Leave them alone. They both have issues!

All the commissioners and actors in this drama have issues from a clearly disturbed woman in ms. Blaylock, a heartbroken and irrational berger, and crooked barfield, Thompson, catlin and davis looking to cash in on berger’s personal suffering in his private life. Out of all of them, only Berger has had the cajones to stand up and face the public and admit his issues.

He hasn’t broken the law and it must have been hard. Heather Blaylock apparently is a basketcase and does have serious mental issues. Just listen to her and you see someone who pretends to be a victim – by their own hand. If berger doesn’t have a emotional meltdown at a meeting, its none of the publics business, if anything im surprised by the lack of sympathy I guess nobody else has had their heart broken in Wilmington. I voted for berger because he wasn’t a carbon copy of the other commissioners. As long as he stands up to them and doesn’t let the other self-serving board members bully him or take advantage of this he’ll still have my support. I’ll take a depressed but honorable berger over a lying preacher and the rest of the bunch any day. Do you really think Thompson stalin and davis are without sin?

2015 years 9 months ago

I can’t believe that after all you have seen and heard about (and from) Berger that you would still defend his actions and try to blame someone else for his poor decisions. You must have blinders AND ear plugs on.

I have no doubt that Ms. Blaylock has made some foolish decisions too, the biggest one being that she took up with Berger in the first place, but his decisions are far more troubling to me than hers. She isn’t a county commissioner who is held accountable to the public she serves, and the quality of my life isn’t affected by the decisions she makes…it’s affected by Mr. Berger’s choices. That’s a scary thought based on his previous decisions.

I can only deduce that you are either a family member or a friend of Berger’s to defined him so vigorously in the face of the evidence of his decisions. What it boils down to is this: The voters of New Hanover County don’t trust Brian Berger to make important decisions which affect the quality of their own lives. He needs to go.


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