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The Leland Police Department is under suspicion, and whether or not that suspicion is justified, town officials owe it to residents and the officers to complete an ongoing investigation as soon as possible. And when it’s completed, the results – for better or for worse – should be made public.

Assorted complaints, including a former female officer’s discrimination allegation, beg for a quick and open examination of what may or may not be wrong with the police department.

Complaints go all the way to the top to Chief Timothy Jayne.

CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST OF THE EDITORIAL: http://www.starnewsonline.com/article/20110926/ARTICLES/110929749/1108/editorial?Title=Editorial-Make-Leland-Police-investigation-thorough-timely-and-public

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  • Journalist

    Now that is what professional journalism looks like. Careful WWAY, you keep posting good articles like that and people will expect you to raise your standards.

  • Guest927

    Professional journalism? Obvisouly you’re not a “journalist” because you don’t know the difference between it and an editorial!

  • Friend of Leland Residents

    Thank you to all of the real news hounds. There is so much more to know about the dirt and filth within the Leland Police Department. These guys all think they are above the law and rumor has it that Mr. “Chief” himself has been going around telling everybody that everything is going to be all right and that this will soon be over. Hope not! Until a real investigation is made and all of the people are interviewed about all they know then and only then will “IT” be over.
    KEEP DIGGING WWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Leland res11

    They all better hope they don’t lose their jobs because, none if them can do anything else!! The only reason anyone even becomes a police is because it is an easy certificate to obtain. All have been picked on their whole life and want a little pay back with that (authority) badge and gun! They get a little authority and don’t know how to act, the immaturity takes over!

  • jim hammond

    There has been way to much lately about possible criminal activities of not onlly the rank and file police officers but about their boss the chief of police. Apparently the rot goes from the roots, all the way to the top. These concerns about this law enforcement body can not and will not be resolved by an administrative review by the very people that are responsible for the hiring of the chief of police in Leland and probable some of the officers. There should be an investigation by the office of the District Attorney. Then the air will be cleared somewhat. Otherwise there will always be an odor in the township of Leland and it will not be coming from the garbage cans but from the other garbage. Corrupt and dishonest cops and their leader.

  • Longtime Brunswick and Leland Resident

    The DA won’t investigate until it becomes a media frenzy because all he wants is publicity. The DA should have investigated criminal allegations two weeks ago but didn’t because Leland Chief is his neighbor. Finally, people see that this DA is just as bad as past DA’s, if not worse, because he is constantly in front of camera saying how he is fighting crime. It is just sad how the politics (mainly the Republican party) have jumped on this DAs bandwagon. Having an “R” beside your name doesn’t mean you are Republican, it just means you are playing politics to win. Is the DA’s brother an “R” in New Hanover County?

  • Friend of Leland Residents

    The dirt and filth comes from the top to the middle. Jon David is the chief’s neighbor and drinking buddy. Why would he do anything to help? He wants Officers to come forward and tell what they know but when they get retaliated against why should they? The top eight need to have their certifications taken away and then fired. They are all in it together! Some of them have already gone through three or four departments. So what will the Town Council do? What will the new Mayor do? She hasn’t done anything yet especially when she knew of the assault on Officer Lewis first! I guess we’ll all have to wait and see huh?

    The SBI needs to come in and speak with everyone!


    for NOT releasing complaints or reprimands about officers is it gives them the ability to hide their dirty laundry and not be accountable for their lack of control of them. Face it people you live in a police state where they think they are above the law. Law enforcement has gone out of control over the years and are now as bad as what they are sworn to supposedly protect us from..TRUST NONE OF THEM. If they have only a few bad apples as they say then why don’t they police themselves and weed them out? The only way they ever get rid of one is when an outside department comes in and finds them. They lie and cover each other till the end. When is the last time you have heard of them actually policing themselves? Example when one is caught dirty they let them resign so they can move to another department somewhere else and just keep on doing the same old thing. Caught dirty fire them, period , end their career and then they are not just moving bad apples from one dept to another.
    Ther was one officer in Memphis when I lived there resigned for brutality charges, went to West Memphis, Ar. resigned there for the same charges, went onto another town in Arkansas and finally beat a man to death and did finally go to prison. Why was this allowed to go that far? A man was killed for the sake of the “brotherhood” of officers.

  • Agreed

    The Star News “editorial” was still more professional than 98% of the reporting we see on WWAY.

  • Grand Ole Party

    Find another source to get your news genius. Is it really that complicated? I find it hard to understand people like you. If you don’t like it move on to something else. Or do you just enjoy whinning?

  • Guest9743

    That would be “whining” not “whinning, Grand Ole Party!!

  • Concerned in Brunswick

    I read comment after comment on here dogging the news reporting of WWAY. If you don’t like their style, don’t read it. There are several other news outlets in town. I think it shows great character for an organization to tie in a story from the competition. Kind of what WWAY just did with that Star News Editorial. The bottom line is WWAY, WECT, WSFX, and The Star News have to make money. What WWAY just did here is show they are trying to do what news is supposed to do, uncover the truth and report it.

    I don’t always agree with WWAY’s reporting techniques. Hence, I watch other networks. I do think they are doing what they believe to be the right thing. I do like the fact they allows citizens to express their opinions on these message boards.

    The real problem here to me is where is Jon David in all this? These allegations are going on right in his town and he has not said a work publically. He came into office on the premise of cleaning up corruption. The last District Attorney certainly didn’t have the best of track records. We are less than a year into Jon David’s tenure and here we go with one of the law enforcement agencies he works with alleged corruption violations.

    Mr. David owes it to the citizens like myself who voted him in and supported his campaign. We want to know what he is doing to address these violations! If he can’t comment because there is a pending investigation, let us know. If he has invited in another agency to investigate, let us know. If he plans to do nothing and sit back and wait for allegation after allegation to surface before he takes action, well I guess we will find out soon enough.

    I have to say, I am very disappointed in how this has been handled by the District Attorney, the SBI, the Town of Leland. These allegations of corruption have been going on for quite some time and it took an officer getting shot by fake bullets for it to come to light.

    I hope the Star News and WWAY will stay on this story and not let it just go away like it has in the past.

  • Grand Ole Party

    I recall a certain Sheriff in front of the camera every week telling us he was fighting crime….He went to prison remember? However he had a big “D” in front of his name. Did you complain about him also? Or are you just being the normal hypocrite liberal? The republicans are no worse than the democrats. If you are not aware of this yet you need help.

  • Grand Ole Party

    Did we also forget about the big D in front of R.C Soles name? I guess you did.


    and they are just little cry babies. Run like a scared dog if you said boo at them. Most are worse than the scum they are supposed to protect us from.


    are scared to take you one on one ever notice that,they have to call in back up for anything and then have a pig pile on top of them. Take the badge and gun off and they are like 10 year olds, scared of the boogie man. PATHETIC…

    Here is an example of what I mean..


  • These comments coming from a man who claims he used to be a cop? So does that mean that since u no longer have a badge n gun you’re nothing more than a pathetic whinning 10yo crybaby whos scared of your shadow? Seems that way.. Continue to hide behind your yellow belly comments… Loser


    be a part of the pathetic people that were being hired and abused their power as in the example in the link I posted if you had the sense to even watch it…read it and tell me they are not just the type of people I have been telling you about on here..READ IT..I dare you. You must be one of the Leland losers !!!


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