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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Rumor has it the next installment of a successful silver screen series is coming to Hollywood East. According to an entertainment website, “Iron Man 3” is set to bring its massive production to the Port City.

According to entertainment LatinoReview.com, the comic book-turned-blockbuster is set to be a massive production, taking up 10 sound stages at Screen Gems Studios.

“It’s very credible, because it comes from a Marvel source within Screen Gems Studios,” LatinoReview.com Managing Editor Hector Ayala said. “So basically the source, who didn’t want to be named, told us that it’s 90 percent likely that iron man’s next avenger-less outing will be shot in the Port City of Wilmington.”

Ayala says Latino Review has a 98-percent success rate when it comes to getting the scoop on Marvel movies.

Local fans are already buzzing about the possibility.

“I’m extremely excited,” Fan Boy Comics owner Thomas Gilbert said. “I would love to get it here in town. I would love to see some of the actors and talk to some of the people who are involved in the creative end of it. That would be fantastic.”

Bilbert said “Iron Man” has big appeal because the character uses his brains to beat the bad guys and because it kick-started the superhero movie trend. He says the filming would boost his business and our local economy.

Other business owners are already trying to bank on the rumor. Kay Baker and Associates Real Estate is taking the opportunity to try and sell our area and their properties.

Ayala says there are many reasons why marvel would choose Wilmington, like good tax incentives and just a change of scenery from the first two movies.

“They’re building their brand,” he said. “They just want to continue testing out which other states and see how they work there. Eventually, when they have a library, they’ll go back to those specific states. So, yeah, they’re basically taking advantage of the production incentives the states have to offer.”

We spoke with a production assistant working on “One Tree Hill” who said no one at Screen Gems is willing to comment, because they don’t want to jeopardize the production’s privacy, but another film industry source told us he heard “Iron Man 3” producers were checking out Screen Gems recently.

“Iron Man 3” is set to hit movie theaters in May 2013.

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  • iatse 491

    The local union is what’s holding up Iron Man. the local union wants their piece of the pie when it comes to allowing outside union members to come in and take the local jobs that could go to non-union workers. It’s just a matter of less than one half of one percent of all the labor for the estimated 290 crew personnel.

  • guesty

    I can’t think of one union that helps anybody other than themselves. You see them striking because they want more. I say fire any union that strikes and replace them with people that would love the chance to work.

  • Faye

    If we get rid of the Union life might be a lot better. Hire more locals. With the Union telling eveyone who to hire and where they can film at it ruins the area.. Local N C labor is just as good as the Union

  • Du

    Do the math…are you saying less than 1.45 people are holding up production of a multi-million dollar production in Wilmington? That would mean one person? Get real.

  • SurfCityTom

    one half of one percent on 290 crew members is less than one and a half. Difficult to believe 1 person is holding this up.

    But, still unanswered is just how many locals will be employed on the production and what will that equate in dollar numbers? And just how much, in dollars, will the tax incentives equal?

    There are a couple of questions for the film czar.

    But will the Governor show up for the big announcement and run the risk of getting egg foo yung on her face as she did for the Miley Cyrus announcement that really never was?

  • iatse 491

    The one half of one percent has to do with the difference in “contributions” that will be tacked on to the outsiders coming in to work on the production. For instance. A carpenter not in the local union who makes $23/hour will have to have deducted from his pay the normal one percent plus an additional half of a percent totaling 1.5% on top of the deductions their own union will be taking out of their checks. Many of these weekly pay checks will exceed $2,000 per week which is only $100. But that $100 goes to the local union, 491 and not to the original sponsoring union. So basically the 300 or so outsiders who will be coming in to take jobs from those folks in Wilmington will be paying a tax to the local union. 300 x 100 = $30,000 per week, for nothing except greed.

    The local 491 union is doing this because they want local non-union workers to have to buy into the local union if they want to work on the movie. To buy in the initiation fee is $800 plus a monthly union dues as well as 1% taken out of every check. So if they bring in 100 new union members that’s $80,000 just for a tshirt and a union card that won’t buy squat once the job is over.

    So, should the local 491 back down in their negotiations and allow outsiders to come in untaxed then the movie will come and no non-union labor will be permitted in this right to work state. It will be closed.

    That’s how that works. Sorry for the confusion.

  • Inez

    It only benefits the local economy when films who come into our area use our local talent as well as skilled laborers i.e. carpenters, welders, electricians, etc. Often we have large budgeted films come to the area but they hire all principal talent from New York or Los Angeles. They also may have a large budget but instead of hiring locals they use laborers who have assisted them from other areas such as NY or Los Angeles. They can downsize the crew and pay more income to them instead of spreading it out amongst the local community. If you look at castings from New Orleans or Atlanta they often read “Local Talent Only” which helps to boost the employment rate for their local community. We don’t do that here too often and to have such a rich and diverse community in theater many of them rarely get a genuine shot when films come here. Only bit parts or work as extras. In fact, many people relocate here from elsewhere and consistently work in the industry and make suggestions for the local community but never change their residential voting status. So they want to lobby and make changes but can’t even vote for our local or state elected officials.

  • Guestgingergrant

    The film is still only a rumor and already the typical negative vibes that come from the bitter and cynical have begun. Can we just wait and see what happens first before the complaining begins? So far, Wilmington has had a great year in regard to film/TV production. Maybe it will continue into 2012!

  • John

    Inez, you are wrong in your opinion that Iron Man 3 only benefits the economy if they hire local workers. Even if they bring their own actors, extras, carpenters etc. the economy greatly benefits.

    1. All these people eat and stay in lodging around town. Additionally, these people spend money shopping on everyday things like the rest of us. Filming will take several months which will continually inject revenue into our local economy.

    2. The publicity of this film will also bring attention to the Wilmington area which can’t hurt our housing market.

    3. If we do get this film it only helps our reputation as a filming location. Once you get one big client/production company others seem to follow.

    I think this would be a tremendous win for the area and I think we should do anything we can to help make it happen.

  • Guesty2

    There is so much misinformation and inaccuracy in this one post that it’s ridiculous to even address it.

  • Mousey May

    there will also be a lot of CG work done for a new TMNT just after this show is done filming and THAT ALSO will be going on in WILMINGTON NC. When movies come here, it raises our TOURISM sites, raises our FOOD AND BEVERAGE companies, raises revenue when crews and cast members from elsewhere want to SHOP for gifts, it helps our economy by putting work on our rosters for films needing extras, props, foods, services (massage, chiropractor, supplies of everyday needs, like found in grocery stores…etc) so ANY FILM THAT COMES TO TOWN, EVEN WHEN THEY BRING EXPERIENCED AND QUALIFIED CREW MEMBERS AND CAST MEMBERS…ANY FILM BRINGS NC MORE ECONOMIC STRONGHOLDS! Union or not, this is about SEEING THE BIG PICTURE! now, how do I submit for a crew position when being in the NC Film Directory never works? THAT IS THE QUESTION AT HAND! Rock on IM3 glad you are coming to town, let’s hope you have some fun while you are here, and get to hear some DIVERSE music too! Something we don’t excel in according to MANY OUT OF STATE FOLKS WHO HAVE WORKED IN PAST FILMS WHO COME HERE SEEKING OUT SOME OTHER VENUE OF MUSIC THAN RETIREMENT SONGS!


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