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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — We have new information in our ongoing investigation into issues that continue to plague the Town of Leland and its police department. We learned today that District Attorney Jon David has asked the the Attorney General’s office for help.

David told us he has asked the Attorney General to appoint another attorney to be the point person for anyone who wants to come forward with allegations against the town or the police department, but the AG’s office says that’s not exactly the case.

David has not been interested in meeting with sources close to the situation. One person has said they tried to talk to David on the phone, but says he only laughed and hung up. David says he does not recall doing that. He’s also continuously tried to discredit our sources, saying they have a vendetta and are disgruntled employees. Still, he has yet to sit down and listen to their stories in detail.

We even tried to broker a meeting between multiple sources on this story with him, but David has now deferred them instead to the attorney general’s office.

David says he made the call to the AG after we told him there are some sources who do not want to talk with him because he lives across the street from and is friends with Leland Police Chief Tim Jayne. They say they don’t trust David because of that. David has acknowledged that is an issue.

The Attorney General’s office, though, says it is available to answer any questions brought forward by law enforcement agencies investigating allegations about Leland. A spokeswoman says it is not available to the general public like David said.

In the meantime, we requested documentation from the Town of Leland in a records request a week and a half ago. When we checked on the request Tuesday, Town Clerk Carol Ann Floyd said none of it was done. The Local News Review in Leland has also made a similar request. We and the the newspaper have been told it will take weeks to fulfill the requests.

In an editorial Tuesday morning, the StarNews encouraged Leland Town Manager Bill Farris to act quickly on the allegations that have been made against the police department and to share the results with the public as soon as possible. Late last week, Farris told the paper he was aware of the issues, and had been conducting a three-month investigation, but was not ready to share any information.

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  • Bob

    I have been reading all of these comments concerning our Chief. Although I don’t know him, I also don’t know the identity of the accusers. If they are terminated employees that want give their names and want go on camera and make these accusation known then they are just a bunch of liars out for revenge. Maybe the News needs to stop reporting until they have more concrete facts.
    Please idiots; don’t post anymore comments or stories about how much gasoline someone used or where they went in a City vehicle. As a former Police Chief I know personally that driving, meetings, community projects and where employees perform duties can be misconstrued as free work on tax payers’ time. Sometimes employees have to do things they don’t want but this is what being a Public Servant is all about. Chief Jayne appears to be a good and honest man with ethical decision making skills. Before bashing a man’s careers let’s take a look at the accusers past and determine where the motive is coming from. You’re giving way to much credit to unidentified sources that make threats of the Attorney General’s Office, SBI and FBI investigations. These are mere intimidation factors to rouse the public opinion.
    Are you for real “I saw him in Costco last Week”. Is this where fired cops go to work after they cannot handle the job of be a Public Servants?
    So here is my question to all the readers. In the event of an emergency, are you going to call on Chief Jayne and his Officers or the ex employees working at Castco?


    WWAY will probably never see the Emails, if they do they have been cleaned and reviewed for any and all incriminating evidence. Leland has an IT person that can access and transfer any and all emails at once. they are saved on a server in one location.

    They will make fools out of WWAY, they have been cleaning those records for weeks. they could have been forwarded in 10 minutes.

    If you get them please post for review and ask if anyone has an email they did not provide. anxiously waiting!!!! how many do you think went to David, there will be none from Farris, he doesnt answer any thing by email. if you want to find outs whats happening Have all staff meet in a room with the FBI, and leave out JAYNE, STRICKLANDS, FARRIS, and remaining directors.. then you will get your answers.

  • FOLR

    Hey Leland Residents,
    You see now that Jon David has admitted that he doesn’t care about corruption that he promised to get rid of. He has come right out and spit in your faces! So what there is no corruption because the “CHIEF” said it isn’t true that makes it so? At least that’s what Town manager Bill Farris believes too. He says that he has been investigating these allegations for three months. He has known about all of this since March! He has been told by numerous people of all of this and looked the other way. Boy, the “CHIEF” must have a lot of dirt on these guys.
    So, Leland what are YOU gonna do when they lie,cheat and steal from YOU??????????????????????? Hold these people accountable and then grow into the great community you can be and deserve to be!


    I think we all need to step back, re-group, and stop putting blame on the wrong person. Jon David is not the problem here. He is one of the finest young men I have ever met, along with his brother Ben. They have dedicated there lives to serving citizens of this area, to bringing justice for the crime victims and putting away the bad guys. All the complaints and gripes some may have toward the LPD should be investigated by the SBI and results and answers are not just gathered overnight. It will take awhile. As for former Ofcr. Sherry Lewis, I have known this lady for years and she was a very dedicated DARE officer for the Leland School District. She touched a many of young persons lives and I am sure she has made a difference in some of their young lives. She has had a “rough row to hoe” at LPD by all the disrepect she has had to endure shown to her by some of the other officers, not all of them. There are a lot of good officers there, but there are some officers who are bullies; and show favortism toward certain ones, ie, Ofcr Landon, and turn them against some of the other officers, making life hell for them by harrassing and belittling them in front of other officers AND citizens. REMEMBER CHIEF, WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND. Can I get an amen?

  • youtake

    Ok…Its almost like WWAY is after Jayne or something…All this corruption is going on, like what??? Him driving his police vehicle to SC I think was handled already. Training and Standards was there last friday all day, don’t you think if something was wrong they would have said something or made some kindof official statement. The state wants to make sure they are doing there job also. There are also laws that protect people who speak out about whats wrong Whistle Blowers ACT….does that ring a bell. In order for anything to be done or changed the so called sources will have to be named.

    I am not a big fan of Law Enforcement but its just as bad over here in Wilmington where I live. Do you think for one minute a WPD Officer is gonna tell on his boss or his buddies? I think not. Also the female that quit decided to leave on her own and for a whopping $18,000 my job is worth more than half a years salary to me. WWAY I like your news and I think its time you guys go get some new News and stop dragging this out. You guys haven’t posted any real coruption and it looks like Leland is just like every other LEO Angency in our area.

  • Guest3675

    It’s amazing how this transplanted New Hanover Assistant DA can quickly learn the politics of Brunswick County in protecting corrupt officials that have become their friends. “Disgruntled workers” – doesn’t sound like this investigation has much of a chance to move forward. Hopefully, not everyone has forgotten the report not so long ago about the “crime fighting DA” who vowed to stop corruption, but it looks like he has!!

  • Guest2222

    While the DA and AG’s office is looking into crime maybe they should investigate who stole Deputy Chiefs shoulders, Officer Christopher’s tooth, Officer Blasingames neck, Sergeant Landens courage,Officer Nathans toothpaste and Chief Jayne’s integrity. Now that is some real Leland crime that needs solved within the Leland Police Department.

  • nobody

    Now that is a good post to put some humor in an otherwise sordid situation with law enforcement and the criminal justice system; or nonsystem

  • Guest21214

    It is sad that all of the people on here have nothing better to do than beat a ” dead horse”. Everyone is so quick to talk about the corruption of the LPD and how the so-called law abiding citizens of the Leland area. It is sad that people have so much to say about a police chief driving a town car out of state and acusations of a training mishap. But did not have all this to say when less than 3 months ago, a Brunswick County detective was arrested on statutory rape charges. I also recall an issue with the Sheriffs department within the last ten years, a couple of detectives and high ranking officers were arrested on drug and soliciting prostitution charges. But we call what is going on in Leland, corruption. Seriously people, give it a rest. No one is perfect, as we have recently seen with the captain of pender county, being caught with a male prostitute’s “member” in his hand. But yet there is not a million posts about this. I am willing to bet, the majority of you posting negative comments probably have a very extensive criminal history. Here is a question, how many of you leave for work every day knowing that may be the last time that you will see your family? Well all first responders not just police officers do every morning. I am sure the upstanding citizens of Leland mostly worry about someone stealing their drugs; sure when that happens, who do they call? Not ghostbusters. I have watched many agencies have multiple cars when stopping a vehicle, from the sheriffs dept to highway patrol. I wonder why is this, maybe a safety issue, maybe it has something to due with officer Mitch Prince. A routine traffic stop in a “small” town ends up with the officer being shot with his own weapon. But we dont look at that, there have been many officers lose their lives because of routine stops. It is really grown upto call out people by name and make a mockery of thier physical and personal traits. People need to get a life and get over it, honestly sounds like a lot of you have a personal vendetta against these officers. Let me guess, they are the reason you or a family member ended up in jail for breaking the law. Im sure some of you are gonna get all “butt hurt” about this and call me all sorts of names, but I could care less.

  • Ccom 1550

    EVERYTHING you said is the truth!!!!! to funny…..like the time Landen got scared because a cuffed suspect in the back of his patrol car was yelling at him and he begged DellaPia to not make him take that suspect to the jail. He will do anything that DellaPia and Spence tells him to do. The only reason he is a Sgt. now, is because Rick is a Lt. now. Don’t get me started with LT. wishy washy now Deputy Chief Smith. I am one that will stand behind the LEOs. But after what they did to a friend of mine that use to be a cop there. These guys will get no support from me. A good officer that is not able to be in Law Enforcement anymore because they told lies that keep him from getting hired on anywhere again. This guys life has been ruined. I hope that he goes to WWAYTV3 and tells them his side of the store that happened a couple of years ago. To all my other brother and sisters of the blue line stay safe, and stay away from these individual cause it will come to light, and there will be repercussion! “Shooooot if they heads in the clouds they should see the storm coming”

  • Guest222276

    While there is an investigation going on inreference to shootings, WWAY should look into an officer that was shot “Through and Through” with an AK-47 while serving in Iraq. He also claims to have been awarded multilul Purple Hearts as a result of the incident. Now that’s a shooting or was it?????

  • Guest 787878

    Go ahead JON and call for the SBI investigation. These guys can’t be trusted to police themselves! Or do you just want to keep spitting in the faces of the people that elected you?

    Do you see people of Leland he admitted that he is on bed with JAIN. Or maybe JAIN had the officers do work at his house too. Maybe his internet cable or cable tv got installed by one of them or maybe there was some investigation that needed to be done or maybe just maybe there was needed some community policing? Who knows? What will happen? Come on people get with it!

  • Guest2974

    The DA has ignored and laughed at complaints from other Leland residents? That is unbelievable and exactly why we dont need this DA in our county. Is there going to be an investigation of this da for covering up a crime? The true colors of this DA are finally coming out and i surely hope everyone in our county takes notice. we need a DA who actually cares about the people in our county, not someone who only wants to see himself speak on camera.

  • disgusted

    could not haved summed it up better myself

  • Truthseeker

    I saw him in Costco last Saturday with his assistant and a Chinese Delegation. Why is a DA using taxpayer money to escort a bunch of Chinese around Wilmington in a county he is not elected in? I bet you Brunswick citizens were paying for his assistant to work on the weekend and probably used tax funded transportation to give them the grand tour. Investigation needed?

  • Guesttoo

    I find this a little odd. If the DA was in Costco, and you were in Costco, why didn’t you ask him the questions stated here? Then you could have reported what was actually going on rather than having to “bet” what he was “probably” doing? If the answer had been unsatisfactory, you could have posted that as well!


    someone does not have cop worship like you it’s automatically assumed they have criminal records..total BS. Ever think we don’t have cop worship like you do and are not badge hags? I think you maybe wanted to be one and could not cut it so you worship them, how’s that Skippy? Most officers get killed at traffic stops because they are careless and don’t follow proper procedure. Now as far as them going to work and possibly not coming home at night well they chose the job and have to accept the risk or resign,PERIOD, end of story.
    As far as the other stories there were tons of comments about them.

  • Leland4life

    Well, how much do you want to bet, that this was posted by a LELAND POLICE OFFICER!

  • Guest21214

    Sorry to keep you waiting for so long, but some of us actually have a life and real jobs. Apparently, I struck a nerve with my last post. Funny I speak up for not only law enforcement but all first responders and all of a sudden i have cop fantasies and badge crushes or whatever. Yes cops know the risks of the job when they take them as well as the arm forces do. They take these positions because arm chair quarterbacks like the ones on here, dont have the nerve to do it. I have done my research and noticed a certain “quarterback” seems to be very active. Mentioning how they ride around in their personal vehicle with their dash camera recording. How lame is that? Talk aboout cop fantasies. This is probably the same type of person who bashes law enforcement on public forums and has a personalized license plate bearing his same handle name. I did not get a chance to watch COPS but I did catch an episode World’s Dumbest Criminals. There was an idiot riding around with a dash camera and blue lights impersonating a police officer. Guess what? He got caught. Sounds like someone we know. You claim to be a former police officer. Key word, FORMER. Let me guess, you lose your job for misconduct? Maybe you picked up a male prostitute or maybe you went the narcotic route. Either way, you are a FORMER officer who pretends he still has a job. Here is some advice, do like your department obviously did, and “Let GO”

  • Dont no who to trust in law

    Its sad when you are suppose to be able to trust the one’s who suppose to protect you but its even sadder when you have another officer telling you that there are a lot of bad cops in the system and there really is expecially when you have one to do what ever it takes to crack a crime even if it means lying and getting their partner to back them in a lye its sad and the sad thing about it the DA has to approve these warrents,and just because they have the authourity to do what ever they want most of them abuse that authourity and it is wrong but god will punish all the crooked cops out there thats why a lot is happening to them now because they are not truthful with their work and it is really sad I just hope that some of these good cops who see the bad things happen come fourth and make a change with in their department and maybe people will change how they fill about the police system.Cant trust no one DA’s Cops only one you can trust is GOD!!!!


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