NHCGOP will not take position on Berger

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Submitted: Fri, 09/23/2011 - 3:36am
Updated: Fri, 09/23/2011 - 8:10pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The New Hanover County Republican Party got together Thursday night for its monthly meeting. One of the topics of discussion was a Republican whose name and face has been everywhere the past few weeks. New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger’s issues were discussed, but only for several seconds.

Media were not allowed inside the executive session, but leaders of the NHCGOP said less than a minute was spent talking about the commissioner. In that time, though, a motion was made.

“The issue has been postponed indefinitely,” said NHCGOP chairwoman Rhonda Amoroso. “That is what came out of the meeting tonight.”

The party has put the issues around Berger to rest. It will not take a position on the controversy that has surrounded the commissioner this year; from an alleged suicide attempt to domestic issues involving his ex-girlfriend Heather Blaylock.

As for Berger, he was in attendance. Berger said very little as he walked away from reporters, but he did stop after asked how he would move on.

“What’s in the past is in the past,” Berger said. “I’m very encouraged with all the support I have gotten.”

Those inside Thursday night’s closed-door meeting said they were asked by the NHCGOP board if anyone wanted to speak about Berger, but no one did. When asked for his reaction to that, Berger declined to comment and was ushered away.

“I’m not at liberty to discuss what happened in a closed meeting,” Berger said.


  • peterson says:

    Thank heavens the local party showed wisdom and common sense. We should all take a deep pause and move on. Piling on Brian serves no purpose at this point. He is hopefully getting the help he needs. But, the likes of Sandy Best and others are in no position to throw stones at others. The other four commissioners need as much help- maybe even more than Berger. He is a threat to them because his very presence forces transparency- which they both fear and want to avoid. We won’t defend his mistakes but unlike some of them he never threatened other public officals and he hasn’t cut any deals that benefit him or his friends. When it comes to credibilty all of them have very serious issues. Someone once said let he who is free from sin cast the first stone– this present group of commissioners are sure as heck not in a position to do so.

  • GOP no more says:

    Like Jimmy Buffett sings/says…waiting for the next (Berger)explosion. In essence, that’s what they did last night.

    Not piling on…there’s an established track record, now. The NHC GOP doubled-down on a losing hand. A smart person would have folded, got dealt a new hand, and played on.

    You might call it loyalty in an effort to spin it. Making the right decision is usually hard, but that’s how you know it’s the right decision, see? They chose the easy decision. Spineless weasles.

    I wonder how many of the sheep have ever been faced with making a really hard decision?

  • GOP no more says:

    I go between independent and libertarian. One thing I won’t do is compromise common sense and my life’s experience to satisfy a party shill. Because of that, I get called a RINO. Fact of the matter is, I refuse to suspend my brain activity in order to satisfy some extreme whacko. You go to these events, mostly you’re going to be surrounded by sheeples and hangers-on type folks with the dull vacant look.

    In my haste during my last post…I left out a few letters, but I think most will get the point.

  • Guest461 says:

    ..Berger is NOT damaging the current commissioners! THAT damage was done a long time ago, well before Bergers intrusion (and it hasn’t really stopped)! If anything at all, Berger has only taken the spotlight off of their 4-ring circus antics for a brief period.

    We won’t forget that either!

  • GOP no more says:

    And there you have it. Most of us have grown increasingly disenfranchised from our former political leanings simply because the folks running paries have lost any ability to think objectively about anything. It is always through the prism of, “how it affects the party, or it how makes us look.”

    Apparently, the NHC GOP has come to the conclusion that if they asked Berger to step down, it would reflect poorly on them since they had earlier supported him. Instead of doing the right thing, calling his term in office a mistake, asking him to resign and moving on with someone less damaging to everyones credibility, they chose to punt.

    This guy (Berger) is damaged goods, no pun intended. He is damaging the County Comissioners, New Hanover County as a whole, and the NHC GOP. He needs to move on with his life and focus getting better, not be the mouthpiece of a bunch of puppet masters.

    Back in the military, we called this spineless weaseling. Strong leadership, this ain’t. I have supported Republicans mostly (ust a few Dems when they were truly the better candidate) all my life. You weasels aren’t gonna get my dime or my time.

    You party whores are running it into the dirt.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    Any wonder why I’m now a Libertarian?

  • Guest12321 says:

    You sick berger haters, posting under different names, have to keep digging into this man’s private life to try to destroy him. He’s human and you’ve crossed the line. Berger was heartbroken, you havent?, and if he just learned he was being cheated on he might have had some things to say, questions to ask…a closure. I’ve only seen him once with the children, but they would run to him and hug him every five minutes it seemed, and then go back to playing. Heather is a devoted mother but her relationship issues aren’t good for the kids, she needs to grow up. Berger needs to see whatever doctors or councelors to never do that crazy act again, but it’s probably more to it than reported.

    You people who try to use this to make a political point are most in need of help. Start with the Bible and ask yourself why you are so in need of destroying berger. He voted for lower taxes and water/sewer bills, killed the arts council, and unlike some or most politicians, berger i’ve yet to hear brag or pat himself on the back or call a news conference every time he has an idea like catlin and thmopmson and barfield. He’s like a shy person in a most public role and he needs to get his personal life in order, but he’s kept his promises from the campaign unlike most all polticians, stands up for the little guy, and clearly takes his position seriously.

    The only distraction right now are the 4 commissioners who are distracting voters intentionally and the media who wont let this die. and berger isn;t without blame for this. Heather caused most of it by spilling everything about berger and then after humiliating and just tearing berger apart complained about “media attention.” Honey, when you talk to the media you get attention from the media. If you get in trouble at work as a teacher or disrupt the children’s lives, you have only yourself to blame. Get help! This town needs more psychiatrists!!!

  • GOP no more says:

    I’m not a Berger hater, bible-thumper. I merely want to see folks held accountable for their actions. You can darn well bet that if this person was a Democrat, you and the other GOP minions would be screaming for his head. To me, that means you have no integrity, or are a hypocrite. (Speaking rhetorically and figuratively, not literally since I don’t know you personally.)

    You see, I expect people in government to be held to higher standards of accountability…and if they won’t do it themselves, then it’s up to others to do it for them.

    I have worked in jobs of some responsibility for over thirty years. These jobs (and my employers) expect…no demand, high standards of accountability. If I were to get a DUI..I would be fired the next day. If I were to sexually harrass somebody…or test positive on a urinalysis…again, gone the next day.

    So Mr. Berger has personal problems? We all do except for the self righteous and folks that are not self-aware.

    Mr. Berger likes to say this is all in the past…yeah, two weeks ago. It will happen again. There is a trendline here.

    So…Mr. Berger is unwilling or unable to hold himself accountable for personal actions that would have gotten him fired by most other government employees, or many in private industry. NHC doesn’t have a recall policy…so, the voters can’t impact the situation. The NHC Commissioners have called for his resignation…nothing.

    The NHC GOP could have made a tough decision, but chose to punt. They are spineless weasels. They could have easily named another empty suit that would have voted exactly like Berger.

    This is not personal at all…it just shows to me that they are a bunch of moral cowards.

    Do you really think this guy is electable, now? If so, your are delusional.

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