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TABOR CITY, NC (WWAY) — The Tabor City teen accused of repeatedly damaging and trespassing at the home of former state Sen. R.C. Soles will spend some time in prison.

In a brief hearing here at the Tabor City courthouse Allen “Frog” Strickland pleaded guilty to a handful of charges, which include driving while license revoked, trespassing, and damage to property.

Had the case gone to trial as originally planned, the list of witnesses included Soles.

According to police reports Strickland, the former legal client of Soles, trespassed at the former senator’s home several times often vandalizing the property, but the guilty plea made any testimony unnecessary.

“We’re glad there’s a resolution that ultimately got a conviction,” Assistant District Attorney Fred Gore said. “The judge saw fit to give him a sentence that we’re fine with. We couldn’t object to him coming in and pleading guilty.”

Strickland will spend the next seven months behind bars. The judge sentenced to him eight months, but Strickland got credit for the month he was been waiting for his trial.

Soles was in the courtroom Friday. Afterwards he said he was not shocked by Strickland’s plea.

“Nothing surprises me in court,” Soles said.

Prosecutors say the guilty pleas send a strong message to the community.

“Ultimately I think the citizens of the area see that regardless of who you are or who you’re associated with you’ll be held accountable,” Gore said.

Next week, Strickland’s attorney plans to address a pending arson charge of Strickland’s. The lawyer plans to file a motion for dismissal. The DA’s office says someone else is already serving time for the incident that led to the charge.

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  • Guest123

    “[Frankie] Jernigan, whose left eye is black with broken blood vessels, told the StarNews Thursday afternoon that he went to Soles’ house in Tabor City on Saturday morning to get money. He said the senator has given him money for years. When Jernigan got there, Soles wanted sexual favors in return for the money. Jernigan said he and Soles had a sexual relationship since he was 17.

    He claims Soles tried to jam his hands in his pants. When Jernigan refused the former senator’s advances, Soles got upset and beat him with a metal cane.”

    Source: http://www.starnewsonline.com/article/20110915/ARTICLES/110729790/1177?Title=Former-Sen-Soles-charged-with-assault-

  • SurfCityTom

    the District Attorney’s office dismissed the arson charge, today, which was hanging over Frog’s head.

    And who said there is no justice in Columbus County.

    “…Was it all so simple then
    Or has time rewritten every line?

    If we had the chance to do it all again,
    Tell me could we, would we…”

    Ever since Commonsense posted the lyrics attributed to Barbara Streisand, I think of that song when I see anything in the media about Frog or Uncle RC.

    Sorry, I just could not resist.

  • Gramps1935

    R. C. Trolls

  • Guest2020

    “Ultimately I think the citizens of the area see that regardless of who you are or who you’re associated with you’ll be held accountable,” Gore said.

    He forgot to add “unless your name is R.C. Soles.

  • guesty

    Why doesn’t RC propose to the court that his frog be placed on house arrest only he will try to make it his house froggie has to stay in. They they could have some quiet, quality alone time.

  • Guest1433




  • SurfCityTom

    to allow Uncle RC to avoid taking the stand.

    Will be a long 7 months as it appears Frog will serve the balance of his sentence in a state facility rather than the Tabor City Jail. Hopefully, he will be serving time in a facility close enough that friends, family, & benefactor will be able to visit regularly.

    Should anyone see a Rolls Royce in town, we’ll know what the payment for time served is.

    There will sure be a tear filled reunion when he is released.

  • 28472


  • guesty

    You are the troll that had nothing to offer.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    I can see it now…..as the last rays of the setting Sun paint the walls a burnt orange, he sits alone in his den, the fourth martini almost gone, and a single tear slowly making the journey from the corner of his weathered eyelid, across a wrinkled skin that speaks of age and experiences, to the edge of his god-knows-where-it’s-been mouth.

    “Memmmmmories, light the CORNNNNers of my minnnnnddddd
    Misty water-colored memmmmmories of the way we WERRRRRRRRRRRE”

  • FiletOfSoleWithCapers

    Ding ding ding – we have a winner!

    Seriously, CommonSense, your comments are great – whether insightful or just plain funny. I hope you have a blog somewhere.

    Now I can’t get that song out of my head ….. and a creepy mental pic of Soles in drag as Streisand …. EEEUUUWWWW!!!!

  • SurfCityTom

    if WWAY ever does “Best Of” for site comments, this one would get my vote.

    Like the other poster, I had visions of the Senator ala Barbara. There are some facial simmilarities around the nose.

    But then I thought maybe this is just the gig for Frog when he is released.

    The Tabor City Players present “The Bird Cage” or “The Way We Are”

    May be beautiful and yet
    What’s too painful to remember
    We choose to forget…”

    Now there are some hidden innuendos in lines 3 and 4.

    And with Frog’s targeted release date, they can have production practice and live performaces all set for the Strawberry Festival and Sweet Potato Festival in 2012.

    Get your tickets early.

  • Guest what

    several more to go.

  • sickandtired

    We convict priest everyday for what this man has done to these children and we just let him walk free because he was a senator? If I where a lawyer I would just take the other kids cases for the movie rights. These kids are not that angry because he was a crappy lawyer.

  • frogfanclub

    Well, I guess Frog won’t be in the Yam Festival Parade this year. DARN!

  • Guestie

    EVERYONE should literally turn their backs on RC Soles, if he (for some reason) gets a ride in the parade. We should show him that he is no longer welcome in our community and will not be looked upon with any sort of respect.


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